KFC and Taco Bell Will Start Offering Home Deliveries Across the Country

In news that doesn’t suck: KFC and Taco Bell’s home delivery service will soon be available nationwide.

According to Business Insider, the chain’s parent company Yum Brands has inked a $200 million deal with Grubhub, which will serve as its official delivery partner for thousands of KFC and Taco Bell locations across the country. As of now, the chains are only offering delivery in select cities, including Indianapolis; Louisville, Kentucky; and Omaha, Nebraska.

Yum Brands announced the partnership Thursday in a press release, explaining how the new deal is expected to increase sales “through online ordering for pickup and delivery.”

“We are committed to making our iconic brands easier to access through online ordering for pickup and delivery, and aggressively pursuing delivery as a strategic global growth opportunity, with nearly half of our 45,000 restaurants already offering it today,” Yum Brands CEO Greg Creed said in the press release. “We’re pleased to secure this partnership with Grubhub in order to drive incremental, profitable growth for our U.S. franchisees over the long term. Our partnership and strategic investment in Grubhub demonstrate our laser-like focus on two of our growth drivers: Distinctive, Relevant & Easy Brands and Unmatched Franchise Operating Capability.”

TL;DR: You won't have to leave your house to get that bucket of chicken or Double Stacked Taco you’ll inevitably crave.

See, dreams really do come true. 

Business Insider reports the chains will begin rolling out the nationwide delivery service in the upcoming months. Stay tuned as more information becomes available. 

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Flat-Earth Truther Kyrie Irving Admits His Theory Came From IG

I honestly can’t listen to Kyrie Irving talk about his thoughts on the Earth being flat anymore. First, he said it was flat. Then, he said he was just trolling everyone. Then, he said he thought it was flat again. And now, well, now he just seems amused over the fact that everyone is so hung up on his opinion on the shape of the Earth. It’s maddening, to say the least.

But Irving is still talking about his flat Earth theory, and fortunately, there are other people out there who are listening to him talk and trying to make sense of it all. On Friday, J.J. Redick debuted a new episode of his Ringer podcast, and Irving, who has been over in London with Redick for a Celtics/76ers game, was his special guest. And they wasted absolutely no time getting into Irving's thoughts on flat Earth and other conspiracy theories. It all starts at about the 1:45 mark of the clip below.

I spent about 45 seconds listening to it before I started banging my head on my keyboard and couldn’t take it anymore, but Ball Don’t Lie blogger Ben Rohrbach did us all a favor and listened to Irving go on (and on and on and on…) about his takes on different conspiracy theories, and he shared some of the high—and low—lights.

Irving and Redick started things off by speaking about Irving’s original comments about flat Earth last February, and Irving revealed that he made the comments after learning about different flat Earth theories on…Instagram. No, really, that was what started all of this.

Redick and Irving moved on to talk about conspiracy theories in a more general sense, which is when Irving touched briefly on geo-engineering and chemtrails, which are things that you should not Google under any circumstances unless you want to spend (waste?) the rest of your afternoon jumping down rabbit holes that will impossible to get out of. Irving said the things he read on such theories made him “think twice about shit.”

From there, Redick revealed he isn’t 100 percent convinced dinosaurs existed (oddly enough, he's not the only pro athlete who thinks this) before the two players moved on to talking about 9/11 conspiracy theories. At this point, Rohrbach considered turning away and shutting the podcast off, and we wouldn’t have blamed him at all for doing it. But he soldiered on and shared what Irving had to say about the 9/11 conspiracy theories he’s seen.

After that, there was even some Illuminati talk! Irving asked Redick if he had seen the new Taco Bell commercial that references the Illuminati, and Irving shared his thoughts on the Illuminati and talked about how he has “been seeing the all-seeing eye for about six months now.”

The conspiracy segment then ended with Irving going all-in on his thoughts on spiritual alchemy and—wait—Jim Carrey? Yup, this podcast appearance took even more twists and turns than anyone could have possibly predicted.

The thing is that, even after allllllllllllll of this, I actually still think Irving is probably making a larger point here that is very valid. That point being that people should use the resources available to them to do the necessary research to learn the truth about things, rather than just accepting the truth from others. But the fact that he seems to be relying on random Instagram accounts to learn the “truth”—and that he seems to be dabbling in so many conspiracy theories at once—is what makes it all so facepalm-inducing in the first place.

If your brain can take it, you can check out what else Irving had to say on the podcast—there was even some stuff that didn’t have anything to do with the shape of the Earth or chemtrails—in the video above.

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Lucky Couple Becomes First to Ever Get Married at Taco Bell Chapel in Las Vegas

For decades, the vast and often overwhelming Taco Bell menu has been missing one crucial item of consumption: marriages. This past weekend, that all changed. Dan Ryckert and Bianca Monda of New York City became the first couple to get married at the Taco Bell Cantina in Las Vegas, KTNV-TV reported.

Ryckert and Monda were the lucky victors of the drunk food connoisseurs' Love and Tacos contest, which launched on Valentine's Day and resulted in a truly remarkable ceremony Sunday. Seriously! Look at this shit:

Ryckert and Monda, who first met online in San Francisco, quickly bonded over a mutual fondness for food of the Taco Bell variety. Ryckert is described as a full-on “Taco Bell aficionado” and has tried every single item on the menu. Speaking with Mashable about the ceremony Tuesday, Ryckert described it as “appropriately surreal.”

​​Taco Bell's Vegas wedding services will be available to the general public starting Aug. 7. To procure a tasty matrimony, a couple simply has to grab a marriage license before hitting the flagship Taco Bell in Vegas. At the counter, couples can order a goddamn wedding straight from the menu for $600.

wedding shit
Image via Taco Bell

The package (which somehow isn't called the 5 Buck Box: Special $600 Marriage Edition) gets you a ceremony, an ordained officiant, a private reception area inside the restaurant for you and 15 guests, a garter and bow tie made of sauce packets, “Just Married” T-shirts, Taco Bell champagne flutes, and—perhaps most important of all—a 12 pack stuffed with tacos and a Cinnabon Delights cake. 

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Pandora Advertising and Vehicle Drivers Collide

Listen here: Pandora Advertising and Vehicle Drivers Collide

So it is pretty easy to say that almost all of us music goers enjoy Pandora, it keeps our old tracks an artists that we love readily available and introduces new music and genres we never could have imagined or even would have considered for that matter. An now a handful of cars, actually nine out of the ten top selling passenger vehicles provide the option to have Pandora in your car. Sounds great, right? But the perk of a no commercial radio station is coming to an end. Pandora has announced that they will now allow advertising in all these Pandora vehicles, directly targeting drivers with the key idea that most radio listening does take part while traveling in a car. On the upside the radio advertisements are said to only last approximately 15-30 seconds coming from larger corporations such as Taco Bell, BP, State Farm etc.. Which will save our ears from the dreadful two-minute commercials about some local business you have never even heard of! So when it comes to the new and improved Pandora keep on keeping on as good ol’ Joe Dirt would say and enjoy the great service they provide. But prepare yourselves for non-stop commercials trying to get you to stop at that next Taco Bell for one of their newest attempt of a Mexican creation.