Guest Matt Barnes Pulls No Punches; Blake Ex Drama; Should Refs Get Ejected? | Out of Bounds

On today’s show, NBA bad boy Matt Barnes joins Gilbert Arenas and the #OutofBounds crew to discuss on- and off-court hoops action. Getting things started, Matt tells the back story of his infamous fake pass at Kobe’s face, which revealed Black Mamba to be as cold-blooded as they come. Next, the guys give their two cents on a lawsuit that Blake Griffin’s former fiancee filed on Valentine’s Day, dragging the five-time All-Star, who’s now dating model Kendall Jenner. The suit claims he’s a deadbeat dad who prioritizes Hollywood celebrity over family. Matt, who played with Blake, shares some observations and words of wisdom about bitter exes. In less ugly V-Day news, Giannis Antetokounmpo put his girlfriend on blast, showing off the sex toy she got him on IG live. The gang decides whether that was fair or foul, and Gil explains how he would make use of the thoughtful gift. Following the ejection of Isaiah Thomas and Rajon Rondo last night, for a skirmish reportedly fueled by shade Rondo threw at IT, the team says the real problem is the refs, and offers a suggestion for how the NBA should deal with bad, whistle-happy officials. Gil and Matt then put to rest the debate over whether or not Warriors coach Steve Kerr disrespected the Suns Monday by letting his players call their own plays. And finally, in “The Pull-Up,” the NBA vets advise the league on how it can fix the All-Star Game and the weekend generally. If the Association doesn’t finish with these great assists, it needs to be sent to the G League.

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Kanye West’s Childhood Home Is About to Be ‘Heart-Bombed’ for a Good Cause

In a new partnership between Kanye West's arts organization Donda’s House and the Skyline Council of Landmarks Illinois, Valentine's Day will call for Kanye's childhood home to be “heart bombed” in the name of love and historic preservation, according to the organization's official website. Frequent collaborator and organization co-founder Rhymefest purchased the home in 2016 to create a central arts center location for the organization, complete with a recording studio, learning space, and music museum for Chicago youth.

Described as “a public show of love to historic sites and local landmarks by showering the site with physical expressions of affection, such as paper hearts,” the event is a part of a larger Donda's House campaign, HeARTs Matter Week, supporting advocacy and education.

“We are thrilled to be working with Landmarks Illinois’ Skyline Council,” said Donda’s House Executive Director, Donnie Smith. It will also be a testament to how important the home is to the neighborhood's history and its need for renovations, particularly since the council works to preserve and restore historic properties.

Landmarks Illinois came out to the site recently to give us an assessment of the house with recommendations for renovating and repairing the property,” added Smith. “We were pleasantly surprised to learn that the house is, overall, in pretty good shape.” 

There will be craft-making activities before Valentine's Day for participants of the event to create all kinds of pieces that will end up on display at the home. If you're in Chicago on Feb. 14th, you can leave your own heart bomb at 7815 S. South Shore Drive.

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The Best Date Movies To Watch on Valentine’s Day

It’s not possible to get through life without watching a few date movies. Thankfully, due to the absurd amount of movies available to us via any number of streaming sites (or DVDs if you’re old school), watching a date move doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Take your pick from these classic romantic flicks.

Justin Bieber to Be Arraigned on DUI Charges on Valentine’s Day

Justin Bieber may spend his Valentine’s Day in a Miami courtroom as he is set to be arraigned February 14th on charges of drunk driving resisting arrest and driving with an expired license according to the Hollywood Reporter  The pop star does not technically have to appear in court that day…