Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ Release Date Has ‘No Correlation’ With Anniversary of Kanye’s Mom’s Death

Immediately after Taylor Swift shared the cover art and release date for her new album Reputation, the apparently inevitable Kanye West theories started piling up. Some argued that Swift's questionable font choice owed something to West's The Life of Pablo designs, while others suggested Swift was intentionally wearing a Yeezy-esque top in the cover photo.

Also, Reputation is set to drop Nov. 10, a date that will mark the 10th anniversary of the death of Donda West—Kanye's mother. While the sheer preposterousness of imagining anyone (regardless of how you feel about Swift) actually stooping to this level intentionally should have been enough to squash this rumor before it even began, many started running with exactly that narrative.

Thankfully, we can now confirm that those rumors touch on approximately zero truths. “It is standard practice that releases come out on Fridays and we locked in this release date based on other Universal Music Group releases,” a source close to the situation told Complex Friday. “There is no correlation.”

So far, debut Reputation single “Look What You Made Me Do” (which most certainly includes a few Kanye references) has been met with decidedly mixed reviews.

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2016 Numbers Reveal Universal As The Largest Music Group Again Despite SONY & Warner Market Share Gains

The number for fiscal 2016 are just in and per Music Business Worldwide, SONY Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group have gained on Universal Music Group, the largest record label in the world. All in all, it was a good year for the recording industry with both record labels and music publishers reporting growth on all fronts thanks due to the huge rise in streaming which represented 34% of total label revenue last year – an 11% increase from the year before.

Before we get into the majors, the indies had a good year as well increasing their revenue by 6% despite their market share decreased slightly by less than 0.5% from 31.6 to 31.3. That being said, independent labels who have distribution ties through to the major labels are not tallied as independent records making the true market share for independent labels much higher.

For another year Universal finished as the world’s leading music group in both revenue and global share – despite SONY and Warner both making gains in terms of market share – finishing with 28.9%, a minor decrease compared to its 30.2% market share in 2015. SONY increased its market share over 1% point finishing with 22.4% of the market last year while Warner made slight gains too from 16.8 to 17.4% of the market.

When it comes to publishing, SONY/ATV leads the way again with 23% of this year’s market despite a decrease of 1.3% from the year before. Universal Music Publishing and Warner Chapell both made minor gains, but it was the independent publishing groups that led the way here increasing from 49.4 to 50.1% over the market.

If you’re interested in more numbers, you can check out the full breakdown from MIDiA Research below.


H/T: Music Business Worldwide

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Source: 2016 Numbers Reveal Universal As The Largest Music Group Again Despite SONY & Warner Market Share Gains

Jay-Z Working On $20 Million Deal With Samsung Mobile?


By Andie Lowenstein

Jay-Z’s business empire is rapidly expanding building, with new reports claiming that he is set to sign a $20 million deal with Samsung Mobile.

According to the New York Post, Hov is apparently looking to set-up a music streaming service to promote acts signed to his Roc Nation label, including Rita Ora, Alexis Jordan, and J. Cole, via the company’s smartphones. This new streaming music service would give Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine’s “Daisy” subscription service some competition.

It’s said that the eight-figure deal will be finalized in the next few weeks. Back in March, Universal Music Group signed a two-year deal with Samsung for their Kleek music streaming service. Just one month later, Jay-Z and Roc Nation signed a partnership with Universal Music Group and Live Nation worth $150 million.

That’s not all for Jay-Z though. Hov’s Roc Nation Sports announced on April 25 that Skylar Diggins, third overall pick in the 2013 WNBA Draft, had signed with the sports agency. Diggins is a five-time USA Basketball gold medalist and four-time All-American at Notre Dame.