Baron Davis Says Michael Jordan Kicked Him Out of His Locker at 2002 NBA All-Star Game

Complex News' Speedy Morman caught up with former NBA guard Baron Davis at All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles, and he shared a hilarious memory from his first time as an All-Star in 2002.

Davis, who played for the Charlotte Hornets at the time, earned a spot on the team as a reserve and soaked in the moment, though he got a little carried away in his excitement when he decided to sit in Michael Jordan's locker. When Jordan saw him taking up his space, Davis says MJ told him, “'Aye man, get yo ass out my locker.'” 

Check out our full interview with Davis above.

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James Harden Spoke to Meek Mill, Says He’s in ‘Good Spirits’

Complex News is out in Los Angeles for the 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend, and while there our own Speedy Morman chopped it up with Houston Rockets guard James Harden who will be playing on Team Curry Sunday evening.

Harden, who is native of Los Angeles, spoke on his new Vol. 2 sneaker and shared some praise for fellow L.A. representative Nipsey Hussle who recently released his major label debut album Victory Lap. The six-time All-Star also said he spoke to Meek Mill and said the rapper is in “good spirits.” Check out the full interview above.



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Lil Uzi Vert on Working With Kanye West: ‘We Have Like Hundreds of Stuff’

Over the weekend, the 2018 Grammys had the music industry on tilt. Held in New York City, we got to see some of the best performances and fits mixed with some of the worst that the music industry has to offer. Because it was going down in NYC, Complex News pulled up to the red carpet, allowing our own Speedy Morman to get some face time with many of today's hottest rap stars.

One artist we got to speak with was Lil Uzi Vert, who talked about the viral video of him casually walking up to a school bus to talk to some kids.

“I was riding dirtbikes and ATVs,” Uzi explained. “Kids saw me, so they made the bus driver come back around like 'STOP!,' so I couldn't ignore 'em, they wanted to talk.”

Uzi wasn't there just to talk dirt bikes and chopping it up with kids, though. When Speedy asked Uzi about the work he's reportedly been putting in with Kanye West as of late, Uzi let it be known: “Me and 'Ye been working ever since Lil Uzi ever existed in his music career, I always knew 'Ye. So we have like hundreds of stuff, but trying to get it together.” When Speedy tried to confirm if “stuff” meant songs, Uzi played coy. “Stuff means it rounds about to anything you can think of.”

Who knows when we'll get to SEE what this “stuff” will turn into, but you should be on the lookout for whatever these two have in store.

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How To Be A Photographer for Yeezy and Amina Blue: Jobs Unlisted with Speedy Morman

Speedy links up with an erotic model and Amina Blue to try his had at photography

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How To Be A Stand-Up Comedian | Jobs Unlisted with Speedy Morman

Speedy Morman tests his comedic skills in the Mecca of the stand-up comedy world: New York City.  

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How To Be a Personal Chef for Rick Ross: Jobs Unlisted with Speedy Morman

Speedy Morman steps into the kitchen with Personal Celebrity Chef, Amaris Jones, who will teach him how to prep a meal, with the hopes of impressing her boss, Rick Ross.

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Russell Westbrook Confirms He’s the Most Stylish Player in the NBA and Talks New Clothing Line Honor the Gift

When reigning NBA MVP Russell Westbrook isn't stuffing the nightly stat line—he's averaging nearly a triple double so far this season—the Oklahoma City Thunder guard is showing just how serious he is when it comes to his fashion sense.

Over the weekend, Complex News' Speedy Morman chopped it up with Westbrook at his pop-up shop in OKC where the NBA star debuted his new clothing line Honor the Gift. “I wanted something that looked back to Why Not? but also giving thanks to the man above for blessing each individual,” he said of the inspiration behind the line.

Check out our full interview with Westbrook up top, where he confirms he's the most stylish player in the NBA and talks about teasing his clothing line earlier this year at the “Kith Sport” New York Fashion Week show. You can get more info on Honor the Gift here.

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Is ‘Revival’ Medication Really an Ad for Eminem’s New Album?

If you attended ComplexCon this past weekend, you probably noticed an activation manned by a “pharmacist rep” named Trevor who was sharing info on a new medication called “Revival,” which was also recently teased in an Instagram Paul Rosenberg shared that led to speculation of a new Eminem album. For what it's worth, Eminem tweeted a similar message earlier today:

Complex News' Speedy Morman spoke with Trevor to see if he could get to the bottom of this whole medication ad. Check that out above.

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Vic Mensa, Fat Joe, Stevie Wonder, and More Talk Disaster Relief at Tidal Charity Concert

The third annual Tidal X: Brooklyn charity concert took place Tuesday night, with special performances from Jay Z, Cardi B, DJ Khaled, Stevie Wonder, and more artists doing their part to raise money and awareness for those affected by recent natural disasters.

Complex News' Speedy Morman hit the red carpet at Tidal X: Brooklyn to chat with Vic Mensa, ASAP Ferg, Wonder, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and others who highlighted the importance of helping those in need. Check out those conversations and highlights from the concert above. 

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Everything That Went Down at Adidas’ LVL3 Event With James Harden and Damian Lillard

Looking out at the future of NBA basketball, it's clear that Adidas is setting itself up to win the long-game. With young superstars like James Harden, Damian Lillard, Kristaps Porzingis, Andrew Wiggins, and Brandon Ingram on the Adidas roster, the future looks bright for their growing basketball brand. They're loaded with talent. But we had to see it for ourselves, and in action too.

Complex's Speedy Morman hit up the Adidas LVL3 event in Las Vegas, Nevada to see how the brand's permeating basketball and hip-hop culture. In between interviews with the likes of Harden, Lillard, and Ingram, Speedy got caught up on the latest in Adidas basketball technology, and saw DJ Esco perform and host a dunk contest. Check out the video above. 

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