Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks Break Down Kanye Potentially Starting a Streaming Service on ‘Everyday Struggle’

On today's Everyday Struggle, Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks, and Nadeska run through the day of rap news, including Meek Mill's lawyer saying the judge wanted the rapper to leave Roc Nation for their friend's management company. Later, the crew break down the rumor that Kanye West might be starting his own streaming service and also debate whether that might become a trend going forward. 

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Jay Z Teams Up With Puma for His Upcoming 4:44 Tour

Jay Z has joined forces with Puma for his upcoming 4:44 Tour, Billboard reports.

The partnership may not come as a surprise for most people, as the tour’s promo included the brand’s iconic cat logo. A Puma spokesperson confirmed the deal on Saturday, stating the 4:44 tour is one of many projects they and Hov are collaborating on.

“We can confirm that PUMA is working with Jay-Z on his upcoming tour and other collaborative projects,” a rep told Billboard. “More details will be shared at the appropriate time.”

It’s clear the Roc Nation and Puma relationship is only getting stronger. Earlier this year, Roc Nation’s Big Sean announced he was ending his deal with Adidas and taking on a global ambassador and creative collaborator role with Puma; Roc executive Emory Jones also teamed up with the brand to create his own shoes and small range of apparel; and who could forget Rihanna’s wildly successful Fenty x Puma line, which has quickly become a Fashion Week highlight.

Stay tuned as more information about what Hov and the brand have in store. The 4:44 Tour will kick off Oct. 27 in Anaheim, California, and will wrap up Dec. 21 in Los Angeles. 

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Lil Wayne Drops 4 New Tracks, Including a “Magnolia” Freestyle

Early Wednesday evening, Lil Wayne dropped four new tracks on his YouTube page. Most notable among these is a freestyle over Playboi Carti's hit “Magnolia.”

You can hear that, along with the three other songs, below. They are “Loyalty,” featuring Gudda Gudda and HoodyBaby and produced by ChefBoy'RT@; “Mula Gang” featuring Jay Jones, HoodyBaby, and Euro and produced by R!O, Kamo, and Kaliphat; and “Fireworks” featuring Young Jeezy and produced by Mike Will Made-It

The “Magnolia” freestyle finds Wayne in a reflective mood, looking back on his arrest and incarceration and even paying homage to long-departed New Orleans rap legend Soulja Slim. He also hints (again) at a potential release for his new album, and mentions his recently announced alignment with Roc Nation. “Wait for Carter V to drop,” he rhymes at the end of the track. “It's the Roc.” 

Wayne put out an Instagram message explaining that he was giving out the tracks for free to thank his fans.

“Im STILL trying to fight for my Independence but today Im saying Fuk it and giving all my fans some new music!” he wrote. “Thanks for being there and patiently waiting while I endure this fight.”


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New Report Shares Details on Jay Z Giving Kanye West $20 Million

New (alleged) details have emerged about the $20 million Jay Z referenced on his new album 4:44. According to the latest report from TMZ, the $20 million was actually part of Kanye West's deal with the Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder.

In 4:44 opener “Kill Jay Z,” however, Jay seemingly suggests the money was some sort of a gift:

I know people backstab you, I felt bad too
But this 'Fuck everybody!' attitude ain't natural
But you ain't a saint, this ain't kumbaye
But you got hurt because you did cool by 'Ye
You gave him 20 million without blinkin'
Fuck was he thinkin'?

TMZ cited “sources with direct knowledge” of the two's business dealings, reporting Tuesday that the $20 million in question was an advance intended to cover Saint Pablo Tour expenses ranging from general production costs to staff payments. Annoyingly, TMZ also included an extremely cringeworthy biblical reference in their report.

An anonymous source close to the situation denied the accuracy of the TMZ report, stating Roc Nation does not give out advances for artist tours.

In a separate report containing no such cringeworthy biblical references, TMZ claimed that Jay's supposed West criticism on “Kill Jay Z” was in response to comments West made during a Saint Pablo Tour stop last November. “Jay Z, call me bro,” West told the crowd during a performance in Sacramento. “You still ain't called me. Jay Z, call me. Jay Z, I know you got killers. Please don't send 'em at my head. Just call me. Talk to me like a man.” Days later, the remainder of the tour had been canceled and West was hospitalized.

As reported over the weekend, Tidal is also an alleged source of of tension between Jay Z and Kanye West. West has reportedly left the company over a $3 million dispute and is rumored to be done with streaming exclusives for good.

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DJ Khaled Shares Hilarious Story of How Jay Z Wanted to Surprise Drop “Shining”

If DJ Khaled is known for anything, it's his ability to assemble stars on his records. His first No. 1 single, “I'm the One,” featured the likes of Justin Bieber, Quavo, and Chance the Rapper all in one place, and “Shining,” his song with Jay Z and Beyoncé, fits in that same vein.

During an interview with Ebro and the crew at Hot 97, Khaled dished on the outlandish path it took to get “Shining” made. He claims he had Jay Z in mind when he initially put the record together, and after a meeting with Jay, things were looking up.

“I had a meeting with [Jay] about some things, and I played Jigga the instrumental, because I wanted Jay Z on it, and I wanted to get a single on it,” he said. “I noticed that he liked it out of the gate. I could see it.”

That caused Khaled to get a little overzealous, and he figured he should shoot his shot. “I think you should play this for your wife too,'” Khaled says he told Jay, and that's when Jay's demeanor took a turn. “That's when the face changed, like, 'Yo my man, you doing too much.' But I was like Jigga, trust me, there's going to be a vibe.”

Though Jay appeared standoffish at the time, after a long and winding road involving a presentation at the ESPYs, Roc Nation after parties, and some stray discussions between Khaled, Jay, and Beyoncé, he eventually got his wish. Almost a year passed from the initial meeting—and Khaled was unsure if the song would get done at all—Khaled got a very important phone call the day before the Grammy Awards.

“Jay hit me up like, 'Record done.' I'm going to be honest, when I hear news like that, I shed tears, I shed good emotions,” he said. “I get to the crib, [Jay] played me the record, I went crazy. I'm hearing Beyoncé, I'm hearing Jigga, then he's like, 'Yo, we're dropping this tomorrow night.' I'm like Jay, I gotta mix the record, I gotta put my sprinkles, I gotta clear the sample, I gotta put a plan together… He's like, 'I know you ain't trippin.'”

Aside from talking about his dream record with Jay and Beyoncé, Khaled also continued to talk about his relationship with Birdman. He doubled down on what he said in a recent interview on the subject, saying he believes in keeping a positive focus rather than trashing a former co-worker.

“I want to teach the world something. I got Drake on my album, I got Nicki Minaj album, I have Wayne on my album. It got approved, it got cleared, nobody blocked that,” said Khaled. “Even if it doesn't go your way, it's still an opportunity someone gave you. You might not like certain things, but it's an opportunity, and the answer is to take your opportunity to the next level, and that's what I did.”

You can watch the full interview up top, where Khaled tells his story in a way only Khaled can at the 12:50 mark.

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Did Jay Z’s Tidal Project ‘4:44’ Just Get a Release Date?

No one has a fucking clue what 4:44 is, but the mystery project from Tidal may have just been given a release date. According to a report from HipHopDX, posters and billboards started showing up in Hollywood Friday teasing a June 30 date. The latest image, shown below, also include Jay Z's name (stylized here as Jay:Z) and the promise of an exclusive release via

As of now, the joint Sprint x Tidal site serves as a landing page touting Sprint's six-month complimentary Tidal subscription.

Earlier this month, Tidal and Sprint detailed their partnership after the NBA Finals debut of a 4:44 trailer starring Lupita Nyong’o, Danny Glover, and Mahershala Ali. “More than two-thirds of mobile subscribers stream music an average of 45 minutes per day, making our partnership with TIDAL a natural fit for Sprint and our commitment to offering innovative, affordable and worry-free service,” Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure said in a press release.

Jay's most recent studio album was Magna Carta Holy Grail, released way back in 2013.

Roc Nation artist Vic Mensa was pressed about the meaning of 4:44 in a recent interview with Real 92.3. Mensa, understandably, kept his answers vague. “It's an important number,” Mensa said. “It's symbolic. It means things and people will find out . . . I actually don't know any types of timelines or anything.” Asked whether Jay had played him any new music, Mensa said he “might have heard some.”

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Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks Debate If Jay Z Can Save Lil Wayne’s Career With Roc Nation

On today's episode of Everyday Struggle, Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks respond to Wale's claim that the media is out to get him. They also discuss Troy Ave's ongoing legal troubles and the New York rapper's upcoming project, Nupac. Later, the guys break down the news that Lil Wayne might be heading to Jay Z's Roc Nation and debate what that would do for Weezy's career. To wrap, the guys dive into XXXtentacion and everything that comes with the controversial, young Florida rapper. 

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Lil Wayne on Roc Nation: ‘I’m a Member of That Team Now’

Has Lil Wayne finally joined the Roc Nation family?

During a Monday concert at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania, the 34-year-old rapper sparked theories he had officially left Cash Money to sign with Jay Z’s record label. It’s a rumor Weezy fans are all too familiar with.

“Is it cool if I just say it?” Wayne said during the show before throwing up the Roc diamond sign. “It’s the Roc. You know I'm a member of that team now. We’ll talk about that later, though.”


I don't even know where to start of how amazing the concert was last night!! #youngmoney #weezy #lilwayne

A post shared by Cameron Waters (@cameron_waters22) on Apr 11, 2017 at 10:12am PDT

No, Wayne. Some of us want to talk about it now. Did the New Orleans rapper actually ink a deal with Roc Nation, marking his first-ever label move? Or is he misleading us…again?

Rumors of Wayne signing with Jay’s label have been circulating for years—even before Roc Nation was launched. In footage taken in 2005, Wayne claims he had left Cash Money to join Jay and Def Jam Records. Of course, we now know his statements weren’t true; however, in light of Wayne’s ongoing legal battle with Cash Money, the move to Jay’s team has seemed more and more possible.

In 2015, Wayne announced at the KMEL Summer Jam he had signed a deal with his “motherfucking idol” Jay Z. People immediately speculated Wayne was officially added to the Roc Nation roster, but it turns out the deal was with Jay’s streaming service Tidal.

Fans received another false alarm during Wayne’s Camp Flog Gnaw performance in late 2016, when the rapper shouted: “I’m a motherfuckin’ Roc-a-Fella millionaire.” Some expected Roc Nation to release a statement confirming their deal with Lil Wayne; however, months after the concert, we have yet to receive an official word.

Is Tunechi just taking shots at Cash Money by showing love to Roc Nation? Or did he finally ditch his longtime record label and sign with his “idol”?

We reached out to a Roc Nation representative for comment. Stay tuned as more information becomes available.

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Meek Mill Reportedly Charged With Assault (UPDATE)

UPDATED 9:59 p.m. ET: 

Meek responded to reports of the arrest with an Instagram post that put a spin on an old Jay Z lyric.


Locked in the slammer nope popped up in Miami 😁

A post shared by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on

Original story below:

Meek Mill was reportedly charged with misdemeanor assault Wednesday.

According to TMZ, the Philadelphia rapper was at St. Louis Lambert International Airport when an employee approached him to take a photo. Sources said shortly after the interaction, a fight broke out between Meek and a couple of airport staff members.

Police were called to the scene, where Meek and the two employees were reportedly given court summons in lieu of arrests.

TMZ points out Meek is currently on probation for a weapons and drug conviction. 

Complex has reached out to Roc Nation and Atlantic. Stay tuned as more information becomes available.


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Swedish House Mafia’s Last Show Ever At Ultra 2013 [Video]

10649084_1010627968963305_3437918529641673585_oFor this week’s flashback Friday, we are taken back to the end of an era. It’s coming up on almost two years since the disbandment of Swedish House Mafia and most of us have yet to move on from the transition. Yes, Axwell / Ingrosso are great and Steve Angello is also doing well, but I can’t help but feel a void that their individual acts cannot fill.

The reality of the situation is that for those who entered the EDM scene circa 2009-2011, Swedish House Mafia most likely played a vital role in their introduction and immersion in the EDM culture. With their departure, we are older and wiser and our tastes have changed and evolved; yet, as we look back on what it was like just a few years ago, we can’t help but get a good kick in the nostalgia feels.

Relive the end of the Swedish House Mafia below:

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Swedish House Mafia’s Last Show Ever At Ultra 2013 [Video]