Amazon’s Being Secretive as Hell About Their New HQ City Selection

Amazon is trying really hard to not let the cat out of the bag.

Splinter News reports the online megastore, worth over $650 billion, is asking competing cities to sign nondisclosure agreements as they negotiate and narrow down bids for their future headquarters. Local news organizations such as the ABC affiliate WRAL and the Atlanta Star-Constitution, have tried and failed to obtain records regarding the ongoing deals in their metropolitan areas.

According to NPR, the 20 potential locations in North America selected in the second round include:

  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Austin, Texas
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Miami, Florida
  • Montgomery County, Maryland
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Newark, New Jersey
  • New York City, New York
  • Northern Virginia
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Washington D.C.

In fact, some of the first rounds of reports have also been leaving out important information, such as details regarding their offers. For instance, only Boston and Toronto have released information to the public about their deals.

Amazon recently lost value in the stock market after Donald Trump tweeted that the company was burning the United States Postal Service.

How much will one of the world's richest men get in tax breaks? Stay tuned to find out.

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High School Ballers Are Putting LaVar Ball on Blast for Trying to Slide Into DMs to Recruit for Pro League

In late December, LaVar Ball made a stunning announcement. Just weeks after pulling his son LiAngelo out of UCLA and saying he planned on preparing him for the NBA himself, the Ball family patriarch revealed he is going to start his own league called the Junior Basketball Association for those players who don’t want to take part in NCAA basketball.

At the time, Ball said he thought it would be “easy” to convince kids to play in the JBA. The plan was to give all players a salary of somewhere between $3,000 and $10,000 and have them play in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

But it sounds like Ball has run into some trouble recruiting prospects to play in the league. According to high school and college basketball recruiting site Tipton Edits, Ball has used social media DMs to contact about 80 high school players to gauge their interest in playing in the JBA. But all of the top recruits have reportedly turned him down, and two, in particular, have put him on blast for his method of going about recruiting.

Tyler Herro, who hails from Wisconsin and is slated to attend Kentucky next season, is one of the players who was contacted by Ball. He shared a screenshot of the message he received from Big Baller Brand before revealing he declined the offer.

Jalen Carey, a guard from New Jersey who will attend Syracuse next season, was also approached by Ball about joining the JBA. He, too, declined the offer he received and shared a screenshot of it on Snapchat.

In fairness to Ball, trying to contact potential JBA recruits through DMs is probably the most efficient way for him to do it at this time since he’s spent most of the last month in Lithuania with LiAngelo and his youngest son LaMelo. But as SB Nation pointed out, he’s getting a whole bunch of rejections from players right now, so it’s probably time for him to switch up his method. Otherwise, the JBA might disappear just as quickly as it initially popped up.

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Who Is Tay-K and Why Is His Song “The Race” Blowing Up?

The Billboard Hot 100 has a new rap entry this week that, unless you're from the Dallas metro area or really tied in to up-and-coming underground hip-hop, probably caught you by surprise (assuming you even noticed it). “The Race” by East Arlington, Texas-based rapper Taymor Travon McIntyre, who goes by Tay-K, entered the chart at No. 70.

The song, which has been remixed by XXXTentacion, Lil Bibby, and most recently Lil Yachty, is the first national hit for Tay-K. But how it happened, and what it means for the 17-year-old artist, is a wild and disturbing story—one that involves several murders, an assault, an attempt to flee from the law, and one music video shot under murky circumstances.

Tay-K started rapping only a few years ago as part of a group called Daytona Boyz. He got some local attention for early efforts like the Auto-Tuned track “Sly Cooper.” 

Just as he was getting started, Tay-K sent a DM to Shawn Cotton, who runs Say Cheese TV. The message touted his crew's “10k plays on soundcloud” and pointed out that they were all between 14-16 years old.

Image via Shawn Cotton

“He reached out to me, but I get so many DMs, I get so many messages,” Cotton told Complex. “I didn't see it.”

By the time Cotton became aware of Tay-K, when the young rapper's track “Megaman” was gaining steam in late 2016, Cotton heard that it was already too late.

“A girl had told me that they had caught some charges, so I never looked further into it,” he said. “People around town was saying that he was gone for life, that he was never coming back. So I didn't pay attention to it.” 

Tay-K faced a charge in Mansfield, Texas, for a home invasion that occurred on July 26, 2016. The invasion, which was set up by two young women, ended with a 21-year-old man named Ethan Walker shot dead. Tay-K, who was 16 at the time, was arrested for the murder and released on house arrest.

He is also a suspect in another murder following a Daytona Boyz performance in late 2015. 

In March 2016, Tay-K was facing a hearing to determine whether he'd be charged as an adult for Walker's murder—a decision that could mean facing the death penalty. So he sent a tweet, cut off his ankle monitor, and fled.

For alleged altercations that occurred during his several months on the lam, Tay-K stands accused of a separate killing in San Antonio and of assaulting a 65-year-old man. While evading the law, he also recorded and shot a video for the song “The Race.” 

The song, which was released the very day, June 30, that the cops caught up with Tay-K and arrested him in New Jersey, is about his situation. “Fuck a beat, I was tryin' to beat a case,” goes the song's opening line. “But I ain't beat that case—bitch, I did the race.” The video, which Cotton confirmed was shot while Tay-K was on the run, became a smash hit, garnering over 19 million views as of this writing.

It is that directness that's making the song a smash, according to Cotton. “It's real,” he said. “Look at the story. It's so authentic. It's real, and he has the story to back it up. Rappers talk shit all day about what they do, but everything he's saying, happened. It's like Tay-K was telling us a story. It's like we're little kids about to go to bed, and Tay-K's telling us a story about himself, and he's visualizing it in the video. And it happened. It's all on the news.”

Tay-K's story garnered support from several well-known rappers, including Lil Bibby, Fat Nick of the Buffet Boys, and XXXTentacion.

So now we're left with a rapper facing serious charges while his first album Santana World races up the iTunes charts. Cotton, who did a recent in-depth interview with Tay-K from jail, said he could “hear a lot of regret in his voice” when talking to the teenager. “When I was telling him a lot of people who was shouting him out and his numbers, he just couldn't believe it,” Cotton recalled. “I know if he gets another chance, he will change his life around.”

If Tay-K does get that second chance, he has incredible potential, Cotton believes. 

“If he somehow gets out of jail, I feel like he could be bigger than Chief Keef has ever been,” he said. “He's young, I feel like he has the street background. I think he'll be a more successful Chief Keef. He'll be right there, because we've never seen this before. Tay-K's only 17, so if he gets out of jail somehow, I think he could be one of the biggest artists of this new rap era.” 

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Nick Cannon Shows His Sneaker Closet

Wild’ N Out host Nick Cannon has been making people laugh for nearly 20 years, and he has the same dedication to his sneakers as he does his craft. For the most recent episode of Complex Closets, Joe La Puma met up with Cannon at his house in New Jersey and got a tour of his legendary footwear collection.

In the episode he shows the world’s most expensive shoes, a $2 million pair of Tom Ford diamond-encrusted slip-ons. When it comes to the sneaker portion of the segment, Cannon shows off a pair of custom Gucci Air Maxes, a never-before-seen Goyard/BAPE/Jordan 1 custom, and then reveals for the first time his exclusive Wild N' Out Air Jordan VIIs.

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Redman Hilariously Ranks His Best Movie Roles

While Newark, New Jersey's own Redman is known as your favorite rapper's favorite rapper, he has a pretty ill history as an actor. Similar to his career as a rapper, Redman's worn a number of hats: he can be downright hilarious one moment, then flipping things into some street sh*t if need be. Of course we all remember him as Jamal in the stoner classic How High alongside his partner-in-crime Method Man, how does that film stand against his role in Seed of Chucky? Or his cameo in Colorz of Rage? To celebrate his recently-passed birthday, we caught up with Redman to discuss, and his choices may surprise you!

Red didn't stop there, though; he also hit us with a ranking of some of his favorite films, and we learned a lot about him. Not only does Red tell us which member of Run DMC he is, but he breaks down his fetish. He even told us what he would title his porn film if he ever got to work on one. Hopefully we can see Redman acting again…in films that aren't of the XXX variety; we're still waiting for How High sequel!

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Pornhub’s Offering to Help Anyone Who ‘Wants to Get Plowed’ During Snowmageddon for Free

Winter Storm Stella is currently ensuring snow haters all across the Northeast have a horrendous Tuesday, with multiple states under blizzard warning. But don't worry, fellow snow-averse humans. The popular adult education website Pornhub is here to help:

Pornhub has vowed to help anyone who “wants to get plowed” by sending out a fleet of branded trucks to clean up streets and parking lots in Boston, Boston Magazine reported Monday night. The plow-tastic service, which is not available for your driveway, is also being offered in New Jersey.

“As many people know, shoveling and plowing snow is an arduous task,” Pornhub VP Corey Price told Complex Tuesday. “Coupled with the fact that Mother Nature can sometimes (like today) deliver a powerful Nor'Easter, with gale force winds and high snowfall totals, we thought it an opportune time to lend a helpful hand and plow our fans, courtesy of their favorite adult entertainment company.” Price added that Pornhub is looking to “plow as much as(s)phalt as possible” during Stella's reign.

After witnessing a plowing, internet-conscious residents are encouraged to share plow-related photographs using the #PornhubPlows hashtag.

Pornhub, self-billed as “one of the most prolific adult websites,” has made a habit of lending a helping hand or two in times of need. For example, the site's philanthropic sector, Pornhub Cares, supported testicular and prostate cancer research with its own Movember initiative last year. In partnership with the Movember Foundation, Pornhub matched every dollar (up to $50,000) donated via the Pornhub team. 

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Big Sean feat. Ellie Goulding-You Don’t Know (Gazzo Remix)

Listen here: Big Sean feat. Ellie Goulding-You Don’t Know (Gazzo Remix)

New Jersey based DJ and Producer Gazzo put out a solid remix of Big Sean and Ellie Goulding‘s ‘You Don’t Know’ and it certainly holds up to the House standard. This remix is a great fit for the song and features a pretty cool breakdown near the end. It’s always nice to hear a melding of Hip-Hop and Dance, in this case it produced an interesting result that I’m sure many fans of House music will love. ‘You Don’t Know (Gazzo Remix)’ is a free download on Gazzo‘s Facebook page and be sure to check out his Soundcloud if you like what he’s got to offer.

 Big Sean feat. Ellie Goulding You Dont Know (Gazzo Remix)

Chris Lake Helium Tour Underway, New Single Featured in Herbal Essences Campaign

Listen here: Chris Lake Helium Tour Underway, New Single Featured in Herbal Essences Campaign

Chris Lake was kind enough to spend time in an interview with EDM Sauce just a couple months ago as he wrapped up the Chris Lake Rising Tour in Hollywood with TJR, Nom De Strip, and Hotmouth. Now he’s set for another huge year in 2014. A month ago he released “Helium,” featuring vocals from British singer/songwriter Jareth, and the tune was premiered in an Herbal Essences campaign during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on December 10th. Check out the ad below and his single “Helium” which is available now on iTunes or Beatport.

Known for hit collaborations like “Boneless” with Steve Aoki last year, he’s an essential name in the dance music scene of past and present. He’s a great host and does not lack any sarcasm. We even found an old home video from Deadmau5 today that was uploaded seven years ago and these two haven’t seemed to change one bit. Safe travels to the Lake crew as he takes on North America in February with upcoming shows in Edmonton (8th), Toronto (14th), New Jersey (15th), Los Angeles (20th), Calgary (21st), and Denver, Colorado (22nd).

Pretty Lights and Dillion Francis to Headline X Games Austin

Listen here: Pretty Lights and Dillion Francis to Headline X Games Austin

x 600x285 Pretty Lights and Dillion Francis to Headline X Games Austin

What is better then watching wild and wonderful sports in the sun? How about adding some of the biggest names in the music industry to the list of events for the fun weekend. After announcing that Tiësto and Axwell would headline the Winter X Games in Vail the X Games coordinators did not disappoint by naming Pretty Lights, Dillion Francis, Kanye West, and The Flaming Lips all as headliners to go hand in hand with the extreme sports for the summer games. Austin is known to be the live music capital of the world and they are sure proving it with a big move by bringing in these great artists. Along with these artists they are also bringing in Slightly Stoopid, Gary Clark Jr., and Bad Religion for an excellent live performances, also Mac Miller will be performing to reach out to more of the hip hop genre fan base, and they continue to make power plays for the EDM fan base by also bringing in Cash Cash from New Jersey. The artist will perform after events to celebrate the wild extreme sports competition, performing at the Austin 360 Amphitheater which holds a whopping 14,000 fans. It would be a great experience for anyone to visit Austin, a city so very well known for its music, but for someone who loves music and also sports this opportunity could not get much better. If the free time and money is there I would not delay and purchase my ticket ASAP, they will not last long!

For more information on tickets, festivals, competitors, and or all of the of above visit