Cardi B’s Sister ‘Tired’ of Haters Criticizing Rapper’s Pregnancy

When Cardi B revealed that she is pregnant on SNL earlier this month, she had to start responding for her choice to keep the news a secret almost immediately. She’s now spoken about it on her own social media and in several interviews, but it seems like she still feels like the haters out there refuse to get off her back. According to her, many are saying it was a bad idea to get pregnant at the height of her career, or even to have a baby with her fiancé Offset, who has reportedly cheated on her.

“Why do I have to be in my mid-30s to have a baby?,” Cardi asked in one Hot 97 interview. “What am I doing wrong? I’m a grown woman… I’m 25 years old, and I’m going to say this in the most humble way: I’m a millionaire. I’m established.” 

Cardi’s younger sister Hennessy Carolina has now joined the ring to defend Cardi and her decision to have a baby.

“Why is anyone saying anything so mean to someone? A baby is a blessing,” she told People. “Why would you talk about it like it’s a bad thing? My sister is such a good person, I wouldn’t want nobody to talk bad about her. It really hurts. But I’m not gonna let them stress me out anymore. I’m tired of it!”

“I know she’s happy. No more people talking about her,” she says. “I know she’s happy and she’s free. She can go out and eat food, not hide what she wants to wear.”

Hennessy also took to her own Instagram soon after Cardi appeared on SNL with a visible baby bump to express her excitement over gaining a nephew or niece.

“A baby is truly a blessing from God,” Hennessy wrote. “I know how much you always wanted to be a mom! You always been like a second mom to me so I know u gonna be the best mommy ever.”

“You took care of me like I was your own daughter, I know how much you LOVE babies,” she continued. “Growing up, you would always break me off a piece of your plate without me asking… to our little brother you give him whatever he imagines.”

We know little about how Cardi and her family are preparing for the baby, which is reportedly arriving in July. Cardi has revealed in a recent interview with Big Boy that Offset has named the baby already, but we don’t yet know what the name is or the sex.

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The course will span seven classes, where students will be studying techniques of music and the “fused musical genres” of the Last Poets, Stetsasonic, A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, The Roots, Lauryn Hill, and Kendrick Lamar. The class will cover artists of the '70s, '80's, '90's, “and beyond.”

“I couldn’t be more excited to share with the students what I know and I look forward to them also teaching me. Teaching is an exchange of sharing and receiving for all involved,” said Q-Tip in a statement on NYU's website.

Q-Tip has been keeping busy lately: He recently did a reading of Nelson George's play My Funny Valentine at Joe's Pub in New York City, where he starred and played Miles Davis. A Tribe Called Quest just released their “final” video for the We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service opening cut “The Space Program.” The video, directed by Warren Fu, features cameos from Erykah Badu, Vince Staples, Pharrell, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Rosario Dawson, Janelle Monáe, Alicia Keys, Anderson .Paak, and more.

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Cardi B Is Cardi Boseman in ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promo

Saturday Night Live is watchable this weekend for two undeniable reasons: Cardi B and Chadwick Boseman.

Late Thursday night, NBC did that thing they always do where they have the current week’s host and musical guest stand in front of a camera with an SNL cast member. Much like Cardi and Chadwick's presence on this weekend's new episode makes it watchable, so too does their presence in this batch of promos. See for yourself below:

Cardi's expertly timed SNL appearance arrives amid Invasion of Privacy mania. The album, Cardi's studio debut, dropped Friday and will undoubtedly open at the top of the Billboard 200. The record avoids the arguably overpacked vibes of recent high-profile releases by keeping the experience at a concise 13 tracks. Migos, Chance the Rapper, SZA, 21 Savage, and J Balvin are among the features.


Boseman is fresh off the massive success of Black Panther, which just last month was designated the most tweeted about movie in history. Thankfully, Ryan Coogler's Marvel smash will soon kick Titanic out of the coveted Top 3 Biggest Movies Ever club. As of Tuesday, the film had bagged just over $650 million in the U.S. and was less than $7 million away from taking the No. 3 spot from the—let's face it—extremely overrated James Cameron ship-sinking romp.

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