Cavs Fans Boo Tristan Thompson Amid Rumors He Cheated on Pregnant Khloé Kardashian

Nowhere is safe for Tristan Thompson—not even the basketball court. Cavaliers fans attending Wednesday night's final regular season game trolled the player in support of Khloé Kardashian, his very-soon-to-be baby mama. This week Thompson has been tangled in a web of reports exposing his alleged infidelity. Now it seems no matter where the 27-year-old goes, he won't be able to escape the drama.

One person attending the game against the New York Knicks shared a photo of a fan holding a “We [heart] Khloé,” sign. Other fans reported booing when Thompson hit the court.

The scandal began when video surfaced of Thompson allegedly making out with two women back in 2017, long after he and Khloé had started dating. More photos and video surfaced, reportedly showing Thompson canoodling with a woman on a rooftop bar in Manhattan. The Shade Room also published video of Thompson and a woman entering his hotel at 5 a.m. over the weekend. So far, all of the women deny they knew Khloé was pregnant at the time.

A source told Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday that Khloé is “completely devastated” and that Tristan is “a man Khloé built a life with and saw as her forever.” Kris Kardashian reportedly flew to Cleveland to be with her daughter and “support her in whatever she needs.”


Khloé has been a big Cavs supporter, frequently spotted courtside since the couple began dating in 2016. The 32-year-old reality star is due any day now with their daughter, her first child. 

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Who Is Lil Skies?

Lil Skies released his first-ever project, Alone, in January of 2017. By the end of that same year, his life had changed drastically: the Waynesboro, PA rapper had become one of the internet's buzziest rappers, was about to go on tour with Lil Uzi Vert, signed a deal, and even made it through his first press tour. Skies made the right allies along the way, including director Cole Bennett, the YouTube sensations CUFBOYS, and singer/songwriter Landon Cube.

The 19-year-old teamed with Bennett and Cube for the “Nowadays” and “Red Roses” videos, both of which have become breakout hits for Skies. The songs appear on the Life of a Dark Rose project, which dropped back in December. When we linked up with him in New York City, the artist born Kimetrius Foose had just announced his first headlining tour. “I'm making it, but I ain't made it yet,” he told us. “This is my art… I'm trying to make all types of music for all types of crowds. I want it to be everywhere.”

Part of his appeal lies in a subversion of expectations. Lil Skies might have similar traits (tattoos abound, including the numbers eight and nine on his eyelids) to the wave of “SoundCloud rappers” that dominated industry conversations in 2017, but he's coming with a different sound. Life of a Dark Rose is unique in its straightforwardness—Skies' voice is largely unimpeded by effects and filters, and he has the bars to back it up. From the opening “Welcome To The Rodeo,” he's right up in your face, a defiant new voice of a generation finding its confidence. Skies' career is just beginning, but he's already sounding like a pro. “I can't stop even if I wanted to,” he says. “Now I got it, so I have to keep moving. Even when shit's good.” 

Watch our latest Who Is? with Skies above, and revisit his Trending Topics episode below. 

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Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports Landed One of the Most Exciting Players in the Upcoming NFL Draft

Penn State Nittany Lions running back Saquon Barkley has joined Jay Z's Roc Nation Sports. The decision was made official on Wednesday when Barkley posted a photo of himself with Hov. 

Other notable NFL players who have signed with the sports management agency include Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette, Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley, and Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant. “It was a really easy decision,” Barkley said, per ESPN. “A lot of people came around my way, but they were focused on me and they did a great job at selling my family on setting me up for life, bringing value outside of football. I felt like it was harder for other agencies to pitch that family feel when they were working with 30 or 40 guys.”

Barkley has made it clear to every NFL team that he's more than just a threat running out of the backfield. The Whitehall, PA native has the potential to be a franchise talent for the organization willing to take a chance on him.

This year's 2018 NFL Draft will be begin on April 26 at AT&T Stadium in Texas. 

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Meek Mill Reportedly Released From Solitary Confinement

While Meek Mill’s freedom hangs in the balance, news emerged that the embattled rapper won a small victory of sorts. TMZ reports Meek has been transferred from The State Correctional Institution at Camp Hill to a different facility.

“An official at the State Correctional Institution in Chester, PA tells TMZ … the rapper was just transferred to their prison and out of Camp Hill,” TMZ reported, citing unnamed sources. “He’s now in general population and he has his own cell.”

The State Correctional Institution in Chester is classified as a medium security facility, and the move to a different prison takes Mill roughly 120 miles west. Perhaps more importantly, the transfer takes Meek out of solitary, a change his team lobbied for after arguing that solitary confinement can “wreak havoc on a person’s mental state.”

The move to Chester is the latest twist in Meek’s ongoing legal drama, as Meek was reportedly denied a bail hearing Friday, as that hearing was allegedly canceled due to an administrative error.

As it currently stands, Meek is sentenced to two-to-four years for a probation violation originally stemming from a 2008 conviction for gun and drug charges. Meanwhile, authorities are said to be investigating the judge who handed down the sentence, amid allegations that she has a personal vendetta against Meek for refusing to mention her in a song and sign a management deal with Charlie “Mack” Alston.

You can read the full report on Meek’s alleged transfer and removal from solitary confinement via TMZ

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Teen Has Been Charged for Disrupting Church Service With XXXTentacion’s Music

Some ballsy teenager decided it’d be a good idea to blast XXXTentacion’s music during a church service in Canada. The teen now faces three criminal charges for pulling the stunt.

According to the Brampton Guardian, the disruption took place last Wednesday during evening mass at St. Eugene Mazenod Church in Brampton, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto. Authorities said the 16-year-old walked up to the altar and held his cellphone to the microphone, playing X’s profanity-laced track “Look At Me!” through the church’s PA system.

With lyrics such as, “Bitch, who is your mans?” and “Can't keep my dick in my pants,” it’s no surprise members of the congregation were upset. Some said the incident caused extreme fear, as they were unsure what the young man was going to do after hijacking the microphone. One congregate said he considered the act a religious hate crime; however, authorities said there is no indication of that.

“This event is unprecedented and has shook our community,” parishioner Peter Maka told the Guardian.

Shortly after he began playing “Look At Me!,” the teen was apprehended by three church members and was held until authorities arrived. The young man is now facing charges of mischief to religious property, disturbing a religious service, and breach of recognizance.


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Meet Tash Sultana, Loop Pedal Virtuoso With Extraordinary Guitar Skills

Tash Sultana was exhausted.

8,000 miles from home, the Australian native pulled up to a studio in Portland at the tail end of her first U.S. headlining tour.

“Wait, is this going to be filmed?” a groggy Sultana asked from the back seat of her tour van, pulling a tangle of hair out from under her beanie. 

Loading two giant boards of carefully placed effects pedals into the studio on a dark rainy day, it would have been excusable for Sultana to phone in a sleepy performance in front of our cameras.

Fortunately, any worries of a lackluster showing were dashed as soon as the opening riff of her bright, jangly single “Jungle” (video above) rang out over the speakers—energizing a now-smiling Sultana as her bare feet bounced up and down on the bohemian tapestry she takes everywhere she goes.

Adversity is nothing new for Sultana. She's proven herself capable of overcoming much more than a grueling tour schedule in her 21 years. Before a bedroom recording of “Jungle” went viral (leading to a record deal with Mom + Pop Music) she fought through drug-induced psychosis that came at the end of a series of admittedly “stupid decisions” while growing up in Melbourne.

“I was experimenting heaps,” she says of her teenage years. “And it wasn't peer pressure or anything. I was a curious little critter, so I just went at it.” She adds, “I've done every single drug apart from heroin. Which is just ridiculous actually. That's so dumb.”


“It's kind of like having schizophrenia, where you have distorted reality,” Sultana says of her drug-induced psychosis (which she’s now recovered from). “Once, I was in bed and I got up and screamed. My mom and my sister came into my room and I said, 'There's someone in the house.' But there was no one in the house. I just heard it in my head.”

I reckon I'd be probably like in the gutter somewhere if I didn't have music. Or actually, I would be dead.

Sultana turned to music, her “only therapy,” to help pull her out of the mess.

“I reckon I'd be probably like in the gutter somewhere if I didn't have music,” she says. “Or actually, I would be dead. I would actually be dead.”

With a dream of touring the world since she was a child, music has always been at the center of Sultana's life. As a 13-year-old, she got a fake ID to sneak in and play at 21-and-over clubs. Then, when she wasn't play shows, she took to the streets and made extra money busking.

Tash Sultana P&P Sessions

“I chose busking because I didn't want to be working for someone else,” Sultana says. “I wanted to work as I am. I feel like you ultimately do have a choice if you have your vision. So, I had a vision forever that I was going to play music. And there was no stopping that. So I thought, you could take it to the street and just jam every day. I'm doing it in my bedroom, so, I used to like hook a PA system up to a car battery and just shred. I'd get heaps of like, fines for breaching the noise limit,” she laughs. “And I'm not paying them. I'm not paying.”

I'm not that cool or anything. I'm actually kind of a dickhead. But I can play a song, so that's enough for me.

After an eventful 2016, she's traded in fines for sold-out shows across the world.

Capturing the attention of millions with a series of bedroom recording videos that show off her unique looping style and wild guitar solos, Sultana released her debut EP Notion, and sold out so many shows along her first U.S. headlining tour this winter that she's already booked a return trip at larger venues.

So far, she's handling the success with the same calm, self-effacing ease she that applies to everything in life.

Music draws me in,” she says. “As soon as I hear it, I'm there. I'm stuck in it. So I just wanted to be like that. I'm not that cool or anything. I'm actually kind of a dickhead. But I can play a song, so that's enough for me.”

Watch Sultana perform “Jungle” and “Notion” above and see dates for her next U.S. tour here.

Photos by Alexis Kaplan.


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WRLD x SMLE – Stranded (feat. Kiddo Al)

Announcing a North American headlining tour and releasing some of 2017’s hottest tracks makes for a winning combo. So does WRLD x SMLE. Their new collaborative track “Stranded” is an instant classic, combining the two’s future bass sounds effortlessly. Featuring the lovely vocals of Kiddo Al rounds out the track perfectly, making this track a must listen.

The track starts with a flurry of jazzy, 80’s inspired synths with some drum hits. Kiddo Al’s voice quickly breaks through, sucking you into the melody immediately. The combination of nostalgic synths, future bass vibes, and the undeniably bubbly voice of Kiddo Al creates a perfectly emotive and dynamic track.

Take a listen below:

Check the duo out in a town near you and grab your tickets here

3/2/17   – The Exchange – Minneapolis, MN
3/3/17   – Echo – Los Angeles, CA
3/8/17   – Lost Lake – Denver, CO
3/9/17   – Yost Theater – Santa Ana, CA
3/10/17 – Riot Room – Kansas City, MO
3/14/17 – Great Scott – Boston, MA
3/15/17 – U Street Music Hall, Washington DC
3/17/17 – Chop Shop – Chicago, IL
3/21/17 – The Stache – Grand Rapids, MI
3/22/17 – Knitting Factory – Brooklyn, NY
3/23/17 – CODA – Philadelphia, PA
3/24/17 – 1015 Folsom – San Francisco, CA

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Lost Frequencies Set To Join The Chainsmokers On Tour, Releases “All Or Nothing”

Belgian super talent, Lost Frequencies has been creating quite the stir in the dance music scene as of late, with platinum and double platinum singles for his tracks “Are You With Me” & “Reality.” Hosting his very own ‘Lost Frequencies & Friends’ stage at the world-renowned Tomorrowland festival in 2017, Lost Frequencies is a name that simply cannot escape the mind. Alongside the massive accolade of hosting his very own stage, Lost Frequencies will also be playing the mainstage at Tomorrowland this year.

The Belgian wunderkind steps back into the limelight upon the release of his latest single “All Or Nothing,” out now via Ultra Music. “All Or Nothing” maintains all the stylistic hallmarks that people have come to know and love Lost Frequencies for. Tropical house plucks, soft guitar notes and his signature deep house sound all accompanied Axel Ehnström’s catchy vocals. “All Or Nothing” is slated to appear on Lost Frequencies’ debut album LOST AND FOUND.

Stream “All Or Nothing” below and snag the track here!

After indulging fans with jaw-dropping live sets at the world’s biggest festivals including Tomorrowland, Coachella and Lollapalooza, Lost Frequencies is set to join The Chainsmokers during their forthcoming U.S. Memories arena tour, further solidifying himself as an international tastemaker.

Catch Lost Frequencies on tour:

Date City Venue
Thu 3/2 San Francisco, CA Audio
Fri 3/3 Seattle, WA Foundation Nightclub
Sat 3/4 San Diego, CA CRSSD Festival
Sun 3/5 Los Angeles, CA Wicked Paradise Pool Party (Mondrian Hotel)
Fri 3/10 Denver, CO Nativ Hotel
Sat 3/11 Austin, TX Kingdom
*Supporting The Chainsmokers
Fri 5/26 Columbia, MD Merriweather Post Pavilion*
Fri 6/2 Boston, MA TD Garden*
Sun 6/4 Philadelphia, PA Liacouras Center*
Wed 6/7 Providence, RI Dunkin Donuts Center*
Sat 6/10 Queens, NY Forest Hills Stadium*

Follow Lost Frequencies

Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud / Instagram

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Source: Lost Frequencies Set To Join The Chainsmokers On Tour, Releases “All Or Nothing”

Your EDM Premiere: Keys N Krates x KRANE – Right Here

A match that we never knew we wanted was made earlier today, when live electronic band Keys N Krates and rising underground legend KRANE teamed up to release a collaborative single, “Right Here.” Coming as a fluid blend of the two acts’ iconic styles, the song expertly combines KNK’s minimal, hard-hitting arrangement with KRANE’s sound design and songwriting prowess. The result is a track that’s already primed to hit the stages during the upcoming festival season.

When asked about the start of their relationship with KRANE, Keys N Krates said they became fans from the moment they heard his late 2015 original, “Movin.”

“When we first heard KRANE’s tune ‘Movin’ we knew he was special and we immediately became fans.  We got in contact with him, and just sort of just built and it became natural for us to work on something together eventually.  We sent him this dark RnB driven type idea that he put he then put his spin on and it started really becoming a cool blend of our sounds.”

For KRANE, the experience of working with several of his early inspirations was something to be extremely proud of.

“I remember when I started producing watching vids on Youtube of these dudes rehearsing. Been a long time fan of KnK and what they represent in electronic music, so having come all this way and made a tune with them is really something I’m extremely proud of.”

The song begins with a swell of warm synth above distant percussive strikes and a pulsating ripple, quickly rising towards the vocals as they occupy the spotlight. A gradual series kick drums and claps pairs with the climbing energy towards the drop, until an explosion of powerful future bass waves and signature, high-pitched vocal chops take over the space. Sharp snare hits and a rumbling bass transform the vibe into a riot full of cascading melodies and thick sonic textures.

Listen to “Right Here” below, and check further down for a download and the two acts’ touring schedules!

Click here to purchase your copy via iTunes!


2/10 – Webster Hall – New York, NY

2/17 – Wobbleland – San Jose, CA

3/3 – Starlite Room – Edmonton, AB

3/4 – Exchange – Los Angeles, CA

3/24 – Sky – Salt Lake City, UT

3/25 – Stereo Live – Dallas, TX

Keys N Krates:

Feb 03 – Webster Hall (DJ SET) – New York, NY

Feb 11 – CRUSH – Dallas, TX

Feb 17 – Echostage – Washington, DC

Feb 24 – Create Nightclub (DJ SET) – Los Angeles, CA

Feb 25 – Bassmnt (DJ SET) – San Diego, CA

Mar 03 – BETA Nightclub (DJ SET) – San Diego, CA

Apr 08– Phoenix Lights Festival – Phoenix, AZ

May 05 – Middlelands Festival – Todd Mission, TX

May 26 – Elements Festival – North East, PA

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Source: Your EDM Premiere: Keys N Krates x KRANE – Right Here

Rockie Fresh Joining G-Eazy On ‘These Things Happen’ Tour


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The “James Dean of hip-hop” joins forces with Maybach Music Group. G-Eazy is enlisting Rockie Fresh as part of his upcoming “These Things Happen Tour,” RapFix has exclusively learned. The MMG newcomer has been named as the tour’s opening act along with Toronto rapper Tory Lanez and California native Kyle.

The Buzz On: G-Eazy

As a musical accompaniment to this tour announcement, G-Eazy recently unleashed a remix to “Been On” featuring Rockie and Tory Lanez.

The 40-date “These Things Happen Tour” kicks off February 21 in Dallas and continues with stops in New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto.

G-Eazy is prepping to release a new album, the follow-up to 2012’s Must Be Nice, called These Things Happen, this spring. The effort comes on the heels of a string of big wins for the Oakland rapper including opening up for Drake’s “Light Dreams and Nightmares” tour in 2010 and jumping on Lil Wayne’s “America’s Most Wanted Tour” in 2013.

Eazy spoke to Respect last year about his artistic goal of always bettering himself. “That’s the motto that I want to take after: never getting too comfortable in one spot. You want to keep pushing things forward and wanting to keep trying new things and keep getting better.”

For more information on the These Things Happen Tour visit See the current tour dates below:

2/21/14 Dallas, TX Tree’s
2/22/14 Houston, TX Warehouse Live Studio
2/23/14 Austin, TX The Parish
2/25/14 Albuquerque, NM Sunshine
2/26/14 Phoenix, AZ Marquee
2/27/14 Los Angeles, CA Fonda
2/28/14 Pomona, CA Glasshouse
3/1/14 San Diego, CA Soma
3/2/14 Ventura, CA Venture Theater
3/4/14 Santa Cruz, CA Catalyst
3/5/14 San Francisco, CA Fillmore
3/7/14 Seattle, WA Showbox
3/8/14 Vancouver, BC Fortune
3/9/14 Portland, OR Wonder Ballroom
3/11/14 Salt Lake City, UT In The Venue
3/12/14 Denver, CO Ogden
3/13/13 Austin, TX SXSW
3/14/13 Austin, TX SXSW
3/15/14 Oxford, OH Brick Street
3/16/14 Chicago, IL Bottom Lounge
3/17/14 Grand Rapids, MI Intersection
3/18/14 Cleveland, OH House of Blues
3/19/14 Detroit, MI Crofoot
3/20/14 Toronto, ON Mod Club
3/21/14 Montreal, QC Underworld
3/22/14 Boston, MA Paradise
3/23/14 Burlington, VT Higher Ground
3/26/14 Philadelphia, PA TLA
3/27/14 New York, NY Irving Plaza
3/28/14 Springfield, VA Empire
3/29/14 Pittsburgh, PA Altar Bar
3/30/14 Columbus, OH Newport Music Hall
3/31/14 Carrborro, NC Cats Cradle
4/2/14 Orlando, FL The Plaza
4/4/14 Atlanta, GA Masquerade
4/6/14 St. Louis, MO Pops
4/8/14 Iowa City, IA Blue Moose Tap House
4/9/14 Lawrence, KS Granada
4/10/14 Little Rock, AR Juanita’s
4/12/14 New Orleans, LA One Eyed Jacks