Drake Drops 2 New Songs, “God’s Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity”

It appears to now be Drake season. The Toronto rapper has returned on this now gorgeous Friday evening to bless the music-hungry masses with not one, not three, not twelve, but two new songs. 

You can listen to the two new tracks, which are titled “Diplomatic Immunity” and “God's Plan,” over on Apple Music and iTunes or below on Spotify. The songs are part of a two-track EP titled Scary Hours.

“God's Plan” was produced by Cardo​, Boi-1da and YeX while “Diplomatic Immunity” was produced by Boi-1da and Nick Brongers. 

Drake hopped on social media to let the world know he was releasing new music about an hour before the songs became avaiable on streaming platforms.



A post shared by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on Jan 19, 2018 at 8:03pm PST

Even Drake's friend Odell Beckham took to Instagram to tease a line from “God's Plan” prior to the song's drop.


“Don’t pull up at 6am to cuddle wit mee…”

A post shared by Odell Beckham Jr (@obj) on Jan 19, 2018 at 6:45pm PST

Drake's last project, 2017's More Life, boasted features from Young Thug, Giggs, Skepta, Quavo, Travis Scott, 2 Chainz, Kanye West, Jorja Smith, Sampha and Partynextdoor

Speaking to Hollywood Reporter for a cover story back in November of 2017, Drake expressed his interest in making a pivot into producing films. He, along with LeBron James' production company Springhill Entertainment, will be reviving the UK drama Top Boy. The show will be coming to Netflix in 2019. 



A post shared by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on Nov 8, 2017 at 6:04am PST

While talking about his music career, Drake remarked: “I'm sure I'll stop [making music] one day.” He continued, “When it starts to feel like I'm making it up. Hopefully I'll catch it before I ever get there, right? But right now it feels like we just started, so I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. But I do plan on expanding—to take six months or a year to myself and do some great films. Music's always there.”

With these new songs and a possible album on the way, it doesn't seem like Drake will stop making music anytime soon. 

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ASAP Bari Accused of Sexual Harassment After Graphic Video Surfaces

Last night, video surfaced showing a man who appears to be ASAP Mob co-founder and Vlone designer ASAP Bari telling a woman “you fucked my assistant, now you're going to suck my dick.” The video, according to Reddit, was first shared via @SoledOut and other Instagram accounts before being deleted. 

The brief clip is captioned with the phrase “what that mouth do bitch” and shows a man wearing a red Supreme x Louis Vuitton sweater who appears to be Bari, pulling the sheets off a naked woman as she struggles to hide beneath them and telling her to perform oral sex on him. Another man appears with the woman in bed, while another is heard commenting as he shoots the video. The woman, clearly distraught, is heard saying “Stop it, stop Bari . . . honestly” before walking out of the room. She's followed by a person who appears to be Bari, who slaps her on the buttocks as she walks away from the bed.

A photo taken a few days prior to the video surfacing shows Bari at the London Wireless Festival wearing what appears to be the same ripped denim shorts and red Supreme x Louis Vuitton sweater with a black shirt layered underneath seen in the video.

Image via Instagram

Twitter account @chasinfoodstmps said Wednesday night that she was the woman in the clip, alleging that “Bari and his crew” forced her into bed and “Bari got upset because I refused to engage in any sexual acts.” The account also claimed that Bari had since been “apprehended” by “U.K. police forces.”​

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

In since-removed tweets, Bari called the video fake:

Image via Twitter

As discussion on the alleged incident carried over onto Reddit and Kanyetothe threads, stylist/creative Ian Connor—who was seen on video fighting with Bari at the Colette store in Paris last year—seemingly addressed the footage in a series of tweets. In the tweets, Connor said he was going to “upload a video,” presumably related to the Bari allegations.

In 2016, Connor faced multiple sexual assault accusations of his own. Thursday, Connor replied to a tweet that said “Does it matter if Ian Connor was set up? He's still trash” with “Sad.” Connor also alluded to being set up, sharing an image of @thelifeofmalij at “the AWGE/VLONE house” and telling his followers to “do the math.”


Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

UK authorities, @SoledOut, the woman who claims to appear in the video, and reps for Bari, Nike, and Vlone did not immediately respond to Complex's request for comment.

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Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks Discuss Oversaturation in the Rap Game

On today's new episode of Everyday Struggle, Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks break down whether or rappers are dropping too much music these days. Is this hurting the art of rap? Later, they discuss Lil Wayne canceling his recent show and give some predictions for DJ Khaled's upcoming single with Chance the Rapper, Weezy, Quavo, and Justin Bieber. To wrap, Budden and Akademiks give a hard look at what's going on with Frank Ocean and if they think he's got a master plan with all of this new music. 

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Pendulum Drummer KJ Sawka Talks Reunion Performances, Debuts New Drum Cover

KJ Sawka, esteemed drummer and producer for such legendary groups as Pendulum and Destroid, sat down with Nest HQ this week to discuss his personal history within the industry and the future of Pendulum itself. After several mysterious teasers and hints at Pendulum’s reunion were released last year, Sawka told Nest that the iconic group would return for at least four, confirmed festival stops in 2017.

“Pendulum as its always so secret, but I’m super stoked about Pendulum live. We have put so much work into it… Well, we have four confirmed and released festivals thus far. The hype is real and Pendulum is doing it LIVE once again. We couldn’t be more stoked to rock the world with a truly live Electronic music experience once again.”

Sawka said he’s most looking forward to playing at Nova Rock Festival in Austria and SouthWest Four, as “Any festival in the UK is always such a pleasure as it’s kind of the home of Pendulum.”

He went on to discuss his rise to stardom, and several acts that he participated in along the way, as well as his memory of the craziest live show experience he ever witnessed.

“Pendulum was in Russia. Of course the crowd was going fucking ape-shit and the mosh pits were surreal. Then there was this massive bomb-fire in the middle of the arena. I was playing and almost shitting my pants. I asked Gareth, ‘Dude, WTF!’ He’s like, ‘keep playing, thats what happens here’.. It was cray”

In celebration of Pendulum’s quickly approaching return to the live circuit, Sawka even uploaded a new drum cover for fans to enjoy. In the clip, he takes Skrillex’s iconic remix of GTA’s “Red Lips” and flips it into a heavy, almost-metal island of drum paradise.

Check it out in the player, and click here to view Nest HQ’s complete interview with KJ Sawka.

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Daft Punk Have 3:1 Odds Of Headlining Coachella In Beyonce’s Stead

After the announcement yesterday that Beyonce would not be performing at Coachella this year, the rumor began spinning at full force to try and figure out who would be taking her place. Guesses ranging from Daft Punk to Chance The Rapper have been dominating news feeds over the past 24 hours. Now, UK betting company Betfair has released odds on who will take over.

Stemming from the bevy of rumors surrounding their return, Daft Punk are clear favorites to take over, despite them not having been booked in the first place. Their last run at Coachella was actually in 2006, despite their live album being titled Alive 2007. It would still make sense for them to make an appearance, though.

Naomi Totten, a spokesperson for Betfair, said: “Rumours have been circulating about a tour for Daft Punk and what a spectacular way to kick off their revival than by headlining Coachella. With Beyoncé now officially very pregnant, she has had to rule herself out of the April festival and so all attention is now focused on who will be wowing the crowds in her absence.

Kanye West has been out of the spotlight since cancelling his ‘Saint Pablo’ tour last year and is likely itching for a comeback, the rapper is 7/1 joint second favourite with Lady Gaga who absolutely smashed her Super Bowl performance early in February. Beyoncé most famous fan girl Adele is also in the running at 50/1 but has always made it clear she isn’t keen on playing big festivals, so may be a nice fit but would be a surprising addition to the line-up.”

See the Betfair odds below.

Daft Punk 3/1
Jay Z 5/1
Kanye West 7/1
Lady Gaga 7/1
Green Day 15/2
The Weeknd 10/1
Rihanna 10/1
Bruno Mars 12/1
Katy Perry 12/1
Frank Ocean 12/1
Chainsmokers 12/1
Ed Sheeran 16/1
Taylor Swift 18/1
Justice 18/1
Drake 20/1
Coldplay 25/1
Solange 25/1
Clean Bandit 25/1
Dua Lipa 25/1
Rag ‘n’ Bone Man 33/1
Kygo 33/1
Zayn 33/1
Justin Bieber 50/1
Maroon 5 50/1
Robin Schulz 50/1
Martin Garrix 50/1
Ariana Grande 50/1
Adele 50/1
Major Lazer 80/1
Elbow 100/1
Donny Osmond 200/1


Image via DoLA

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Aspire to Inspire 177: Funkagenda

(Original Photo By: Stuart Tracte)

We all have dreams, we all have an ideal of what we’d like to achieve and what we’d like to be doing with our lives. What happens, though, when you start walking that path and you realize it may not be all it’s cracked up to be? In fact, you’re sad more often than deriving any type of joy from what you thought was your true calling. That was what happened with British DJ/producer/sound engineer, Adam Walder, better known as Funkagenda. After developing a name for himself over the course of many years, he began to tire of the scene. Coupled with depression, Funkagenda left the scene for a while. However, now he is back and has found his groove again, not only as a solo artist but also working behind the scenes as a sound engineer. Like so many others, music was not his first love.

“Well when I was a kid I wanted to be an archaeologist, but then I found out that they were NOT like Indiana Jones and were actually more like teachers with those suede patches on their blazers so I strayed from that idea. Then when I was about 11 years old I started to play with my grandfather’s keyboard collection and that just ignited something in me. I wanted to learn how to make the sounds and program the drums. I got really into making music and it’s been my passion ever since.”

Although he’s been in the scene for almost a decade, it’s tough to peg Funkagenda into a certain genre. Oliver Heldens and Sander van Doorn recently revived his 2008 tech-house hit, “WTF.” He’s dabbled with various genres and conforming to fan expectations is always something that’s irked him. It was these mounting frustrations, along with other personal issues that caused him to leave the scene momentarily.

“I find it irritating that sometimes I can’t experiment as much as I would like because I’m ‘expected’ to be a certain thing. I was never one kind of producer. I started out making drum & bass when I was 17, then hip hop, then techno, trance, and house. I always like to try my hand at new styles and it’s saddening when “fans” lash out at you for trying to be creative. However, I get afraid a lot in life. Life bewilders me. I just want to be able to survive and do what I love and sometimes those simple tasks become incredibly difficult. It was one of my major reasons for withdrawing from the scene. The scene is draining on your soul. I found myself playing music I didn’t like in a desperate attempt to please crowds who were just not that interested. And I just thought to myself ‘this is meant to be my dream, this is meant to be making me happy…why am I miserable all the time?’ Being diagnosed with borderline bi-polar depressive disorder didn’t help either, but at least it helped me to understand that it wasn’t all me.”

Despite being in a dark place, armed with the knowledge that he had an illness, Adam returned home to the UK from Los Angeles where he’s been able to work and overcome his depression with the help and support of his family, girlfriend, and two dogs. Adam says as a sufferer it’s not initially clear that you have a disease and to those around you it appears as though you’ve gone off the rails. As is commonplace, Adam was prescribed medication, but that did not solve the problem either. He cites a strong support network as the main factor that has allowed him to go back to work.

“Well the hardest thing is realizing you have a legitimate problem, because it’s not clear as a sufferer and it isn’t clear to other people – they just think you’ve gone off the rails. I would have these very high manic days, maybe like 4-5 in a row, and I would feel so good about everything, worked really hard and be so positive about life. But then it’s like a light bulb just switched off and the world got dark. Then for the next 2-3 weeks I was unable to do anything. I could lie in one place in silence for hours and hours at a time. It was awful. I just thought my life was making me unhappy or that I wasn’t any good at what I do. It disrupted my self-confidence. I started medication, but it wasn’t the right choice for me. I couldn’t feel ANYTHING and as an artist that is as crippling as being depressed. So I have been working my way through it with the love and support of my friends and my girlfriend (and our two wonderful dogs), and although it hasn’t been the most instant solution, it’s certainly allowed me to work and write music again.”

Although he still produces his own music, a lot of Adam’s focus has shifted to engineering and he says it’s ironic how he encounters so many producers trying to make cliché music because they’re going for something successful. Adam tried doing that and it left him feeling empty. He has discovered all you can do is follow your path and hope for the best, because success is far from guaranteed. But, like Wayne Gretzky said, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. You have to try to achieve something.

“Ironically…a lot of work you get is people wanting to make records that are very cliché because they are trying to succeed in the same way as I was trying to survive, by making records for the crowd and not for the love. I find that still writing my own music allows me an emotional output, though, and my first real single since I left LA went top 10 on Beatport, so I think that the hiatus was necessary. The main thing is not to quit. Things can get very hard and you might feel like you are getting nowhere and that’s because success is a lottery in this business. However, if you stop buying tickets you’ll never win and that’s the key. You work hard, get good, believe in yourself and others will believe in you. I think you can achieve anything if you really want it. I did.”

It’s incredible to see someone successfully overcome their struggles and achieve something great. Happiness is not a destination; it is a journey. When we see the silver lining and become grateful for our past, current, and future challenges, we can experience true peace and joy. With the help and support from those around him, Adam is now able to do this and sees the light at the end of the tunnel after it eluded him for several years.


If you or anyone you know is feeling like something is not quite right, those feelings may be early warnings for possible mental health conditions. Do not hesitate to seek help or offer support. Taking a screening can help determine if additional help is required. Visit www.mhascreening.org to take a free, confidential, and anonymous mental health screen. Several global online and regional recovery support communities can be found at the links below:

Mental Health America

To Write Love On Her Arms

Visit JED’s Mental Health Resource Center for information, resources, and tips for how to help yourself or a loved one.

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KRANE x Laxcity – Outside ft. Sherry W

KRANE’s newest track comes in the form of his most recent SESSIONS release. KRANE fka KRNE launched a project to collaborate with as many up and coming artists as possible in what is called his SESSIONS. Past collaborations include Sober Rob, Dabow, and Juke amongst many others. The most recent is with Laxcity, a versatile producer hailing from the UK. Their collaboration “Outside” is a stunning combination of the two artist’s styles.

Record scratches are heard as a reverbed Sherry W introduces us to the melody with her soft voice. Piano carries us into the leisurely drop with pitched down vocals and dainty melodies. A cross between future bass bliss, r&b feels, and house vibes, the track caters to the worst and best of moods.

Take a listen to the track below:

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Your EDM Premiere: Third ≡ Party – “Have No Fear”

Third Party has been absolutely dominating these last few years, and after the massive success of “Lions In The Wild” with Martin Garrix, the UK progressive house duo is nearing the release of their debut album Hope on February 24th. To satiate fans until then, Third Party has decided to treat fans to one more track, and damn is it a goodie.

We’re proud to present the premiere of “Have No Fear,” packed with all the melodically induced euphoria and impeccable songwriting we’ve come to expect from Third Party.

Belting vocals soar above the track’s vibrant lead, and precise percussion graces the entire arrangement, making for an exquisitely produced track that has us frothing for more. Have a listen to “Have No Fear” and join us in anxiously awaiting the arrival of Hope on February 24th.

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Delta Jack Goes Future On A Grammy’s Hit

At this point, it seems like everyone has heard the smash record “Starboy” by music legends The Weeknd and Daft Punk. After performing the record at the Grammy’s this past weekend, the tune is still fresh in everyone’s minds. Giving it the remix treatment is UK based producer, Delta Jack, whose future house remixes and originals have been gracing sets throughout the UK, US, and beyond. His remix takes the already slamming track, speeds up the vocal and spins it into a housey beat with a flavor of future. A worthy effort of the renowned tune.

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Source: Delta Jack Goes Future On A Grammy’s Hit

Skrillex Has Made A DnB Edit Of Dimension’s “UK”

An apparent Skrillex edit has just surfaced, courtesy of Dimension, whose track “UK” was played out this weekend at London’s newest club, Printworks.

The original “UK” is an off-kilter, neuro DnB tune with a sample matching Jamie xx’s “Gosh,” with some random vocal samples thrown in to fill in space. Skrillex’s edit is noticeably more tight and condensed, with some harder percussion and a more abrasive fill.

Needless to say, a typical American dance music fan might find this a little unpleasant, but there are plenty of us who would go absolutely wild to this at a show. Check it out below, along with the original.

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Source: Skrillex Has Made A DnB Edit Of Dimension’s “UK”