Rolls Royce Removes Skepta Video Following Backlash Over Not Wearing a Seatbelt

Rolls Royce has pulled a video featuring Skepta from their YouTube page after receiving complaints that the rapper was not wearing a seatbelt. The video shows Skepta, creating a song, while riding around in the back of a Phantom as he and a friend are being chauffeured in the Swiss Alps. “Perhaps Skepta, the great grime artist, should listen to his own song – It Ain't Safe – before rapping in the back of a Rolls-Royce, apparently not wearing a seatbelt,” Edmund King, president of the Automobile Association, said, per Sky News. “Remember 'it ain't safe' ever to travel in any car, no matter how safe, without belting up.” 

Even though safety comes first, people were up in disbelief over the decision by Rolls Royce.   

Prior to the video's pull, Skepta had said the Royce is a perfect place to make music. “​It was like sitting in first class on a plane minus the noise. Comfortable and silent, a perfect space to make music.” 

Skepta appears to be taking the backlash in stride, posting the lightbulb emoji, along with a photo of a fastened seatbelt. 

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LeBron James Previews Metro Boomin and Big Sean’s Collaborative Project ‘Double or Nothing’

While the rest of us wait for Big Sean and Metro Boomin’s Double or Nothing to drop, LeBron James apparently got his hands on an advanced copy. And he seems to be really enjoying it.


DOUBLE OR NOTHING THE ALBUM 12/8 midnight! @metroboomin let’s go! 🎲🎲

A post shared by BIGSEAN (@bigsean) on Dec 5, 2017 at 4:13pm PST

On Wednesday night, the Cleveland Cavaliers star player went to social media to play several clips from the upcoming collaborative project, beginning with the previously released track “Pull Up N Wreck.” He then played snippets of two unreleased cuts. He captioned the first track “Sure feels good to be BLACK in the Back (Bach) #doubleentendre.” The second was simply captioned with: “#SavageTime.”

You can listen to the clips below. Double or Nothing is set to drop this Friday.

This isn’t the first time James has blessed fans with music teasers. In the past, he’s shared previews of Kendrick Lamar’s Damn album, as well as unreleased tracks by Meek Mill and Nipsey Hussle. Considering he has more than 34 million followers on Instagram and nearly 40 million followers on Twitter, we're sure the artists are more than happy with the plug. 

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Watch CyHi the Prynce Get Interviewed by Puppies

When CyHi the Prynce's No Dope on Sundays dropped earlier this month, you could hear an industry-wide sigh of relief. CyHi had escaped from label jail, and the results were nothing short of excellent. We've always known CyHi as one of GOOD Music's most reliable writers, but now he's branching off from Kanye and Pusha, proving his worth as a solo artist. 

We've come a long way from “Elephant in the Room.” No Dope on Sundays is a sharp, cutting observation of everything from building new social structures (“Nu Africa”) to time spent in Atlanta's trap houses (“Dat Side”), and CyHi is floating over consistently epic production from the likes of Lex Luger and Anthony Kilhoffer. Too often, these delayed projects disappoint due to the surrounding hype. CyHi bucked the trend and delivered. 

“I was just in a messy situation being from Atlanta,” CyHi recently told DJ Booth. “They want you to do trap music, and I’m someone who is going against that grain.” All seems forgiven on No Dope On Sundays. He's turning to friends old (Jagged Edge, Kanye West, Pusha T) and new (Travis Scott), and the fans are responding. So when CyHi showed up to be interviewed by puppies, it was more of a celebration than an interrogation. 

We had been lucky enough to hear the album way back in March 2017 (he performed “Nu Africa” on our roof), and even back then CyHi had the vision. “I reek confidence, I reek social issues,” he told Jinx. “I've experienced a whole other life that I can combine with my spirituality… if I see I need to speak on something, I do that.”

Watch CyHi's episode of Hounded above, and revisit the party that send him to jail below. 

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UK Rapper/Singer Dylan Cartlidge Delivers a Much-Needed Message With the “Love Spoons” Video

UK rapper, singer, and multi-instrumentalist Dylan Cartlidge was inspired by all the negative in the world, but instead of reacting with anger or disappointment, he responded with a message of hope. “Love Spoons” is an uplifting song with a sense of urgency, and it's exactly what we need right now. Watch the new Katia Ganfield-directed video above, and read a short interview with Dylan below.

“Love Spoons” has a really positive message. What inspired that, and why is it important for you to share right now?​

I believe so strongly in hope above adversity, and this song was written in part as a response to all these horrific attacks that were happening around the globe, one after another. It was awful. The Orlando attack in particular really struck me, as I couldn't believe those people had been targeted for the way in which they express their love. So I combined the feelings and thoughts from this period with my own feelings on individuality and hope above adversity. Regardless of age, gender, skin color, sexual orientation, or background, being you is a key to truly finding happiness. I think now more than ever there's somebody somewhere that could do with hearing that.

Musically, this isn't like a lot of the current styles making the rounds right now. What music influences you?

Kid Cudi is basically my idol, being a rapper by trade I grew up listening to a lot of rap, R&B, soul, and mainstream chart music mainly but lived in a household as a child with a trance DJ and '80s pop fanatic for a good while but typically, Lupe Fiasco, Stromae, Olu, Kanye West, Cage, Mac Miller, The Cool Kids. I then joined a band when I was 16, and for the first time had openly experienced music with live instruments, guitars and riffs, bands like The Black Keys, The White Stripes. I've never looked back since, totally blew my mind, my musical horizons had been broadened.

What can you tell us about the music video for “Love Spoons”? Where was it shot, who are the people featured in it? Any stories from the shoot that you remember?

The video was shot by a wonderfully talented lady named Katia Garfield who's done videos for the likes of Childhood, Demob Happy, and loads of others. It was all shot on her super cool VHS camera in the seaside town I live in named Redcar. I'd gotten many friends, family, and people I knew involved to try and showcase as many forms of love as I could find, in all different relationships and people. I even roped my girlfriend Holly into it!

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Everything We Know About Travis Scott’s ‘Astroworld’

It certainly doesn't feel like 15 months since Travis Scott dropped Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight. The album still sounds as fresh as it did on release day, and Scott has continued to push his music forward at a furious pace.

He's stayed in our playlists with new music—”Butterfly Effect” and “4 AM” alone would mark a successful year for most artists—and been touring relentlessly, often atop his giant birdBut the Houston rapper has also continued to make headlines for the music yet to come. There's a collab album with Quavo that was shipped off for mixing last week (if Quavo is to be believed), and then, there's Astroworld.

The album has become something of a folk tale for the Houston rapper's fans. It's a project closely tied to his city: the name is derived from a local amusement park that closed in 2005, and that closure still stings. “They tore down AstroWorld to build more apartment space,” Scott told GQ in May. “That’s what it’s going to sound like, like taking an amusement park away from kids. We want it back.”  

He's been talking about Astroworld since before BITTSM even dropped, describing one of the best albums of 2016 as a “stepping stone” to Astroworld. So needless to say, we need it. But all Scott gives us these days is one word: “soon.”

Watch the timeline above to hear everything we know about Astroworld​ so far, and check out our new music recommendations for Travis Scott fans below. 

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Watch These New Yorkers Turn Up to “Bodak Yellow” at the Subway Station

Lest you're somebody who doubts the ability for music to unite people (which is an archetype I'm not even sure exists, but let's pretend it does because otherwise the only intro I got is “Check this video out because you might enjoy it”), watch this clip from Twitter user @mattwhitlockPM showing a number of people having fun during an otherwise mundane/frustrating experience (dealing with the NYC subway).

The reason they're having fun is because someone, somewhere within range is blasting Cardi B's “Bodak Yellow,” and though they're not dancing in unison that's really just an unrealistic standard propagated by Hollywood anyway. See for yourself, above.

In addition to having a crew of Big Apple commuters turn up simply because her music is playing within earshot, which was just the most recent potentially viral moment to take place in the subway, Cardi B is also set to have her next single “Cardier Cardi,” released less than two weeks from now, reportedly on Dec. 15.

She's also got the “Motorsport” video coming out on Dec. 1 sometime soon:

Lots of different stuff going on.



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Saoirse Ronan and the Women of ‘SNL’ Address Sexual Predators in “Welcome to Hell”

The music video talks about how women should deal with men who are sexual predators.

Post Malone Apologizes for Delay In New Album Release

Post Malone fans will have to wait a “little” longer to hear Beerbongs & Bentleys.

In mid-November, the 22-year-old “Congratulations” artist suggested his sophomore album would finally arrive this week. This was good news for fans, as the project was initially expected to drop back in June.

“I'm gonna finish it this week, he told the H3 Podcast weeks ago. “It will be out in December. December 1 at midnight.”

It’s now Dec. 2, and Beerbongs & Bentleys is nowhere to be found.

Malone apologized for the delay on social media, claiming he was still working his ass off to “make the best fucking album ever.”

Stay tuned for updates on the project’s release.

Malone has received a lot of heat in recent weeks, primarily for his controversial comments on hip-hop. The rapper recently told Poland’s Newonce that audiences should stay away from genre if they’re looking for something meaningful. He attempted to clarify his comments following the backlash; however, some people weren't willing to let it slide. 

“Post Malone, I'm done giving you passes bro,” Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg said this week. “You got a pass for braids, which is not common. You got a pass for the n-word thing that happened on Snapchat… So, either leave hip-hop and go make music in another genre, or start showing respect for hip-hop.”

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Who is ASAP Twelvyy?

Longevity is the enemy of the internet. We are living in a whirlwind, a news cycle constantly destroying itself in the search for new material. It's as true in music as it is anywhere else, and to stay relevant, you have to bring something new.

ASAP Mob understood this from the beginning. They first started making noise in New York in 2006, welcoming a steady stream of new members who brought their own sauce to the group. ASAP Twelvyy joined shortly thereafter, and by the time ASAP Rocky signed a multimillion dollar deal in 2011, the plan was in motion—year after year, the group has targeted and dominated a new corner of the music market. By 2017, Twelvyy had cemented himself as one of the Mob's most reliable members. But due to some scrapped plans and Yams' untimely death in 2015, he had yet to release a solo project. 

That all changed this past August with the arrival of 12. In 2014, ASAP Yams called it “the best NY rap album in years,” and he wasn't far off. It's a dense, fiery collection of songs that simultaneously embraces the past and future in true ASAP fashion, especially on the Phantogram-sampling “Diamonds” and the murky aggression of “A Glorious Death.” Features from Ferg, Rocky, Joey Badass, Flatbush Zombies, and the rest of the Mob ensure 12 as a decidedly East Coast family affair, but the production is often as modern and forward-thinking as anything else out. 

Through it all, Twelvyy plays the ringmaster—it would be easy to get lost in so many big names, but now Twevlyy is one of them. We caught up with the Harlem-born rapper to take it back to the start, and hear how he plans to give back to the neighborhood that raised him. “There were days I didn't have anything but music to listen to,” Twelvyy says. “Right now, I'm still trying to figure out what success is… I still have a long way to go. I wanna help. I wanna help for real, because a lot of people get, but they don't give… Or they give, but they give in the wrong way.”

Watch our Who Is? with Twelvyy above, and listen to 12 below. 

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Alexa Chung Fears for Her Life While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Alexa Chung is one of the Hot Ones muses. Back in the U.K., she hosted Channel 4’s PopWorld, where she knocked music’s biggest stars out of their PR-driven flight pattern with her hilarious segments and tongue-in-cheek questions. From there she hopped the pond to host her own MTV show, and has since become one of the fashion world’s power players, launching her own clothing line, hosting a web series for Vogue, and generally killing it on both sides of the Atlantic. But how is she with hot food? Find out she takes on the wings of death in a Molly Goddard dress, explaining how she got banned from red-carpet hosting duties while entering a spice prison built out of capsaicin-laced vegan nuggets. 

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