Kailee Morgue Talks Paramore, Gwen Stefani, and Working at Jack In The Box on ‘Trending Topics’

Earlier this year, Los Angeles-based artist Kailee Morgue went viral on Twitter with a raw version of a song she was working on. That song ended up being the awesome “Medusa,” and now it's racking up hundreds of thousands of plays across platforms. Kailee's signed to Republic Records now and working on her debut album, and we can't wait to hear what's next. For now, get familiar with Kailee's history, love for Paramore and Gwen Stefani, and her job before becoming a full-time musician in our latest episode of Trending Topics.

Watch Kailee's Trending Topics episode above, and check out “Medusa” below:

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Jay Z Shares ‘4:44’ Album Trailer and Previews New Song “Adnis”

Jay Z's 4:44 is still shrouded in mystery right now, but with the more time that passes, the more it seems like we're getting a full-fledged project. In a new commercial promoting the partnership between Sprint and Tidal, Hova dropped off some bars from a new song, “Adnis,” fueling speculation that an album is coming.

We didn't know much about 4:44 before now, aside from it having a June 30 release date, and Jay looked like he was really trying to drag this thing out until the bitter end. Half a minute worth of bars? Come on, Jay!

At midnight, Sprint and Tidal confirmed our suspicions: A new Jay Z album is on the way.

If you go to Sprint.com and page through the links promoting their new partnership with Tidal, you end up finding this message for new and existing Sprint customers who can take advantage of a complimentary six-month trial of Tidal.

Jay Z 4:44
Image via Sprint

“Today is an exciting day to be a Sprint customer,” said Marcelo Claure, Sprint president and CEO, per a press release. “Jay Z is a global icon and we’re giving customers an incredible opportunity to be among the first to experience his new album 4:44. Our loyal, existing customers, and customers who switch to Sprint, can experience the album exclusively, plus access a complimentary six-month trial of TIDAL HiFi, giving them access to content they can’t get anywhere else.”

This is a pretty drastic departure from the mysterious, unexplained 4:44 ads that popped up around around New York City, with the hype now transforming into a full-blown campaign for a 4:44 album.

This leaves us with a lot less mystery left to solve, and now we can focus on what Jay Z has to offer as a rapper at age 47. Maybe he's not able to reach the heights he did on classics like The Blueprint, but there's a recipe for success if Jay wants to reassert himself. The father of three didn't get inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame on a whim, and hopefully there are still some classic bars waiting to be unleashed. And if this report from Los Angeles-based writer/director/producer Christopher Black is to be believed, the production for the project should be on point:

If we're lucky, we'll get the full “Adnis” song soon enough, and now we know 4:44 the album will be ours in late June. You can catch the video of the new spot up top, and see if you can find any more clues about 4:44 in the 30-second clip.

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Alison Wonderland’s “Messiah” Receives Remixes By 27 Producers [STREAM]

Australian superstar Alison Wonderland has teamed up with Los Angeles-based collective Team Supreme for a brand new remix competition-turned-mix for her track “Messiah.” With over 300 submissions sent in since the stems were released, the team selected their favorite 27 remixers and sliced one minute sections to compile a mix of truly epic proportions.

Featuring contributions from the likes of Slumberjack, Tsuruda, AWE, Jupe, Great Dane, Feki and more, the mix is a whirlwind of unique styles and tempos perfectly aligned for a consistently exciting half hour of tunes. As a special gift, Team Supreme and Alison Wonderland even included a short snippet of an upcoming flip by none other than Lido.

Check out the complete roundup of “Messiah” remixes below, and scroll further for a guide.

And though he isn’t featured on the cypher, Crankdat offered up a remix of his own, as well, and even got the Alison Wonderland co-sign.

Cypher tracklist:

0:00-0:55 @awe
0:55-2:04 @neofresco
2:04-3:12 @snufmusic
3:12-4:20 @chattytrees
4:20-5:14 @andravida
5:14-6:24 @auralponic
6:24-7:20 @swindail
7:20-8:42 @tsuruda
8:42-9:36 @cambotmusic
9:36-10:46 @samnezz
10:46-11:40 @flyingsquirrelbeats
11:40-13:02 @officialjupe
13:02-14:04 @nukumachi
14:04-14:58 @slumberjack
14:58-15:26 @taskerthetasker
15:26-16:50 @grrrreatdane
16:50-17:46 @svberbeats
17:46-18:54 @kianzohoury
18:54-19:52 @mrmph
19:52-21:14 @fekibeats
21:14-22:20 @davidkimmusic
22:20-23:02 @thingstoimproveupon
23:02-24:06 @jabair
24:06-25:16 @takefivemusic
25:16-26:26 @miscenemy
26:26-27:20 @boltex
27:20-fin @lido


Image: Rukes

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Source: Alison Wonderland’s “Messiah” Receives Remixes By 27 Producers [STREAM]

Blair – Planetary (feat. argonaut&wasp) [Ardency Remix]

Though a little out of the usual ‘dance’ realm you might read about here, “Planetary” by Blair was nevertheless a wonderful indie-leaning hit with its smart pop sensibilities. Now, Los Angeles-based duo Ardency has given the track a proper electronic swing with this groovy new remix.

The remix very much touches upon the same ’80s influenced style reminiscent of the original conjuring images of spaceships and distant synth-based planets across the universe. If you’re as into synthpop as I am, then this might be the perfect thing to cap your night with.

Stream it below!

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Source: Blair – Planetary (feat. argonaut&wasp) [Ardency Remix]