Guest Arian Foster Talks About What Makes Athletes Great, Athletes Transitioning into Entertainment, and Cavs-Celtics | Out of Bounds

On today’s episode of #OutofBounds, former NFL running back turned rapper, actor, and podcaster Arian Foster joins Gilbert Arenas, Adam Caparell, and Pierce Simpson to wrap up the Eastern Conference Semifinals and look ahead to the next round of the NBA playoffs.

On Wednesday night, the Celtics beat the Sixers 114-112 to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals, where they’ll take on LeBron James and the Cavs. The panel talks about Boston’s young stars and what they’ve shown advancing far in the playoffs without their team’s two biggest stars. Knocking off King James is a much bigger challenge, and Gil breaks down what could be a matchup nightmare before everyone makes their series picks. Plus, with Philly starting its summer vacation, Gil and Arian highlight what 76ers star Joel Embiid needs to work on in the offseason to take the next step in his career.

After retiring from football, Arian Foster has devoted himself fully to podcasting and making music. Rapping as Bobby Feeno, he’s released his well-received debut album, Flamingo & Koval, as well as Becoming Bobby Feeno, a Tidal/Uninterrupted documentary series about his transition to music. Arian shares the keys to successfully crossing over from sports, the feedback he’s gotten from established artists, and the reason he didn’t start putting out music while he was still playing in the NFL. Gil reveals how a teammate of his balanced basketball and DJing.

Tiger Woods recently defined greatness as prolonged superiority when asked about LeBron James, who’s heading back to the Eastern Conference Finals for the eighth straight season at age 33. Gil and Arian give their views on athletic greatness and whether it requires longevity. They also get into a passionate debate about Steph Curry when Gil refers to him as a “regular guy.” Plus, Gil names some great players who didn’t achieve as much as they could have because they lacked the will and heart, contrasting that with a fascinating story that illustrates Floyd Mayweather’s insane dedication to being the best boxer of all time.

Finally, in “Top 5,” after the Mets were penalized for screwing up their lineup cards and accidentally batting out of order, the panel breaks down The Top 5 Worst Blunders in Sports History. Gil’s inclusion is a head-scratcher but he makes up for it by sharing the behind-the-scenes story of one of his most painful losses.

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Tiger Woods Talks ‘Miracle’ Return From Back Fusion Surgery to Compete at Masters

Two days from now and less than a year after undergoing major back surgery, Tiger Woods will be teeing off at the Masters. Since this is the type of thing that tends to bring casual interest to the sport, there's a narrative being built around his comeback, as well as the fact that he's one of this weekend's favorites to win.

In a press conference the now 42-year-old talked about his surgery, his comeback, and his prospects for winning the Masters for the first time since 2005.

He reiterated his phrase that he's a “walking miracle” for his ability to whip his club around like a toothpick following back fusion surgery, which he underwent last April 20 in his fourth major back surgery since 2014.

“The reason why I say I’m a walking miracle is that I don’t know of anyone who has had a lower back fusion that can swing the club as fast as I can swing it,” he said according to The Guardian. “That’s incredible. Some guys have said [jokingly]: ‘Yeah, I need to fuse my back so I can hit it harder.’ No, you don’t want to go through that.

“That’s why I say that. It is a miracle. I went from a person who really had a hard time getting up, walking around, sitting down, anything, to now swinging the club at 129 mph. That is a miracle, isn’t it?”

Despite how bad that fusion must have hurt/sucked, Woods maintained perspective and said that his comeback pales in comparison to Ben Hogan's 1949 return from getting into a freakin' head-on collision with a Greyhound bus.

“As far as greatest comebacks [go], I think that one of the greatest comebacks in all of sport is the gentleman who won here, Mr Hogan,” Woods reportedly said. “I mean, he got hit by a bus and came back and won major championships. The pain he had to endure, the things he had to do just to play, the wrapping of the leg, all the hot tubs and just how hard it was for him to walk—walk, period. He ended up walking 36 holes and winning a U.S. Open [the next year]. That’s one of the greatest comebacks there is and it happens to be in our sport.”

Finally, in addition to those statements, Woods also did his best to lower the bar for this weekend's tournament, which I promise you will fall on deaf media ears if he's on the leaderboard at all by Friday or later.

“I have four rounds to play, so let’s just kind of slow down,” he said. “I’ve had anticipation like this prior. If you remember the buildup was from the U.S. PGA Championship of 2000 to the Masters of 2001, nine months of building up, what that tournament would mean. And it’s the same thing. I have got to go play and then let the chips fall where they may. Hopefully I end up on top but I have got a lot of work to do between now and then.

“I’ve played well over the years, I’ve won here a few times, but all those years that I’ve won, one part of my game has certainly stood out. Whether it’s driving the ball like I did in 1997 and putting it a couple years where I really putted well or hitting my irons and hitting a lot of greens, but not only missing, missing in the correct spots every single time, there’s got to be a certain part of my game that’s got to be on, and hopefully this will be one of those weeks. I don’t think there’s one clear-cut favorite. I think there’s so many guys playing well at the same time. I think that’s what is making this year’s Masters so exciting.”

Woods tees off just prior to 11 a.m. on Thursday.

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Blake Shades the Clippers; GGG Rips Juiced Canelo; Messy Athlete Breakups | Out of Bounds

On today’s show, Gilbert Arenas and the #OutofBounds crew ease into things by talking about the worst way to break up with someone. On the topic of messy breakups, Blake Griffin threw some shade at the Clippers while praising the team they traded him to, the Pistons. The guys decide if the pettiness is fair or foul. And let’s just say that Gil has many colorful analogies for LA’s second basketball team. Next, OOB reacts to the announcement of yet another pro football league, the Alliance of American Football. Sure, it’s got some funky rule changes and a focus on fantasy, but does anyone really need more pigskin — with lesser talents — after the college and NFL seasons? Gil has a particularly unflattering comparison for the league. Back to breakups, with Iggy Azalea talking publicly about burning former fiancee Nick Young’s designer clothes after he cheated on her, Gil breaks down the effect that had on Swaggy P and the boys get down and dirty ranking the top 5 messiest athlete breakups. Gil shares a special story about how he once came to the rescue of notorious cheater Tiger Woods. Finally, the team talks about GGG, who still plans on fighting Canelo Alvarez in their highly anticipated rematch but claims that he is a serial cheater and that his promoter, boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya, is “dirty.” Is that crazy? Covering his own ass? A smart marketing ploy? Plus, Gil shares the lengths to which he’d go to get some ripped ads and a modeling career.

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Mia Khalifa and Gilbert Arenas Debate LeBron vs. Kobe vs. MJ on ‘Out of Bounds’

On today's episode of Out of Bounds, Mia Khalifa, Gilbert Arenas, Adam, and Pierce debate who's better: LeBron, Kobe, or MJ. Mia also clears things up regarding the Tiger Woods rumors, the crew talks about their experience at ComplexCon, and they debate Eli Manning's relevancy. Later, Gilbert struggles with ranking his top three NBA players. 

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Mia Khalifa and Gilbert Arenas Grade Lonzo Ball’s Dance Moves on ‘Out of Bounds’

On today’s episode of Out of Bounds, the crew grades Lonzo’s dancing skills, Mia tells Tiger Woods to give it up and retire gracefully, and they rate basketball star and producer JaVale McGee’s new track (under the alias Pierre). They also take some time to praise and clown a few athlete’s Halloween costumes.

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Mia Khalifa Goes Through Gilbert Arenas’ Family Tree on ‘Out of Bounds’

On today’s episode of Out of Bounds, we get a sports history lesson on the Gilbert Arenas family. The crew also makes their predictions on who will make it to the NBA Finals and Tiger Woods resuming golf. Gil even teaches us how to pass a drug test in the NBA.

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That One Time Michael Jordan Got Trash Talked to and Had No Response

There are plenty of epic trash-talking stories involving Michael Jordan floating around out there in the world. From the time he ethered his own teammate Stacey King to the time he ruined Muggsy Bogues’ career, MJ is a legend when it comes to talking trash. And while there have been people who have tried to keep up with MJ in the trash talk department, he has gotten the last laugh in most of those instances by making those people look foolish. Just ask Magic Johnson.

There is at least one person who managed to get the upper hand against MJ during a trash-talking battle, though, and oddly enough, you probably have absolutely no idea who he is. His name is Randy Towner, and he is currently the general manager and head professional at Firekeeper Golf Course in Mayetta, Kansas. He also used to be the Director of Golf at Alvamar Country Club in Lawrence, Kansas and made a name for himself early on in his career by competing in the Mid-West Professional Golfer Association. And according to a story that North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams told writer Helen Ross in a long piece about the origin of MJ’s love for golf, Towner found a way to leave MJ “speechless” with some very unlikely trash talk sometime back in the early 2000s.

In the piece, Williams revealed that MJ flew out to Lawrence one day when Williams was still coaching at Kansas to attend his Jayhawk basketball camp. During a break in the action, MJ, Williams, and Towner made their way out to the golf course to blow off some steam, and Williams said that he remembers MJ talking to Towner about how straight he was able to hit the ball time after time. MJ seemed upset over the fact that many of his shots were erratic and landed all over the place, and he wondered why he couldn’t do what Towner was doing. And that’s when Towner responded by taking a pretty classic jab at MJ over why he was playing so much better than him.

From the story:

One year when Williams was coaching at Kansas, he remembers playing with his home pro, Randy Towner, and Jordan between breaks at the Jayhawk basketball camp.

Jordan was lamenting how straight Towner was hitting the ball while his own drives were more erratic.

“Randy just looked at him and pointed his finger at Michael and tapped him in the chest and said, 'NBA,' and then turned to himself, tapped his finger at his own chest and said, 'PGA,'” says Williams, who once played with Jordan when he shot a 69.

“He said, Michael, there's a gap there that you're not going to cross…It was one of the few times that I've ever seen Michael Jordan speechless.”

Congrats to that guy for doing what so many other pro athletes have failed to do.

Don’t worry, though. It sounds like MJ enjoys his fair share of trash-talking wins when he’s out on the golf course. In another part of the piece on MJ’s golf game, Ed Ibarguen—a golf pro who has been the Director of Golf at Duke University Golf Club in Durham, North Carolina since 1988 and who taught MJ how to play golf at the Finley Golf Club in Chapel Hill, North Carolina back in the 1980s—talked about how MJ usually tries to gain a competitive advantage over his opponents on the golf course before they even hit the first tee.

Ibarguen revealed that most people who golf with MJ want to wager with him, and he said that MJ has a pretty savage response for everyone who brings up the idea of placing a bet. Rather than picking a specific dollar amount, MJ puts the onus on the other person to come up with a wager that works for them.

“Everybody’s always wanting to gamble with [him],” Ibarguen said. “Well, you know, Michael’s happy betting a dollar; he’s happy just doing it for personal pride. But he gets all these people that come on up and say, 'Okay, how much are we going to play for?' Michael just basically came up with a standard. He said, 'I’ll play for whatever makes you nervous.' Which was a great line.”

A great line indeed. Maybe not quite as good as the one Towner hit him with, but it’s apparently such a good line that even Tiger Woods uses it when he finds himself in the same situation out on the golf course.

You can read all about the rest of MJ’s golf exploits in the piece about his golf game here.

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Police Report Shows Tiger Woods Passed Breathalyzer Test at Time of DUI Arrest

The police report for Tiger Woods' DUI arrest has been released, and it appears his claim that alcohol wasn't involved might be correct. Breathalyzer tests on the report came back with a .000 rating, which changes the context of his arrest.

Woods' police report, released early Tuesday morning, noted Woods was “slow, sluggish, very slurred,” but maintained Woods was cooperative as possible throughout the process. You can view a copy of the police report below:

Subsequent documents paint a more vivid picture of what transpired at the scene. According to local news outlet WPTV, Woods was found asleep at the wheel with the vehicle running and his seatbelt on. The golfer claimed to be on his way home from California and that he had no idea where he was when he was arrested. A probable cause affidavit disputes this version of events, and said Woods “changed his story of where he was going and where he was coming from.”

Woods was also reportedly asked to take road sobriety tests once the police found him disoriented in his vehicle. The police report noted he had trouble standing on one leg while touching a finger to his nose, and police say they had to give him instructions multiple times before he successfully said the alphabet backwards. Woods allegedly thought he had to recite the national anthem backwards.

Though this new information doesn't necessarily mean he will avoid a DUI conviction—the prescription drugs he claimed to use could still qualify—it adds another wrinkle to the story, and may change public reaction.

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