The Chainsmokers Just Broke Another Record On The Billboard Charts

“Closer” by The Chainsmokers was destined to break records as soon as it landed in the Billboard Top 100. By last October, in only its seventh week at #1, “Closer” had already bested the six-week reigns of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” (featuring Wanz) in 2013 and LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” (featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock) in 2011 to become the longest-leading Hot 100 No. 1 by a duo in more than 12 years, since OutKast’s “Hey Ya!,” which ruled for nine weeks in 2003-04 (which “Closer” then beat handily anyway).

In December, “Closer” dethroned Swedish House Mafia’s “Don’t You Worry Child” on the Dance/Mix Radio airplay charts at 17 weeks. Earlier this week, “Closer” tied Avicii’s “Hey Brother” for most weeks at #1 on the Hot Dance/Electronic Charts, with a staggering 26 weeks.

Now, “Closer” will also hold the record for most weeks spent in the Hot 100’s top 5, with 26 weeks. It passes Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk!,” featuring Bruno Mars (2015), and LeAnn Rimes’ “How Do I Live” (1997-98), each with 25 top-five frames.

This is a first in the history of the Billboard charts.

According to Billboard, “Closer” also extends its record for the most weeks in the Hot 100’s top 10 from a title’s debut, having totaled all 29 of its weeks on the chart in the top 10 since its arrival at No. 9 on Aug. 20.


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Experience the Tunnel of Λ in Video by Axwell & Ingrosso

Axwell & Ingrosso have dangled yet another carrot in front of us with the release of the video for ‘Dream Bigger.’ Or rather, that carrot is upside down and we, the viewer, are descending into it as if it were a black hole of dreams. Some of it you’ll recognize (New York’s Flat Iron Building makes several cameos), and with some of it you’ll make your own meaning after seeing it again and again. Overall though, the instrumental for ‘Dream Bigger’ lends itself to this triangular trippy world continuously as it consumes the viewer. The distinct Justice-esque vibes are a perfect catalyst for the audio-visual mindfuck of the video.

The video comes following the Spotify premiere of the track on New Year’s Eve. With the full scope of the track releasing in pieces like this, all we can do is wait for the next carrot (the addition of vocals by Pharrell) to appear. Maybe one day the biggest of their golden carrots (a full album from the duo) will drop. But when that happens remains to be seen though we expect it some time this year. For now, take a moment and dive into an experience that only two former members of the Swedish House Mafia can give us, one that blows our minds:


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Source: Experience the Tunnel of Λ in Video by Axwell & Ingrosso

Steve Angello Talks Life Before Swedish House Mafia, Boring EDM & More

Steve Angello has long been an iconic name in dance music. Steve’s influence in both his personal career and with Swedish House Mafia has reached all corners of the globe and now is a staple brand in electronic music. Whether you enjoy his music or not, his insights into the growth and boom of the industry is undeniable as he was at the front of the EDM boom that swept North America a few years ago.

In a 1 on 1 chat with Pete Tong, Steve Angello discusses the differences of the European, American and Asia-Pacific markets and how each scene requires different marketing and music to find success. While Asia-Pacific is the topic of the conversation, Steve and Pete talk about how Swedish House Mafia came to fruition and why their brand became such an international sensation. When commenting on the Asian market, Steve stated:

“I think a lot of people are afraid to come to the region and do shows, but from experience, I think this has the biggest potential in the world ” Steve Angello

With the Asia-Pacific market just starting to take off, it is obvious that EDM’s global takeover is still healthy and underway. Check out the intimate interview below:

Photo Credit: Rukes

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Source: Steve Angello Talks Life Before Swedish House Mafia, Boring EDM & More

Get Inside The Mind of Alesso With His AMA

Alesso2 - Your EDM

The Swede Alesso recently partook in an AMA on Reddit after the success of his Chime For Change benefit shows in New York City. Alesso revealed fun tidbits like his affection for Hanz Zimmer and Swedish House Mafia, his favorite plug-ins, as well as his love for drawing, and fashion. Moreover, he teased us with letting us know that his album will have some different genres on it, as well as two specific tracks that Redditors asked about. There is no date set for the album, but with his recent single being released, as well as increased press visibility, we can be sure some more details will come soon enough. For the full AMA, check the source and peruse through the many comments and questions.

Source: Reddit

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Get Inside The Mind of Alesso With His AMA

Axwell /\ Ingrosso New Release!

Listen here: Axwell /\ Ingrosso New Release!

It is official, two thirds of the Swedish House Mafia have reunited and formed union called Axwell Ingrosso, they start touring soon. This is how it will begin! We Can’t Go Home is their newest song. It is brilliant, just listening it to amplifies you up for their new coming album and even seeing live on up coming up tour. If you were at Governor’s Ball last weekend then you probably heard them premiere We Can’t Go Home. What a perfect title to go along with a powerful and incredible new track. I see a new beginning for Axwell Ingrosso. 

‘The Swap’ Is Coming to New York

Listen here: ‘The Swap’ Is Coming to New York

theswapUPDATED 600x600 The Swap Is Coming to New York

Steve Angello created Size Records many years ago. The label matured as it continued to sign talented artist and as Steve himself continued to have overwhelming success with Swedish House Mafia and in his solo career. Size Records shows no signs of slowing down in 2014 as it continues to produce fantastic music and nuture up and coming artists. And now Size Records is finally coming to America… and it is kicking off its inaugural North American tour is spectacular fashion.

The tour features AN21, Max Vangeli, Qulinez, and Third Party and is stopping all over the continent. The kick off event for the tour is taking place in New York and is something the city has never seen before. The event is being called ‘The Swap’ and it is a joint effort between two of the city’s biggest night clubs, Marquee and Lavo. On April 19th all four DJ’s will be playing both venues. The carefully constructed set times allows the artists to “Swap” venues, giving each under an hour to get from one venue to another. The set times are as follows:

· 12am-1am: Third Party

· 1am-2am: AN21

· 2am-3am: Qulinez

· 3am-4am: Max Vangeli

Marquee New York
· 12am-1am: Qulinez

· 1am-2am: Max Vangeli

· 2am-3am: Third Party

· 3am-4am: AN21

Between the tripped out LED covered warehouse that is Marquee and the intimate energetic dance floor of Lavo, this event is going to be one for the ages. Tickets are now on sale and start at $30. Watch the video put together by the venues below and get your tickets at either Lavo’s or Marquee’s websites… before they sell out.

Sign Up to Bring the SHM Movie to a Theater Near You!

Listen here: Sign Up to Bring the SHM Movie to a Theater Near You!

With the trailer for the feature length movie being released in October, the electronic music phenomenon known as Swedish House Mafia filmed a movie chronicling their final tour. Culminating in their final appearance at Ultra Music Festival, Swedish House Mafia disbanded, leaving the world in a fit of success. The film that is documenting their journey on their last tour, “Leave The World Behind” is premiering at South by Southwest (SXSW). You can sign up by clicking here and areas with the most votes will bring the movie to a theater near them after it’s initial release at SXSW. Also make sure to check out the trailer below for a taste of the flick before it premieres. If Swedish House Mafia was the highlight of your Ultra experience, you should consider heading to SXSW or getting your friends to sign as many of those things as possible!

AN21 on the Status Quo of Dance Music and Artist Responsibility

Listen here: AN21 on the Status Quo of Dance Music and Artist Responsibility

The other day we got to sit down with AN21, also known as Antoine Josefsson, and had a discussion while he was taking a break in the studio in LA. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, many house fans will recognize his musical moniker from tracks alongside his older brother, Steve Angello, who was once a member of Swedish House Mafia. Needless to say, AN21 has been in the scene for quite some time.  When asked about what 2014 had in store for him, Antoine responded, “I am going to try and focus on solo stuff more, with fewer collabs as I want to develop and put out my own sounds more and more. It’s important to have a fresh breath of air.”

Growing up under possibly one of the biggest names in EDM, he said that when he was 17 he knew that he wanted to go into music. “I didn’t see the value in wasting 3 years learning mathematics, so I went to my mom and I said, I want to put 3 years into studying music.” From that point, it was a small step with his older brother already being deep into the music fascination. “Later that year, my brother hooked me up with a Macbook and Logic Express, but before then I had been a PC kinda guy, it just made sense to use the same program if we were to do stuff together.”

Angello 600x399 AN21 on the Status Quo of Dance Music and Artist Responsibility

AN21 and Steve Angello

I was curious to know if there was any pressure on him with his brother’s reputation hanging over him. “Pressure, no I wouldn’t say so. Music came naturally to me like any other artist who loves their medium. It was organic, very unlike a math problem where I have to train my mind to get to ‘right answer’. And that reflects what I personally think is wrong with the Dance music industry as a whole, these other musicians are creating music based on what they think the crowds will listen to and pay for, rather than the music they (the producers) enjoy making and hearing.” Antoine said with an exasperated sigh. He then went on to talk about how he thought these kinds of artists were affecting the scene;

This pandering on the part of artists has turned the Dance industry into the fast food industry. A cookie cutter effect where everyone plays what everyone else is playing elsewhere. If it isn’t unique, whats the point ya know? The electronic genre as a whole won’t survive past being a fad if it’s constantly sold and made into a method of profiting and making money instead of what comes from your heart. These producers, DJ’s whatever you want to call them who are guilty of this, are killing the scene by not being creative.

Antoine went further and commented toward the need for artists to be perceptive of their impact on the industry. “Part of having such a large following is being responsible for making sure that our genre survives. Artists need to treat the stage as podium,” this was when I started nodding my head in agreement. “If everyone is focusing on quantity over quality, the listeners will stop believing in us and eventually abandon the scene. While it’s true that our genre has been growing rapidly recently, all things come to an end. It’s up to us [artists] to teach them the difference between good and bad for the sake of dance music’s survival.”

Coming from a strictly personal perspective, I couldn’t agree more.  If the recent acquisitions by Sillerman and SFX Entertainment of some of the biggest firms in the EDM game are anything to go by, the logical conclusion is that the scene will soon be mired in a profit oriented cycle of who can get the most songs on Beatport or the radio. All things that can be made profitable will. And part of what makes the EDM scene so special to me is the somewhat conspicuous lack of label solidarity, that is to say artists can collaborate freely for the most part with other artists in other styles, as well as do their own thing in some cases. I sincerely hope that the responsibility that Antoine was speaking of picks up traction among the scene’s devotees and those who make music.

AN21′s new track Rebel, also featuring Dimitri Vangelis and Wyman comes out today. The track is a total banger and is sure to keep any party going into the darkest hours of the night so make sure to give it a listen from SIZE records by clicking here. Not usually being a fan of house music in general (although his music spans all different genres), I can gladly say that I have been swayed into being an AN21 fan and anxiously await more from their camp and suggest you give him a chance.

The #1 DJ Photographer Is Trying To Become The #1 Music Producer

Listen here: The #1 DJ Photographer Is Trying To Become The #1 Music Producer

When you think about photography in the Electronic Dance Music scene, one name that most likely comes to mind for you is Rukes. Rukes is self acclaimed the #1 DJ photographer in the world, but with good reason. Rukes is one of the few photographers that are chosen to shoot some of today’s most monumental events (Holy Ship!!!, Above & Beyond Acoustic Set, Swedish House Mafia, etc…) After becoming a household name for photography, now Rukes is making his entrance into music production with his new track called “Monsoon.”

What do you think of Rukes’ first track?

LA State Historic Park Will Endure Renovations This Next Year

Listen here: LA State Historic Park Will Endure Renovations This Next Year

The L.A. State Historic Park has become home to what many of us know as the place where Swedish House Mafia performed One Last Tour as well as where HARD Day Of The Dead took place. Now an official with the California State Parks Department announced last week the the 32 acre park will close for a year-long makeover that will bring in a welcome pavilion, amphitheater, permanent bathrooms, two 75 space parking lots all at the cost of $18-$20 million.

“We’re not exporting excavated soil. We’re using it around the park, so it’s efficient and saves money, but that means the entire park has to be under construction at the same time.”

LA LA State Historic Park Will Endure Renovations This Next Year

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