Tchami’s Prophecy Tour Takes House Music to New Heights [Event Review]

The first week of Tchami‘s Prophecy Tour found him hitting up several Florida cities, one of which was surprisingly Gainesville, Florida. Not known for its robust EDM scene, Gainesville bringing an artist like Tchami for such a major tour was a shock. But, given that the line just to get into the show wrapped around the Florida Theater venue, the demand was clearly there.

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Tchami’s Prophecy Tour promised intricate production and plenty of house and future bass, and the promise was delivered well in full. ANGELZ, a rising producer on Tchami’s Confession record label, held the opening slot quite well, giving attendees a taste of his unique blend of bass house and hip-hop. ANGELZ hasn’t played too many shows yet, but with a background of producing for Def Jam in the 2000s, he’s no novice to the music world. ANGELZ refrained from giving the audience too much of the Confessions-type sound, but still delivered a bass-heavy opening set.

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After a few minutes of set-up, Tchami’s Prophecy Tour production rig came to light. He dove straight into giving fans the bass house anthems they craved as the stain glass-esque LEDs blinked black, red and white with light speed. The sold-out crowd’s energy could be felt all the way from the rail to the back of the venue, a rare unity among a crowd in a college town. Tchami’s hits like his “Turn It Up” remix, “After Life” and “Untrue” played well even for relative newcomers to the EDM scene, and his foray into more traditional house music such as his new track “Adieu” lured even hardcore bass house fans to the lighter side of house. Tchami’s set navigated genres swiftly yet elegantly, all while maintaining the constant attention of the crowd.

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In terms of production, the Prophecy Tour really reinforced Tchami’s priest-like image. The LEDs mimicked stain glass windows and flickered with a heavenly glow. Halfway through the set, a choral track erupted as Tchami took his hands off the decks and prayed, and surprisingly the crowd was very receptive despite the lack of an eventual drop. One disappointment came from the lack of the choir that has been popping up on his other dates, but we suspect the venue’s size limitations prevented the crew from incorporating the choir successfully in the stage layout. Despite the choir’s absence, the production managed to entrance the crowd and took attendees to a rave church.

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Overall, Tchami’s Prophecy Tour proved an artist doesn’t need bigroom bangers to tour with an elaborate production to a sold-out crowd. Despite the relative lack of big drops, the crowd danced and jumped with such energy it’s a wonder Tchami hadn’t toured like this already. It could be a sign of the changing times in the electronic music world, but we openly embrace an age where an artist can promote togetherness through house. We look forward to seeing what’s next for Tchami’s live shows.

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Source: Tchami’s Prophecy Tour Takes House Music to New Heights [Event Review]

Tchami Bids “Adieu” With New Track

All puns aside, the last thing we expected was Tchami to drop a new track right as his Prophecy Tour kicked off this week. Set to hit numerous cities in North America, the Prophecy Tour will keep Tchami busy over the next several weeks, but the Parisian producer nears the end of the first week of the tour by dropping an entirely new track. The best part? It takes his music in a familiar yet exciting new direction.

“Adieu” finds Tchami exploring a more uplifting side of his sound, one with almost tropical-sounding percussion, soft synths and a powerful sample. A fuzzy warble punctuates the track, hinting at Tchami’s darker side before he rings it in in favor of a more house-inspired mood. Originally known for his future house songs with glitchy vocal samples and dark synths, “Adieu” contrasts to Tchami’s signature sound without sounding alien, a rare feat for a producer known so well for a darker persona. We’re intrigued to see if he explores more of this lighter, house-inclined sound in the future, but for now we are happy to see Tchami step into the light.

Listen to “Adieu” below:

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Tchami Bids “Adieu” With New Track

Tchami Brings The Prophecy Tour To One of the Country’s Best College Towns [Event Preview]

One of the rites of passage for an electronic music artist is touring with a unique production. Daft Punk started the trend in 2006, and since artists like deadmau5, Avicii, Excision, Skrillex and more have toured with production behemoths. One of the latest producers to tour with such a production is future house pioneer Tchami, who just launched his North American Prophecy Tour. This tour comes equipped with a massive production that emulates a church with mock stain-glass windows, enhanced lighting and even a choir dressed in white.

The tour is making the rounds across Florida this weekend, and this Saturday hits one of the country’s biggest college towns: Gainesville, home of the Florida Gators. This marks Tchami’s first-ever Gainesville show, a real treat for a city that rarely brings his level of talent to its scene. Tchami, along with tour opener and his record label Confession signee ANGELZ, will play at the Florida Theater, one of the city’s biggest venues.

Tchami kept himself busy in 2016, previewing the Prophecy Tour production at Coachella and releasing the successful EP After Life, which included such tracks as “Missing You” with AC Slater and Kaleem Taylor and the eponymous “After Life” with Stacy Barthe. Today, Tchami dropped a surprise new single titled “Adieu,” the perfect prologue to his tour and the show in Gainesville on Saturday.

General admission tickets are sold out, but head to Eventbrite to purchase VIP tickets before they sell out. Doors open at 9 p.m. and the show runs to 2 a.m.

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Tchami Brings The Prophecy Tour To One of the Country’s Best College Towns [Event Preview]