Kailee Morgue Talks Paramore, Gwen Stefani, and Working at Jack In The Box on ‘Trending Topics’

Earlier this year, Los Angeles-based artist Kailee Morgue went viral on Twitter with a raw version of a song she was working on. That song ended up being the awesome “Medusa,” and now it's racking up hundreds of thousands of plays across platforms. Kailee's signed to Republic Records now and working on her debut album, and we can't wait to hear what's next. For now, get familiar with Kailee's history, love for Paramore and Gwen Stefani, and her job before becoming a full-time musician in our latest episode of Trending Topics.

Watch Kailee's Trending Topics episode above, and check out “Medusa” below:

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Wiz Khalifa on Cam’ron, Cigarettes, and ‘Laugh Now, Fly Later’

Wiz Khalifa's new project Laugh Now, Fly Later dropped earlier this month, and he came by for a new episode of Trending Topics to speak about his favorite rapper in the world (Cam'ron), why people should smoke weed instead of cigarettes, and his close relationship with Curren$y.

Having come up during the peak of the blog era, Wiz also took a moment to share his thoughts on the current relevance of blogs: “I just think blogs definitely still matter as much as they did before, I just think the content is different. People have come up so many other ways, like SoundCloud. And now if you, like, piss on your homeboy while he's sleeping, you'll get popular on Instagram.”

During his visit, Khalifa also had a chance to make good on his promise (eight years later) to reward every blog and DJ for their support of Burn After Rolling with white papers:


8 years later, @wizkhalifa delivers. Thank u Wiz

A post shared by Pigeons & Planes (@pigsandplans) on Nov 16, 2017 at 4:43pm PST

Thanks, Wiz.

You can watch the episode above and hear his new project Laugh Now, Fly Later below.

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IDK on Diddy, SZA, and ‘IWasVeryBad’

Maryland rapper IDK just released his debut album IWasVeryBad, so it's only right we brought him on Trending Topics.

The artist formerly known as Jay IDK discusses the time he met Diddy, the SZA collab of his dreams, his new album, and why everyone in the industry is copying him. Seriously guys, stop stealing ideas from IDK. Check out the full interview above, and let us know in the comments who you want to see on Trending Topics next. We also spoke with IDK to discuss the making of “Pizza Shop” as well as the role that visuals play on his album. 

Listen to IWasVeryBad here, and watch our Who Is? with IDK below. 

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Ski Mask The Slump God is Putting Numbers on the Board

In the past year, we've seen so many rappers go from SoundCloud sensations to mainstream newcomers. It feels like an entirely new wave, but how many of these artists are going to last? That's still to be seen, but one thing is becoming increasingly clear: Ski Mask The Slump God is here to stay. He's been making all the right moves while dropping quality music, and it's paying off.

In the latest P&P Update, we take a look at Ski Mask's rise and break down some of his most impressive numbers. Watch above, check out Ski Mask The Slump God's episode of Trending Topics below, and subscribe to Pigeons & Planes on YouTube for more.

Ski Mask The Slump God will be performing on the Pigeons & Planes stage at ComplexCon in November, and you can get tickets now. See you out there.

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A Boogie Wit da Hoodie on Kanye’s Best Album, His Daughter, and NYC Summers

A Boogie Wit da Hoodie is on fire. His song “Drowning” is racking up hundreds of millions of plays, and his new album The Bigger Artist includes features from 21 Savage, Trey Songz, Kodak Black, and more. A Boogie stopped by for the latest episode of Trending Topics, and discussed his new music, NYC summers, Kanye's College Dropout, and having a daughter. Let us know who you want to see on Trending Topics next in the comments. 

Check out our Who Is? with A Boogie Wit da Hoodie and our Trending Topics with Smokepurpp below. 

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Smokepurpp on Young Thug, Lil Pump, and Dogs

As we learn more about the group of artists first classified as “SoundCloud rappers,” the title feels increasingly inadequate. Smokepurpp is the latest South Florida phenom to break big, recently signing with Alamo Records and landing features from Chief Keef, Travis Scott, and D.R.A.M. for his Deadstar release.

Now that he's fully in the public eye, we wanted to see what Smokepurpp was thinking about during his rise—so we took a trip in Twitter's time machine and asked the Miami rapper what was going through his head when he forgot what a chicken was.  

Watch the latest episode of Trending Topics above, and listen to Deadstar below. 

Catch Smokepurpp live on the Pigeons & Planes stage at ComplexCon, which goes down November 4 and 5 in Long Beach, California. Tickets are on sale​ ​now.​

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LUCKI on Lil Wayne, Chief Keef, and Harold’s Chicken

Chicago rapper LUCKI stopped by for the latest episode of Trending Topics.

So we went way back into the deep web and dug up some of his old tweets, and had him explain what the hell he was talking about. LUCKI had a lot to say about wanting to sign to BRICK SQUAD, how Chief Keef is his favorite rapper, if Harold's Chicken is better than Uncle Remus, and potentially the greatest Super Bowl half time show idea in history.

Check out the interview with LUCKI above, and let us know who you want to see on Trending Topics next in the comments. Watch Trending Topics with Wifisfuneral below. 

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Twelve’Len and Denzel Curry’s “Human Gods” Video is Essential Viewing

Florida natives and frequent collaborators Twelve'Len and Denzel Curry connected again on the smooth track “Human Gods,” which dropped in May. We already had the song on repeat, but now the video is here, and it's packed with awesome moments. The video highlights the two artist's chemistry while the VHS effects and striking imagery (A giant dog!) make it essential viewing. 

You might already be familiar with Denzel Curry, but look out for Twelve'Len—this kid is special. Watch the “Human Gods” video above. Check out what happened when Denzel came through for an episode of Trending Topics and we asked him about South Florida rap below.

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Trending Topics: DJ Carnage on Donald Glover, Young Thug, and Game of Thrones

DJ Carnage is a name equally respected in dance and hip-hop circles. He's an established name on the live festival circuit, even starting his own, RARE, in Orlando. That's where he met Young Thug, and the two linked up for an EP that's coming soon. Carnage's other upcoming collaborations are no less impressive—Lil YachtyMigos, and Meek Mill are among those who have recently blessed a Carnage beat, and the results are massive. 

Those tracks are on the way, but when DJ Carnage stopped by the offices, we wanted to talk about the here and now. For the latest episode of Trending Topics, we asked the artist about that Thug EP, the many talents of Donald Glover, and what it takes to enjoy a festival the right way. Watch Carnage's Trending Topics above, and check out last week's cut with Ryan Hemsworth below. 

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