Lil Wayne Says His Crew Will ‘Shoot’ Anyone Who Throws Stuff On Stage

Even though we haven't gotten a lot of new solo material from Lil Wayne recently due to the ongoing issues with Birdman and Cash Money, the legendary Louisiana rapper has still been showing up here and there with some excellent features and some notable concert appearances. However, as TMZ reports, not every show of his has been going all that well.

During a show at NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, Weezy offered up a a threat to those that have been throwing things on stage during his performance. In the clip from the show that TMZ shared, he says, “I got New Orleans people with me and all they know how to throw back is shoot. They'll just shoot.” The show continued as if nothing happened, and the venue did not intervene after the threat.

Tunechi made a similar threat when he was performing in Sydney last month, telling his fans he was 100% not cool with water bottles being tossed on stage. “OK, so let me let you know,” he told the crowd. “Where I'm from, I think y'all know that's the states, we don't throw shit onstage because all my n****s got pistols and they don't know who to shoot at. So if you throw something else, I'm gonna be more safe and I'mma be the bigger person and just leave, because I don't wanna kill everybody.”

In 2017, Wayne cut a show short after a fan threw their drink at him while he was performing in Idaho.

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O.J. Simpson Shuts Down Conspiracy Theory About Him Being Khloé Kardashian’s Real Father

For years now, there have been rumors flying around about how Robert Kardashian was not Khloé Kardashian’s biological father. Instead, a conspiracy theory has suggested that O.J. Simpson, who was once a close family friend of the Kardashians, is actually Khloé’s dad.

It’s not really clear where the rumors first started, but they’ve picked up so much steam over the last couple years that Khloé herself was basically forced to address them head-on last summer after people bombarded her Instagram page with comments about O.J. She didn’t have a whole lot to say about people continuing to buy into and spread the rumors, but she said “people are assholes” in reference to all of the comments that suddenly popped up on her IG page after O.J. was granted parole in Nevada following a lengthy prison sentence.

O.J. himself has seemingly refused to shut the rumors down in the past. In fact, back in 2016, reports emerged about how O.J. was pushing for a paternity test to take place to see whether or not he was actually Khloé’s real dad. It led to further speculation surrounding the situation.

But on Sunday afternoon, the paparazzi caught up with O.J. as he watched the Bills playoff game in Las Vegas, and he appeared to deny the conspiracy theory about him being Khloé’s dad. While he didn’t necessarily come right out and say that, the paparazzo who spoke with O.J. started the short interview off by saying, “Are congratulations in order?” O.J. responded by saying, “For what?” And after the paparazzo pointed out that Khloé recently announced her pregnancy with Tristan Thompson, O.J. laughed before explaining that, while he’s happy for Khloé, he isn’t the one who deserves any congratulations.

“Well, for Bob, God bless his soul, yeah. But I don’t know for me. I don’t think for me. I didn’t have nothing to do with it,” O.J. said. “Khloé and the girls were all terrific girls when they were growing up. They were nice and terrific. I think today they’re still nice and terrific, except they’ve kind of added sex appeal to their résumé. I’m happy for them. Congratulations to her. But trust me, I didn’t have nothing to do with it. I would be proud if I had anything to do with it, but I don’t. God bless her.”

Does this completely shut down the O.J. and Khloé conspiracy theory? No, not really. But if you watch the clip, O.J. clearly understood what was being asked of him during the brief interview, and he didn’t play up the possibility of him having any biological connection to Khloé. O.J.’s daughter Sydney was also there during the interview, and she found the Khloé conspiracy theory to be downright laughable. You can go here to see the interview for yourself.

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Louis Vuitton Finally Announces First Pop-Up Shop for Supreme Collaboration

Louis Vuitton finally announced the first pop-up shop for their long-awaited Supreme collaboration Wednesday. The first Louis Vuitton x Supreme shop will open in Sydney, Australia this Friday:

“No New York City men's conversation is complete without Supreme,” Kim Jones, Louis Vuitton style director, said in a press release after the house's Fall/Winter show in Paris in January.​ According to XXL, the pop-up shop is expected to remain in service through July 13.

Additional pop-up locations are expected to be announced. In May, an attempt at opening one in New York City hit a wall when all 32 members of Manhattan's Community Board No. 2 voted to reject the proposal for a location at 25 Bond St. Fashionista reported that several Bond St. residents showed up to a public hearing to express their “strong disapproval” of the shop. Additionally, Supreme reportedly failed to present a management plan for handling such a high amount of customers.

“The applicant presented no plan as to where these 1000+ customers would use the bathroom while waiting hours upon hours in the line,” the Board said.

The Supreme x Louis Vuitton collection includes a skate deck, a box logo tee, bags, and (so much) more.


A post shared by YOON (@yoon_ambush) on Jan 19, 2017 at 6:47am PST

Good luck at the pop-ups.

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Former Vice Music Editor Accused Of Using Platform To Recruit Drug Smugglers

A former music editor with VICE Canada has been accused of using the platform as a recruiting ground for young journalists towards an international drug smuggling operation, according to a startling report published by the National Post on Thursday. A large portion of the allegations was provided by three current and former VICE journalists, who said they had each been offered $10,000 by the editor, Yaroslav Pastukhov, to line their suitcases with an illicit substance and transport it from Las Vegas to Australia. They said they did not accept his offer.

Jordan Gardner, Pastukhov’s roommate and an up and coming Toronto-based electronic musician, was arrested by Australian authorities alongside three other Canadians and one American after being caught at the Sydney airport with up to $6.6 million worth of cocaine in the lining of their luggage. The Australian Federal Police described the act as a the work of a “a transnational criminal syndicate.”

According to Gardner’s lawyer, he and his companions attempted to back out of the plan in Las Vegas, but were threatened against it by armed men.

Two of the journalists who provided the National Post with the allegations said that when Pastukhov first made them the offer, they believed it to be connected in some way to an assignment with VICE itself. They said part of the conversation was made in VICE’s Toronto offices, and that the use of the company’s internal messaging system was also utilized.

Chris Ball, VICE Canada’s head of communications, said the following in a statement sent to the Post:

“Upon learning of these allegations in early 2016, Vice Canada took immediate and swift action to address these claims through our Human Resources department, enlisting an employment law specialist to consult throughout and engaging an outside criminal law firm to conduct an investigation on our behalf and contact the Toronto Police Service. Based on the results of the internal investigation the employee was promptly terminated on February 16th, 2016.

“Vice Canada takes allegations such as these very seriously as the safety of our employees is our first and foremost concern. In fact, our employee handbook quite clearly states that ‘the use, possession, sale, transfer, offering or furnishing of illegal drugs or illegal use of other controlled substances while on duty or on Vice premises is prohibited.’”

Investigations into the writings of Pastukhov by the Post revealed that drug use was a frequent subject of his work. VICE’s first two decades were defined largely by the comfort and frequency with which its journalists and founders wrote about drugs, the Post wrote. One of its founders, Shane Smith, even told Joe Rogan during a podcast interview in 2013 that he spent time “slinging coke” as a teenager.

Gardner, a member of the duo Èbony, met Pastukhov in the Toronto music scene in 2014, the Post wrote, leading to a glowing feature by Pastukhov in Thump. They became roommates, eventually causing Patstukhov to recruit Gardner into the cocaine smuggling ring.

Eiden Halvas, legal counsel to Gardner in Australia, told the Post that Pastukhov is part of a plan to recruit young Canadians without criminal records into becoming drug mules.

“What they’re doing is they’re manipulating young kids such as Jordan and Jordan’s friends and the manipulation is very strong. They were lied to, they were all vulnerable or in vulnerable situations and they were taken advantage of… They’re finding young Canadians, or young individuals who for all intents and purposes don’t have any criminal histories and are productive members of their community, and manipulating them into making the wrong choice.”

Havas told the Post that Gardner left Toronto in mid-December 2015 to fly to Las Vegas, where he was to pick up the luggage to take to Australia. When he met with the people dropping off the bags downstairs at the hotel he was staying in, Havas said Gardner could smell the glue used to keep the drugs hidden.

“They were told certain things about the packaging and how it’s tamper-proof and this and that. So then Jordan gets the bags and the first thing, he tells me, is you can literally smell the glue from the bag… It’s like a five-year-old’s arts-and-crafts project …. And he’s just like, ‘You guys are a bunch of liars, this isn’t what I was told. I don’t want to do this any more.’ At that stage, one of the men pulled out a gun, held it to his head and said words to the effect of, ‘If you don’t do this, we’re gonna get your girlfriend and your parents, we know where they live’… They got him to a situation where they pulled a gun to his head, they knew where his family lived. The family received death threats. They put him in a position where he couldn’t return.”

On December 2, shortly before 8 a.m. in Australia, Gardner and his companions’ bags were searched and discovered to contain 37 kilograms of cocaine in 81 sealed packages. Gardner, Robert Wang, Nathaniel Carty and Kutiba Senusi plead guilty. Their companion Porscha Wade plead not guilty; her trial is scheduled for September.

The Post described several other VICE journalists who came forward to reveal their interactions with Pastukhov relating to smuggling offers, as well as stories about frequent and relatively nonchalant drug use among VICE employees and inside VICE facilities.

To read the National Post’s full report, click here.


Source: The National Post | Images: VICE Screengrab, Court Documents

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Source: Former Vice Music Editor Accused Of Using Platform To Recruit Drug Smugglers

Aspire to Inspire 128: Thomas Jack

Episode 128 - Thomas Jack

(Original Photo By: Olav Stubberud)

Knowing that what you create has the power to make others happy and take them on an emotional journey that they carry with them for a long time is a very special feeling that not everyone gets the chance to experience. Australian producer/DJ, Thomas Jack has been able to do that and more since the start of his career, and fans just can’t get enough of the tropical vibes.

Although he didn’t start making music until he was away at boarding school, growing up on a dairy farm by the beach was the perfect setting for Thomas to begin cultivating his environment that would one day become the music we know and love. Once he relocated to his school in Sydney and started making music, the idea of it becoming a career was still a dream kept on a shelf.

“I always dreamed about it…like…fuck, that would be so cool, but now actually doing it is pretty awesome. It’s kind of surreal.”

When his manager Myles Shear contacted him about moving to the States that dream officially started its path towards reality. However, there were still some obstacles that Thomas had to overcome. Developing his sound and creating what he loved while trying to refrain from sounding too repetitive was a significant hurdle. There was a time where Thomas felt the need to take a step back from releasing music and rediscover the sound that he loved working with— something that perhaps more artists in the industry should be conscious of as well.

“I still love the genre I’m playing in, but I think it needs some change. Several years ago it was more of a niche House sound, but today it’s like ‘lets put a top 40 vocal over it and add some sax.’ I still love it, but I think this style of music needs to go in a different direction if it wants to have longevity. The commercialization of a genre can really kill it, but I feel like with this genre there are so many elements that it can grow from. There are so many ways it can go that there just needs to be someone willing to push it in a different direction rather than converting it to Pop music and that’s what I’m really passionate about. Sometimes I get really frustrated when I can’t get it to go that way, so I think that’s been one of my biggest battles. I’ve been trying to do what truly makes me happy in the music industry. I don’t want to look back in two years and think ‘well fuck why didn’t I make that change back then’ or ‘oh I should’ve done that.’ So I want to produce and release what I want to and also keep the fans happy, you know? But now it’s almost there, and it’s awesome.”

For Thomas, the best way to get inspiration is by going out and having fun with friends and attending other events and festivals. Hearing tracks with elements that reflect the vibes he felt while he was out socializing and enjoying himself is a major part of passing that feeling on to his own creation.

The best way people can have that experience with Thomas’s music, however, is not necessarily at the mainstage of a festival.

“I feel like everyone is now so focused on playing huge gigs and headlining festivals. Honestly my favorite thing is to play a club with like 300 people. It’s so much more intimate and I feel like that’s been lost a bit in this culture. I just want to make people happy and walk away from my shows thinking they experienced something really inspiring. Not just ‘oh that was fun.’ I want it to be special to them and take them on a journey. That’s why I love playing super long sets that are like five hours.”

As important as music is to Thomas Jack, taking care of the environment is also high on his list of priorities. Growing up so close to the water and creating so much of his art from the tropical elements that coincide, staying conscious of the environment is imperative. As Thomas puts it, there are so many people that love the ocean and feed off of the energy it brings, but at the same time they’re destroying it. So many people in this world cherish the ocean so we must pay better attention to it before it’s too late.

If you want to get a more in-depth look at Thomas Jack’s desire to make people happy with his music and how the environment has impacted both his personal and professional life then we invite you to tune in to Aspire to Inspire Live TOMORROW (Wednesday) at 8pm EST.

Questions for Thomas? Click the button below to submit your question and he will answer 1-2 weeks after the livestream through asQme:


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Source: Aspire to Inspire 128: Thomas Jack

Porter Robinson Urges Producers To Break The Mold

At just 22 years old, young Porter Robinson has a decent amount of insight on this industry. After all, this was the kid who was touring the world with Tiesto at just 19.

This year, he was a keynote speaker at the 2014 Electronic Music Conference, which began yesterday in Sydney, Australia. Alongside moderator Nick Thayer, Porter managed to delve deep into his knowledge of being young and trying to make it as a successful DJ; though, as he will tell you, not too successful.

“I never had this dream like ‘I want to hustle and become a successful DJ’. It really wasn’t like that at the time.”

However, he’s done just that and so comes with the notoriety a certain level of expertise, whether he likes it or not. This year, Porter was expected to give “an incisive analysis of the broader trends in dance culture”, which he did. His main point to come away with, don’t even play the game.

“The more effort you put into changing the game, the less likely it is to happen. The best subversion happens naturally,” he told the crowd. “To take an artist who I’m sure will be mentioned continually through this conference, look at Flume. […] I think the better way is to do it is try and do something that stands out. And having an identity is really important for that. I’m not saying authenticity is this magic bullet. You might do something authentic and just have bad taste. […] I never had this dream like ‘I want to hustle and become a successful DJ’. It really wasn’t like that at the time. […] I don’t think I really admire hustle. I really think that can be counterproductive, banging down peoples door with your mixtape. People shoot themselves in the foot by ‘playing the game’.”

The Electronic Music Conference continues today in Australia, with keynotes from Just A GentM4SONICFlume and more.


Source: inthemix

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Source: Porter Robinson Urges Producers To Break The Mold

Will Sparks ‘Catch’ | Aus/Asia/North America Tour!

Listen here: Will Sparks ‘Catch’ | Aus/Asia/North America Tour!

Will Sparks spent the majority of 2013 showing Europe and the US this funky new style of music that caught like wildfire called, ‘Melbourne Bounce’. A funky umbrella genre of Dutch House, bringing in trumpets, dirty drops, and everything in between, giving us extremely playful mainstage caliber music. By the end of the tour Will had truly made a name for himself and brought this underground style of music to light.

This year is already shaping up to be even bigger and better for Will and the Lucky Ent. crew, out now on Ultra Music is his latest release ‘Catch’. An absolute banger that we have managed to hear in his sets for awhile now. The track is the definition of Will Spark’s style, bringing Melbourne Bounce infused with big room house, that is sure to ‘Catch’ a lot of attention in the next couple weeks!

Going hand in hand with his newest release, Will gets ready to depart on a massive world tour. With legs in Asia, Australia, & North America, the world has just begun to see this true super star blossom into something really special. Tour dates are listed below, also check the rest of the Lucky Ent. crew out, they really have some other true hidden gems like Joel Fletcher & Orkestrated!

sparks 600x399 Will Sparks Catch | Aus/Asia/North America Tour!



6 February – Mama Africa – Airlie Beach

7 February – The Met – Brisbane

8 February – Amaroo Hotel – Dubbo

9 February – Motel – Melbourne


11 February – V2 – Tokyo

13 February – Prive Luxury Club – Phillipines

14 February – Zouk – Singapore

15 February – Club Cubic – Macau

19 February – Velvet Hypnotized – Bali

21 February – Zouk – Kuala Lumpar

22 February – The A – Seoul


25 February – Universal – Bendigo

28 February – Good Life – Brisbane

1 March – Future Music Festival – Brisbane

2 March – Future Music Festival Perth

7 March – Good Life – Melbourne

8 March – Future Music Festival – Sydney

8 March – Breath of Life Festival – Tasmania

9 March – Future Music Festival Melbourne

10 March – Good Life – Sydney

10 March – Future Music Festival – Adelaide

North America

14 March – Create – Los Angeles, CA

16 March – EDC MexicoMexico City, Mexico

19 March – Whiskey Bar – Portland, OR

20 March – District 30 – Sacramento, CA

21 March – Smashboxx – Scottsdale, AZ

22 March – Park City Live – Park City, UT

1 April – Spring Break – Lake Havasu, AZ

5 April – Ruby Skye – San Francisco, CA

11 April – Maison Mercer – Toronto, ON

12 April – Prime – Boston, MA

17 April – Firestone – Orland, FL

18 April – Pacha – NYC, NY

20 April – XS – Las Vegas, NV

26 April – Haven – Atlantic City, NJ