Is This the Rarest Air Jordan In Existence?

It's impossible to single out one pair of Air Jordans as the rarest in the world. There's several one-offs, as well as a few mysterious samples that can't or haven't been explained. However, Kris Arnold can make the claim that he at least owns one of the rarest Air Jordans, and he stopped by Sole Collector's Full Size Run last week to share the story of how he obtained this likely unicorn.

During the early 90s, Arnold worked as an account executive at ProServ, a sports management firm that included Michael Jordan as one of its clients. Among the many projects ProServ worked on for Jordan was helping put together his Nike deal. Jordan had parted ways with the company a year early, prompting an office cleanout of gear that had been stored and displayed. When Arnold saw two Air Jordan sneakers on the verge of being tossed out, he asked if he could take them instead. The shoes were early production samples of the original “Chicago” and “Black Toe” Air Jordan 1s.

“I happened to be there in my office while it was happening and I said, 'No, I’ll take those.’” Arnold told us in a 2015 interview. “They were going to just throw them in the trash. That’s what they would’ve done hands down.”

Air Jordan 1 Black Toe 1985 Prototype

At first glance, one may not notice the differences between Arnold's shoes and the pairs that actually released, but there are distinguishing features. For example, the overall shape of the samples is a bit more sleek, the cut is lower, the Swooshes are larger, the toebox cut is minimal and there's subtle differences on the outsole.

To date, Arnold has received big money offers for his Jordans, but not one that has seriously made him consider selling. With that said, he hasn't completely ruled out parting with the shoes.

See Arnold discuss his rare samples in the video above, which also includes segments on the new Spike Lee x Air Jordan 1, DJ Khaled x Air Jordan 3, Lonzo Ball x Foot Locker and more. Subscribe to Full Size Size Run on YouTube and iTunes for future episodes

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Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks Discuss Tinashe Controversy and Kehlani Cussing Out Heckler on ‘Everyday Struggle’

On today's Everyday Struggle, Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks, and Nadeska discuss XXL's Freshmen class list and break down any snubs or wrong choices. They also tackle Kehlani throwing a fan out of a concert for heckling her about Kyrie Irving, and Tinashe's comments that she feels excluded from the black community. In a bit of a sports twist, the guys also debate LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan and who would win the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight.

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LeBron James Jokes About Missing Wide-Open Dunk Against Celtics

Just two days after putting up an abysmal 11-point performance against the Celtics in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals, LeBron James rebounded to score 34 points in Game 4 on Tuesday night. He overcame some early foul trouble to finish 15-of-27 from the field and hit a bunch of key shots in the second half to help the Cavaliers win 112-99 to take a commanding 3-1 series lead. But LeBron very easily could have finished the game with even more points than that.

With just over four minutes to go in the game, Kevin Love grabbed a rebound off a missed Avery Bradley jump shot. He then turned and threw the perfect outlet pass to LeBron, who had worked his way behind the Celtics defenders at the other end of the court. LeBron caught the pass and had an opportunity for a wide-open dunk to give the Cavaliers the lead. And then, well, this happened:

LeBron tried to throw a dunk down with so much force that he missed it and gave the ball right back to the Celtics. It was an odd sequence of events and got quite the reaction on Twitter:

During his post-game press conference, LeBron was asked if he has ever missed a dunk like that before, and he joked that he has. He also joked that, despite the missed dunk, he still thinks he’s made more dunks in his career than he’s missed.

“I think I missed one in Boston before,” he said. “I’ve missed a couple dunks in my career. I think I’ve made more than I’ve missed, though, so the percentages are pretty good.”

LeBron is right. He has missed a few dunks in the past. Like this one against the Bobcats:

And this one against the Lakers:

And this one against the Thunder:

But he’s also had his fair share of success when it’s come to making dunks. So he’s allowed to miss one every now and then, right? Eh, just don't tell that to all the Michael Jordan fans out there.

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Lil Durk Compares Future to 2Pac, Gets Appropriately Slandered

Unfair comparisons plague people in creative fields, and they're often a burden for up-and-coming artists. We're only just now learning to stop labeling young basketball players “the next Michael Jordan,” but in a hyper-competitive field like rap music, fans still spend countless hours comparing their favorites to the greats who came before them.

Those comparisons can go horribly wrong, as Lil Durk found out on Saturday evening. He made the mistake of casually comparing Future to one of the all-time greats, 2pac, in a message directed at the rapper on Twitter:

People jumped on the comparison immediately, and made sure Lil Durk knows he shouldn't make it ever again.

We have to side with the fans on this one. While no one can deny Future has had a ton of success in recent years, putting him on the level of a beloved legend like 2Pac is not doing him any favors. Inviting comparisons to someone whose legacy is unimpeachable is asking for trouble—and for a horde of upset Pac fans to get you up out of here.

There are surely a few people, dozens even, who feel the way Durk does about Future. While you're free to make the comparison and everyone is entitled to their own opinions, just remember the internet is always ready to blow up your mentions and tell you how wrong you are. 

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Michael Jordan Wrote a Tribute Letter to Derek Jeter

The day before the New York Yankees celebrate “Derek Jeter Day” and retire the No. 2 jersey worn by the man known by many as “The Captain,” Michael Jordan penned a brief letter on The Players’ Tribune titled “Legacy.”

Jordan started off his message by putting his spin on some traditional sports platitudes. “A legacy is built by more than what is seen,” he wrote. “It is not given, it is earned.” This line was a pretty tame approach, especially coming from the guy that brought you the infamous phrase, “The ceiling is the roof.” MJ also acknowledged the defining factor that separated Jeter from the pack. “Beyond your 20 years in the Majors and an endless list of accolades, it was your love and respect for the game that set you apart,” Jordan wrote.

In his own letter to New York, Jeter said that the “keep your nose to the grindstone” philosophy was prevalent throughout his Yankees career. “And throughout 20 years in pinstripes, I learned that despite the pace and the pressure, one code truly makes this city go: Get up each day, put on your uniform, go to work, do your best, and don’t make excuses,” he wrote.

Much like himself, Jordan saw that Jeets' “pursuit of greatness” extended beyond the diamond and impacted everyone around him. “Your pursuit of greatness on and off the field has set the standard for others to follow,” Jordan wrote. 

With Jeter set to take his place among the likes of Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, and Lou Gehrig at Monument Park in Yankee Stadium, Jordan believes his friend has cemented his legacy because greatness recognizes greatness. Go here to read his entire letter.

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Is Frank Ocean About to Ghost on Us Again?

Don't panic, but it seems as if Frank Ocean may be reverting back to his old ways.

Just a few weeks ago, Complex's Ross Scarano praised Ocean for stepping out of his proverbial shell and providing fans with more material over the last nine months than he had in, well, his whole career. On the slate of releases: Blonde, Endless, “Slide,” and several songs debuted on his Beats 1 show Blonded Radio.

Ocean appeared to be opening up on the performance end too with a number of major festival performances scheduled throughout this spring/summer. Then, at the beginning of May, he canceled his headlining appearance at Sasquatch:

This week, he canceled his second headlining appearance, this one previously scheduled for Hangout:

In both instances, the reasoning behind the cancelation was due to “production delays beyond his control.” We've reached out to a rep for Ocean to clarify, but at face value, that explanation could mean any number of things. 

In the past, we've received more explicit messages when Ocean canceled or postponed performances. A scheduled New York performance in 2011 was dropped after Ocean got sick and couldn't shake the illness that affected his voice. In 2012, he canceled a number of European dates in an effort to rearrange his schedule, which he described as a “tough decision.” When he canceled his Australian tour in 2013, it was due to a tear to a vocal cord.

In 2015, Ocean “decided on his own terms to cancel his appearance” at FYF Fest. He's scheduled to headline this year's event.

So what exactly could this “production delay” be? Some have guessed it could mean opening his schedule for a solo tour, while others believe it may be an opportunity for him to work on new music. The former prediction sounds like a long shot, and if it's the latter, that would fall in line with him churning out more music these days. But at the cost of dropping multiple major appearances (and piles of cash)? Doesn't add up, if we're being honest.

Another possibility that people are dreading but not saying out loud: these cancelations may be a sign that Frank Ocean is going back to being reclusive. 

Going ghost is nothing new to Ocean, who's notorious for disappearing after hinting at or scheduling something major. See the canceled performance examples above, or go back two years when he set the internet ablaze after teasing his Boys Don't Cry project.

Sasquatch and Hangout were going to be the first two festival stages Ocean would have touched this year. Should he cancel his next performance, which is set to take place at Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona Spain in late May, then yes: we should start to worry about the remainder of his festival schedule, which includes Northside (Denmark), Parklife (UK), Panorama (NYC), and Way Out West (Sweden).

I'm not here to criticize another man's decision in how he moves. But if we're talking fan expectations, canceling performances isn't a great way to build trust. It's a loaded question, but what do artists owe their fans? At the very least, their word.

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A History of Bow Wow Taking L’s

Ah, Bow Wow. Remember the world's first glimpse of him—being discovered by Snoop Dogg in 1993 at age six, and rapping his little heart out The Arsenio Hall Show?

Unfortunately, since Lil Bow Wow dropped the “Lil” and stopped covering Kurtis Blow tunes and hanging around with Michael Jordan, the former child star has had some serious fails, many of them in full view of an often-vicious public. Just this week, he was caught pretending to be traveling by private jet, when he was actually riding commercial like the rest of us.

But that was only the latest of Bow Wow's losses. Below, a curated list of some of the biggest ones. We couldn't include them all, because who's got that kind of time?

July 2009: Whose Hands Are Those?

In an attempt to prove… something (that he has a girlfriend? that he's sexy? that he wears Polo drawers?), Bow Wow posted a photo to Twitter of someone (possibly model Rosa Acosta, who he was dating at the time) sticking their hand down his pants.

bow wow 1
Image via Twitter

But the photo was roundly mocked for the size of the woman's hands, leading to headlines like “Bow Wow Those Look Like Man Hands Down Your Draws.”

January 2010: Cut It Out, Mom!

Early in 2010, Bow Wow's mom joined Twitter. She then proceeded to do what moms have done throughout time—say stuff that embarrasses their kids.

Mom twitter 1
Image via Twitter
Mom Twitter 2
Image via Twitter

Bow Wow said he was going to make his mom delete her account. And then it all went wrong. Fans were clearly on her side, rather than his. Finally, desperate, he said he would delete his own account unless his mom got rid of hers. And she responded in a thread-killing, quietly vicious, perfectly mom-like way.

mom twitter 3
Image via Twitter

June 2013: The Vine 

Bow Wow published a quick Vine of him walking in front of a bunch of children. “They don't know it's me. Oh shit,” he exclaimed. He then laughed as if he was getting away with something. A bemused internet quickly responded, saying that the kids don't know who he is because, well, they don't know who he is.


January 2014: Rent-A-Stunter

In early 2014, Bow Wow was in Los Angeles for Grammy weekend. He drove around in a Ferrari, and made sure to post plenty of pictures to social media of himself in the driver's seat. The captions implied that the car was his.

Bow Wow car 1
Image via Instagram

Well, the rental car company didn't exactly appreciate that. They decided to claim some credit, and give Bow Wow another round of bad press in the process.

bow wow car 2
Image via Instagram

December 2015: The (Mistaken) Origins of the Dab

By late 2015, Bow Wow had just about enough of dabbing. Everyone—football players, teenagers, politicians—were doing it, and they didn't know where it came from. 

As it turned out, neither did Bow Wow. He recorded a long, confusing message attempting to tie dabbing to smoking weed. 

And he was immediately and roundly mocked, including by the dance's true originators.

February 2016: The Dangers of Live TV

Live television can be dangerous for even the most experienced performers. And Bow Wow met his match during the 2016 Grammys, when he messed up the end of the pre-show not once, but twice.

April 2016: Fake Money

Bow Wow posted a shot on Instagram of a bunch of money. Typical rapper stuff, right? Well, not when the photo was actually taken by a stock trader named Timothy Sykes. Sykes called out Bow Wow on IG, and the two had a not-particularly-memorable back-and-forth involving fake watches. But the damage was already done to what was left of Bow Wow's reputation. 

March 2017: Going at the First Couple

In March of this year, because everything is terrible, Snoop Dogg was feuding with the President of the United States. Bow Wow came to the defense of his mentor Snoop in perhaps the most awkward, sexist, terrible way possible. He said, in a thankfully now-deleted Tweet, “Ayo @realDonaldTrump shut your punk ass up talking shit about my uncle @SnoopDogg before we pimp your wife and make her work for us.”

The above events are really only the beginning of Bow Wow's puzzling public L's. There was his beef with, of all people, Funkmaster Flex. There were the incredibly confusing remarks he made about voting and his family history, or something (no, seriously, read this and see if you can figure out what the hell he was talking about). There was time he announced his retirement from rap, only to be met with a hail of “I thought you were retired already!”-type comments. Oh, and that time he dropped the hottest mixtape of 2007…ten years too late.

If this week's tale of the fake private plane is any indication, we're likely to see stories like these for a long time to come.

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Sneaker Shopping With Tinashe

Tinashe can sing, act, and dance, and she's had a Billboard Hot 100 in “2 On,” made an appearance on Empire, and recently debuted her new single, “Flame.” The 24-year-old also took time out of her busy schedule to go Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at the new Flight Club in Los Angeles, and she spoke her mind on everything about footwear.

In the episode, Tinashe explains why she thinks Michael Jordan's signature shoes have become so iconic over the years. She goes on to talk about Rihanna's huge success with Puma, and thinks it's important for more female artists and entertainers to getting their own sneaker collaborations. She even hinted that she should get her own sneaker next. In addition to her thoughts on MJ and Rihanna, she gives her take on dudes wearing dirty sneakers and discusses her infamous Travis Scott photo that hit the 'net a few weeks ago. In the end, Tinashe ends up spending over $1,800 on new Yeezys and Jordans.

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