The Official Remix Pack For “Paris” Is Out Now

Since Pegboard Nerds and LOUDPVCK teased their official remixes for “Paris” yesterday, it’s only right that the full pack comes out today! Containing additional remixes from VINAI, Jewelz & Sparks, Party Thieves and FKYA, the remix pack is nothing if not diverse.

VINAI’s remix is especially surprising. The duo strays away from their typical big room/electro sound for a smoother, future bass interpretation. In fact, LOUDPVCK does the same – albeit straying away from trap, rather than big room.

The remix from Pegboard Nerds, on the other hand, is quite simply one of our favorites tracks from them ever. Not only does it completely blow the original out of the water, it’s probably one of our favorite remixes of 2017 so far. From resampling the vocals pre-drop to sound more emo/screamo, than ballad, and then dropping it like nobody’s business… it’s just so fucking good.

Jewelz & Sparks put a fresh house take on the original, laying a four-on-the-floor beat over the lyrics and synths, mostly unchanged from the original, but with noticeably more energy. The remix from Party Thieves is as short as Pegboard Nerds’, though admittedly lacking in energy; most of the track is build and bridge, rather than main drop.

FKYA rounds things up with a more indie dance remix, taking the guitar riff in the original and playing off that as a main melody. Less EDM than the others, this one still plays off the original beautifully and comes just behind Pegboard Nerds as our second favorite remix of the bunch.

You can listen to them all below!

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Pegboard Nerds & LOUDPVCK Tease Their Official “Paris” Remixes

Well, we knew this day was coming… the official “Paris” remixes are coming soon. So far, a couple of artists have teased their releases, namely Pegboard Nerds and LOUDPVCK.

While Pegboard Nerds did the original justice and transplanted it with their own unique blend of bass music, LOUDPVCK went a more subtle, future bass approach that definitely took us by surprise.

We know LOUDPVCK’s remix drops tomorrow, so it’s safe to assume Pegboard Nerds’ above tweet is in reference to their remix, likely releasing within an official remix pack.


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Source: Pegboard Nerds & LOUDPVCK Tease Their Official “Paris” Remixes

Pegboard Nerds & NGHTMRE Feat. Krewella – Superstar (KANDY Remix)

KANDY has taken on the grimey trifecta of Pegboard Nerds, NGHTMRE, and Krewella to bring fans a sugarcoated remix of their collaboration “Superstar”.

The first half is a hard-hitting dubstep arrangement with a chopping lead and throwback percussion á la 2010, and the latter portion steps up to a hyped-out drum and bass rhythm that screams of cavities. All in all, this “Superstar” remix is yet another juicy KANDY production that’s going to incite riots in a live setting, so prepare your body and have a listen.

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Source: Pegboard Nerds & NGHTMRE Feat. Krewella – Superstar (KANDY Remix)

Win A Roundtrip Flight, Hotel & Tickets To See Dada Life At Red Rocks This Spring

Swedish duo Dada Life is known for going over the top for many of the their shows and experiences. As they bring back their “Dada Land Before Time” event to Red Rocks once again this May, one lucky fan will win the opportunity of a lifetime.

In celebration of the show, with support from Slander and Pegboard Nerds, Dada Life will be awarding one winner with the ultimate show package.

Dada Life will cover one round trip flight from anywhere in continental USA + hotel room for 1 night. You’ll also win two tickets to the event (but you’re responsible for getting your friend there and back).

Dada Life has fans all over the country, so this could be your shot at winning big – or, you could be the best friend ever and take a buddy along with you.

Enter the contest here.


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Dada Life will cover one round trip flight from anywhere in continental USA + hotel room for 1 night for a max of 2 people (no ground covered). Dada Life will provide 2 tickets to the event if winner wants to bring a guest (at their expense). Winner (and guest) must both be over 18.

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Aspire to Inspire 173: Clayton Warwick

(Original Photo By: Valerie Hawks)

Building something from the ground up often deters a lot of people from chasing what they really want to do. The safer and more stable route is most often taken because the risk of losing it all can be scary.

For Clayton Warwick, Founder of charitable platform, Cadence and Cause, Co-Founder + Artist Relations Manager of music publication, The Music Ninja, and Artist Manager for Bobby Nourmand, the risk has absolutely been worth the reward, time and time again.

Clayton grew up in Colorado and was a music fanatic from a very young age. During high school he developed a love for the music industry as well, and then experiencing Warped Tour several years later ignited the flame for his now 10+ year journey working in music.

“I fell in love with the music industry when I was in high school, but it wasn’t until Warped Tour of ’06 where I really became enveloped by it. I went with my best friend’s band to help them out. I was just selling merch for them, but the pageantry of the tour really got a hold of me. All of those moving pieces falling perfectly in place. They all came together and provided people with such an amazing, joyful escape.”

Although he did not study music throughout his college years at Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado, Clayton’s passion for it grew. He studied marketing and went on to land a few positions at advertising agencies, which he enjoyed. But just as any person with aspirations, Clayton’s draw to the music industry pulled him towards a very different opportunity.

“At that time, Hype Machine was just starting to pick up steam, and working in agencies you have a lot of early adapters as far as new technologies and music-centric things, so someone introduced me to it. Through it, I discovered The Music Ninja and found that it represented me as a music consumer because it covered various genres from indie rock to folk to hip-hop and any type of sub genre of dance music that you could imagine.

They had an open call for new writers and I tried out. I submitted a sample piece and they brought me on board. At first it was just a hobby, but once I got about six months into it and saw what the blogging world was like, that was when I connected the dots and saw it as something that I could transition into professionally.”

Sometimes all it takes is that first step, that one chance to stray from the usual nine-to-five we are expected to fall into, that leads to a new life and profession. Once we get passed it, it can seem like the jump wasn’t so bad after all.

Looking back, Clayton only wishes that he had gone for the opportunity sooner.

“If I could tell my younger self anything, I would have said to keep playing music, not to stop, and also to start working on what you’re passionate about as early as humanly possible because it wasn’t until I was 25 or 26 that I realized I could do and create things in my own time. Following my passion ultimately led to working in the field that I loved. I wish I would have started when I was 19 or 20 and have that many more years doing something I truly enjoy.”

What is it that keeps us from making that jump? Of course there is the idea that it may not be as financially stable as other jobs, but the competition is a major factor as well. Like many others, Clayton initially felt as though working in the music industry was an intimidating and cutthroat environment. Countless people have tried and failed, even the most passionate have come home defeated. But sometimes it works out, and does so in such a way that we chuckle at our previous conceptions.

“I’ve worked with some of the nicest people in this industry and made life-long bonds. I think that cutthroat stipulation makes me laugh now because I thoroughly enjoyed a good majority of the people I’ve worked with in music.

As far as obstacles go, however, there are so many to count. I have challenges all across the board. But to keep it simple, whenever you’re doing something on your own, it’s high risk and high reward. You’re putting your heart and soul into something and there are certain situations where there have been investment dollars and you’re really worried about making it. You’re worried about it being successful, and when you’re doing something that is truly yours and yours alone, you realize it lives and dies by what you do. If what your doing isn’t successful, it’s nobody’s fault but your own. One of the biggest obstacles for me was overcoming failure and realizing that even though it’s just me (of course, aside from The Music Ninja, where I have a team), you feel like the world is riding on your shoulders and that’s okay. I learned how to weigh the successes a little heavier and give myself a bit more credit and be a little easier on myself when failures come around. They inevitably will, especially if you’re chasing your passion and doing your own thing.”

Learning how to turn failures around into successes, even if just in your memory of the experience, is a major factor in how you approach things in the future. Turning them into not only learning experiences, but also fuel for the next idea, is a sign of maturity and resilience we could all take a note or two from.

Had Clayton not pushed forward and stayed true to his ideas, we may not have the inspirational project known as Cadence and Cause today.

“People kept hitting us up for giveaways and I saw the magnitude of things that are given away for free for the sake of social media and promotion. It’s astounding. Something clicked and I thought well this has a lot of value well beyond just promotion. I just connected the dots and asked myself ‘what if some of these things were used to raise money for charities that need it?’”

Cadence and Cause has generated countless memorable moments for fans, as well as donations to those in need by using music, merch, memorabilia, and experiences with top artists and festivals to give fans a chance to meet and connect with their favorite artists, while also raising money for charities picked by the artist involved. While many winners and donations have been chosen, there is one moment that sticks out in Clayton’s memory.

“One of the first really significant campaigns we did, we had the Pegboard Nerds at Global Dance Festival in Colorado at Red Rocks. Someone had entered for a chance to win this ultimate sweepstakes, which included dinner with the guys backstage, all access, photo session, hangout, and all that jazz. The Pegboard Nerds surprised them and brought them on stage in front of 8,000 screaming fans. The look on these two people’s faces as they ran their homemade Nerd Nation flag across the front of Red Rocks blew me away. But beyond that, we raised money to help provide hearing care for children in third world countries. I believe it was around 300 children that we provided with care. Seeing what was once just an idea of mine now connecting these two kids to Pegboard Nerds in a way that they’ll never forget and giving people in another country something that they wouldn’t have had, was absolutely mind blowing.”

Having spent as much time in the music industry as Clayton has, he would truly like to see more people take the time to help each other out. He has had many mentors throughout his career who helped him learn as much as he could and prepare him for the positions he holds today and hopes that others can have that same experience and aren’t afraid to ask questions.

“The industry is changing constantly, so no author can keep up with how fast it evolves. You have to rely on people who are in it and doing it and working on it. I’ve always tried to carve out some time to help anyone who needs it, whether it’s with writing or explaining my process on something. I’d like to see more of that in this industry and help others who are trying to come up and are very passionate about it.”

As cutthroat and intimidating as the music industry may seem, there are always those who are willing to lend a helping hand and show you the way. If you are willing to ask questions and get involved in something you truly love, who knows, maybe one day you’ll be the founder of your own organization too.

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Pegboard Nerds Release New Single and Unveil “Revenge of the Nerds” Tour

The Pegboard Nerds have been hard at work over the last year. On the heels of the successful “Nerds by Nature” tour and a Billboard-charting EP, the duo is back at it again with yet another tour and a fresh new single.

Announced Saturday, the “Revenge of the Nerds” tour will take the duo to 25 different cities across North America, starting in Edmonton, AB and finishing in Virginia Beach. If the trailer is giving anything away, “Revenge of the Nerds” is looking to be an epic tour filled with massive energy and tons of brand new music. Tickets are available now at Check out the trailer below:

Additionally, the Pegboard Nerds recently released their Spinnin’ Records debut “Voodoo” in collaboration with the up-and-coming electro house producer & Tiësto protegeé Tony Junior. “Voodoo” is a very different sound for both the Nerds and Tony Junior, so make sure to listen with that expectation. The track combines Junior’s brand of house with the Pegboard Nerds’ sugary-sweet undertones for a truly one-of-a-kind result. Listen to “Voodoo” and buy the track below:

Get it here:!SSR

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Source: Pegboard Nerds Release New Single and Unveil “Revenge of the Nerds” Tour

Win Tickets to Pegboard Nerds on Their Nerds By Nature Tour!

Who is ready to let a little bit of their inner nerd out here in the windy city? With the whether getting nicer one of the best ways to enjoy it is with some good music and that is exactly what we have here for you! We have teamed up again with React Presents to bring you a ticket giveaway for the Pegboard Nerds show happening this weekend!

One lucky winner will receive a pair (2) of GA tickets to the show happening on Saturday, April 30th at Concord Music Hall! Enter below for your chance to win and remember, you can gain entries every day by sharing to both Facebook and Twitter. Winner must be 18 years of age or older by the time of the show, winner will be picked this Thursday (so keep an eye on those emails).

Win tickets to Pegboard Nerds in Chicago on April 30th at Concord Music Hall
in Giveaways on LockerDome

If you don’t want to risk missing out on the show than don’t worry, tickets are still on sale here!



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[GIVEAWAY] Win a Meet & Greet with Pegboard Nerds and a Pair of Sol Republic Headphones

SOL_Giveaway[final]We here at Your EDM are thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with Pegboard Nerds and Monstercat to give you the opportunity to meet The Nerds on their upcoming North American Uncaged Tour!

But wait, there’s more: not only will you get to meet the dynamic duo themselves, but you’ll receive a pair of Sol Republic headphones as well!

For those of you who don’t know, every stop of this tour was made possible by all the fans who voted to bring The Nerds to their respective cities, so we thought this would be an awesome way to give back to the people who made all of this possible in the first place.

Enter below for your chance to win, good luck!


9/4 – Minneapolis, MN
9/05 – Pontiac, MI
9/06 – Oklahoma City, OK
9/12 – Los Angeles, CA
9/13 – Miami, FL
9/18 – San Francisco, CA
9/19 – Denver, CO
9/20 – Charlotte, NC
9/26 – Tampa, FL
9/27 – Orlando, FL
9/28 – Atlanta, GA
10/02 – New Orleans, LA
10/03 – Toronto, ON
10/04 – Montreal, QC
10/10 – Dallas, TX
10/11 – Houston, TX
10/17 – Murfreesboro, TN
10/18 – Richmond, VA
10/24 – Ottawa, ON
10/25 – Akron, OH
11/01 – Chicago, IL
11/06 – Boston, MA
11/07- Newport, KY


P.S. Make sure you check out this devastating trap tune Pegboard Nerds released on Monstercat last week as a FREE DOWNLOAD!

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Georgia’s Counterpoint Festival Announces 2014 Lineup

Listen here: Georgia’s Counterpoint Festival Announces 2014 Lineup

While everyone may have their eyes set on Coachella this April, not everyone may be able to sojourn all the way to the west coast for it — and Counterpoint Music & Arts Festival, happening on April 25-27, is the east coast’s answer for those who want a solid festival to attend. Based in Kingston Downs, Georgia, this festival has some overlap in their lineup with Coachella, such as Krewella, Big Gigantic, Flosstradamus, GTA, Foster the People, Sleigh Bells, Chance the Rapper, and Outkast. But the lineup gets even better, featuring more dance music acts like Pretty Lights, Flux Pavilion, Major Lazer, Above & Beyond, A-Trak, Wolfgang Gartner, Boys Noize, Griz, Minnesota, Kill Paris, Congorock, Mayhem, and Pegboard Nerds. Early-bird tickets are sold out, but Advanced GA passes start at $180.

CounterPoint Music Festival 2014 Lineup e1389816633813 Georgias Counterpoint Festival Announces 2014 Lineup

Chart Movers: Producers who Killed it in 2013

Listen here: Chart Movers: Producers who Killed it in 2013

By anyone’s standards, 2013 was a great year for electronic music. Heavy hitters like Avicii and Calvin Harris went mainstream, show attendance swelled, and everyone in the industry raked in the $$$. For some, it was a better than good year – it was their ‘breakthrough year’ where they were vaulted into being top billed talent at the major shows – sometimes pulling more fans than other longtimers and household names. We like to give praise where it is due. So whether it was amazing management, great PR, perfect production skills, or just really mindblowingly good luck, congratulations to all these producers for killing it in 2013.

1) Martin Garrix
2) Fedde Le Grand
3) Deorro
4) Cashmere Cat
5) Disclosure
6) TJR
7) Mat Zo
8) Pegboard Nerds
9) Griz
10) Kill Paris