Nipsey Hussle and Crypto Founders Talk to Marc Ecko About the Future of Money | ComplexCon(versations)

At ComplexCon 2017, the ComplexCon(versations) panels weren't all about clothes and music.

What Is Money? Currency and Cryptocurrency was hosted by Complex founder Marc Ecko. He discussed what exactly is going on in the world of new money, with help from a group of experts. 

Joe Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum, a computing platform and cryptocurrency, was first up. He sang the praises of blockchain technology.

“In order to build a money system that's of the people, by the people, and for the people, without centralized central bank control and issuance, you need a data infrastructure that everybody can trust,” he explained. “And the blockchain is that new kind of database system that everybody can trust.”

Lubin and Ecko also talked about a potential revolution in advertising—the idea that crypto could create “attention markets,” where consumers would be paid to look at an ad. 

Iddris Sandu, a 20-year-old tech prodigy who started working at Google when he was only 13, was also on site. He described cryptocurrency as money that “can be used in any scenario, without restrictions.” 

Nipsey Hussle, a business-savvy rapper who is co-owner of Follow Coin, weighed in as well. He explained why he got involved in the world of cryptocurrency (after, to his regret, turning down an early tip from Ecko to invest in Bitcoin). 

“As an entrepreneur, as an investor, I'm trying to be as educated as I can to where the progression of technological capability is going, and what it does to these different categories that, me as an artist and an influencer, I can get involved and bring value,” he clarified.

Galia Benartzi, the co-founder of Bancor, ended the discussion by summing up the need for new forms of exchange. 

“Money is a tool that lets us cooperate and collaborate. It's like language,” she said. “We can program money now to work better for humans, instead of humans working for money.” 

You can watch the entire panel above, and keep it locked to Complex as we'll be sharing more ComplexCon(versations) panels featuring the likes of André 3000, Lena Waithe, Ryan Coogler, Virgil Abloh, and more.

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YG Says He’s Russell Westbrook and James Harden Combined

There were a number of events going down in Los Angeles over NBA All-Star Weekend, including YG's first annual The Boogie, which featured a 3-on-3 basketball tournament and concert.

Complex News' Pierce Simpson caught up with YG before the tourney took place to get a sense of what the Compton rapper had in store for attendees on and off the court. YG also got boastful by saying he's a combo of Russell Westbrook and James Harden.

Pierce later chopped it up with Nipsey Hussle about his new album Victory Lap.

Teyana Taylor also dropped in to talk about her upcoming album, which is fully produced by Kanye West. Fans can expect that to drop within the next few months. Check out the full video, which also includes Belly, up top.

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James Harden Spoke to Meek Mill, Says He’s in ‘Good Spirits’

Complex News is out in Los Angeles for the 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend, and while there our own Speedy Morman chopped it up with Houston Rockets guard James Harden who will be playing on Team Curry Sunday evening.

Harden, who is native of Los Angeles, spoke on his new Vol. 2 sneaker and shared some praise for fellow L.A. representative Nipsey Hussle who recently released his major label debut album Victory Lap. The six-time All-Star also said he spoke to Meek Mill and said the rapper is in “good spirits.” Check out the full interview above.



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Nipsey Hussle Called Out for Homophobic Instagram Message

Nipsey Hussle has gotten plenty of attention lately for his business moves, his personal life, and his threats to TV news anchors. But on Monday, Hussle got notice for a whole different reason.

The rapper posted a photo on Instagram of a group of African American boys, all dressed in tuxedos, posing for a photo with a friend of Hussle. He commented in the caption that this photo showed a different image of black men and boys than normally appears in the media. However, he expressed that in a way that got a lot of people upset.

“Demonstration speaks louder than Conversation. They gone feed us every image of our men and boys but this one,” he wrote. “No hyper violent…No homo sexual…No abandoners….JUS STRONG BLAC MEN AND YOUNG Men. RESPECT TO MY BIG HOMIE @bigu1 for Leading with love and intelligence. GOD IS WITH US WHO CAN GO AGAINST US 💪🏾”

His lumping in of homosexuality with violence and other negative characteristics attributed to black men and boys by the media upset many, including noted activist DeRay McKesson.

In a Twitter thread, McKesson criticized Hussle's “homophobia,” saying that the rapper was claiming that “strength is elusive to gay black men.” 

“How does who I love change my ability to wield and/or challenge power?” he wrote. “To many, gay black men… are tools, objects to be used for a purpose. But they are not peers, people equally worthy of respect.”

Hussle responded to criticism from McKesson and others on Twitter by saying that he didn't have to be “politically correct.” “I don't look down on gay people,” he continued. “I take issue with the larger agenda… And my conclusion is there is AN AGENDA.”

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LeBron James Previews Metro Boomin and Big Sean’s Collaborative Project ‘Double or Nothing’

While the rest of us wait for Big Sean and Metro Boomin’s Double or Nothing to drop, LeBron James apparently got his hands on an advanced copy. And he seems to be really enjoying it.


DOUBLE OR NOTHING THE ALBUM 12/8 midnight! @metroboomin let’s go! 🎲🎲

A post shared by BIGSEAN (@bigsean) on Dec 5, 2017 at 4:13pm PST

On Wednesday night, the Cleveland Cavaliers star player went to social media to play several clips from the upcoming collaborative project, beginning with the previously released track “Pull Up N Wreck.” He then played snippets of two unreleased cuts. He captioned the first track “Sure feels good to be BLACK in the Back (Bach) #doubleentendre.” The second was simply captioned with: “#SavageTime.”

You can listen to the clips below. Double or Nothing is set to drop this Friday.

This isn’t the first time James has blessed fans with music teasers. In the past, he’s shared previews of Kendrick Lamar’s Damn album, as well as unreleased tracks by Meek Mill and Nipsey Hussle. Considering he has more than 34 million followers on Instagram and nearly 40 million followers on Twitter, we're sure the artists are more than happy with the plug. 

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Nipsey Hussle Says His ‘Dope’ Relationship With Lauren London Has Ended

Nipsey Hussle took to social media to announce he and longtime partner Lauren London have split.

LeBron James Teases New Tracks From Meek Mill and Nipsey Hussle on Instagram

Those who follow LeBron James on his various social media accounts have seen him provide evidence of having More Life months in advance and apparently nudge Top Dawg to release Kendrick Lamar’s Untitled Unmastered. So the concept of King James getting some unreleased music in his championship ring-adorned hands isn’t a foreign concept. James’ latest Snapchat posts have led to fan speculation that he’s already sitting on new, unreleased heat from both Meek Mill and Nipsey Hussle.

One clip finds James giving his signature head-bob to a brooding Meek Mill track. User @MeekMilly_Fan strung the multiple Snapchat story clips together and posted them to Twitter with a plausible explanation.

Lebron James playing that new @MeekMill intro for the album produced by @Nick_Papz on his Instagram story,” he captioned.

As for Nipsey, there were no fan theories needed. Nip tweeted a clip of James nodding and rhyming along to parts of his track “Blue Laces” Sunday afternoon.

“@Kingjames debuts BLUE LACES 2 on instagram off upcoming VICTORY LAP ALBUM,” Nipsey captioned.

Some of this could be merely fan speculation, but it fits James’ penchant for getting albums and singles early. And seeing how James was on Twitter quoting unreleased bars from Drake’s “Lose You” months before the release of More Life, it might be worth checking out some of King James’ pre-playoff posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

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Chief Keef Reportedly Arrested in Miami Beach


#ChiefKeef Detained and Taken into Custody after near Altercation while Driving his Car in Miami

A post shared by GLOGangNationz (@gloganghq) on Apr 8, 2017 at 4:30pm PDT

It appears Chief Keef’s legal troubles are following him into 2017, as the rapper has reportedly been arrested for the second time this year. Footage of Chief Keef being restrained by Florida Police surfaced Saturday night, with multiple sources reporting the Glo Gang leader was briefly detained.

“Police put handcuffs on the hip-hop star after Chief Keef's friend in the passenger seat, allegedly hopped out of the bright green vehicle and started talking to people in another car,” wrote Cheyenne Roundtree in a report for The Daily Mail. “Miami Beach officials saw the interaction and believed it was a drug transaction and detained five people for questioning. The rapper has not been officially booked or charged yet.”

The corresponding video seems to corroborate the report, and it also appears the 21-year-old was subsequently released on bond. He re-appears with police shortly after the initial incident. 


#ChiefKeef and #Tadoe have been Released

A post shared by GLOGangNationz (@gloganghq) on Apr 9, 2017 at 3:11am PDT



Welcome back #tadoe #chiefkeef

A post shared by GLOGangNationz (@gloganghq) on Apr 9, 2017 at 4:33am PDT

While both TMZ and The Daily Mail are reporting the arrest was in conjunction with a possible drug transaction, this has not been officially confirmed.

On Jan. 27, Chief Keef was arrested for his possible connection with a home invasion robbery his former producer, Ramsay Tha Great. According to the LAPD, Darron Rose was also arrested as a potential suspect in the January robbery. Chief Keef and Rose were respectively being held on $500,000 and $250,000 bail at the time.

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