Guest Mauro Ranallo Talks LeBron Beasting in Another L, New Michael Jordan Doc | Out of Bounds

On today’s episode of #OutofBounds, sports announcer and commentator Mauro Ranallo joins Gilbert Arenas, Adam Caparell, and Pierce Simpson to discuss the Celtics beating the Cavs despite a monster game from LeBron James to take a 2-0 lead in the Eastern Conference Finals. With King James clearly giving his all — returning from a scary head shot to post a 42-point triple-double — the panel points fingers at the teammates who need to step their game up.

One player who would be excused if he were underperforming is Celtics guard Marcus Smart, who revealed that his mom is undergoing chemotherapy treatments for bone marrow cancer but wants him to remain focused on basketball. Mauro — who had to do a broadcast after losing a close family member — and Gil talk about trying to perform at your best when you’re enduring a personal tragedy.

Looking ahead to tonight’s Game 2 between Houston and Golden State, OOB asks if the Rockets can “withstand” Kevin Durant going off, as head coach Mike D’Antoni said they could after he torched them for 37 points in Game 1. Are the Rockets capable of shutting down one or more of the Dubs’ other stars? Plus, the panel makes their picks for the game.

Then, with the NBA Draft Lottery over and the Suns now in possession of the first overall pick, the crew debates whom Phoenix should draft at No. 1. Also, Gil explains why the NBA’s new draft lottery format designed to eliminate tanking won’t actually stop the league’s annual race to the bottom.

After ESPN Films and Netflix announced Tuesday that they will be releasing a 10-part documentary series on Michael Jordan in 2019, the guys ask if it will reveal anything we don’t know about MJ or just show younger generations why he is the GOAT over LeBron and Kobe. Plus, Gil lets Mauro know why Jordan’s return to play for the Wizards wasn’t the typical case of an athlete being unwilling to move on from their playing career.

With his own documentary, Bipolar Rock ‘N’ Roller, premiering next Friday, May 25, on Showtime, Mauro explains the motivation behind the project, which candidly discusses his mental health issues. Plus, Gil opens up about his battle with depression and how he learned to be himself. 

Finally, with philanthropic hedge fund manager and outspoken Trump critic David Tepper expected to buy the Panthers for a record-setting $2.2 billion, OOB asks if he is precisely the kind of owner the NFL needs now. Does politics even matter when it comes to the bottom-line business of NFL ownership?

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Baron Davis Says Michael Jordan Kicked Him Out of His Locker at 2002 NBA All-Star Game

Complex News' Speedy Morman caught up with former NBA guard Baron Davis at All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles, and he shared a hilarious memory from his first time as an All-Star in 2002.

Davis, who played for the Charlotte Hornets at the time, earned a spot on the team as a reserve and soaked in the moment, though he got a little carried away in his excitement when he decided to sit in Michael Jordan's locker. When Jordan saw him taking up his space, Davis says MJ told him, “'Aye man, get yo ass out my locker.'” 

Check out our full interview with Davis above.

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Joe Jackson Says Quincy Jones ‘Knows Better’ Than to Accuse Michael Jackson of Stealing Music

In case you somehow missed last week's juicy Vulture interview with Quincy Jones, the famous producer made some pretty wild allegations. According to Jones,  he once dated Ivanka Trump, who apparently has “the most beautiful legs” but “the wrong father,” Richard Pryor and Marlon Brando had sex once (which Pryor's widow confirmed), and Michael Jackson “stole a lot of stuff.” Specifically, Jones said Michael stole “Billie Jean” and “Don’t Stop ’Til You Get Enough.” 

TMZ started to ask Joe Jackson on Saturday at the restaurant Toscanova in Calabasas, CA if his son did, in fact, steal the hook of “Billie Jean” from Donna Summer's song “State of Independence.” Joe immediately chimed in and said, “I raised Michael, he's my son. Quincy Jones, he knows better. I don't want to talk about it.” When asked if he thinks Michael wrote “Billie Jean,” he said, “Yes, correct.”

Jones had a seemingly tight relationship with Michael as a co-producer for the late musician's best-selling albums. The producer did not hold back on his MJ gossip during this interview: he also addressed Michael's famous plastic surgery. “[Jackson] has a problem with his looks because his father told him he was ugly and abused him,” Jones said. “What do you expect?” The 84-year-old also addressed the state of music today, which, unsurprising given the tone of the interview, he is not at all impressed with. Pop music is “just loops, beats, rhymes, and hooks,” rap music is “the same phrase over and over and over again, and U2 sucks now, too. And this was just the PG-13 version of the interview.

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Watch Us Unbox the Air Jordan 11 ‘Win Like ’82’

The latest Sole Collector unboxing takes a look at Jordan Brand's  new UNC-themed retro, the Air Jordan 11 “Win Like '82.”

This year's Holiday season release of the Air Jordan 11 takes it back to MJ's college days, more specifically, to the year he won an NCAA National Championship with the North Carolina Tar Heels. The brand new colorway features a white mesh upper, a navy blue patent leather mudguard, and Carolina Blue Jumpman logos. Look for this pair to release Saturday, Nov. 11 for $220 on and at other Jordan Brand retailers.

For a full breakdown of the shoe check out the video above, and also make sure to subscribe to the Sole Collector YouTube channel today to stay up to date with all of our latest videos.

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Mia Khalifa and Gilbert Arenas Debate LeBron vs. Kobe vs. MJ on ‘Out of Bounds’

On today's episode of Out of Bounds, Mia Khalifa, Gilbert Arenas, Adam, and Pierce debate who's better: LeBron, Kobe, or MJ. Mia also clears things up regarding the Tiger Woods rumors, the crew talks about their experience at ComplexCon, and they debate Eli Manning's relevancy. Later, Gilbert struggles with ranking his top three NBA players. 

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Meet the Designer of the Air Monarch, Nike’s Biggest Dad Shoe

The dad shoe trend is here in full force, whether you like it or not. When it comes to these chunky, mall-walking sneakers, there's one shoe that reigns supreme: The Nike Air Monarch. It's Nike's best-selling sneaker and has become an ironic favorite of sneakerheads in the past few years. In recent times, Russell Westbrook has been seen wearing the sneaker courtside, Eric Koston has skated in them, and Concepts has even teased a supposed collaboration on the shoe. It's safe to say, for the time being, that the Monarch is here to stay with the cool kids. On the most recent episode of Sole Collector's Full Size Run, co-hosts Rich “MaZe” Lopez, Brendan Dunne, and yours truly got a chance to speak to Jason Mayden, former Nike and Jordan Brand designer who worked on the Nike Air Monarch II.

In the episode, Mayden breaks down his inspiration behind the shoe, which included thinking of dads hanging out in a wood-paneled room, watching football, and drinking Budweiser — after mowing the lawn.

He also talks about what it was like to design sneakers for Michael Jordan and how the Jordan Fusions came about.

Watch the episode above.

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That One Time Michael Jordan Got Trash Talked to and Had No Response

There are plenty of epic trash-talking stories involving Michael Jordan floating around out there in the world. From the time he ethered his own teammate Stacey King to the time he ruined Muggsy Bogues’ career, MJ is a legend when it comes to talking trash. And while there have been people who have tried to keep up with MJ in the trash talk department, he has gotten the last laugh in most of those instances by making those people look foolish. Just ask Magic Johnson.

There is at least one person who managed to get the upper hand against MJ during a trash-talking battle, though, and oddly enough, you probably have absolutely no idea who he is. His name is Randy Towner, and he is currently the general manager and head professional at Firekeeper Golf Course in Mayetta, Kansas. He also used to be the Director of Golf at Alvamar Country Club in Lawrence, Kansas and made a name for himself early on in his career by competing in the Mid-West Professional Golfer Association. And according to a story that North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams told writer Helen Ross in a long piece about the origin of MJ’s love for golf, Towner found a way to leave MJ “speechless” with some very unlikely trash talk sometime back in the early 2000s.

In the piece, Williams revealed that MJ flew out to Lawrence one day when Williams was still coaching at Kansas to attend his Jayhawk basketball camp. During a break in the action, MJ, Williams, and Towner made their way out to the golf course to blow off some steam, and Williams said that he remembers MJ talking to Towner about how straight he was able to hit the ball time after time. MJ seemed upset over the fact that many of his shots were erratic and landed all over the place, and he wondered why he couldn’t do what Towner was doing. And that’s when Towner responded by taking a pretty classic jab at MJ over why he was playing so much better than him.

From the story:

One year when Williams was coaching at Kansas, he remembers playing with his home pro, Randy Towner, and Jordan between breaks at the Jayhawk basketball camp.

Jordan was lamenting how straight Towner was hitting the ball while his own drives were more erratic.

“Randy just looked at him and pointed his finger at Michael and tapped him in the chest and said, 'NBA,' and then turned to himself, tapped his finger at his own chest and said, 'PGA,'” says Williams, who once played with Jordan when he shot a 69.

“He said, Michael, there's a gap there that you're not going to cross…It was one of the few times that I've ever seen Michael Jordan speechless.”

Congrats to that guy for doing what so many other pro athletes have failed to do.

Don’t worry, though. It sounds like MJ enjoys his fair share of trash-talking wins when he’s out on the golf course. In another part of the piece on MJ’s golf game, Ed Ibarguen—a golf pro who has been the Director of Golf at Duke University Golf Club in Durham, North Carolina since 1988 and who taught MJ how to play golf at the Finley Golf Club in Chapel Hill, North Carolina back in the 1980s—talked about how MJ usually tries to gain a competitive advantage over his opponents on the golf course before they even hit the first tee.

Ibarguen revealed that most people who golf with MJ want to wager with him, and he said that MJ has a pretty savage response for everyone who brings up the idea of placing a bet. Rather than picking a specific dollar amount, MJ puts the onus on the other person to come up with a wager that works for them.

“Everybody’s always wanting to gamble with [him],” Ibarguen said. “Well, you know, Michael’s happy betting a dollar; he’s happy just doing it for personal pride. But he gets all these people that come on up and say, 'Okay, how much are we going to play for?' Michael just basically came up with a standard. He said, 'I’ll play for whatever makes you nervous.' Which was a great line.”

A great line indeed. Maybe not quite as good as the one Towner hit him with, but it’s apparently such a good line that even Tiger Woods uses it when he finds himself in the same situation out on the golf course.

You can read all about the rest of MJ’s golf exploits in the piece about his golf game here.

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LaVar Ball Insists He Could Beat Michael Jordan ‘With Some Flips Flops on in the Rain’

LaVar Ball is feeling fired the fuck up. Someone from TMZ found Ball at an airport and asked him about several shots that have recently been fired at his family. Ball knew exactly where to direct his words to cause maximum damage: he went after Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and LeBron James.

First, Ball called out MJ—again. A few months ago, Ball claimed he could beat Michael Jordan one-on-one, taking aim at the universal G.O.A.T. On Monday, Michael Jordan roasted Ball by claiming Ball couldn’t beat him one-on-one even if Jordan was “one-legged.” Not one to be outdone, Ball fired back Friday, telling TMZ, “I could beat him with one hand tied behind my back with some glasses on with one eye lens out with some flips flops on in the rain.” If this ever actually happened, it would probably rival Mayweather versus McGregor levels of hype. 

After getting properly warmed up, Ball started talking business. Shaq released a diss track last week aimed squarely at Ball and his famous mouth, with lines such as, “Sit down man, you be doin' the most/You know your ass is barbeque chicken in the post/First you can beat Mike, then you can beat me/Wake that ass up, you havin' a dream.” But Ball isn’t exactly shaking in his boots. “I’ve told him, if he wanna join Big Baller Records, and he audition, that’s fine, but we’re looking for younger acts at this time,” Ball said. “Who gonna pay attention to a 90-year-old rapper? He too old to be doing a diss track at me.” 

But Ball wasn’t done yet! He also responded to Charles Barkley’s recent comments, which implied the Lakers aren’t a playoff team, not even with Ball's much-hyped son Lonzo. “Barkley doesn’t know what he’s talking about!” Ball said. “Lakers are guaranteed to make the playoffs. Guaranteed to make the mothereffin’ playoffs.” 

To finish up, Ball also had some choice words for LeBron James: “If you wanna win some championships, come over to the Lakers with my boy,” Ball said, suggesting his son could do what LeBron couldn’t. 

Damn, LaVar. Tell us how you really feel.

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Neymar on Michael Jordan: ‘I Was Shaking When I Met Him’

Neymar is featured in Complex's latest episode of Sneaker Shopping, and in it the international soccer figure talked about how he went from a kid with one pair of Jordans to a star who got his own Jordan V. He also had the rare pleasure of getting MJ to take a selfie with him, which is a story he conversed about while walking around Flight Club in Los Angeles for some new kicks.

“No, he was incredible when I met him,” Neymar replied when asked if His Airness hesitated prior to the selfie. “He was a really nice guy, really cool. I was even taken aback by his hospitality. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. I was shaking when I met him.”

He also relayed what he said to Odell Beckham at the NBA Finals, dished on Justin Bieber's soccer skills, and also talked about how he busts Messi's balls over his cleats. After it was all said and done, he dropped well over $18,000 on kicks. Check out the full episode above.

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Future’s Money Phone Selfie Might Be a Response to Jay Z

Did Future just send a message to Jay Z?

Following the release of Hov’s highly anticipated 4:44 album, many people suspect the hip-hop mogul of taking shots at the “Mask Off” rapper. Some pointed to lines that seemed to reference Future’s family, specifically how Ciara (the mother his child) is now in a relationship with Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson:

“In the future, other niggas playin' football with your son/You had lost it, 13 bottles of Ace of Spade what it did to Boston”


Just days after the album dropped, Future shared a selfie on Snapchat that is believed to be a response to Jay. The photo features the rapper holding up a “money phone” with the words “U ain’t got the juice like dat. MOOD” written across the bottom. 

Future Snapchat
Image via Snapchat

For those who don’t know, “money phones” were also referenced in the 4:44 track “The Story of O.J.” In the song, Jay calls out rappers who try to flex on social media by holding up stacks to their ear and pretending to speak through it: “Y'all on the 'gram holdin' money to your ear,” he raps. “There's a disconnect, we don't call that money over here.”

Boosie Badazz claimed he was personally offended by the line, but it seems Future is using the lyrics to mock Jay.

Or if we want to look into even more, Future could be responding to a photo by ex-fiancée Ciara. Notice how Future uses the word “juice” and how Ciara uses it to describe her son (“Juicy Man”).


MJ, Russ, & Juicy Man. 4th Of July. #FunTimes! ⛳️

A post shared by Ciara (@ciara) on Jul 3, 2017 at 5:40pm PDT

Whatever mood Future is in, it's certainly directed towards someone.

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