Rita Ora Goes Sneaker Shopping

Pop star Rita Ora is an international sensation, and she's one of the biggest sneakerheads in the industry. Rita met up with Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City for the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping, and she talked about how deep her roots go in footwear, from working retail to landing her own major collaboration.

Growing up in London, Rita worked at international sneaker boutique Size?, and in the episode she talks about how her and her friends used to be the cool girls at the shop, blasting her music, and hooking her friends up with sneakers. Rita then goes on to talk about her love for Air Jordans from an early age, and how things came full circle for her when she landed her own sneaker deal with Adidas, something that resulted in over 15 different collections. In the end, she spends over $2,200 on a mix of new sneakers.

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Floyd Mayweather Apologizes for Using Homophobic Slur Against Conor McGregor

On Thursday, Floyd Mayweather offered up a formal apology to Conor McGregor for calling him a “faggot” at the fourth (and final) press conference they held last month.

A rep for Mayweather said the 49-0 boxer has “nothing against gays or lesbians at all” following the presser where the slur was uttered, which took place in London. At the same time, Mayweather claimed that he directed the word at McGregor after his rival called him a “monkey” off-mic at a press conference earlier in the week.

“There are certain boundaries you just don't cross,” he said off the cuff from his gym on Thursday. “In the press tour when I said something toward lesbians or gays when I said something toward him. I apologized, but him calling us monkeys, you have to realize, we went through years and years of up and down. Black Americans went through a lot. But I'm a strong individual. We live and we learn and hopefully after Aug. 26th, he won't be speaking that same language.”

This particular apology is at least the second of its kind this week, as he also expressed his regret to Stephen A. Smith earlier. “I spoke on disrespect,” he said to Smith. “Like I said before, it’s certain boundaries we just don’t cross. It’s OK if he wants to say certain things. Even in the press tour when I said something, I didn’t want to be negative towards lesbians or gays when I said something to him. So, I apologize.”

You can catch the bout between the pair of megalomaniacal fighters Aug. 26.

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Listen to Rising Rapper Trapo’s Smooth “Love Me Anyway”

Young Madison, WI rapper Trapo is one of the most versatile rising artists out right now. For his new song “Love Me Anyway,” he enlists London duo Two Another, who are known for their soulful pop and R&B sound. The mix of styles works perfectly, with Trapo gliding over the funky production for a smooth love song.

Trapo dropped his debut album Shade Trees last year and this new song has us excited for whatever he has planned for 2017. “Love Me Anyway” is out now on all platforms. Listen on Apple here and via Spotify below.

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French Airport Worker Allegedly Punches EasyJet Passenger Holding a Baby

EasyJet, a European budget airline, has become the latest airline to have to go into damage control after getting dumped on, following an incident where someone on their ground staff popped a passenger in the face who also happened to be holding a baby. (Though, frankly, the narrative of this story could have just as easily been passenger holding baby shoves airport worker since The Sun had video showing what appeared to be just that moments prior to the punch. A lot of our media brethren seemed to have not watched or made any sort of note of that). 

Additionally, The Sun notes that a witness told them the worker had earlier knocked the same man's phone out of his hand after he had tried to take a picture of him (which is probably what that hand wave was).

The blow went down at Nice airport in France, and allegedly occurred after the passenger complained about a flight delay for their trip to London that was anywhere between 11 and 13 hours (depending on who you believe). Arabella Arkwright, who shot the below picture and posted it to Twitter, said “It was awful the whole thing. I just can't believe people can behave like that.” Sounds like she's new to budget airlines:

Arkwright went on to tell CNN that her husband restrained the employee while waiting for police to show up. The man who was on the receiving end of the punch was initially taken away but was allowed to go back to the flight when it eventually took off. Arkwright adds that the dude had a visible mark from the altercation on his face.

As for EasyJet, they denied that the worker was employed by them. Instead they stated that his checks were written by a subcontractor named Samsic:

The airport also did their best to nip this as closely to the bud as possible. 

Nice Airport confirms the altercation last night between a passenger and an agent of a subcontracting company. The police was called immediately and took in charge both of them,” they said in a statement on Facebook. “Whatever the circumstances, the airport management firmly condemns this incident and has immediately asked that this staff member to be suspended. The images of the CCTV cameras were transmitted to the DDPAF which will determine after investigation the exact circumstances and the follow-up to this incident.”

On that note the employee reportedly was suspended. Not exactly a shocking revelation…but a pertinent detail nonetheless. 

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Floyd Mayweather Might Pull Off Ultimate Troll Move When He Walks to Ring for Conor McGregor Fight

Over the course of the last few months, Conor McGregor has managed to turn trolling Floyd Mayweather into a science. He has figured out all sorts of different ways to troll the undefeated boxer, and he has, up until this point, owned Mayweather in their ongoing war of words. But could Mayweather pull off the ultimate troll move just minutes before the two fighters get into the ring on Aug. 26 in Las Vegas?

Love & Hip Hop star Jason Lee—who is a TMT member and who once conducted a really insightful interview with Mayweather for his Hollywood Unlocked show—spoke with TMZ Sports on Tuesday and suggested that Mayweather might have something up his sleeve. It seems Lee is from Stockton, California, the hometown of McGregor’s UFC rival Nate Diaz. So when Mayweather walks out to the ring for his fight with McGregor, Lee said he might have someone in his entourage that McGregor won’t want to see.

“Listen, I don’t know, but I’m from Stockton, California and I was just in London with Floyd when the whole shit went down with Conor,” Lee said. “And I’m gonna make a call to Nate Diaz. I would love to see him walk out with Floyd.”

Lee didn’t definitively say that Mayweather will bring Diaz out to the ring with him. But if he did decide to do it, it wouldn’t be all that surprising. Back in December, Mayweather FaceTimed with Diaz to trash talk McGregor and shared a video of it with the world. And Mayweather has also gotten into the habit of trying to troll his opponents during his ring entrances in the past. Who can forget when he showed up for a fight with Oscar De La Hoya like this?

Mayweather hasn’t spoken on the idea of him bringing Diaz out to the ring with him for the McGregor fight just yet. But Diaz looks like he would be down. He himself has trolled McGregor on social media on several occasions in recent weeks:


Little bitches 🖕🏼👋🏼 Got your ass beat You lost bitch . Im the champ…

A post shared by natediaz209 (@natediaz209) on Jul 9, 2017 at 8:13pm PDT

Whether Mayweather ultimately decides to ask Diaz to escort him to the ring or not, Lee said that there’s one TMT member who probably won’t be walking Mayweather out. TMZ Sports asked him if there’s been any talk about asking Justin Bieber to do the honors, like he has in the past. Lee said it’s not going to happen.

“Nah, Bieber found Jesus and he’s somewhere prayed up,” he said.

Lee also made it sound like Bieber might not really be down with TMT anymore, even though he stopped short of confirming it.

“I don’t want to officially say that,” he said. “I just want to say I don’t see Bieber walking out with Floyd.”

You can check out Lee’s full TMZ Sports interview in the clip above.

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#LifeAtComplex: Freestyle 50 Challenge Offers Major Break for Aspiring Rappers

#LifeAtComplex is a daily vlog that offers an inside look at Complex. Watch as Tony Mui takes viewers behind-the-scenes in the office—you never know who or what will pop up.

On today's episode, Tony attends 300 Entertainment and Verizon's Freestyle 50 Challenge launch party. The challenge serves as an open invitation for aspiring rappers who are looking to take their careers to the next level, with the winner receiving a $10,000 prize, a single produced by London on da Track, and a spot on 300's new artist development tour. At the event, Tony chops it up with London on da Track and label co-founder Kevin Liles about what they're looking for from the potential winner.

Subscribe to Complex on YouTube to check out more episodes of #LifeAtComplex, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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Drake Fans Think ‘Take Care 2’ Is Coming Because of This Instagram Post

Sequels are rarely a good idea. Still, that hasn't stopped nostalgic Drake fans from pointing to a single Instagram post as a sign that a sequel to one of the OVO Sound co-founder's most beloved albums is in the works.

Late Monday night, Drake shared the Instagram post at the top of this page—the one you're probably staring at right now and thinking, wow, that's it?—with the caption “Scuzzi.” The post immediately drew comparisons to the cover of Drake's 2011 sophomore album Take Care, leading some to jump (with no hesitation whatsoever) to the conclusion that a Take Care 2 was being teased.

For comparison's sake, here's the cover of the original Take Care:

Image via OVO

In Monday's Instagram post, there are quite a few differences. Drake's hand placement, for one, isn't the same. The Instagram post is also missing the prominently featured Take Care candle and a number of other items on the table, including the goblet. Fans, however, have pointed to the overall tone of the photo (and Drake's hair) as plenty of reason to get nostalgically stoked, like so:


Also, to be fair, Drake has given us both Views and More Life within the span of 11 months. Relax, enjoy those albums, and let Take Care live in peace.

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Here’s How One Fan Made a Fake Press Credential to Walk Alongside Conor Mcgregor

In the final stop on their four-city press tour, Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather visited the SSE Arena at Wembley Stadium in London, England. The event had everything from verbal jabs to anti-gay slurs to one fan who snuck into the venue with a fake credential. 

In a video posted on Saturday, a guy who goes by Zac Alsop on YouTube detailed how he managed to create a fake credential, weave his way around security, and wind up right next to McGregor minutes before making his entrance. After finding a photo of the promoter credential on Instagram, Alsop went to work on constructing an identical copy, down to the lamination. 

With a suit on and the fake credentials around his neck, Alsop was able to sneak by security by sticking close to Mayweather's crew as they entered the arena. This incredibly brave and partially crazy guy had a couple close calls, including a run-in with UFC president Dana White on two separate occasions. 

Even though Alsop avoided any problems getting into SSE Arena, it did not mean he was in the clear. At one point, Alsop needed to remain calm as he pretended to be with Mayweather's photographers as they walked between some security flanked on either side of a narrow hallway. 

The journey was intense, but it was probably all worth it when he ended up standing alongside McGregor. Check out his heroic trek, and whatever you do, do not try this in your hometown. Leave it to…the professionals?

Send all complaints, compliments, and tips to sportstips@complex.com.

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Conor McGregor Could Lose a Lot of Money If He Uses Any MMA Moves on Floyd Mayweather


Conor McGregor has been acting a fool during the promotional tour that he’s currently on with Floyd Mayweather to hype up their upcoming fight. From making racist remarks to taking shots at 50 Cent, the guy has gotten pretty out of control thus far—and Mayweather and McGregor still have one stop left on their promo tour in London on Friday.

But despite his erratic behavior during the tour, UFC president Dana White expects McGregor to be on his best behavior on Aug. 26 when the fight goes down. We’re sure McGregor will still put on a show before—and potentially after—the fight. But once the fight starts, White doesn’t expect McGregor to go crazy in the ring and brutally attack Mayweather with a bunch of MMA moves or anything. That’s because, according to White, there’s a clause in McGregor’s contract that could cause him to lose a lot of money if he decides to use a single MMA tactic on Mayweather.

“He would get sued beyond belief if he does anything but hit Floyd Mayweather with his hands to the head and body,” White said on Thursday, according to USA Today Sports. “It would be very bad. That can’t happen. That can’t happen. There’s actually language in the contract that that can’t happen.”


As it stands, White is predicting McGregor could make in the high eight figures for the fight. But he said McGregor would “100 percent” put his purse in jeopardy if he were to resort to his MMA ways with Mayweather.

“Forget about the contract,” White said. “[Mayweather] would just sue [McGregor]. And it would destroy Conor’s life because Mayweather would win…Conor is a bit of a wild man. But he likes money as much as Floyd does. If he wants Floyd to have all his money, that’s the way to do it.”

Given all the animosity and tension that will be present when Mayweather and McGregor fight, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see McGregor get overly emotional. But after hearing what White had to say about the ramifications of him flipping out, we wouldn’t expect to see him lose his mind and attack Mayweather at any point.

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