LifeAtComplex: Steve Aoki, Why Do We Throw Cakes?

On this episode the vlog gets a special visit from not one but two special guests, Steve Aoki and our UK correspondent Fenn. They sit down to talk about the new Asics Hypergel Kenzen and embracing “The Cake”. 

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Everything We Know About Lil Uzi Vert’s ‘Luv Is Rage 2’ (So Far)

During this weekend's Billboard Music Awards, it was Sway who point-blank asked Lil Uzi Vert what was up with Luv Is Rage 2. Uzi's response was a simple… and confusing: “It'll be out soon. Like, really soon. Like sooner than soon.” 

What does soon mean in rapper time? That's hard to say. Travis Scott recently said he'd be dropping new music “in a few days,” which turned into three songs being posted on his SoundCloud… 10 days later. With his insane tour schedule (and some legal trouble), we can understand Travis not being able to make it to SoundCloud-dot-com to bless the masses with new material. Uzi? Uzi's been teasing Luv Is Rage 2, the sequel to 2015's Luv Is Rage, since late 2016, though.

For true Uzi fans, how soon is “soon”?

And while we're on the subject, what do we really know about Luv Is Rage 2? If you've followed Lil Uzi Vert on Instagram, you've probably heard a grip of tracks from this project, and the anticipation is high as hell right now, especially for diehard Uzi fans (including those of the “shoot up my school because I don't have your project” variety). Let's cut the bullshit and figure out everything we know about Luv Is Rage 2.

Release Date

Again, let Lil Uzi Vert tell it, Luv Is Rage 2 is going to be out “soon.” His Twitter bio says “coming Soon,” he told Sway that it'd be dropping “sooner than soon,” and while I don't know what it means to tweet your project title next to a sleepy face emoji and a fire emoji, something tells me that too might just mean “soon.”

Let DJ Don Cannon (who co-founded the Generation Now label that Uzi calls home), though, the project isn't coming out “no time soon.” At least, that's what he said in April of 2017. “If you didn’t hear, Luv Is Rage [2] is not dropping no time soon. It’s not going to be a long time from now, but not within this month. We still working on the album. It’s a process. You got to make the album, mix the album, master the album. Put it out. That takes time when you’re perfecting it.”


During his livestream, Don Cannon also spoke on how Uzi's massive hit “XO Tour Llif3” would be getting a special guest when it hits Luv Is Rage 2, but as of right now, there's no word on WHO this guest will be. Judging by his recent output, Uzi could have everyone from Migos to ASAP Rocky to Iggy Azalea to Travis Scott and Gucci Mane on Luv Is Rage 2. Hell, he might get on his EDM shit and do something new with Steve Aoki. Both Young Thug and Wiz Khalifa were on the first Luv Is Rage release as well, so it'd be safe to assume that one of them would be on this.

In terms of producers, we'd assume that Don Cannon would be all over it, as well as Sonny Digital, TM88, FKi, and the other producers from the first Luv Is Rage. Uzi's Lil Uzi Vert vs. the World also featured beats from Metro Boomin and WondaGurl, and beatsmiths like Zaytoven and Nard & B were on The Perfect Luv Tape. We feel like somewhere in the middle of these producers (plus some surprises) will make up how Luv Is Rage 2 will sound.


This is the area we know least about. The only confirmed track on Luv Is Rage 2 is “XO Tour Llif3,” but it was also a part of the four-track Luv Is Rage 1.5 EP that dropped on Feb. 26, 2017. During the last few months, Uzi has spent time previewing track after track on Instagram. Of course, none of these have had track titles, but there's some heat in these snippets.


Love your girl more den I love myself 😌❤️® LUV IS RAGE 2

A post shared by @liluzivert on Dec 9, 2016 at 5:42pm PST



A post shared by @liluzivert on Jan 11, 2017 at 8:35pm PST


Forreal ? 🙄 LuvIsRage2🔥 coming soon® OldFlow

A post shared by @liluzivert on Dec 21, 2016 at 2:15pm PST


🔜 2.®

A post shared by @liluzivert on Nov 27, 2016 at 6:45pm PST

Hopefully most of these are on Luv Is Rage 2… or drop at some point.


This is an important moment for Uzi. After making a name for himself via his 2016 grind, this is truly the year he should be shining in. “XO Tour Llif3” proved without a shadow of a doubt that he has widely-appealing tracks at his disposal. Problem is, he's going to have to raise the bar in terms of his hit-making ability. “XO Tour Llif3” can't be the only gem on this project.

Uzi will also have to prove that he's bigger than the hype surrounding him, which usually has to do with what he has on and how he acts on stage than for his actual tracks. Uzi's feeling like the next rap superstar, and a strong showing with Luv Is Rage 2 could bode well for those claims.

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Steve Aoki Remixes “Ghost In The Shell” Theme For Upcoming Film [VIDEO]

Steve Aoki took to social media today to reveal a piece of incredibly exciting news regarding the upcoming live action Ghost in the Shell film, set to hit theaters on March 31. According to a minute-long video trailer uploaded by the movie’s official Twitter account, he was given the opportunity to remix the main theme from the 1995 anime, flipping the iconic song into a heavy, electro-fused heater.

On his post, Aoki credited the original series as a substantial source of inspiration for his love of science fiction and even his Neon Future album series.

This is a big day for me. Especially for teenage youth me when I first watched the anime Ghost In The Shell that planted the seeds for my imagination and obsession for Sci fi android life AI singularity and later the blueprints towards my Neon Future ideology.”

The remix features wide, pounding percussion, growling electro hisses and the chorus of Eastern singers from the original. The result is a flip that matches the new film’s updated aesthetic while still reserving plenty of space for its origins.

Listen to the clip below, and check further down for Ghost in the Shell‘s official 2017 trailer.


Image: Rukes

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Headhunterz Drops Future Bass Jam “Landslide”

Headhunterz, legendary hardstyle producer turned-open-minded-melodic-musician, steps back into the limelight this Friday with the release of his latest single “Landslide,” out now via Ultra RecordsThe Dutch DJ has worked with nearly everyone in electronic music; from Hardwell to Steve Aoki and Carnage to KSHMR, Headhunterz strives to create music for the soul rather than churn out tunes for the void.

Following his open mind and inner flow approach to producing, “Landslide” is a blissful future bass jam driven by cheeky vocals and calming guitar riffs that ultimately result in a synth-heavy masterpiece.

Stream “Landslide” below and snag the track here!

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Steve Aoki To Join Bill Nye In New Netflix Series

In the midst of what seems to be the “post truth” era of time, everyone’s favorite nostalgia-inducing TV scientist is back. Yes, you heard that correctly, Bill Nye The Science Guy is back on the big screen. The first episode of Bill’s completely new Netflix original series will start April 21st and will be called “Bill Nye Saves The World.”

The series will feature Karlie Kross and Derek Muller, just to name a few, as well as special guests like Tim Gunn, Wil Wheaton, Joel McHale and DJ Steve Aoki.

The topics that will be discussed over the course of the show will include things like: sex, global warming, gmo’s, technology, alternative medicine and much more. Make sure to check it out starting April 21st.

Check out the series’ full trailer below.

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Electric Zoo Tickets Now Open To The Public

Electric Zoo Festival recently completed its 8th annual flagship event in New York City, marking the highest overall attendance since 2013 with over 83,000 attendees. The festival featured headlining performances by Tiesto, Hardwell, and Bassnectar with support from huge names such as: The Chainsmokers, Porter Robinson and Steve Aoki.

This year’s New York edition, named ELECTRIC ZOO: THE 6TH BORO, will take place on September 1st through the 3rd, 2017, during Labor Day Weekend on Randall’s Island like last year. The brand new theme serves to pay homage to the festival’s hometown that will sparkle with surreal stage production, unique installations, interactive performers, legendary stage curators and even bigger star-studded lineup. Stay tuned for that!

The pre-sale tickets have just been sold out and Tier 1 admission is now available to everyone for $219. Make sure to get your tickets fast if you plan on heading over to the Island on Labor Day Weekend because they are selling fast. If you are unsure about Electric Zoo check out this review I did covering the festival last year.

Featured image via: aLIVE Coverage

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Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike And Diplo Unveil “Hey Baby” Remix Package

Following up on their late 2016 release of “Hey Baby,” Diplo and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have released the song’s official remix pack through Diplo’s Mad Decent label. Featuring towering flips from the likes of Lost Frequencies, Steve Aoki, Blasterjaxx and DVLM themselves, the pack offers a full exploration of the original’s potential both for the festival stage and beyond.

Lost Frequencies’ remix pulls back the high energy of the original, centering it on gentle guitar strums and a laid back percussion section. Meanwhile, Steve Aoki goes the other way with his own, transforming the song into a harsh, hybrid moombahton/electro monstrosity primed for the gnarliest of festival sets.

Blasterjaxx stripped down the original tune to its most basic components for their take, using Deb’s Daughter’s vocals as the centerpiece for a thunderous big room heater. DVLM’s official Tomorrowland remix of “Hey Baby” is also included on the pack, giving festival attendees and fans at home the chance to hear the complete cut of one of the duo’s most powerful set highlights.

Check out the complete pack below.

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Steve Aoki Look-Alike Trolls Stereosonic


While Aoki played main stage, and for two hours more, Steve Aoki look alike Jarrad Seng wandered the grounds of Stereosonic where many a selfie were taken. Duly excited fans mobbed the poor fellow as he traversed the festival grounds with a videographer, and at times a Go-Pro in tow.

It’s always fun for fans when main stage acts join us in the crowd, and this prank surely made it more fun for the people who witnessed it, despite it’s frivolous nature. Enjoy the nearly three minute video below!

Join the conversation at

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Steve Aoki Is Producing Deep House Under a New Alias

steve-aoki Everyone’s favorite star DJ, Steve Aoki, is about to start releasing deep house tracks under a different ghost producer’s name. Err sorry, I meant he is going to make an alternative alias so the sound will not be mixed with his already “established” sound. In an interview with Mixmag, Steve Aoki revealed what inspired him to take on the deep house project:

“That kind of environment, [Cafe Mambo in Ibiza], the banging stuff just doesn’t work, so I was playing house: Maceo Plex, Ten Walls, Tiga’s collaborations, Duke Dumont and some more underground stuff.
“I won’t release it under Steve Aoki, it’ll be under another name. I don’t want to confuse people who associate me with my usual sound, and I want it to be judged on its own merits. We’ll see how it does.”

Steve Aoki’s newly inspired interest in joining the “deep house” bandwagon will not hinder his cake throwing act, however. Steve fully intends to move forward with his typical act and will make every effort to keep the two separate to highlight the two different styles:

   “My intention is to showcase music, but the way I see it is that the different props are there to raise the energy and emotion: if people are enjoying themselves then it’s working. To me it’s not a distraction from the music, it’s a supplement.”

Although his new alias still lacks a name, you can be rest assured it’s coming. We can only hope that his latest project will prove more bearable then his current one. You can keep up with Steve Aoki by following him below:


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Steve Aoki Rented Out His Office For A Porn Movie


Who said music was the only stream of revenue for a label?

Dim Mak, Steve Aoki’s label, enjoyed one of the benefits of being an independent record label; they can do whatever the hell they want.

Back in 2009 Steve Aoki sold the rights to his label’s office for a one night porn shoot that ended with a climatic Dim Mak promo video that satisfies porn addicts around the world.

Allegedly renting out the space for $300 to a “friend”, the video is just now surfacing into the media landscape.

The elaborate story, which is all we really care about in a porno, is about a girl who gets caught stealing CDs from the Dim Mak store room. Needless to say, Dim Mak did not take the matter to the police and instead decided to handle the theft “personally”.

Thus, enter random German dude wearing a Dim Mak shirt to dish it out. Although neither Steve nor his team were directly tied to the video, one can’t argue against the fantastic Dim Mak product placement.


If you are really interested in more, then you can check out the NSFW link here: NSFW



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