Kevin Durant Claps Back at Twitter Trolls Who Are Talking Trash

The NBA Finals are over, which means Kevin Durant is back on Twitter.

KD has a lot of time on his hands, basking in the glory of his first NBA title. Apparently, he has so much time that he took it upon himself to address a few Twitter users who have been all up in his mentions with their hot takes and other random insults. Here’s him going in a few days ago:

Today, Durant is still being a savage. It all started when he complemented Phoenix Mercury’s Diana Taurasi, who became the WNBA’s all-time scoring leader following the team’s win against the Los Angeles Sparks (90-59) in L.A. From there, KD was having some fun, getting into an argument with one superfan from OKC. A “fart in your face” insult was actually hurled.

At this point, you're probably wondering why KD is even engaging in social media at all. Everyone needs to blow off steam somehow, right?

But this might be the real reason. Says “the legend”:

LOL. Nice curve.

Keep doing you, KD.

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The Craziest Theories Fans Came Up With to Explain James Harden’s Terrible Playoff Performance

James Harden had an incredible 2016-17 NBA season, and it could very well end with him winning the NBA MVP award at the first-ever NBA Awards on June 26. He averaged 29.1 points, 8.1 rebounds, and 11.2 assists during the regular season and led the Rockets to a surprising 55-27 record that helped them claim the third seed in the Western Conference Playoffs this spring.

But Harden is definitely going to walk away from the season with a bad taste in his mouth thanks to his terrible performance in the Rockets’ elimination playoff game against the Spurs on Thursday night. Harden scored just 10 points during the game on 2-of-11 shooting and committed six turnovers against San Antonio in a 114-75 blowout loss. And he made matters even worse by appearing to be completely disinterested in playing in the game and turning down multiple opportunities to shoot the ball at different points during the contest. He was averaging almost 20 shots per game in the playoffs heading into Game 6 of the best-of-7 series against the Spurs, but it took him until midway through the second quarter to score his first points on Thursday.

So what in the world was wrong with Harden? It’s a question that many NBA fans inside and outside of Houston asked themselves as the game was going on, and they came up with all kinds of theories—ranging from somewhat plausible to completely ridiculous—to try and explain Harden’s awful showing. Here are some of the craziest theories we came across from those searching desperately for an explanation for Harden’s off-night.

“He Owed the Mob Money”

James Harden theory 1.
Image via Getty/Ronald Martinez/Staff

The Theory: The Rockets were 9-point favorites heading into their game against the Spurs and ended up losing by 39. So some fans suggested Harden may have thrown the game to either make good on a debt or to collect some money on the side from those who have a rooting interest in point spreads.

Are We Buying It? Oddly enough, this is not the first time Harden has been accused of being in cahoots with the mob:

We can’t imagine that a guy who was scheduled to make more than $28 million this season would sacrifice a sliver of his legacy to pay off a debt or make some extra cash. But it’s actually kind of strange to see so many people throwing this theory out and accusing the NBA of being fixed (didn’t Ayesha Curry get destroyed on social media for saying the same thing last season? Hmmm…).

“He Couldn’t Escape the Based God Curse”

James Harden theory 2.
Image via Getty/Tim Mosenfelder/Contributor

The Theory: Lil B put his Based God Curse on Harden back in May 2015, and he reminded him as recently as just last week that it was still on. So some fans who believe in such curses think it may have played a part in his poor performance against the Spurs.

Are We Buying It? On the surface, the Based God Curse seems silly. But in addition to struggling against the Spurs on Thursday night, Harden also had an awful game against the Warriors during the 2015 NBA Playoffs—he scored just 14 points while committing 12 turnovers—that would suggest there’s more to the Based God Curse than people might think. It couldn’t hurt for Harden to take Lil B up on his offer to lift the curse. Just saying.

“He Couldn’t Escape the Kardashian Curse, Either”

James Harden theory 3.
Image via Getty/Noel Vasquez/Contributor

The Theory: Harden broke up with Khloé Kardashian back in early 2016. But Travis Scott, a big Rockets fan and the rumored boyfriend of Khloé’s sister Kylie Jenner, attended Game 6 on Thursday and even designed T-shirts that were handed out to all those in attendance at the game. So some fans pointed to the so-called Kardashian Curse as one reason why Harden may have struggled.

Are We Buying It? We’ve argued that the Kardashian Curse isn’t real in the past—and we’re going to stick to it. But the fact that Harden supposedly has two curses working against him can't be good for his psyche.

“He Was Drugged”

James Harden theory 4.
Image via Getty/Jesse D. Garrabrant/Contributor

The Theory: Harden didn’t look like himself on the court on Thursday. So some fans—who no doubt caught this clip of Stephen A. Smith—suggested he may have been drugged before the game started.

Are We Buying It? Now that we’re looking at it, Stephen A. seems to be the only one spewing this theory. So… no. But the fact that he even went to this extreme to try and explain Harden’s performance shows just how poorly he played.

“He Had a Concussion”

James Harden theory 5.
Image via Getty/Ronald Martinez/Staff

The Theory: At the end of Game 5 in San Antonio, Harden got elbowed in the head by Pau Gasol and didn’t score at all in overtime. He didn’t mention having any type of head injury after the game, but some fans think he may have been dealing with the lingering symptoms of a concussion during Game 6.

Are We Buying It? Initially, this theory didn’t seem all that likely. How could Harden sustain a concussion and then hide it from everyone for two days? But there are a lot of people, including at least one NBA executive, who think this could explain everything:

At the very least, it will be interesting to hear Harden explain what effect, if any, the Gasol elbow had on him.

“He Was Filming a Scene for Space Jam 2

James Harden theory 6.
Image via Getty/Frank Trapper/Contributor

The Theory: For most of the game against the Spurs, Harden looked like he had been stripped of all of his basketball skills. So some people suggested he had been stripped of them by the Monstars for a scene in Space Jam 2.

Are We Buying It? Uh, no, but that is what he looked like. So if Space Jam 2 ever happens, Harden’s got a strong audition tape ready to go.

“He Doesn’t Have the Clutch Gene”

James Harden theory 7.
Image via Getty/Ronald Martinez/Staff

The Theory: This isn’t the first time Harden has struggled on the big stage. He struggled mightily during the Thunder’s NBA Finals series against the Heat in 2012, and he also played poorly during an elimination game against the Warriors in 2015. So some fans concluded Harden just doesn't have the so-called “clutch gene.”

Are We Buying It? Ah, the good old “clutch gene.” It’s a figment of Skip Bayless’ imagination—and you can bet your bottom dollar he found a way to use it on Friday to criticize both Harden and LeBron James—but we aren’t buying into that being the reason for Harden’s struggles. What else do you guys got?

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Russell Westbrook and Steph Curry Speak on Scuffle That Broke Out Between Thunder and Warriors

The Warriors/Thunder game in Oklahoma City on Monday night wasn’t much of a game at all. Golden State knocked off OKC 111-95 behind 34 points from Klay Thompson and 23 points from Steph Curry to complete a season sweep of Russell Westbrook & Co. And the intensity inside of Chesapeake Energy Arena wasn’t nearly what it was in early February when Kevin Durant made his first return back to OKC since leaving the Thunder last summer to sign with the Warriors. KD didn’t play this time around due to the knee injury he suffered recently, so Thunder fans weren’t as excited to see Golden State come to town.



But there was one brief moment late in the second quarter that proved that these two teams still don’t like each other very much. With just 5 seconds remaining on the clock before the halftime, a jump ball was called and players from both teams lined up for it. As they did, Curry and Thunder guard Semaj Christon started jockeying for position and got a little bit too physical with one another. Westbrook saw what was happening and stepped in to stick up for his teammate. And that led to a bunch of pushing and shoving between the two teams, which prompted the game's referees to hand out technical fouls to Curry, Christon, Westbrook, and Draymond Green.

After the game, those who were in the middle of the action were asked about it, and they talked about why the tension between the teams was so high at that particular point in the game. Westbrook said that he was simply trying to protect his teammate.

“Protecting my teammates, that’s what’s going through my mind,” he said. “I think Curry tried to get into it with Semaj, tried to push him, and I stepped right in between. That’s it. Once I see something going down with my teammates, I’m hopping in.”

Curry saw things a little bit differently. While speaking with reporters, he suggested that Christon was the instigator and that he pushed him a couple times before he responded by pushing back. But he also downplayed the scuffle itself and said it wasn’t a big deal.

“Your normal jump ball kind of fight for position situation,” he said. “I was just trying to get in between Russ and—how do you pronounce his last name? Trying to get in between them two. I felt him push me. I kind of let that first one go. Then, I kept going, and there was another little push. And at that point, I just wanted to kind of hold my position. Much ado about nothing after that.”

Green also spoke on the scuffle and laughed when he was asked about getting a technical on the play. Even though he wasn’t directly involved in the shenanigans that started the shoving match, he ended up getting hit with a tech anyway, which didn't surprise him.

“I’m happy you think the same thing I think,” Green said when a reporter asked him about picking up a T on the play. “Jesus Christ. I don’t know. Nothing surprises me at this point when it comes to anything like that. I actually knew it was going to happen, to be honest with you. I didn’t do anything, but I knew it. If I’m anywhere in the area, it’s expected.”

The Warriors and Thunder won’t play again during the regular season. But there’s a chance they could meet in the playoffs. And if they do? Expect the intensity in that series to be through the roof. It might not be all that competitive—Golden State seems to have OKC’s number this season—but it will be fun to watch.


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Kevin Durant’s Brother May Have Sneak Dissed Russell Westbrook

One of the most frustrating things for professional athletes has to be when their friends and family members decide to share unpopular opinions or take shots at people on social media. The athletes themselves have absolutely nothing to do with the tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram captions that get sent out. And yet, they’re indirectly tied to them and forced to address them, even though they weren’t responsible for hitting “send” on them. Just ask Michael Vick about how bad it can get.

On Thursday night, Kevin Durant discovered what a pain it can be when his brother Tony appeared to take to Twitter to send a shot in Russell Westbrook’s direction. He never mentioned Westbrook by name, but most of the people who follow him assumed that was who he was talking about when he sent out this:

Westbrook was playing a game against the Raptors—and putting together a triple-double—when that tweet went out. And KD’s brother seemed to confirm that he was, in fact, talking about Westbrook when he responded to one of his followers with these tweets:

He also sent out this:

But then, he tried to say that he was talking about a player he was watching in an NCAA game and not Westbrook when people started calling him out for doing it:

And he later posted this:

People weren’t buying that he was actually talking about an NCAA player, though:

And KD’s brother didn’t exactly help his cause when he started responding to people who referenced KD and Westbrook's fractured relationship with tweets like this:

But Tony continued to stick to his story and said he was watching Iowa State guard Monte Morris go off during the Cyclones’ NCAA Tournament game against Nevada and not taking shots at Westbrook:

Morris did go for 19 points, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists on Thursday night, which suggests KD’s brother could have really been watching the Iowa State game and not talking about Westbrook. And if that’s the case, then people were going crazy “over nothing” as he said:

But throughout the night, he continued to entertain those who thought he was taking aim at Westbrook by letting off little shots like this here and there:

And eventually, he got so many responses to his tweets that he decided to delete his Twitter account altogether:

As of Friday morning, his Twitter account has been reactivated and all of his tweets from last night are still there. So if you want, you can go and try and make sense of it all for yourself. But it certainly looks like he was, at the very least, trying to get under Thunder fans’ skin. And it's probably only going to make some of them hate KD even more than they already do, even though he didn’t have anything to do with the tweets his brother sent out.

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