Oliver Heldens Gives His Thoughts On New Chainsmokers Collab & Marshmello

Oliver Heldens has been in his fair share of Twitter spats recently, most notably a hilariously nonsensical argument with Diplo over Major Lazer’s remix of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You.”

Though this time isn’t really a “beef,” it certainly has the potential to be. Heldens started off by offering some criticism against The Chainsmokers’ newest collaboration with Coldplay, “Something Just Like This,” saying, “imo I’ve heard waaay[sic] better stuff” by either artist. We also remarked that the song should have been better, considering who was involved, and the similarity to “Roses” was too close.

He then actually went on to say that he “finally” understood the hype around Marshmello, adding that it’s “very different,” blending the Flume cool wave with “happy EDM.” We can say he pretty much hit the nail on the head with that one, as Marshmello’s music definitely caters to a set of fans that love future bass (but aren’t all about sound design) and just want to have fun at shows.

He leaves off with a comment on top melodies, expressing dissatisfaction with those that don’t really have anything to say. “When 1 easy melody brings different/controversy emotions, that’s the best imo,” he tweeted.

Apparently, a bunch of fans called him a “savage” for these tweets, but he doesn’t see the fuss.
“I’m not hating, just analyzing.”


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Source: Oliver Heldens Gives His Thoughts On New Chainsmokers Collab & Marshmello

Oliver Heldens & Diplo Get Into Hilarious Twitter Beef Over New Major Lazer Remix

Here at Your EDM, we’re no strangers to Twitter beef. From Deadmau5 to The Chainsmokers, Seth Troxler to The Black Madonna, we’ve seen it all. Today, we bring you a fresh cut slab of beef courtesy of Diplo and Oliver Heldens.

Granted, this one is a lot calmer than the one between Jai Wolf, Ghastly & company this past weekend, but there’s still some hilarious ribbing going on – even Dillon Francis joins for a jab or two. For the record, we completely agree with Heldens that the “Shape Of You” remix definitely leaves something to be desired.

With that being said, check out the tweets below and enjoy.

As for the tiny penis comment made by Diplo, it seems he might still be feeling a little raw from this Lorde burn back in 2014.


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Source: Oliver Heldens & Diplo Get Into Hilarious Twitter Beef Over New Major Lazer Remix

Creamfields 2017 Unveils Full Headlining Lineup With Armin van Buuren, Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers & Much More

For the 20th anniversary of Creamfields, festival organizers spared no expense in rolling out what might be the heaviest festival lineup in Europe when it comes to sheer star power in the dance acts. In fact, there are so many headliners that the festival’s main poster is literally just a poster of all headliners cross genre.

The festival will take place across four days from Thursday, August 24th Sunday the 27th. Now take a deep breath and get a hold of this ‘headliner lineup.’ Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, The Chainsmokers, deadmau5 & Eric Prydz, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Diplo, DVBBS, Hardwell, Marshmello, Martin Garrix, and Tiësto.

And that’s not to speak of other major dance acts like Jauz, Galantis, Tchami, Alesso, Axwell Λ Ingrosso, Nicky Romero, Oliver Heldens, KSHMR, Steve Angello and more. While Idris Elba might not be a superstar DJ by any means it looks like he’s also been given the ‘headliner’ treatment here.

Check out the full headliner lineup below and grab tickets and check out the full lineup here and here respectively.


Featured Image Source: Anthony Mooney

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Source: Creamfields 2017 Unveils Full Headlining Lineup With Armin van Buuren, Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers & Much More

Aspire to Inspire 177: Funkagenda

(Original Photo By: Stuart Tracte)

We all have dreams, we all have an ideal of what we’d like to achieve and what we’d like to be doing with our lives. What happens, though, when you start walking that path and you realize it may not be all it’s cracked up to be? In fact, you’re sad more often than deriving any type of joy from what you thought was your true calling. That was what happened with British DJ/producer/sound engineer, Adam Walder, better known as Funkagenda. After developing a name for himself over the course of many years, he began to tire of the scene. Coupled with depression, Funkagenda left the scene for a while. However, now he is back and has found his groove again, not only as a solo artist but also working behind the scenes as a sound engineer. Like so many others, music was not his first love.

“Well when I was a kid I wanted to be an archaeologist, but then I found out that they were NOT like Indiana Jones and were actually more like teachers with those suede patches on their blazers so I strayed from that idea. Then when I was about 11 years old I started to play with my grandfather’s keyboard collection and that just ignited something in me. I wanted to learn how to make the sounds and program the drums. I got really into making music and it’s been my passion ever since.”

Although he’s been in the scene for almost a decade, it’s tough to peg Funkagenda into a certain genre. Oliver Heldens and Sander van Doorn recently revived his 2008 tech-house hit, “WTF.” He’s dabbled with various genres and conforming to fan expectations is always something that’s irked him. It was these mounting frustrations, along with other personal issues that caused him to leave the scene momentarily.

“I find it irritating that sometimes I can’t experiment as much as I would like because I’m ‘expected’ to be a certain thing. I was never one kind of producer. I started out making drum & bass when I was 17, then hip hop, then techno, trance, and house. I always like to try my hand at new styles and it’s saddening when “fans” lash out at you for trying to be creative. However, I get afraid a lot in life. Life bewilders me. I just want to be able to survive and do what I love and sometimes those simple tasks become incredibly difficult. It was one of my major reasons for withdrawing from the scene. The scene is draining on your soul. I found myself playing music I didn’t like in a desperate attempt to please crowds who were just not that interested. And I just thought to myself ‘this is meant to be my dream, this is meant to be making me happy…why am I miserable all the time?’ Being diagnosed with borderline bi-polar depressive disorder didn’t help either, but at least it helped me to understand that it wasn’t all me.”

Despite being in a dark place, armed with the knowledge that he had an illness, Adam returned home to the UK from Los Angeles where he’s been able to work and overcome his depression with the help and support of his family, girlfriend, and two dogs. Adam says as a sufferer it’s not initially clear that you have a disease and to those around you it appears as though you’ve gone off the rails. As is commonplace, Adam was prescribed medication, but that did not solve the problem either. He cites a strong support network as the main factor that has allowed him to go back to work.

“Well the hardest thing is realizing you have a legitimate problem, because it’s not clear as a sufferer and it isn’t clear to other people – they just think you’ve gone off the rails. I would have these very high manic days, maybe like 4-5 in a row, and I would feel so good about everything, worked really hard and be so positive about life. But then it’s like a light bulb just switched off and the world got dark. Then for the next 2-3 weeks I was unable to do anything. I could lie in one place in silence for hours and hours at a time. It was awful. I just thought my life was making me unhappy or that I wasn’t any good at what I do. It disrupted my self-confidence. I started medication, but it wasn’t the right choice for me. I couldn’t feel ANYTHING and as an artist that is as crippling as being depressed. So I have been working my way through it with the love and support of my friends and my girlfriend (and our two wonderful dogs), and although it hasn’t been the most instant solution, it’s certainly allowed me to work and write music again.”

Although he still produces his own music, a lot of Adam’s focus has shifted to engineering and he says it’s ironic how he encounters so many producers trying to make cliché music because they’re going for something successful. Adam tried doing that and it left him feeling empty. He has discovered all you can do is follow your path and hope for the best, because success is far from guaranteed. But, like Wayne Gretzky said, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. You have to try to achieve something.

“Ironically…a lot of work you get is people wanting to make records that are very cliché because they are trying to succeed in the same way as I was trying to survive, by making records for the crowd and not for the love. I find that still writing my own music allows me an emotional output, though, and my first real single since I left LA went top 10 on Beatport, so I think that the hiatus was necessary. The main thing is not to quit. Things can get very hard and you might feel like you are getting nowhere and that’s because success is a lottery in this business. However, if you stop buying tickets you’ll never win and that’s the key. You work hard, get good, believe in yourself and others will believe in you. I think you can achieve anything if you really want it. I did.”

It’s incredible to see someone successfully overcome their struggles and achieve something great. Happiness is not a destination; it is a journey. When we see the silver lining and become grateful for our past, current, and future challenges, we can experience true peace and joy. With the help and support from those around him, Adam is now able to do this and sees the light at the end of the tunnel after it eluded him for several years.


If you or anyone you know is feeling like something is not quite right, those feelings may be early warnings for possible mental health conditions. Do not hesitate to seek help or offer support. Taking a screening can help determine if additional help is required. Visit www.mhascreening.org to take a free, confidential, and anonymous mental health screen. Several global online and regional recovery support communities can be found at the links below:

Mental Health America

To Write Love On Her Arms

Visit JED’s Mental Health Resource Center for information, resources, and tips for how to help yourself or a loved one.

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Loud Luxury & Ryan Shepherd Release “Something To Say” On Tiësto’s AFTR:HRS Records

Toronto-based duo Loud Luxury has been creating quite the stir in the dance music scene as of late. With just a handful of releases under their belt, the Canadian duo has garnered the support of dance music legends like Tiësto, Martin Garrix, and Oliver Heldens just to name a few.

In their return to the limelight, Loud Luxury joins forces with Toronto-based deep house producer and DJ Ryan Shepherd for their latest collaboration, “Something To Say,” out now on Tiësto’s deep house imprint, AFTR:HRS.

The absolute club banger incorporates soothing vocals over a beautifully crafted radiant bassline and fattened synths maintaining all the stylistic hallmarks that people have come to know and love Loud Luxury & Ryan Shepherd for.

Stream “Something To Say” below and snag the track here!

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Source: Loud Luxury & Ryan Shepherd Release “Something To Say” On Tiësto’s AFTR:HRS Records

Oliver Heldens and Armin van Buuren Take Over Latest Night Owl Radio Episode

Pasquale Rotella’s Night Owl Radio is a show that you can always count on for having some of the top guests in dance music, taking over the mixers for regularly scheduled guests mixes. Last Friday, the Insomniac founder featured two incredible dance music members from opposite sides of the spectrum: Oliver Heldens and Armin van Buuren. The two t0ok over the ‘Up All Night’ and guest mix halves of the show, respectively.

Both artists are scheduled to play major LA shows in February, so the timing makes perfect sense. Oliver Heldens will stop by the Hollywood Palladium on the 18th while Armin took over The Forum in LA on Saturday night. This feature could also be a hint at these two joining the EDC 2017 lineup.

First up, Oliver used his 10 minutes ‘Up All Night’ segment wisely, dropping KAYTRANADA, HI-LO, and one of his one mashups as his three tracks to represent his ‘dusk till dawn’ selection. Following that, Armin delivered 40 minutes of pure trance with plenty of his own tracks, collaborations, and remixes.

Stream it all below and check out the tracklist here.


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Lollapalooza Berlin 2017: Foo Fighters, Hardwell, Marshmello & More

Lollapalooza will return to Berlin for its third year, at a new location. It will take place September 9-10 at Rennbahn Hoppegarten, and will feature headlining performances from the Foo Fighters and Mumford & Sons.

Heading up the undercard are The xx, who just released a new album, as well as Marshmello, Hardwell, Oliver Heldens, Galantis and NGHTMRE from the dance music realm. There are still more artists to be announced.

View Lollapalooza Berlin’s initial line-up below. Purchase your tickets here.

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Source: Lollapalooza Berlin 2017: Foo Fighters, Hardwell, Marshmello & More

“Me, Myself & I” Gets The Best Remix Yet From A 16-Year-Old Phenom

Oliver Heldens‘ recently leaked future house remix of G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha‘s “Me, Myself & I” is great, there’s no denying that. But Martin Garrix collaborator and 16-year-old superstar Mesto might just have him beat.

The youngster dropped a free bootleg of the radio hit today, and it is entirely characteristic of Mesto’s sound while still remaining a unique production in its own right. Most impressively, rather than cut out G-Eazy entirely, as most remixers tend to do for this song, Mesto uses his ad-libs expertly to progress the track towards the powerfully throbbing drops.

Interesting every step of the way, the young dutchman doesn’t waste a second in the sub-4-minute timespan, provoking a constant and unintentional head-bob from me listen after listen. Be sure to cop this free download as premiered by our friends at Future House Music who have certainly been making a name for themselves as well.

We challenge you to find a better remix than this… stream below.

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Source: “Me, Myself & I” Gets The Best Remix Yet From A 16-Year-Old Phenom

Into The .WAV: Throttle X Oliver Heldens

While electronic dance music’s rich heritage calls upon fans of all ages, at its core, the genre celebrates a youthful energy. In addition to the growing accessibility of production programs and sharing platforms, younger generations are now able to dive into our culture like never before, equipping them with tools to create its future.

At only 19-years-old, Robert Burgers, better known as Throttle, is one such producer bursting into the upper echelons of dance music. Purveyor of all things dirty and disco, Robert has managed to chase his musical aspirations even while trekking through school; faking an over-active bladder to go check on his viral videos, and taking study breaks from final exams to work on an Earth Wind & Fire remix.

Now, Throttle is about to release “Waiting,” the product of mutual admiration and a longstanding friendship with Oliver Heldens. Incorporating both Heldens’ adored future house and Throttle’s filthy breed of disco, “Waiting” has already been picked up for the theme of a major motion picture, and is paving the sound of house for summer 2016. But this current wave of success hasn’t always been the case for Throttle.

Stumbling into the scene at 12 years old, Robert began his foray into dance music with a steady diet of harder acts like Basshunter, but it wasn’t long before Australia’s famed OneLove compilations and Ministry of Sound’s renown mixes swooned him with four-on-the-floor.

“Yeah I would sit in my room for hours listening to all these dance music compilations, plus a Nickleback CD here and there. But apparently I’m not allowed to like them anymore…. In this world, there are Nickleback fans, and there are liars!”

Aside from questionable rock decisions, Yung Throttle was left in wonderment regarding how these compilations were put together, and satiated his curiosity by delving into the world of mixing. Soon he was playing house parties and putting together his own mashups, which segued naturally into music production. At the age of only 14, a friend had already started producing, giving Robert inspiration to go for it, get Ableton, and begin playing around with his own ideas. But experimenting with music quickly progressed into something more. After witnessing the meteoric rise of Madeon, both Robert and teenage producers around the world found hope in making music work at such a young age. Collaborating with Insan3Lik3, Throttle’s track “Better Than Expected” got signed with the Monstercat stamp of approval, and left him wanting more.

“I remember talking to a guy called Going Quantum, who I didn’t realize was I think actually the head of A&R at Monstercat. I thought he was doing his own thing separately and I was having a bitch to him about how I’d sent this other single to Monstercat and the fucking A&R there wouldn’t get back to me! [laughs] Turns out I was actually talking to the head A&R, and a couple of weeks later they’d signed my first single and things went up very quickly from there.”

A lifetime of experience has been packed into a slim four years since that first Monstercat single. You may have seen Throttle’s Launchpad videos on YouTube, an indispensable effort in ascending to the spotlight. It’s these uploads that got his music into the hands of Avicii, leading to the remix of “You Make Me,” a friendship with Oliver Heldens, landing Future Music Festival Australia, and earned Throttle an in amongst dance music’s elite. Since the release of “Gecko” over 2 years ago, Robert and Heldens have been friends and fans of each other’s work.

“Oliver and I have been in touch for a couple years now. I can’t remember who hit up who, but “Gecko” was released at the same time as my remix of Avicii’s “You Make Me,” and we both supported Avicii around that time, so we had tons in common!”

We can only imagine long, intimate discussions about VST preferences and what they had for dinner, but it took a minute for the two to collaborate on a track. Contrary to certain producers who bang out another big room shanty in a few hours, Throttle had been working on the “Waiting” concept for about six months. He realized that something was missing, that it needed a certain dose of grittiness to it, and that’s when the concept just felt like the right one for a Heldens collab.

“Earlier this year Oli posted something on Facebook about finally having some free studio time so I was like ‘fuck it, this is happening.’ I sent him the idea that I had – he loved it – and in 24 hours we had a really strong version to work with. We worked back and forward on it for a few months, then finished it in October this year when we were both in LA doing studio time.”

But it wasn’t as easy as collaborating over Splice; Robert works in Ableton, while Heldens is partial to Fruity Loops. “Sending the stems back and forth was a fucking nightmare,” says Robert. “I came up with the piano hook over a year ago, and built a really groovy idea around it.” When Oliver began working on “Waiting,” Heldens began adding his signature bass to the drop, and subbed out Throttle’s shakers for more traditional house sounds. Building melodies on keyboard and guitar, the two gradually constructed the arrangement by drawing in notes and embellishments. After nailing the vibe of the drop sections, they each chipped away at different sections, which Robert describes as quite refreshing. “In some sections I was like, ‘what would I do here if I was Heldens?’” Beyond just splitting the workload just 50/50, having the final product sound like a bona fide collaboration took precedence. When two names are slapped on a track, one style often ends up dwarfing the other, but not with this one. “We’re stoked on the final product, my dirty disco and Oli’s future house really gelled.”

However, the story behind “Waiting’s” final incarnation is juicier than just maniacal file transfers and nailing the house groove. Getting close to the final version, Oliver was making some edits to the track, but was off the grid for a few days for a show at Electric Zoo, and of course, Robert was teething to hear the latest version. Lo and behold, about five hours after his performance, the internet was buzzing about Oliver Heldens dropping an unreleased ID at EZoo…

“Yep, I heard the latest version from videos people took on their iPhones. [laughs] It’s crazy how it works though. One day you’re making a tune in your bedroom, the next it’s being played at one of the biggest festivals in the U.S. Crazy.”

Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter 

“I’m focusing on music 100% right now. There’s so much exciting stuff in the works; I’m just enjoying the ride!”

It’s crazy – My manager and I actually sat down a few months ago and put down a set of goals for the 2-3 years and we’ve already ticked off a few of those goals: an official Earth Wind & Fire remix and a Beatport number one. Coachella is definitely a massive goal for me, and when the time’s right I’d love to put out a record. But the world isn’t ready for a Throttle album just yet…”

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Ruby Rose Actually Drops Fire Mix For Diplo & Friends

Fans have always been weary of famous celebrities who cross into the EDM sphere. From Paris Hilton to Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood), many A and B list celebrities have tried to expand their careers by picking up DJing to piggy back off the rise in electronic music.

Although met with animosity at the beginning, Ruby Rose’s break out in the world of electronic music is turning heads by one simple fact: she’s actually really good.

In a recent mix for BBC radio’s Diplo & Friends, Ruby Rose showed her mixing prowess by putting together a sexy tracklist that includes tracks from Eats Everything, Oliver Heldens, Chocolate Puma & many more.

Besides her brilliant new mix, Ruby Rose has been converting fans around the world with her energetic livesets that turn non-believers into die hard fans.  Check out the mix below and try and not be impressed:



Eats Everything – Dancing (Again!) (feat. Tiga & Audion)
Claptone – Dear Life (Claptone Mix)
Avicii – For A Better Day (Billion Remix)
David Zowie – House Every Weekend (Mandal & Forbes Remix)
Don Diablo – On My Mind
Paul Morrell – To Be Real (feat. Mary Kiani)
Arches & Karen Harding – New Love (Mr. Belt & Wezol Mix)
Oliver Heldens & Shaun Frank – Shades Of Grey (Nora En Pure Mix)
Kaskade – Disarm You (Amtrac Piano Mix) (feat. Ilsey)
Disclosure & Sam Smith – Omen (Claptone Mix)
Philip George & Anton Powers – Alone No More (DubRocca Remix)
Matisse & sadko – Memories
Pep & Rash & Shermanology – Sugar
Siege – Crunk
A‐Trak – We All Fall Down (feat. Jamie Lidell)
CamelPhat – Haus
Duke Dumont – Ocean Drive (Shaun Frank Remix)
Cassius – The Sound Of Violence (DJ S.K.T Bootleg Remix)
Sigala – Easy Love (Re-Edit)
CID – Love Is Blind
Jauz – Deeper Love
Joe Stone & Daser – Freak (And You Know It)
Calvin Harris & Disciples – How Deep Is Your Love (Chris Lake Mix)
Chris Lake – Stranger
Chocolate Puma & Tommie Sunshine – Scrub The Ground (feat. DJ Funk)
Format:B – Chunky
Oliver Heldens & Da Hool – MHATLP (HI-LO Edit)
Gregor Salto & & Mitchell Niemeyer – Just Yeah
Laurent Wolf vs Lucas & Steve – Calinda 2k15

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