Kyle Kuzma Wants Lonzo Ball to Drop an Album on the Same Day as Nas

Amateur rapper and professional basketball player Lonzo Ball has been taking shots at Nas for a while now, having previously said, “Don't nobody listen to Nas anymore.” Needless to say, his comments ruffled a few feathers at the time. Critics haven't been quick to forget about his comments, either, and with a new Kanye West-produced Nas album reportedly on the way in June, fellow Lakers player Kyle Kuzma has a challenge for Ball.

Taking to Twitter, Kyle proposed something to Ball, saying, “Hey @ZO2_ Nas is dropping his album June 15th… make one by that time and let's see who is better… America do you want to see this?” Lonzo, who released his debut rap album Born 2 Ball in February, has yet to respond, but with it giving him another chance to diss Nas, it won't be long before he says something that gets people riled up.

The news of a new Nas album coming so soon caught most of Twitter by surprise last night, with Kanye announcing the news after reiterating the release dates for all the other projects he's announced in the past week or so.

The beef between Nas and Ball has been pretty one-sided up until this point, with Lonzo taking cheap shots while expressing his love for Migos and Future. However, Nas hasn't been one to shy away from beefs in the past, so he could very well finally respond on his forthcoming album. He could also continue to ignore him, though, perhaps considering him not worthy of a response.

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Giants Trading OBJ?!; Markelle Fultz Finally Returns; Michael Bennett Felony Drama

On today’s episode, Gilbert Arenas and the #OutofBounds boys begin by discussing reports that the Giants are listening to trade offers for superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. He’s got HOF numbers so far, but he’s also coming off a broken ankle, makes some unwanted headlines, and is demanding a huge contract extension. So, is OBJ worth hanging onto and paying? Next, OOB breaks down the felony charge that Eagles defensive end Michael Bennett turned himself in for yesterday. There’s no evidence despite the alleged incident happening at Super Bowl LI…but is the damage already done by simply accusing the outspoken NFL activist of intentionally injuring a 66-year-old paraplegic woman? Gil has some strong feelings. In other legal news, a former Saints cheerleader has filed a discrimination complaint against the team, claiming there’s a sexist double standard for cheerleaders and players when it comes to social media and fraternization. It’s not PC, but in talking about cheerleader-player interactions, Gil exposes exactly how things work in pro sports. Finally, with Sixers rookie guard Markelle Fultz returning to action for the first time since a shoulder injury sidelined him last October, the team reacts to his 14-minute performance and his conspicuous silence when asked about his ailment. Additionally, they discuss his short-term and long-term impact, plus how he stacks up against much-hyped Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball.

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Bow Wow Says Even Beating Lonzo Ball One Time ‘Means a Lot’

Back in late February, Bow Wow took a break from taking L's to add one of the most impressive wins of his entire career to his résumé. He beat Lonzo Ball in a shooting contest following a Lakers/Hawks game in Atlanta.

While Lonzo was quick to point out that Bow Wow only beat him in one round and didn’t actually win the whole contest, that didn’t seem to matter to Bow Wow at all. He continued to brag about his accomplishment in the days that followed.

It’s been about two weeks now since Bow Wow and Ball went to war on the court, but just in case you were wondering, Bow Wow is still basking in his glory and celebrating the fact that he kept up with an NBA player for a single round of a shooting contest.

TMZ Sports caught up with Bow Wow on Monday night, and he was more than happy to talk about getting the best of Big Baller Brand’s lead endorser. Bow Wow was asked if he thought Lonzo “let him win”—and Bow Wow was quick to point out the flaw in that logic and to explain why he was so proud of what he did.

“Did Lonzo Ball let me win? Let me explain,” Bow Wow said. “Lonzo Ball came to Atlanta, they was playing the Atlanta Hawks…They blew us out, and we got the word that Lonzo and the Lakers was in the club. I said, 'Yo, bring them to the studio.' They came. Lonzo won two games. I won one. But it’s a fact that I don’t train, I smoke weed, and I make music and I act. I don’t got no time to be training. So the fact that I beat him one time means a lot.”

Bow Wow also told TMZ Sports he would be open to having a rematch with Lonzo whenever he wants to play.

On the one hand, Bow Wow should probably STFU and stop talking about beating Lonzo before the Lakers rookie comes back, takes the rematch seriously, and wipes the floor with him. But on the other, it’s not hard to see why he keeps talking about this. If you beat an NBA player in, well, anything, wouldn’t you brag about it for weeks on end?

Lonzo hasn’t responded to Bow Wow’s latest boasts, but you can bet he’s probably going to end up making another stop at Bow Wow’s court the next time he’s in Atlanta. Check out the clip above to hear Bow Wow talk more about his moment of glory.

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Kyle Kuzma Clowns Lonzo Ball for Eating a Big Bowl of Cheese for Dinner

Kyle Kuzma and Lonzo Ball love roasting each other. As we wrote earlier this week, Kuzma is quickly emerging as perhaps the NBA's best social media presence, and his jabs back and forth with Ball are a big reason for it.

The two were rivals in college just a year ago—they both played at Pac-12 schools (Kuzma at Utah, Ball at UCLA)—but they've formed a close and hilarious friendship during their first year in the NBA, a friendship fueled by social media. The latest playful exchange happened at a Lakers team dinner, where Kuzma found Ball eating a dinner that consisted of…a full bowl of cheese.

“Ay yo, big dog, you hungry, bruh? Are you hungry right now?” Kuzma asks Ball. “This dude is eating plain cheese. That's it.”

At the beginning of the video, Kuzma also teases their fellow rookie Josh Hart, who had just broken a bone in his left hand. 

Kuzma also roasted Hart after he posted a dramatic photo, post-injury, on Instagram. Larry Nance Jr., who was traded at the deadline to the Cavs, got in on the fun, too.

Man, these rookies really seem to like each other. Regardless of whether the Lakers land LeBron James in free agency, they have the start of something good here.

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Diddy Says Rap Is Diluted, Rich The Kid vs Uzi, Bow Wow Gets a W | Everyday Struggle

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, Wayno joins DJ Akademiks, STAR, and Nadeska to talk about the latest news in rap, including Diddy’s comments that the game is currently diluted because of all the new acts. The crew also broke down Rich the Kid dissing Lil Uzi Vert, and reacted to Bow Wow beating Lonzo Ball in a shooting contest. 

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Lonzo Ball Says These Are His Top 5 Rappers at the Moment

Last year, someone dug up a 2016 tweet from Lonzo Ball where he ranked his top five all-time rappers. The list included Lil Wayne, Future, DMX, 50 Cent, and Tupac. As you would expect, it received its fair share of controversy.

Nearly two years since that tweet was posted, Ball was asked to give his current list of top five rappers. Since Lonzo recently dropped his album Born 2 Ball, we expected him to go full Dylan and name himself in all five spots. However, Ball provided an actual list, and it goes as follows: Future, Drake, Quavo, Offset, and 21 Savage.

Since the question started off by pointing out that Ball was currently in Atlanta, the “capital of hip-hop,” it’s hard to determine if that lead-in was the reason behind the Atlanta-centric list. Considering Ball named Future on his all-time rappers list, it's no surprise that he would include him alongside Drake, Quavo, Offset, and 21 Savage. 

Drake has been arguably one of the most consistent rappers over the last couple of years, so it makes sense to have him on the list. Quavo's name was attached to two of the most highly anticipated projects of the last few months in Culture II and Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho. Offset (who was obviously also on Culture II) and 21 Savage dropped their surprise project Without Warning not too long back.

Each list is subjective, so we can't knock Lonzo too much for what he considers to be his favorite rappers at the moment. But all we want to know is where's the love for Kendrick Lamar? K. Dot released the Grammy-nominated Damn last year and served as co-executive producer on Black Panther: The Album. Where is the disconnect? That's all we want to know. 

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Listen to Lonzo Ball’s Debut Album ‘Born 2 Ball’

Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball dropped his debut mixtape, Born 2 Ball, under the rap moniker Zo on Thursday. He’d been teasing the project for last few months, releasing four songs, including “Get Off,” “BBB,” “Zo2” and the Dragon Ball Z–inspired cut “Super Saiyan.”

The tape’s official artwork is an old family photo of Lonzo as a baby, alongside his father, LaVar Ball. In addition to the four singles, there are an 13 other tracks on the tape, with the last song appropriately titled after his dad.


2/15/18 #B2B

A post shared by Lonzo Ball (@zo) on Feb 9, 2018 at 8:05pm PST

As reported by Hip Hop N More, Lonzo’s friend Kenneth Paige helped with a few songs on Born 2 Ball, but the project doesn’t boast any features from big name artists.

In January, Lonzo announced that he’ll be traveling to Lithuania this summer to perform his first-ever rap show. His brothers LaMelo and LiAngelo play in the Lithuanian Basketball League, so it sort of makes sense, though is still pretty odd. ​Lonzo is also reportedly expecting his first child with his girlfriend Denise. She and Lonzo have been dating since they were in high school.

Stream Born 2 Ball below.

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LeBron to the Lakers This Summer? Not So Fast, According to a New Report

Folks around the NBA have murmured for more than a year now about LeBron James' purported interest in bolting to Los Angeles when he has the opportunity to opt out of his contract during the 2018 offseason. Would he really leave his hometown team twice in his career? That remains to be seen. But people around the league have suspected as much—and suspected that he's headed for Los Angeles—for a long time now.

LeBron owns two houses in L.A., and conquering the West would provide him with a new challenge—a new potential legacy boost, if you will. Also, the Lakers have a wealth of cap space, a promising young roster, and a storied history. If he could bring them back to prominence, well, it would do a ton for LeBron's place in the history books. Of the two L.A. franchises, it seemed way likelier that LeBron would desire a spot on the roster of the Lake Show.

According to a new report from two of the most plugged-in NBA reporters, however, the Lakers may pass on pursuing LeBron this offseason. As Adrian Wojnarowski and Ramona Shelburne of ESPN report, the Lakers are focusing their efforts—and their cap space—on the free-agent class of 2019 rather than that of 2018. The 2019 class is indeed ripe with young talent; Kawhi Leonard, Klay Thompson, and Jimmy Butler could be among the players on the market.

In 2018, it's expected that LeBron, Paul George, and DeMarcus Cousins will be available. But LeBron, as great as he is, is 33, George seems very interested in sticking with the Thunder, and Cousins just suffered an absolutely debilitating Achilles injury.

This recalibration also reportedly stems from the Lakers' lack of belief that LeBron is actually interested in joining the team. Though L.A. has a bunch of gifted young players—including Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Kyle Kuzma—there isn't a bona fide star on the roster. LBJ would be taking a big risk by signing with the yellow and purple.

A lot could change in the next few months, of course. The Lakers are still reportedly shopping Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson. But with this latest report, it looks a lot less certain that LeBron will head to Hollywood this summer.

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Lonzo Ball Has Already Scheduled His First Rap Concert in Lithuania

This summer Lonzo Ball will be traveling to Lithuania to perform his first ever rap concert. Going to an Eastern European country for your debut rap concert would seem to be a bizarre move, until you consider that his two brothers are currently playing professional basketball over there. (Actually it still seems kind of odd, but whatever.)

Lonzo's announcement came as his dad, LaVar, was giving out the award for Hip-Hop Act of the Year at the M.A.M.A. Awards (which TMZ describes as being like the “Lithuanian Grammys”). He then introduced his oldest son via a prerecorded video:

For those who are either unaware or in need of a reminder, Lonzo has performed and recorded a number of songs (under the name “Zo”), including “Super Saiyan”:

…”Melo Ball 1″…:

…and, of course, “BBB”:

Get your tickets now.

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