A Last-Minute Guide to Watching the Solar Eclipse If You Forgot It Was Coming

By now, you’ve probably heard someone mention the upcoming solar eclipse. While many of us don't pay much attention to the astronomical developments of our time, this one, my friends, is the eclipse of the century. 

If you’re looking for a quick catch-up or a last-minute refresher, here’s everything you need to know.

What in the world is a solar eclipse?

It’s when the moon passes between the sun and earth, thus blocking part or all of the sun for a time.

How rare is this?

We haven’t been able to see one from the States since Feb. 1979. It’s even rarer for one to be visible from coast to coast. The last time that happened was June 1918. So, yeah—it’s a big deal.

How long will it last?

It will take approximately 90 minutes for the eclipse to cross through the country. No one will see the totality of the eclipse for longer than three minutes.

When is this thing going down?

Monday, beginning at approximately 10:15 a.m. on the West Coast, and ending at approximately 2:50 p.m. on the East Coast.

Will it look the same for all states?

Nope. Most states will experience a partial eclipse. Fourteen states will experience a total eclipse, where the entire sun is blocked by the moon for a time. These states are: Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

How do I know what it will look like and what time it will come through my area?

Use this calculator, fam.

Am I definitely going to see it?

Not necessarily. If it’s rainy or cloudy, you could miss out. Sorry.

Anything I should know from a safety perspective?

Some have cautioned drivers to stay off the roads during the eclipse. At the very least, make sure you have your headlights on and, if you are going to be on the roads, follow this advice to be prepared. Don’t look at the sun during the eclipse, even if the moon is partially blocking it, as this can seriously damage your eyes. If you want to watch it, you need to buy some fancy eclipse sunglasses.

Can I watch it online?

Yes you can, my Millennial friend. NASA will have a livestream and even an eclipse pre-show, which begins at noon EST Monday. Follow the stream here.

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Protesters Rip Down Confederate Statue in North Carolina

In wake of the deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, this weekend, protesters in Durham, North Carolina took to the streets Monday night demanding the removal of a Confederate statue. 

According to the Herald Sun, more than 100 people participated in the “emergency” protest, which took place outside the old Durham County Courthouse. Video posted on social media shows a group of activists holding picket signs and chanting “No Trump! No KKK! No fascist USA!” before toppling the Confederate Soldiers Monument. The publication reports several activists used a ladder to reach the statue and tie a rope around it to then pull it down. Protesters cheered after the nearly 100-year-old statue was smashed into the ground, with some spitting and kicking it.

“Charlottesville and racist monuments across the country are the result of centuries of white supremacy,” activist Alissa Ellis told the Sun. “But we cannot ignore the fact that the current Trump administration has emboldened more nazis, KKK, and white supremacists to target, brutalize, and kill our communities […] The White House and its elected white supremacists are just as responsible as hooded klansmen and racist vigilantes for what happened. They have blood on their hands.”

The statue, which was dedicated in 1924, depicts a Civil War soldier with the words “In memory of the boys who wore the gray” engraved on the front. It also features a seal that reads, “The Confederate States of America.”

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That One Time Michael Jordan Got Trash Talked to and Had No Response

There are plenty of epic trash-talking stories involving Michael Jordan floating around out there in the world. From the time he ethered his own teammate Stacey King to the time he ruined Muggsy Bogues’ career, MJ is a legend when it comes to talking trash. And while there have been people who have tried to keep up with MJ in the trash talk department, he has gotten the last laugh in most of those instances by making those people look foolish. Just ask Magic Johnson.

There is at least one person who managed to get the upper hand against MJ during a trash-talking battle, though, and oddly enough, you probably have absolutely no idea who he is. His name is Randy Towner, and he is currently the general manager and head professional at Firekeeper Golf Course in Mayetta, Kansas. He also used to be the Director of Golf at Alvamar Country Club in Lawrence, Kansas and made a name for himself early on in his career by competing in the Mid-West Professional Golfer Association. And according to a story that North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams told writer Helen Ross in a long PGATour.com piece about the origin of MJ’s love for golf, Towner found a way to leave MJ “speechless” with some very unlikely trash talk sometime back in the early 2000s.

In the PGATour.com piece, Williams revealed that MJ flew out to Lawrence one day when Williams was still coaching at Kansas to attend his Jayhawk basketball camp. During a break in the action, MJ, Williams, and Towner made their way out to the golf course to blow off some steam, and Williams said that he remembers MJ talking to Towner about how straight he was able to hit the ball time after time. MJ seemed upset over the fact that many of his shots were erratic and landed all over the place, and he wondered why he couldn’t do what Towner was doing. And that’s when Towner responded by taking a pretty classic jab at MJ over why he was playing so much better than him.

From the PGATour.com story:

One year when Williams was coaching at Kansas, he remembers playing with his home pro, Randy Towner, and Jordan between breaks at the Jayhawk basketball camp.

Jordan was lamenting how straight Towner was hitting the ball while his own drives were more erratic.

“Randy just looked at him and pointed his finger at Michael and tapped him in the chest and said, 'NBA,' and then turned to himself, tapped his finger at his own chest and said, 'PGA,'” says Williams, who once played with Jordan when he shot a 69.

“He said, Michael, there's a gap there that you're not going to cross…It was one of the few times that I've ever seen Michael Jordan speechless.”

Congrats to that guy for doing what so many other pro athletes have failed to do.

Don’t worry, though. It sounds like MJ enjoys his fair share of trash-talking wins when he’s out on the golf course. In another part of the piece on MJ’s golf game, Ed Ibarguen—a golf pro who has been the Director of Golf at Duke University Golf Club in Durham, North Carolina since 1988 and who taught MJ how to play golf at the Finley Golf Club in Chapel Hill, North Carolina back in the 1980s—talked about how MJ usually tries to gain a competitive advantage over his opponents on the golf course before they even hit the first tee.

Ibarguen revealed that most people who golf with MJ want to wager with him, and he said that MJ has a pretty savage response for everyone who brings up the idea of placing a bet. Rather than picking a specific dollar amount, MJ puts the onus on the other person to come up with a wager that works for them.

“Everybody’s always wanting to gamble with [him],” Ibarguen said. “Well, you know, Michael’s happy betting a dollar; he’s happy just doing it for personal pride. But he gets all these people that come on up and say, 'Okay, how much are we going to play for?' Michael just basically came up with a standard. He said, 'I’ll play for whatever makes you nervous.' Which was a great line.”

A great line indeed. Maybe not quite as good as the one Towner hit him with, but it’s apparently such a good line that even Tiger Woods uses it when he finds himself in the same situation out on the golf course.

You can read all about the rest of MJ’s golf exploits in the PGATour.com piece about his golf game here.

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Mark Cuban Says the NBA Would Welcome Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem Protest

Regardless of whether he ends up playing in the NFL this year, Colin Kaepernick and his protests have left their mark on pro sports. Teams have had to release formal statements denying they're trying to blackball him from the NFL, and his peaceful protest has sparked a lot of debate over the role of protest within professional sports.

Even for owners of teams in other sports leagues, the Kaepernick saga has been an important one to follow. And if you ask one of the NBA's most vocal owners, Dallas Mavericks' firebrand Mark Cuban, his league is far better equipped to handle causes like Kaepernick's. He said as much to The Washington Post, saying he believes a player in a similar position would be embraced by the NBA as a whole.

“I don’t know what his status is in the NFL, but I’m glad the NBA doesn’t have a politician litmus test for our players. I’d like to think we encourage our players to exercise their constitutional rights,” said Cuban. “The NBA is such a global game, I think our players' exposure to different political systems among their teammates may help them appreciate our country even more and encourage their participation.”

No entity as large as the NBA can claim to be perfect on social issues—remember, they let Donald Sterling own a team—but the NBA does have a strong recent track record when it comes to forms of peaceful protest. A group of players including LeBron James and Kyrie Irving wore, “I CAN'T BREATHE” shirts prior to several games in late 2014, as a tribute to the late Eric Garner, whose life was claimed by NYPD. James was part of a similar tribute during his days with the Miami Heat, posing in hoodies with Dwyane Wade and other teammates in memory of slain teenager Trayvon Martin.

On the league's behalf, they've also taken some drastic steps to protect and promote human rights. They famously moved the All-Star Game out of Charlotte for 2017, amidst outrage regarding anti-LGBT bathroom laws drawn up by North Carolina legislators. Commissioner Adam Silver announced the decision with a forceful statement at the time.

“We have been guided in these discussions by the long-standing core values of our league,” said Silver. “These include not only diversity, inclusion, fairness and respect for others, but also the willingness to listen and consider opposing points of view.”

Contrary to Cuban's claim, however, the league does have some history with a protest similar to Kaepernick's and it didn't go so well.

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, best known for his time with the Denver Nuggets, was in the midst of his best pro season when he launched a national anthem protest, allegedly refusing to stand because of his deeply-held Muslim values. The league suspended him for a game—costing him roughly $32,000 in the process—and following pressure from the NBA players union, reached a “compromise” that forced him to stand but allowed him to bow his head and pray with his head down. Two years following his best season as a pro, Abdul-Rauf was out of the league and playing in Turkey.

That was 20 years ago, and now the NBA's actions on social issues have changed dramatically. But it's worth noting as a historical comparison, because there's at least some precedent for the league failing to step up to the plate for a similar player.

In any case, Kaepernick may not ever get another shot, but he has a strong group of supporters standing behind him. A Change.org petition is calling for a total NFL boycott if Kaepernick doesn't find work, and as of this writing, over 30,000 people have already pledged to stand in solidarity with the quarterback.

The real shame in all this is that Kaepernick's stance is a controversy to begin with. Speaking out against injustice is as patriotic as it gets, and he has been able to spark dialogue and support through silent, peaceful protest. If he loses out on a job because of that, the parties involved should feel ashamed. 

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Is Drake Really Over His Beef with Puff Daddy?

Is Drake really putting his long-standing, on-and-off beef with Diddy behind him? On Sunday, Drizzy promoted Puff's recently released doc, Can't Stop, Won't Stop, on Instagram while reminiscing about the time was rocking his ski goggles to the side while watching from the third row at the No Way Out Tour in Toronto.

Based on fan reaction, it seems like Drake and Puffy are officially cool now, supporting previously reported stories that they’ve become friends. Back in 2015, both guys decided to make amends over the phone following a physical altercation outside of Miami's club Liv. Last year, Puff showed his support at Drake and Future's Summer Sixteen tour in North Carolina, and even accepted his VMA award for Best Hip-Hop Video (“Hotline Bling”) on his behalf.

But you could also see it as an obligatory promotional post, as per Drake’s Apple Music partnership, to get the word out that you can purchase the documentary on iTunes now.

In addition, Drizzy's comments during his acceptance speech at the Billboard Awards after winning the award for Top Billboard 200 Album for Views seem to suggest that the rapper is trying to get past all of his previous beefs. “We're all here on Earth for a limited amount of time,” he explained. “We gotta show love while we're here.”

Drake and Puffy have an interesting relationship that dates back to their Club Liv incident and accusations of stealing the “0-100” beat. As long as they can keep the peace, they can move on to what’s important: making music.

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North Carolina Teacher Arrested for Allegedly Having Sex with 3 High Schoolers

A North Carolina teacher was arrested and charged with sexual assault, after an investigation reportedly revealed sexual relationships with at least three of her male students.

Erin McAuliffe, a 25-year-old teacher at Rocky Mount Prep, has been under investigation since May 5, when local police were informed by administrators at the school of possible inappropriate conduct. Detectives spoke with numerous faculty members and students at the school, and eventually concluded McAuliffe had sexual contact with three different male students off-campus, aged 16, 17, and 17 years old respectively.

According to local news reports, McAuliffe was fired the day a police report was filed by the school's president in early May. Parents and former students at the school alike expressed their concern that someone in a position of authority was allegedly abusing that stature.

“It's very shocking and appalling that a person would do that with a student,” said Dayvon Steele, a recent Rocky Mount grad. “The teacher student-relationship is very intimate in itself, but it's not meant to be abused in that sort of way.”

McCauliffe was charged with three counts of sexual activity with a student, and one count of indecent liberties with a minor. The former teacher was placed in Carteret County jail on $20,000 bond on Thursday, and court records show she posted bond Friday afternoon.

Her LinkedIn page shows this was McAuliffe's first year as a teacher, having spent her previous years as a data analyst in San Diego and as a sales rep at a Chevy dealership in Rocky Mount. 

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Nike’s Celebrating Equality on Jackie Robinson Day

Jackie Robinson helped break down the racial barrier in Major League Baseball 70 years ago. To celebrate the progress he helped usher into professional sports, every player will wear the number 42 on their uniforms tomorrow on the anniversary of Robinson's first game. In honor of Robinson's contribution to the game, Nike's made “Equality” T-shirts with the number 42 on the back that they're giving to their athletes.

Nike made headlines earlier this year with its “Equality” campaign that starred LeBron James and Serena Williams that promoted diversity and acceptance, in wake of the controversy that surrounded this year's NBA All-Star Game, due to North Carolina's Bathroom Bill.

Get a look at the T-shirts, packaging, and Nike's statement for Jackie Robinson Day below.

Nike Jackie Robinson
Image via Nike
Nike Jackie Robinson
Image via Nike


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North Carolina Beats Gonzaga to Win the NCAA Championship

Here are your 2017 national champions, the North Carolina Tar Heels!  

North Carolina survived a game against Gonzaga that was neck-and-neck the entire way through to triumph, 71-65. 

 The refs' propensity to call late-in-the-game fouls, including a controversial flagrant one on Gonzaga's Przemysław Marcin “Przemek” Karnowski, got a lot of viewers—including some very prominent ones—riled up.

Gonzaga entered the West region of the NCAA Tournament as the No. 1 seed after finishing the season with a 32-1 record. Aside from edging out West Virginia, 61-58, the Bulldogs' balanced offensive attack was able to breeze their way to the Final Four where they faced a feisty South Carolina team that toppled the likes of Duke and Oregon in the East region. The 'Zags were able to stave off the Gamecocks' second half run to make their first title game appearance in school history.  

Much like Gonzaga, the Tar Heels coasted through the South region until they faced the Kentucky Wildcats in the Elite Eight. After Kentucky's frenetic late second half run was all for naught once Luke Maye propelled himself into UNC lore with one clutch shot. 

North Carolina is living proof that sometimes it's better to lucky than good. After barely edging out Kentucky, the Tar Heels inability to finish off the Oregon Ducks didn't come back to haunt them. With UNC clinging to a 77-76 lead with just five seconds remaining, the Heels' Kennedy Meeks missed back-to-back free throws, but teammate Theo Pinson came up with a pivotal rebound to maintain possession. After Joel Berry II failed to knock down another two attempts from the charity stripe, Meeks grabbed another huge board to put the game on ice. 

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Your EDM Interview: AVN Nominee Carter Cruise Gears Up For Music Debut On Buygore

Carter Cruise

Charismatic, daring, and intelligent are just a few words I would use to describe the stunning Carter Cruise. She’s not afraid to get down and dirty, not only for adult films, as one of the year’s most nominated starlets, but for, well, really whatever she wants to get into. She’s as sweet as a Georgia peach (she should be, she was born in Atlanta), but she’s not afraid to stir things up. Whether it is making music with Styles&Complete, responding to Jahan Yousaf’s viral op-ed, or doing anything you can find her do on Pornhub, she gives it her all, and success seems to come no matter what she tries her hand at.

Dance music has been a part of Carter Cruise since her days at college, and since then the tight grip it has had on her hasn’t let up. You may think this is a porn star who’s looking to make some change off the EDM boom with a pretty face and some hot nipple piercings, but with her open, genuine nature and love for electronic music, it was only a matter of time before she tried her hands at creating music; especially since she was already a DJ at East Carolina University, where she dropped out as a senior to start building a life she was proud of. It’s an empire that is in its beginnings, but she’s already well established herself as a legitimate personal brand.

In light of her upcoming Buygore release with Styles&Complete and Crichy Crich, “Dunnit,” Carter sat down to answer some questions we had around the project, as well as her future desires, and how she came to be where she is at today in regards to music. Carter Cruise is not someone you should dismiss, rather, you should immerse yourself and see just what this bright beauty has to offer. As they say, big things come in small packages, and this package is just beginning to unload a variety of goods to the world. 2014 was just a warm-up; now, she’s in the game.

After delving into the interview, stay up to date on all that is Carter Cruise by following her brand spankin’ new Facebook page.

(Image by Yacko)

First off I have to ask because of Twitter, did you do a bukkake in a bugatti?

I actually heard that lyric in a Crichy Crich song I think! That would definitely be hot though.

You have your first single coming out in 2015, can you tell us a little about that and how it came into fruition?

I’ve known Styles&Complete for years, since my club kid college days when I wore way too much neon (yeah, I was a noob) and first started learning how to DJ. We’re all from North Carolina and I used to gogo dance at their shows. We started working on “Dunnit” a while back and it’s been incredible to see the changes the track has gone through. We started months ago just sending sounds back and forth through e-mail, looking for the right sound. When Styles moved to LA we met up and started recording and really putting the pieces together. It was a long involved process because all four of us travel constantly and live all over the US. I’ve learned so much and have really enjoyed watching this come together, from us fucking around in the studio trying out vocals to jamming out to the finished project in my car.

It’s public knowledge that you have several songs in the works. Will you be producing, supplying vocals, or a combination of things?

I’m not a producer. I’ve definitely learned a lot working with Styles&Complete, but my main focus right now is DJing, writing songs, and occasionally featuring on them with vocals. At this point I’m not limiting myself to what I can accomplish in the future, as I’m constantly learning and adding new skills, but I’m certainly not here to front that I’m already producing full tracks.

What software did Styles&Complete use to produce the track?

Unlike every other producer and their mom using Ableton, Styles&Complete use Reason, which is pretty rare. The guys have been using it since back in the day when they produced for the Ying Yang Twins, so they’re pretty much wizards with the software.

How did you get into Djing in college? Did you have a DJ name or alias?

I was a gogo dancer and just a huge bass head. I spent all my free time during the week looking for new music and my weekends going to shows and dancing. I’ve always been involved in music, and took tons of voice lessons as well as multiple instruments, but I never found anything I really “clicked” with. My sophomore year in college I went to a Gareth Emery concert and I was just so entranced watching him spin and how he controlled the vibe of the entire venue, while at the same time being influenced by the existing vibe of the crowd. I told my best friend, “watch, one day I’m going to do that.” My neighbor across the street offered to teach me and let me use his setup, so that’s how it started.

My “DJ” name in college really started as a joke before I ever even learned how. My friends called me “Bex” so one drunken night I came up with “DJ BEXtacy” and made it my twitter name. Somehow it really caught on, and even now most of my college friends just call me DJ.

What producers got you into dance music? What producers have you been listening to a lot lately?

Besides a few techno songs in high school the first dance music I really listened to in college was Skrillex. I was at a party and “Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites” came on and I was like, “whoa, what is this?” I started looking up everything I could find and completely fell in love with the electronic world as a whole. I think Adventure Club was my second love. I’ve never been dedicated to a specific genre, I listened to pretty much everything growing up. EDM was the first genre I got so into that I didn’t even want to hear anything else. It was the first music that really spoke to my soul.

As for who I listen to now, I have broad taste but I have a soft spot for the harder stuff like trap, and I still love dubstep. RL Grime is a particular favorite, and off the top of my head some other names that come to mind are DJ Snake, Manic Focus, and I’m really feeling on Kill Paris right now as well. I still listen to a lot of the same people that first got me into EDM, and have enjoyed hearing them evolve over the years.

Who are some musical acts you would like to collaborate with?

I absolutely love Borgore. His music is vile, and raunchy, and shocking. His beats are hard as fuck and literally makes people want to fuck, it’s insane. Its rad that my first track will be coming out on his label Buygore. Krewella and Adventure Club are also on the dream team for me. I don’t think there’s anyone alive who wouldn’t want to work with them in some aspect, except maybe Deadmau5, lol.

As a knowledgeable person and DJ coming into dance music as a new act releasing music, what does the scene look like to you? Where do you think it is going?

Music, along with most digital forms of art, is going through some drastic changes right now. Because of the internet and free file sharing, there’s not much money to be made off the actual music anymore. On one hand, this seems like a tragedy, but it’s really interesting to see how artists are adapting and creating new streams of income through things like merchandise, and emphasizing the importance of live shows. I think it’s really pushing artists to not JUST think about the music, but the business side of it as well. I guess some people probably find this to be a negative thing, because they think that it should ONLY be about the music, but I personally think it’s rad that it’s turning artists into entrepreneurs as well as creators. It’s adding a new element of competition and creativity that is changing the game.

Another great thing about EDM is how it’s constantly changing and evolving. Once you incorporate computers, and not just instruments, into creating music, the possibilities are basically endless. It gives a lot of room for new acts to enter the scene and dominate it, because EDM is more about creativity than anything else. You don’t have to be a classically trained musician to make dope music anymore, you just need fresh ideas of how to incorporate technology into “regular” music, in a way that speaks to people at that moment in time.

Will you be playing any shows or tours soon?

We shall see!

Carter Cruise
(Image via Facebook)

It’s fair to say Carter Cruise can’t be limited to one thing, so can you tell us 3-5 things you’d like to accomplish in the next 5 years?

3-5? Haha I don’t know if I can limit myself to that many even! I want to continue being successful in the adult industry, and really dominate that. I’d love to get to go on tour and travel the world sharing music with people. I want to start a clothing line. I’ve been acting my whole life and if I found a way to be able to cross over into mainstream acting that would be a dream come true. I want to be a writer. Since I was a kid my life goal was to write a book, so I hope that in 5 years I will have done enough and experienced enough to be able to do that. I want to change the world by challenging people’s perceptions of sexuality and what it means to be a woman. I want to be an activist and an example for sexual education and I want to inspire other entrepreneurs. I don’t know how much of that is feasible in the next 5 years, but I’ve already gotten farther in a year than I planned so I’m mostly just going with the flow, working hard and staying focused, and seeing where life takes me. This is all an adventure to me honestly; I just want to create and experience life, and just have fucking fun. Why else are we alive?

Recently on twitter you posted about a new writing job; anything you can share around that yet?

For now all I can say is that I am going to be a regular contributor for a major mainstream outlet. We’re still discussing topics, but so far it looks like I’ll be covering a variety of things, from sex and relationships to music and college life. This is really exciting for me as writing has always been something I loved, but never had a lot of opportunity to do professionally until now. Look out for this announcement in the next week or so!

In interviews before you’ve stated you “don’t want to be a pussy.” Do you feel you have something to prove to people, or do you just want to push yourself to go beyond perceived limits or boundaries?

It’s never been about proving anything to anyone else, but to myself. I’m competitive as fuck, but my own personal goals have always been more important to me than anyone else’s. I’ve always enjoyed pushing myself physically, mentally and creatively since I was a kid. I’ve never been satisfied by mediocrity, so I tend to take things to extremes. I’m an all or nothing person; I’m either going to dive in head first, or not get in at all. Also, I hate being afraid of things, so whenever something scares me, I want to conquer it. I’ve found the best way to do that is just to face to head on, because typically our human fears are based on nothing. I would rather accept the consequences of a bad decision than ever look back and think what “might have been.” I do think things through very thoroughly before making decisions though. I’m all about diving in head first, but I’m definitely going to make sure it’s deep enough first.

You recently released a cool-headed, fair response to Jahan’s viral op-ed that is one of the best responses I’ve come across. Do you think the EDM scene could develop into a benchmark for male/female relations, or do fundamental changes need to be made on a more broad scale?

I could write a whole article just on this question, but I’ll save that for another time. Let’s just say that fundamental changes certainly need to be made on a broader scale, but that isn’t to say that news like this can’t force the EDM scene into the forefront of those changes. However, I really think that the real change needs to take place in women themselves before larger scale changes can take place in society and public policy. I’m a firm believer in personal responsibly and taking action for oneself, instead of waiting for someone else to fix the system for you. I’ve actually had an essay about this stewing in my brain for a while, so maybe now I need to finish that!

Best Festival/Event experience?

I can’t tell you my favorite one, I’m saving that for my book, but a close second was one of the first shows I went to. I saw Kaskade and somehow ended up front and center because we made friends with the security guard, even though we had only paid for lawn tickets, which was pretty rad.

If you could play one festival this year, what would it be?

TomorrowWorld because it’s close enough to home that all my friends in the south east could come!

Favorite alcoholic beverage?

Bourbon. Old fashions when I can get them but I’ll take it on the rocks any day!

Fuck, marry, kill: Deadmau5, Skrillex, Armin Van Buuren, go!

My friend Rasha has photographed Skrillex all over the world and she’s told me he’s an awesome positive person, so I’d def marry him.

Carter Skrillex

Deadmau5 and I had an entertaining twitter exchange surrounding the Krewella article so we’d probably hate fuck…


No direct ties to Armin Van Buuren as a person so I guess he gets the death sentence, sorry Armin!

I have numerous friends (who are girls) who are wondering: nipple piercings, worth it?

For me, yes. I was never crazy about my boobs, and only got them pierced as part of a wager. I ended up loving them so much! I know a lot of girls can’t stand the pain but you already know what I have to say to that: don’t be a pussy!

Blondes or brunettes? (guys & girls)

Brunettes for both! I always feel guilty like I should like blondes better since I am one, but there’s nothing hotter than a brunette betch with a nice booty.

You’re stranded on an island, and you are granted a wish for one item by a magic genie, what do you wish for?

A laptop with wifi. Even if it can’t get me off the island, I would seriously never EVER get bored, God bless the internet.

You’re locked in a studio with fellow artist and former adult film actress Sasha Grey. What’s made first, love or a hit single?

Honestly? I don’t know that Sasha or I know much about making love, but I think we’d probably have some great sex.

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Cover Photo: Steven Pahel

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Source: Your EDM Interview: AVN Nominee Carter Cruise Gears Up For Music Debut On Buygore