Yung Joc Says Viral Photo of Him in a Dress Is ‘Internet Manipulation’

No one should ever have to explain what they wear. Period. If someone (anyone!) wants to wear a dress, then that person should be allowed to rock the fuck out of that dress without having to endure dumbass jokes. Still, when Yung Joc was photographed rocking the fuck out of a dress earlier this week, some took the opportunity to make disappointing (and yes, dumbass) jokes.

Following those jokes, Joc has addressed the dress in a pair of Instagram videos. A dress, Joc explained, is just “threads.” Joc was also well aware of the reaction the photo would get, a reaction he's going to take advantage of ahead of a slew of new TV projects. “It's called internet manipulation,” Joc said in the first clip, uploaded Wednesday afternoon. “This is gonna be one of the craziest times ever.” Joc added that he's currently on four VH1 TV series.



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In the second clip, Joc dug a little deeper into the dumbass comments he's received about wearing a dress. “Get wit' it,” Joc advised. “It's just a thread. It's just some shit a man made. It's a thread. It's nothing. Now, if you give me a shield and a spear and put a goddamn leather, metal belt around my waist, then I might look like a motherfucking Roman, 300, Sparta. But that's another case. All I'mma say is, quit being so judgmental, people. It's threads.” According to Joc, this will probably be the last time he speaks on this “until the show comes out.”


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Joc previously manipulated the internet's penchant for knee-jerk reactions in the wake of his 2016 hairstyle. According to Joc, he actually made the majority of the resulting memes himself.

Anyway, wear whatever the fuck you want. Why wouldn't you?

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If Game of Thrones is the biggest show on television, then the numerous spin-off series we've been promised by HBO are probably the biggest upcoming shows in television. Thrones fans who are upset to see their favorite characters go will need something to cling to, and a new journey through Westeros will help ease the pain of the O.G. series ending.

If you've been following Game of Thrones closely, whether through the TV series or because you devoured all the books, you'll likely recognize what's to come, according to one of the people devloping a spin-off series. Screenwriter Jane Goldman, who is working on a future series with Thrones creator George R.R. Martin, says they'll be covering territory you've heard about already.

If I was able to say what mine was,” Goldman told IGN, “I think as a book reader or as someone who watched the series, you would say, 'Oh, that! OK.' Yeah, it would be recognizable as a past event, but I think that’s probably as far as I can go.'

So this reveals at least one crucial piece of information for this particular spin-off—it will take place in the past, since it follows an event that can be recognized by name. Given the staggering amount of people who have died on the show during the last seven seasons, this could mean the return of some of your favorites who lost their lives.


The simple connection to make is to Robert's Rebellion, which saw Robert Baratheon, Ned Stark, and others lead a conquest against the Mad King, setting up the world we see at the beginning of Game of Thrones. The rebellion is referenced frequently throughout the books and the show, and a lot of the power dynamics and rivalries between houses stem from who they were loyal to during the great conflict.

But Martin himself has insisted there will not be a need to focus on Robert's Rebellion, telling fans via his Live Journal that it wouldn't be necessary by the time the main series is over.

“We're not doing Robert's Rebellion,” said Martin. “By the time I finish writing A SONG OF ICE & FIRE, you will know every important thing that happened in Robert's Rebellion. There would be no surprises or revelations left in such a show, just the acting out of conflicts whose resolutions you already know. That's not a story I want to tell just now; it would feel too much like a twice-told tale.”

This makes sense on some level, because Robert's Rebellion may serve better as a storytelling device than a show itself. One of the reasons the story of Robert's rebellion was so important to Thrones was because it showed that men are not so easily labeled “heroes” and “villains,” and instead are complicated individuals who contain multitudes. Retelling a story we are already keenly aware of—and focusing on the same characters we know well—wouldn't be the best use of resources.


A better option might be to focus on “Dance of the Dragons,” a civil war within House Targaryen that led to the deaths of several rulers and the destruction of most of the dragons possessed by the family. The battle between family members would reflect the politics fans love on the main Game of Thrones show, and of course, we'd get a metric ton of dragon battles, which I don't think anyone would turn down.

Who knows what the final product could be—could we even see a series about the mysterious Children of the Forest?—but with Game of Thrones wrapping up soon, the arrival of a spin-off can't come soon enough.

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