FBI Investigating Claims That Russia Fed the NRA Money to Help Trump Campaign

The seemingly endless investigation into Trump's campaign and Russia's potential involvement has taken another not so surprising turn. Now the FBI is investigating a claim that Russia was illegally giving money to Trump's campaign through the National Rifle Association, according to McClatchy.

The NRA's support of Trump's campaign during the 2016 election was no secret. The organization spent $30 million to support the vile candidate. The new report cites two sources close to the situation who claim the deputy governor of Russia's central bank and lifetime NRA member Alexander Torshin was illegally funneling money throughout the campaign. According to the sources, Torshin is known to have close relationships with NRA, as well as Russian president Vladimir Putin. Of the $30 million spent backing Trump, most of it was spent by an arm of the NRA that is not required to reveal its donors. Another red flag. 

Both sources cited by McClatchy also claim that despite the reports of $30 million being spent, it was more like $70 million spent. The difference in reports is due to the fact that not all funds, such as online ads, by the non-profit have to be reported due to certain loopholes in the system. 


This is not the first accusation that has been made against Torshin by a foreign government. In 2016, Spanish officials accused the then–Russian senator of helping mobsters run a money laundering effort through Spanish banks and properties. Reports involving this accusation claim Torshin was considered a “godfather in a major Russian criminal organization called Taganskaya.”

Torshin's troubles could only just be beginning. Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the House, and the Senate Intelligence Committee have all inquired about his various activities in the United States. Sen. Diane Feinstein has also sent letters to two of Trump's top campaign aides asking about Torshin. 

While these sources did provide info about the investigation, there is no word of how long the relationship between Torshin and the NRA has been scrutinized. The new claim just adds another wrinkle to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing investigation into Trump's ties with Russia. On Wednesday, Trump's lawyer Ty Cobb simply told CBS News he is “very eager” to speak with Mueller to “put the matter to rest.”

I'm sure he is. As the investigation continuously heightens, it seems like it's only a matter of time before even more severe allegations from this connection make their way to the headlines.

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Did Trump Just Admit to Obstruction of Justice?

Donald Trump’s latest tweet has sparked more allegations of obstruction of justice.

On Saturday, POTUS took to the social media platform to defend Gen. Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser who pleaded guilty Friday to lying to the FBI about his contacts with former Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak.

“I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the Vice President and the FBI,” the president tweeted. “He has pled guilty to those lies. It is a shame because his actions during the transition were lawful. There was nothing to hide!”

Many politicians and political commentators said they believe this single tweet was an admission to obstruction of justice. You see: Flynn was forced to resign as national security adviser back in February; Trump’s most recent tweet implies he was aware the general had lied to federal authorities in the month prior. So if Trump knew about Flynn’s crime, why would he allegedly ask former FBI director James Comey to drop the investigation of Flynn shortly after he was ousted? During a testimony back in June, Comey told Congress the president asked him to consider “letting Flynn go.”

Trump fired Comey in May.  

As he was departing from the White House on Saturday morning, several reporters asked Trump about his thoughts on Flynn’s recent guilty plea. The president suggested he was not worried, and instead focused on the passing of the GOP tax bill.

“No, I’m not. And what has been shown is no collusion, no collusion,” Trump said. “There’s been absolutely no collusion so we’re very happy, and frankly last night was one of the big nights.”  


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