Rob Kardashian Is Reportedly Still ‘Furious’ With Tristan Thompson for Hurting Khloé

Khloé Kardashian has seemingly forgiven Tristan Thompson’s alleged infidelity. But that doesn’t mean everyone in her family is on good terms with the NBA star.

According to TMZ, sources claim Rob Kardashian is still furious with Thompson, who was spotted hooking up with several women while dating a then-pregnant Khloé. Insiders say Rob believes his sister can do much better, and is unwilling to overlook the pain and embarrassment Thompson caused.

The gossip site reports the rest of the Kardashian klan is also upset with the athlete’s actions, but are not pressuring Khloé to dump him. Per TMZ: “We're told the family privately feels they may never forgive Tristan, but they're not going to attempt to torpedo the relationship.”

One month ago, several outlets published videos that showed Thompson engaging in PDA with multiple women—none of whom were Khloé. The scandal surfaced just days before the reality TV star gave birth to their first child, True—a moment that reportedly influenced Khloé’s decision to give Thompson another shot.

“Khloé really wants to be able to forgive and trust Tristan again and have the life she hoped to have with him,” a source told People magazine. “She doesn’t know if she’ll be able to do that, but that’s the goal. She loves the life they had, she loves the baby they have together, and she still loves the dream of being a family together. If she can find a way to rebuild with Tristan, she will.”

Insiders say Rob will not let the drama get in the way of his relationship with True. He is reportedly excited to “spoil” the newborn, and believes his daughter, Dream, will look out for True “like Khloe did for him.”

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On a new episode of Everyday Struggle, Rose first sought to clear the air on Chyna's relationship with the Kardashian brother, after Chyna dealt with accusations she was just in it for the money. Citing some of her own struggles to be taken seriously in life and relationships, Rose said the love between the couple was very real.

“People look at Chyna and they just be like, 'She got Rob for everything, she's taking his money,' she's not that type of person,” said Rose. “I remember when her and Rob met, how they fell in love and how happy they were, they're just not happy anymore. That's life, it just happens.”

Pressed on the subject further, Rose argued part of the issue stems from how women are viewed in relationships and life generally, saying it was as simple as Chyna wanting to escape a bad situation.

“It comes back to people being uncomfortable with women making their own decisions in life,” said Rose. “She opted to leave. She did not want to be in that situation anymore, and that made people uncomfortable that she fuckin' left. It doesn't mean like, oh, let me get my baby, let me get my check, let me leave, it's like no, we had something great and now we don't. And guess what? I'm out.”

And after firmly establishing Chyna's side of the story, Rose did not hold back on Kardashian. She firmly denounced his tactics and the general immaturity he showed during the spat, and said he really needs to get his act together.

“That's some fuckboy ass shit, you don't do that,” said Rose. “Yes, there are horrible women out there, just like there's horrible men. But at the end of the day, I know what they really had. If you're not happy in a relationship, you're going to be out. Rob should have been a mature adult and had a conversation with Chyna … He didn't have to go on the internet and be petty. Now he's dealing with revenge porn and stuff like that. You just can't do shit like that, it's time to grow up and handle your business properly.”

Kardashian has since admitted he regrets his decision to put Chyna on blast in the manner that he did, but that doesn't erase the public shaming he put Chyna through in the process. You can watch Rose's thoughts for yourself in the clip up top, and check out the full episode of Everyday Struggle below.

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