Lil Wayne and Birdman’s Settlement Negotiations Are Reportedly Hostile

Things seemed to have been cooling down between Lil Wayne and Birdman as of late, with the two rappers being spotted together in public, but it turns out that's not exactly the case. The Cash Money moguls remain locked in an ongoing legal battle that sources close to say is becoming increasingly “hostile,” reports The Blast.

Despite having posed together for a picture that Birdman shared on his Instagram, he and Wayne might not be as buddy-buddy as they would lead us to believe. It would have appeared by Birdman's latest 'Gram where he referred to Wayne as “my son” that the two were on the road to patching things up, but now sources are revealing that things are not as they seem. 



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According to documents obtained by The Blast, Cash Money has been ordered to hand over specific documents relating to Nicki Minaj and Drake regarding the $51 million lawsuit that Wayne filed nearly three years ago. The lawsuit claimed that Cash Money owes Wayne millions in royalties, and more frustratingly, has continually delayed the release of Tha Carter V

While publicly, Weezy and Birdman may appear to have squashed their beef, it seems that under the surface there still remains a lot of bitterness, and sources have revealed that even after the lawsuit is resolved, “There will be no connection, no ties, and no business relationship.” 

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Cardi B Reveals Artwork and Release Date for Debut Album ‘Invasion of Privacy’

The wait is nearly over. Cardi B has revealed the artwork and release date for her debut album Invasion of Privacy. The long-awaited project will drop on Friday, April 6.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper first told fans at the Made In America festival that her debut album would be out in October of 2017. When nothing dropped, she revealed it was a classic case of perfectionism at play. Even with a white hot career, the Bronx native revealed how she was feeling about creating her debut album and the “pressure” that was attached to the endeavor. 

“I got six, seven solid songs that I like [for the album], but I wonder if a month from now, I'm going to change my mind,” she told Rolling Stone. “It's not as fun to do music […] my mind doesn't flow as free 'cause I have so much on my mind,” she continued. “It's so sad to say, and I don't want to be the one to say it, but you gotta follow the trend. […] This generation loves to get high. They love to be on drugs. This is why they on that shit: They don't want to think about what you're saying.”

Luckily for Cardi, artists like J. Cole know exactly how she feels. “Cardi b I seen your breakfast club interview, loved it,” he tweeted. “Don’t put all that pressure on your album. You already won. Just drop & repeat.” Later on, the two met in person. Footage emerged of an attentive Cardi soaking in Cole’s sage advice. 

Then, while giving her acceptance speech at the 2018 iHeartRadio Awards, Cardi shared an update on her oft-delayed project. “My album will be coming in April. Yessir, April. Stay tuned motherf—. Owww.”

She wasn't lying.

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Instagram Heard Your Complaints and Is Making Changes to Chronological Feed

Facebook is really going through it lately: on Sunday, it was revealed that research firm Cambridge Analytica, hired by the Trump campaign, mined Facebook data from 50 million users without permission and used it to influence the 2016 election and put Trump in office. Mark Zuckerberg only spoke out about the scandal yesterday, and he could only fake being a live human being for so long before making the argument that we all delete Facebook by admitting that “if we [can’t protect your data], then we don't deserve to serve you.”

With all that said, though, the (admittedly Facebook-owned) Instagram has seen a chance to swoop right in and win the popularity contest between social media platforms once and for all by granting what is probably the average Instagram’s users biggest wish: chronological order. Well, sort of.

Instagram used to show posts in chronological order before inexplicably changing their algorithm in March 2016 to the current mess that you’ve reluctantly grown accustomed to because you’re addicted to stalking your ex’s sister’s dog’s vacation pics. However, today, Instagram revealed in a press release that the company is making two potentially exciting changes to its algorithm: a “new posts” option as well as something that sounds a lot like a concession to chronological feed.

“We’ve heard it can feel unexpected when your feed refreshes and automatically bumps you to the top,” Instagram wrote. “So today we’re testing a “New Posts” button that lets you choose when you want to refresh, rather than it happening automatically.”

In addition, Instagram noted our incessant whining, called it “feedback” and revealed changes are being made “to ensure that newer posts are more likely to appear first in feed.” The Instagram feed should begin feeling “more fresh.”

“So if your best friend shares a selfie from her vacation in Australia, it will be waiting for you when you wake up,” the release read.

Instagram’s Vice President of product Kevin Weil shared the press release on Twitter, which is interesting mostly because it’s evidence that important Instagram execs really are listening to what we want. And all that we want is a chronological feed. That’s literally it.  

This press release didn't outright say: “we've gone and done the one thing you've wanted for so long,” and instead tiptoed around it. As Facebook has shown us, we shouldn't trust these social media executives all that much. Here's to hoping one day we get a more straightforward chronological order announcement. 

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Aubrey O’Day Might Be Singing About an Affair With Donald Trump Jr. in “DJT”

The tea is hot, and prevacid price at costco it's spilling all over Donald Trump Jr.'s life.

Just a few days after his soon-to-be ex-wife Vanessa Trump filed for divorce,A�rumors spread that he cheated on her with Danity Kane'sA�Aubrey Oa��Day when she appeared on Celebrity Apprentice. After further digging, it was revealed thatA�O'Day released “DJT,” a break-up song that shares the same initials with Donald J. Trump Jr.

“You want to believe that everything with me was a lie? A fantasy?/And you want to go back and live in the life that you had have pills online forever?” she sings in the track about a man leaving her to return to reality. “I hate me for loving you, hate you for letting our love die,” she continues.

The timeline adds up as well. O'Day appeared on the reality series in 2011, when the alleged affair happened, asA�DTJ worked as the show's consultant. Then, she later released the track on her 2013 solo debut EP,A�Between Two Evils.

The Trumps married in 2005 and announced their divorce last week.

“After 12 years of marriage, we have decided to go our separate ways,” read a joint statement from the soon-to-be divorcees. “We will always have tremendous respect for each other and our families. We have five beautiful children buy pills together and they remain our top priority. We ask for your privacy during this time.”

With news of the split, this track resurfacing is only fueling the fire against him. Check out some how much decadron for sinus infection reactions from tweeters below.

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People Decide to #DeleteFacebook Following Data Breach

Facebook is the worst social media platform for so many reasons. Your feed is cluttered with #fakenews from conservative relatives. You have to watch people you went to high school with get married one after another, and you cana��t post a single article without getting into a comment war with some hype, pseudo intellectual bro who studied philosophy in college.

But none of those are the reason hoards of people are deleting their Facebook accounts this week. Instead, they are being propelled by #DeleteFacebook, an online movement that burst into existence after the explosive news that Facebook has been harvesting user data and giving it away to whomever it wants, whenever it wants to.

As TechCrunch generic effexor xr not working puts it, Facebook is using us. Over the weekend reports revealed that more than 50 million Facebook users had their private information collected in 2014 by a political data firm, Cambridge Analytica, with ties to Donald Trumpa��s 2016 presidential campaign. The information was used for a a�?psychographic voter model,a�? which means CambridgeA�Analytica used the data to track the voting personalities of different users. Once they had that data, they used targeted ads and messaging to influence folks' election season decision-making.

The data collected includes status updates, likes, usersa�� friends' information, and sometimes private messages. But the information wasna��t stolen, and it involved no major breach or hacking of Facebook. In fact, a new story by the Guardian revealed that covert harvesting was routine and that Cambridge Analytica isna��t the only company benefiting. a�?Hundreds of millions of Facebook users are likely to have had their private information harvested by companies,a�? the Guardian reported.

The data being given away by Facebook is not being carefully monitored for the kind of misuse that Cambridge Analytica displayed. a�?Facebook had terms of service and settings that a�?people didna��t read or understanda�� and the company did not use its enforcement mechanisms, including audits of external developers, to ensure data was not being misused,a�? former Facebook employee and whistleblower Sandy Parakilas told the Guardian. This means the Cambridge Analytica scandal could really be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the improper harvesting of Facebook users' private information.A�

According to the New York Times, Facebook claims no sensitive information such as passwords have been collected. By the time Facebook realized the data was being harvested and misused by Cambridge Analytica on such a large scale, it did very little to mitigate the problem, and failed to warn users that their profiles may have been targeted.

Facebooka��s failure to protect users from the information breach, to inform users their data was being misused, and to mitigate the a�?Facebook-optimized propagandaa�?A�that came in the form of ads is why so many people are deciding to now delete their Facebook and all the data on their profiles. Facebook stock also fell drastically after the Cambridge Analytica news broke.

Many users on Twitter are expressing their complete loss of trust in Facebook and using the #DeleteFacebook hashtag to share their horror and discontent. If you need help figuring out how to delete your Facebook, check this out.

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PETA Wrote an Open Letter to Drake Urging Him to Part Ways with Canada Goose

In case you werena��t aware, Drake did the most Drake thing possible and revealed that hea��s a vegetarian last week. The news came during one of the rappera��s gaming sessions on Twitch on Wednesday night, when Drake told another Fortnite player that he a�?[doesna��t] eat meat anymore.a�? Animal rights organizationA�PETA took note, and now the group has penned an open letter to the rapper about his choice and what he plans to do with his collaboration with Canada Goose, a brand that uses fur in many of their styles.


If two vegans are angry at each other…is it beef?

A post shared by used folding caravans for sale on ebay champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on Mar 10, 2018 at 1:49am PST

a�?Since you've made the great, kind, and forward-thinking choice not to eat animals, please, please, please, take one more step: Stop wearing them, and end October's Very Own's partnership with cruel company Canada Goose immediately,a�? PETA wrote. The organization claims a�?Canada Goose touts a fake love for the environment yet kills ducks and geese for their down and uses painful steel traps to catch wild coyotes,” stating that the violence is “definitely not part of God's Plan.a�?A�Sorry PETA, from what I hear, Drake only loves his bed and his mom, Ia��m sorry. Kidding. TBD if the rapper will actually part ways with the outerwear brand now that hea��s eating cruelty-free.

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During Memorable iHeartRadio Acceptance Speech, Cardi B Reveals Debut Album Is Coming

Cardi B made the most of her time at the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday night. After kicking off the show by performing a medley of hits, she won the award for Best New Artist and delivered a thoroughly entertaining acceptance speech.

On stage with the iHeartRadio award in hand, Cardi first acknowledged her team, her family, and Offset, before thanking her fans, “because even when I'm wrong, they be like, 'She still right.'” With a laugh, she added, “I want to thank my haters, too, because they be downloading my stuff so they can hear it and talk crap about it. But it benefits me!”

Then Cardi dropped a bomb: “My album will be coming in April. Yessir, April. Stay tuned motherf—. Owww.”

The update comes as a relief for fans who have been waiting for a debut album from Cardi for months. She's previously explained that she didn't want to rush the project and would take her time until everything's right.

“Every single time I think I got all the ten songs I’m like, I’m buggin,” she told The Breakfast Club in September. “These ain’t it. It’s just like, damn I’m competing with myself. I’m competing with the goddamn No. 2 record [on the Billboard Hot 100] and stuff.”

As recently as January, Cardi was seen in the studio putting finishing touches on the album.

While you wait for April to arrive finally, you can see a clip from her opening performance at the iHeartRadio Music Awards below.

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Le’Veon Bell Talks Money; Kevin Love’s Mental Health; Clippers’ Dating App Deal | Out of Bounds

With Gilbert Arenas out for the day, superstar Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell joins #OutofBounds to talk big sports stories — and he is one of them! Just yesterday, Pittsburgh placed a franchise tag on Le’Veon that will pay him $14.5 million in 2018. While not scoffing at the paper, he wants a long-term deal and explains why it’s so important, what it’s like dealing with contract negotiation drama, and who told him he deserves a blank check in “Secure the Bag.” Staying in the NFL, the OOB team tackles owners who’ve been walking back hard-line stances on anthem protests. Are they actually respectful of their players or just covering their asses? Le’Veon shares the inside story of how the anthem drama played out with the Steelers. Next, the guys respond to Kevin Love’s essay, in which he revealed he’s been getting therapy after suffering panic attacks in games, and discuss the differences in how mental health is perceived in the NBA and the NFL. Le’Veon opens up to let fans, who often don’t see athletes as people, know what it’s really like playing pro ball. Finally, after the Clippers signed a jersey patch deal with the female-empowerment dating app Bumble, the crew reacts and decides what company would be the worst sponsor to have on your uniform.

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LaVar Ball Reignites Trump Feud With ‘#StayInYoLane’ Tweet

LaVar Ball has re-sparked his feud with President Donald Trump that started back in November. Ball took to Twitter Saturday to gloat after an ESPN report revealed that Trump likely overstated his involvement in securing the release of LiAngelo Ball and two other members of UCLA’s basketball team—Cody Riley and Jalen Hill—after a shoplifting incident in China.

“Thank you for what again @realDonaldTrump? #knowyourfacts #stayinyolane,” Ball tweeted, after the ESPN report went live Saturday.

In November, Trump tweeted that the UCLA players should’ve thanked him for his help in preventing them from serving a 10-year jail sentence for shoplifting in China.

Per ESPN’s report, the charges had been dropped, and LiAngelo Ball, Hill, and Riley were already scheduled to return to America two days before Trump got involved.

Things got increasingly tense between Trump and LaVar when he initially downplayed Trump’s involvement.

“What was he over there for?” Ball replied to ESPN when asked about Trump’s potential involvement. “Don’t tell me nothing. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out.”

It’s unclear if Trump knew the matter had pretty much been resolved before he reached out to Chinese President Xi Jinping, but he still had those petty tweets ready.

Months later, UCLA officials confirmed to ESPN that Trump and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly got involved late in the process. The players involved gave Trump the thanks he demanded during a press conference, but LaVar was correct in implying that Trump had very little to do with settling the incident. Given both Trump and Ball’s affinity for getting the last word, it remains to be seen if one of the stranger sports feuds in recent years is finally over.

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