Hundreds of Leaked NYPD Files Show Cops’ Terrifying Abuses of Power Without Consequences

A damaging report released by BuzzFeed News on Monday revealed that a large number of NYPD officers have committed fireable offenses but maintained their employment. This discovery was made through hundreds of internal police files obtained by BuzzFeed from an anonymous source.

At least 319 officers from 2011 to 2015 have committed crimes that include lying, cheating, stealing, or assaulting New York City residents. The alarming article shows that at least 50 employees lied on record or under an oath of some kind; 38 were found guilty of using excessive force; 57 had been driving under the influence, and several were accused of inappropriate behavior relating to sexual harassment—including one officer who touched and kissed a student while on duty at a school.

BuzzFeed writes that all of these offenses were met with barely a slap on the wrist. Instead of getting fired, the police commissioner gave these officers “dismissal probation,” which means practically nothing. Officers continue to perform their jobs at the same salary, and in a year the “probation” is over. That means, as the report confirms, that many of those 319 cops continue to work for the NYPD today.


This piece is the first of an ongoing investigation by BuzzFeed to explore NYPD’s records of those who have received dismissal probation and continue to work for the police department. The secrecy that envelops the internal misconduct of NYPD officers is made possible by a law that shields police misconduct records from becoming public. This has not only allowed police who have committed serious offenses to keep their jobs, but it prevents everyday citizens from being able to look up officers involved in their arrest to see if they have a history of lying or other abuses of power.

This scalding report comes soon after a big police misconduct scandal surrounding the Baltimore Police Department, which is being investigated for planting drugs and weapons, robbing citizens, and other crimes. The BuzzFeed News article reveals at least half of a decade of abuse of power by New York City law enforcement that implicates more than 10 times the amount of officers involved in the BPD scandal. Overall BuzzFeed's reporting shows the tremendous power cops who have committed crimes continue to hold over the lives of everyday New Yorkers. 

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How Kanye West and Travis Scott’s Stages Come to Life

John McGuire was born and raised in Southern California, and spent his childhood orbiting the film industry. His family was involved in various areas of entertainment, and by the time he was a sophomore in college, McGuire was balancing his studies with tour schedules—he was the lighting designer for live shows by Mariah Carey and My Chemical Romance.

By the time he started TrasK House in 2016, McGuire had decades of experience and a distaste for conventional live shows. “You don't get to experience artist's the way you used to,” he said, “and all of a sudden, the live concert has become the epitome of an artist's representation.” With TrasK, McGuire began to experiment, most notably in his work on Kanye West's Saint Pablo tour. The floating stage was a sensation, and McGuire followed it up with Travis Scott's iconic Bird's Eye View tour, which featured the artist atop a massive mechanical bird, complete with a worm dangling from its mouth. 

“When you go back and look at any of our performances, there's always very primitive, primal, basic things that rein through all of them,” he continued. “When we built Saint Pablo… there was an energy to life at that time. We had the Par Can… a single incandescent light bulb. One light, goes on and off, and that's it. We took that, and went with modern engineering… and new weight ratings to make a whole new experience. A lot of times it's using the oldest technology we have with some spit of the new.” 

Watch our latest Music Life with John McGuire above, and find out if New Yorkers miss the old Kanye below. 

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New Yorkers Weigh In On Their Favorite Rap Beefs of 2017

How do you end an incredible year for rap music? By talking about beef.

Rap beefs in 2017 ran the gamut from hilarity to curiosity. Remy Ma came out of nowhere with “ShETHER,” challenging Nicki Minaj and her status in the game. Young Dolph and Yo Gotti, two Memphis heavyweights, have moved past their beef and thankfully so; it escalated to Dolph getting shot earlier this year. And for East Coast rap heads, the idea of Cam’ron and Mase exchanging diss tracks in 2017 is a dream match-up come true.

More recently, there have been tensions brewing between former friends XXXTentacion and Ski Mask the Slump God. Azealia Banks is always out here doing the most on social media and reigniting beefs. Then there’s Drake and Meek Mill, but the 6 God decided to officially end their feud in a freestyle over Jay-Z’s “Family Feud.” Just when you think the year will start off calm and friendly, rappers always seem to have something to settle.

So, which one was your favorite? We asked New Yorkers to tell us theirs and you’ll be surprised to hear some of their answers.

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