LeBron Beasts and Barely Wins; Westbrook’s Prom Fit; Can Spurs Win for Pop? | Out of Bounds

While Gilbert Arenas is off on an Agent Zero international mission, Pierce and Adam hold things down for #OutofBounds, starting with a quick tutorial on black hair care before getting into last night’s NBA playoff games. Those Game 2’s raised some interesting questions: What does it mean that the Cavs eked out a three-point win at home despite LeBron going off for 46 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists, and 2 steals? How many fire emojis should Russell Westbrook’s tux look get in “Fire Fit”? With Karl-Anthony Towns scoring a total of 13 points in two L’s to start his playoff career, what the hell is going on with KAT? Looking forward to tonight’s playoff Game 3’s, OOB has some more questions: Will Kevin Hart’s trash talk keep 36-year-old Dwyane Wade cooking in Miami? Is the All-Star Damian Lillard we know and love finally going to show up against New Orleans? After coach Gregg Popovich’s wife, Erin, passed away yesterday, can the overmatched Spurs pull out a win for them against the Warriors? Only time will tell. The same can be said of whether Tom Brady will retire or play QB for the Patriots in 2018. In “The Step-Back,” OOB discusses whether an ESPN story about Brady having not committed to play yet is a legit story or just click-bait. Finally, following a report that “handlers” for standout Penn State running back Saquon Barkley don’t want the Browns to draft him, in “Fair or Foul?” the guys weigh in on players forcing undesirable teams to not draft them.

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Robert Kraft Says Patriots Haven’t Discussed Contract Extension For Tom Brady Yet

There are currently two years left on Tom Brady's contract. He's also set to turn 41-years-old this upcoming preseason. The standard practice in this situation has been for the team to extend Brady, which the Pats have done in four out of five instances where he's had two years left on his deal (with the lone exception being when he returned from a torn ACL in 2009). But, again, he's soon to be 41-years-old. Any other dude (who hadn't retired several years ago) would serve as a veteran backup as they draft a quarterback in a few weeks. But he's Tom Brady and he's a freak of nature.

Because of that Pats owner Robert Kraft seems totally unconcerned with his longtime quarterback's current status, which sees him making a big enough salary to give the team a serious cap hit over the 2018 and 2019 seasons. In a recent interview with The Athletic, Kraft seemed as if he couldn't give less of a crap about the current situation with the default face of the league.

“He'll be 41 when the season starts,” Kraft said. “Neither side has an issue with it. If it becomes an issue, we'll deal with it.”

Kraft, who has reportedly played a central role in past negotiations with Brady, also spoke on the QB's intent to play into his mid-40s, which he has publicly reiterated on a number of occassions. “I hope he plays,” he said. “He's at a different point in his life. He talked about it. It's interesting to see that Tom vs. Time and see where he's at, his kids growing up. But that is something for he and his family to decide what is right for him.

“Me personally, I'd like to see him play as long as he can. I don't think anyone would have believed 10 years ago that he would have played this year, gone to the Super Bowl and been MVP of the league at 40 years old. It's just unbelievable. It speaks to the way he takes care of himself, the way he trains, how much film he watches, one of the hardest working guys. He is driven to excel. I think as long as he feels he is like that, he'll keep playing. We're so lucky to have him in our system.”

Five more years, man. You heard it here first eighth or ninth.

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Pats-Gronk Workout Beef; Adam Silver Tanking Crackdown; Athletes Hiding F*ckery | Out of Bounds

Rest in peace to the Clippers’ Wesley Johnson, who was the victim of a homicide by James Harden crossover last night (check out the full story on the Complex: http://www.complex.com/sports/2018/03/james-harden-broke-wesley-johnson-ankles-clippers-spirit-with-crossover-of-year). Gilbert Arenas and the #OutofBounds team react to the move…and the long pause…and the look…that have everyone talking, and Gil shares the story of the time Dwyane Wade made a fool of him on the hardwood. Keeping it in the NBA, the guys discuss the anti-tanking memo Commissioner Adam Silver sent owners, and Gil explains how to identify and punish tankers. Moving to the NFL, the gang gets into the reported beef between star tight end Rob Gronkowski and the the Patriots, who tried to prevent him from praising the TB12 Method, Tom Brady’s diet and workout plan. Then, with Johnny Manziel telling the story of the time the Browns caught him in Vegas when he was supposed to be in Cleveland treating a concussion, OOB ranks the top 5 ways athletes have tried to hide their f*ckery. Gil shares a couple amazing Danny Fortson stories you do not want to miss. Finally, following a report that Russia will allow fans to bring weed, coke, and heroin to the 2018 World Cup if they have supporting medical documents, the team imagines how that’ll play out, wonders how you get a heroin prescription and if there are ulterior motives behind this, and decides if they would risk bringing drugs to Putin’s party.

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Birdman Coughed Up the $200,000 He Owed AR-Ab for the Super Bowl Bet

Birdman has finally made good on a Super Bowl bet with Philly rapper AR-Ab.

Hours before the big game, the two rap impresarios bet one another $100,000 on who would win. Needless to say, Ab put his money on his hometown Philadelphia Eagles, while Birdman went for the favored New England Patriots. As the game progressed, the bet increased by $150,000, eventually topping out at $200,000. Shortly after the Eagles snatched the title from Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, Birdman deleted all of his social media posts that documented the bet, while AR-Ab boasted about the winnings that were coming his way courtesy of Mr. 5 Star himself. “Actually it was $200,000,” he wrote in response to Complex's original report. “I️ ain’t gonna do nuffin but buy more houses and pay for my homies Lawyers and Appeal Lawyers.”


Despite Birdman deleting all evidence of the wager from social media, it seems he did make good on his word. The Cash Money mogul sent over the $200,000 he owed, which Ab is seen posing with for the 'gram. “Thank you @Birdman5star next time we can bet on the Sixers.”


Thank U @birdman5star Let’s Bet On The Sixers Next 😬

A post shared by El Patron (@ar_ab_32) on Feb 18, 2018 at 11:38am PST


Now we have no choice but to put some respek on Birdman's name.

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Aaron Rodgers Discusses Teammates’ Love for New Yeezys & His Partnership with Adidas

Everyone knows that Aaron Rodgers is one of the greatest quarterbacks in the NFL. But does he have any advice to help one of his few peers, Tom Brady?

Complex's Pierce Simpson sat down with Rodgers to ask him about that, his (and his teammates') feelings about Yeezys, his plans for the future (a hint: he's “as good as ever”)—and, of course, to re-live the trauma of Rodgers defeating Simpson's beloved Dallas in last year's playoffs. The QB also discusses his time with Adidas and his relationship with the three stripes family.

You can watch the whole interview above.

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Eagles White House Protest; Gilbert Arenas Fixes LeBron’s Cavs; Brady’s Pats SB LIII Faves? | Out of Bounds

Even before Nick Foles and the Eagles upset Tom Brady and the Patriots, several Philadelphia players said they would decline an invite to President Donald Trump’s White House if they won. Outspoken safety Malcolm Jenkins has now joined teammates Chris Long and Torrey Smith in saying he would not attend. The #OutofBounds crew weighs in on champions refusing to visit Trump’s White House, and Gilbert Arenas has an unexpected and thought-provoking take on the highly politicized issue. Next, the guys discuss the Super Bowl’s relatively low ratings, and what they indicate about interest in the NFL, before tackling Vegas odds that make the Patriots — with 40-plus-year-old QB Brady — favorites to win next year’s Super Bowl. Finally, with LeBron’s Cavs struggling mightily and appearing to unravel, Gil gives advice on how to fix things in OOB’s newest segment, “The Pull-Up.” Gil being Gil, his assessment of Cleveland is far from your standard sports talk show take.

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Andrew Hawkins on What Playing With Tom Brady Is Like and How Jay Z Stunted for a Teammate

Former NFL wide receiver Andrew Hawkins spent six seasons in the league, playing for the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns before closing out his career with the Patriots in 2017. With that amount of time in the league, Hawkins has certainly witnessed and learned a lot from his teammates, and he shared a little bit of those experiences with Complex.

While out in Minneapolis, Minnesota for Super Bowl Weekend, Complex News' own Pierce Simpson caught up with Hawkins at Hymies Vintage Records and the 31-year-old dished on what he learned about Tom Brady during his stint with the Patriots, as well as talked about the time Jay Z shouted out one of his teammates mid-performance. Check out the full interview above.

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NFL Star Melvin Gordon Does His Best Lil Uzi Vert Impersonation and Keeps It Real on NFL Rappers

One day, Chargers running back Melvin Gordon is hoping to play in a Super Bowl. But for now, the former Wisconsin standout had to settle for attending Super Bowl Weekend in Minnesota, and when he did, Complex News caught up with him to talk about playing in the cold weather, NFL rappers, his love for Lil Uzi Vert (he even did an Uzi impersonation!), and more.

Gordon also opened up about the trash talking that goes on in the NFL, the never-ending reign of “the G.O.A.T.” Tom Brady (pre-Super Bowl LII loss, of course), and the worst purchase he’s made since becoming an NFL player. Let’s just say there’s a jeweler out there who managed to make off with more of Gordon’s money than he should have when he sold him a chain at the beginning of his NFL career.

Check out our interview with Gordon in the video above. It shouldn’t be long before this guy is front and center at a Super Bowl himself.

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Nick Foles Out-Duels Tom Brady; Bill Belichick’s Wack D; Super Bowl Talk With Miko Grimes | Out of Bounds

Super Bowl LII is in the books! Friend of the show, Miko Grimes joins Gilbert Arenas and the #OutofBounds crew to discuss Philadelphia’s “upset” 41-33 victory over New England, Eagles QB Nick Foles’ come-up, the Pats’ terrible D and shady exclusion of cornerback Malcolm Butler (contract conspiracy?), and more NFL catch rule controversy. Pierce gets NFL players’ thoughts on the impact this L will have on Tom Brady’s legacy before Miko and Gil weigh in. Then the OOB gang revisits their Super Bowl prop bets to see who came out on top. Plus, Philly’s infamous fans acted the fool after the win, breaking their city, and the team wonders how winning will change them, and if there’s a racist double standard in destructive sports celebrations. To close, we congratulate Terrell Owens on finally making the NFL Hall of Fame — along with first-ballot greats like Randy Moss, Brian Dawkins, and Ray Lewis — and Miko goes in on both Lewis and the gatekeeper NFL writers who vote on the HOF.

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Did Tom Brady’s Ex Bridget Moynahan Throw Shade With This Nick Foles Tweet?

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles played a hell of a game in Super Bowl LII on Sunday night. He completed 28 of 43 passes for 373 passing yards and 3 touchdowns and even caught a touchdown pass on a trick play at the end of the second quarter. Not bad for a guy who considered retiring from the NFL just a few years ago following shaky stints with the Eagles and Rams.

As Foles was putting on the performance of a lifetime en route to a Super Bowl win and a Super Bowl MVP trophy, there were thousands of people tweeting about how well he was playing. Tweets like this flooded Twitter as Foles picked apart the Patriots secondary.

Actress Bridget Moynahan was among the many people who sent out a tweet about Foles.

While an actress tweeting about how well an NFL quarterback was playing wouldn’t ordinarily be that big of a deal, it quickly turned into one in this case because Moynahan’s ex-boyfriend is none other than Tom Brady. The two dated for about three years in the mid-2000s before Brady unceremoniously broke up with Moynahan when she was pregnant with their son John.

Moynahan has, at least publicly, been very civil towards Brady since their split. During an interview back in 2011, she said she was glad her son “is surrounded by love” in the form of “two loving parents and an extended family” that includes stepmother Gisele Bündchen. And on the outside anyway, her and Brady appear as though they maintain a decent relationship for the sake of their son.

But of course—of course!—those on social media were unwilling to give Moynahan the benefit of the doubt after she sent out her Foles tweet. They automatically assumed she was shading Brady by complimenting his Super Bowl opponent.

Moynahan certainly didn’t do herself any favors when she followed her tweet about Foles with a retweet of the celebratory message Foles himself sent out after his big game.

But we should point out that Moynahan did congratulate both the Eagles and the Patriots.

So maybe cut her some slack? If she was throwing shade, more power to her. But it’s been more than a decade since her and Brady broke up. So maybe she really was just—gasp—enjoying the Super Bowl and tweeting about Foles like everyone else when she mentioned him on Twitter.

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