Trump Campaign Is Now Using Kanye’s Support as a Fundraising Tool

Less than 24 hours after Kanye announced that he digs president Donald Trump’s “dragon energy” and will continue to “stand [his] ground” over his love for the guy, folks from the Trump camp are already seizing on the latest celebrity endorsement and converting it into dollar signs. Journalists Julie Bykowicz of the Wall Street Journal and Amanda Hess of the New York Times both posted a text message that the Trump campaign sent to supporters today. The text contained links to MAGA hats for sale. 

“Groupthink is a mandate in today's society and when a free thinker like Kanye West speaks truth, they attack him,” the text read, echoing many of Kanye’s recent “philosophical” tweets.

“We support Kanye speaking his mind, even if sometimes we do not agree on the issues,” it continues. “Do not let them silence you. Get your red MAGA hat today.”



This fundraising attempt comes on the heels of Trump’s acknowledgment of Kanye’s support, most notably in a Fox & Friends segment from early Thursday morning. In it, Trump praised Kanye for his “good taste.”

“Kanye looks and he sees black unemployment at the lowest it’s been in the history of our country,” Trump said. “He’s smart. He says, ‘You know what, Trump is doing a much better job than the Democrats did.’”

As the cherry on top of a horrible cake I am honestly exhausted of hearing about, the GOP has also used one of Kanye's tweets—the one with his signed MAGA hat, to be precise—to make a few extra bucks for the political party. Sad!

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