Mets Offer 50 Cent a First-Pitch Redo: ‘We Heard You’re Ready to Redeem Yourself?’

Remember that horrendously bad first pitch 50 Cent threw out at Citi Field for the New York Mets back in 2014? In fact, it was so bad that its badness even won an award. Four years later, the Mets are giving 50 his opportunity at redemption.

The Queens-based franchise has invited the fellow Queens native to toss out the ceremonial first pitch at a game this upcoming 2018 season. The team extended the invite via its official Twitter account, asking the rapper to “toss a strike this time!” 

If, by chance, you forgot about 50's baseball blunder, it looked a little something like this: 

Maybe he was throwing outside for the intentional walk?

In 2014 the pitch got him roasted on Twitter, but the Mets' second invitation is prompted by 50's recent comments about the blunder that still might hold the hold the title of worst first pitch ever, FOUR YEARS LATER. While promoting his upcoming movie Den of Thieves, he admitted to Newsday that he regrets agreeing to do the toss. “Listen, no one warned me,” 50 said. “No one said: 'Risk versus reward!' I would have kept my [expletive] in the stands. This is never going away.”

He also spoke on how the pitch has lived on in infamy, even getting its own baseball card. “They have baseball cards with me throwing the pitch—​real baseball cards that they made,” he said. 

Despite his first attempt filling him with regret, 50 has expressed that he would like the opportunity to show he can actually throw. His publicist even claimed he was waiting for a special occasion like the World Series to showcase his arm. “I have to redeem myself at some point,” 50 told Newsday. “Maybe if I get out there and throw a really good pitch they’ll let me go a little bit.”

For 50's sake, we hope if he does decide to step back on the mound he can at least get it over the plate this time, especially if he wants it to be at as big of a stage as the World Series. If he botches another first pitch, Twitter might roast him into oblivion. 

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50 Cent Can’t Believe People Still Clown Him Over His Awful 2014 First Pitch

When 50 Cent agreed to throw out the first pitch before a Mets game back in 2014, he probably thought it would put his name into the news for, like, a day or two tops. Even after the pitch went terribly awry and earned him the scorn of the internet (and eventually an award!), he still probably didn’t think it would have much staying power. But here we are, nearly four years later, and people still talk about how bad that first pitch was. I mean, just look at it!

So, so, so bad!

50 himself still can’t really explain what went wrong. But while promoting his new movie Den of Thieves this week, he spoke with Newsday about it and admitted he now regrets agreeing do it in the first place. “Listen, no one warned me,” 50 said. “No one said: 'Risk versus reward!' I would have kept my [expletive] in the stands. This is never going away.”

50 then talked about how big the moment got after it happened. He referenced the baseball trading card that was created to commemorate the pitch and looked back on what happened to him in the aftermath of it.

“They have baseball cards with me throwing the pitch—real baseball cards that they made! I go, 'Wait a minute: Who cleared this?' Whenever baseball comes up, there is no one worse than me as far as throwing a first pitch,” 50 said. “I had no idea that throwing a bad pitch would be so big. It was coming across CNN! ESPN, CNN, I was like, whoa, not the way I wanted things out here at the moment when I’m getting ready to run music and I’m on CNN and it looks like my arm’s broken. I’m like, 'What the [expletive] happened to me?'”

50 also spoke about how, despite what people might think, he had practiced for the first pitch leading up to it. It just didn’t go as planned. “I had pitched before,” he said. “I rehearsed. I practiced. I threw the ball a little bit. I was throwing like, 'Oh man, I’m about to throw a strike, 100 miles an hour.' But that [expletive] damn near killed a cameraman!”

50’s may have been the worst first pitch ever, but he suggested there may be a redemption story in his future. He said several baseball teams have reached out and asked him to throw out a first pitch for them, and while he obviously hasn’t agreed to do it just yet, he wants to do it again at some point, possibly before a World Series game or another big event.

“I have to redeem myself at some point,” he said. “Maybe if I get out there and throw a really good pitch, they’ll let me go a little bit.”

Unlikely. 50’s original toss was that bad. But if he’s looking to generate publicity around another project at some point in the near future, throwing another first pitch is probably going to be just about the best way for him to do it. So don’t be surprised if he ends up on the mound again sometime soon.

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Also, just like the past instances, people took umbrage with her posting the screenshot for all to see (though it's worth pointing out that even though her life choices don't really affect them, people are never really all that nice in her mentions):

As for Contreras, he's going the route that he was hacked even though a) what would a hacker have to gain by saying “Hey” in DMs? and b) how long did this hacker have Contreras's password? Oh, and c) that doesn't really make any fucking sense.

But according to a spokesperson for the agency that represents the World Series champ his “Twitter account was hacked.” That same spokesperson also added they're working to resolve the matter.

This is why nobody believes people whose accounts have actually been breached.

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