Borgeous, Whoo Kidd, Wiz Khalifa, & Waka Flacka “Toast” To The Weeknd [Free Download]


Get ready for the trillest track yet. The infamous Borgeous teamed up with Whookid, along with two of rap’s biggest stars, Waka Flocka Flame and Wiz Khalifa, for an absolute monster of a song, “Toast“. Borgeous has a knack for creating the most electrifying hits that simply turn dance floors into pandemonium. This latest track is no exception as Waka and Wiz both provide an incredible presence to this banger, making you just want to grab a drink and turn up with the crew. I couldn’t think of a better song to kick this weekend off, be sure to listen below and grab the free download as well!

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CREATIVELIVE Offers Free Production Tutorial With Ed Solo


Producers are always looking for things to learn. The internet is a great source for tips, but when a producer sits down to do a formal tutorial, you’re sure to get more from it than from your average lifeless Youtube video. One company, CREATIVELIVE, is offering a free tutorial from Ed Solo, who has worked on tracks with Krafty Kuts, DJ Fresh, as well as made sample packs for Bass Boutique and Loopmasters.

The free live tutorial will take place November 12th through the 13th between 9AM and 4PM PST. All you need to do is RSVP and be on the computer when the session is underway. For those producers who would like to partake you can reserve your spot through the following link. The focus will be on producing music with Logic Pro. Don’t worry if you don’t use that software, because CREATIVELIVE will offer more tutorials in the future that focus upon other DAWs. If you follow the RSVP link you will find the schedule with the list of other sessions.


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Highschool Kids Steal Mat Zo’s Car

Remember last year when Mat Zo’s album got leaked? Well apparently music isn’t the only thing that Mat Zo has trouble keeping in his possession.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 4.59.06 PM
Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 4.59.18 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 4.59.32 PM
Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 4.59.55 PM
Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 5.00.12 PM
Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 4.59.44 PM

So there’s your life lesson: If you’re going to steal a car, make sure it’s not owned by a Twitter famous DJ.

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Get Inside The Mind of Alesso With His AMA

Alesso2 - Your EDM

The Swede Alesso recently partook in an AMA on Reddit after the success of his Chime For Change benefit shows in New York City. Alesso revealed fun tidbits like his affection for Hanz Zimmer and Swedish House Mafia, his favorite plug-ins, as well as his love for drawing, and fashion. Moreover, he teased us with letting us know that his album will have some different genres on it, as well as two specific tracks that Redditors asked about. There is no date set for the album, but with his recent single being released, as well as increased press visibility, we can be sure some more details will come soon enough. For the full AMA, check the source and peruse through the many comments and questions.

Source: Reddit

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Source: Get Inside The Mind of Alesso With His AMA

Krewella Crash Super Bowl Party for Surprise Halftime Show [Video]


For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we take it back to the time Krewella absolutely destroyed a super bowl party. Lucky patrons at a bar in New York City were treated to a surprise performance from Krewella courtesy of Bud Light at the end of halftime during the Super Bowl this year.

For anyone who tuned into the big game, it should be fairly obvious that Bud Light recognizes that EDM is the wave of the present and the future (they debuted Afrojack’s new single in one of their commercials and also featured Zedd as the newest spokesman for their Bud Light Platinum promotion) so it comes as no surprise that they tapped Krewella for this secret performance in NYC.

Check out the clip from the performance below, featuring Krewella dropping the hit single “Enjoy The Ride,”

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Avicii Will Return To DJing Very Soon


2 months ago Avicii reported that he would be taking a break from DJing and proceeded to cancel all his future shows. As his recovery is still underway, Avicii’s name is back in the circuit as the EDM star is booked to play Australia’s Future Music Fest early 2015.

Reported by Billboard, Avicii will be joined by Drake, Martin Garrix and more as the popular festival will kick off this upcoming February. Last time Avicii was at Future Music Fest he was forced to cancel as he was rushed to the Hospital due to stomach problems but now that he is on the mend, we can expect a triumphant return.

You can check out the festival trailer below which reveals Avicii’s announcement:

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Source: Avicii Will Return To DJing Very Soon

Win a Pair of Tickets To See Kill The Noise, Botnek, & Two Fresh! [Giveaway]


Alright guys, we got a special ticket giveaway for all you Kill The Noise fans! As you know, he recently kicked off his Majestic as F*** tour, backed by one hell of a lineup featuring Ape Drums, Botnek, Milo & Otis, and Two Fresh. KTN is now returning to his hometown of Rochester, NY this Saturday, November 8, and is offering YOU the chance to win a pair of tickets to watch him throw down in his city!

He’ll be joined by Botnek and Two fresh as this home show is looking to be quite possibly the best of the tour. KTN has also been busy along the way releasing new music, like his collab with Feed Me, “Far Away“, as well as a brand new mix with Botnek titled the “Majestic Mix” that was featured on Sirius XM’s Electric Area. Overall, KTN is promising quite an exclusive experience for everyone attending this weekend as he announced:

“Rochester! Stoked to be back in town for a hometown show w/ my buddies BOTNEK and Two Fresh. Stoked to play lots of new music all of us have a lot new things to show you. We are ready to go!”

The show is 16+ and doors open at 8PM EST. This is a show you WON’T want to miss, so check the mix and submit your entry below!

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Source: Win a Pair of Tickets To See Kill The Noise, Botnek, & Two Fresh! [Giveaway]

New Skrillex Remix EP Leaked Early

Ease My Mind v Ragga Bomb Remixes

Due to an error on iTunes, the upcoming Skrillex Ease My Mind v Ragga Bomb Remixes EP has been released earlier than planned. Rumoured to be slated for a official release later this month the EP is jam packed full of quality. The EP contains 4 remixes from Skrillex & Zomboy, Teddy Killerz, GTA, and Jai Wolf.

The Skrillex & Zomboy remix should be special, seeing as they have such critically similar styles. This is the first collaboration they’ve been on together since the Foreign Beggars track “Still Getting It,” featuring Skrillex, remixed by ZomboyTeddy Killerz have always been known to throw down amazing eclectic tunes, and it seems Skrillex himself has been playing out the Jai Wolf remix extensively live.

You can check out the previews and buy the EP here: iTunes.

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2015 Winter X Games Enlist Skrillex, Snoop Dogg & More For Musical Lineup

X Games

In hoping to “create more of a festival atmosphere around sports,” the 2015 Winter X Games will have a stacked musical lineup. A pair of acts from both the electronic and rap worlds will collide at Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen between January 22nd through the 25th.

Skrillex, Chromeo, Snoop Dogg, and Wiz Khalifa will be performing alongside the competing athletes. Tim Reed, vice president of X Games, X Games Events & Content, stated that it’s cool to have the opportunity to experience something more than just the sports. Having music is not something that is brand new to the X Games, but they certainly went big on the lineup this year. With all these four in one place, one can only hope that some collaboration between the acts goes down.

If you’d like to attend the events, you can purchase tickets through the link below. Aside from these performers, there will be a free concert on January 25th, as well as after parties taking place around the venue. All I can say is, have fun.

Purchase Tickets

Source: X Games

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Source: 2015 Winter X Games Enlist Skrillex, Snoop Dogg & More For Musical Lineup

Minnesota Talks Production, Collaboration and Remixing Bassnectar


Over the past few weeks, Christian Bauhofer has been busy traveling the country, and he still has many miles to go. The DJ/producer, better known as Minnesota, has enlisted the aid of G Jones and JACKAL. Together they have been tearing apart venues from Washington to Michigan and beyond.

This past Halloween Friday, the tour set its sights on Chicago. We had the opportunity to sit down with Minnesota before the show to discuss everything from inspiration to soda preference.

So I have to ask…what’s up with Kendrick the Raccoon?

My mom gave him to me like 2 or 3 years ago. This is his third tour. He’s been to 3 Burning Mans, so…he’s seen some shit.

How has the tour gone so far?

Good! It’s been going great. We’re 2 weeks in now, and I think right now we have everything really dialed in. The first few days we had to get all the production worked out and Chicago tonight is probably the third day where we’ve had full production.

That’s with Video Villains?

Yeah, they’re 3D mapping, so they built this whole spaceship-looking stage. They start it partially on and they kind of build it up throughout the night. They’re doing a great job.

So G Jones is on the tour with you. I know you guys have collaborated a lot in the past. How is it having him with you?

It’s awesome having Greg on the road. We’ve done some shows before. For all the bigger shows we are doing B2B sets, so at the end of the night we will do a little versus set.

Your sounds mesh together really well. When you collab, what is that approach like?

We go back and forth. I don’t really work well with other people in the studio, so someone starts it and sends it over, and we just send it back and forth. It gets stuff done pretty fast.

Pepsi or Coke?


Who’s an artist that you’re really into right now?

We’ve been listening to DJ Rashad’s last album a lot on tour. It’s super dope, super chill. We’re in Chicago now which is where he’s from.

What’s the last show you attended for pleasure?

I was at The Avett Brothers in Berkeley. It was like a month and a half ago. I don’t go to many shows, even when I’m home.

You were a guest at Electric Forest in 2013, right?

Yeah – 2013 I played a slot in the VIP area; 2012 I played the actual festival. Hopefully I’ll get booked this year, we’ll see.

Your last track was a remix for Bassnectar, who you’ve stated you’re a huge fan of. How was that experience?

It was awesome. It was a long process for me to just go and do many different versions of the track. When I did the remix I was listening to a lot of drum ‘n bass, so that’s what I ended up doing. Honestly when I get to the end of a track I’m really not sure about how it sounds and I kinda hate it no matter what – so it was good to put it out and get mostly good response.

You’ve spoken about your brother’s passing, and how it inspired your music. Has it changed your sound?

When I wrote my EP last year, Voyager, that was right after he passed away. I was living at my parents’ house for a month and all that inspiration came from all the feelings that came with that, so now when I play the songs out it’s really awesome because I kinda connect back to that moment when I was inspired by that.

You produce across a variety of genres. When you approach a song, do you have a specific sound in mind?

It changes so much. I go in with one idea and by the end, like after a month of working with a track it turns into something different, so it’s honestly pretty random. I get inspired by a lot of different types of electronic music.

What’s the future for Minnesota?

The last few months I’ve just been working on putting this tour together, because we don’t have a huge team. So now I’m just finishing up the tour and then go home and work on a bunch [of] music; and maybe a spring tour or something.

Click here to see if Minnesota is touring through your town any time soon!

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