Inside Sneaker Shopping With Liam Payne | Talking Shop

In this week's episode of Talking Shop, Liam Payne tells a story from his youth about wearing Jordans.

“Jordans were my go-to,” he says. “I had a basketball team, we were pretty good. We wore them every single game. The last game we ever played it was the only game my dad ever came to, and I was absolutely gutted.” Payne goes on to explain his unbeatable team lost the championship, souring an otherwise impressive season.

He also talks about the one time he wore his pair of Nike Mag sneakers at Wembley Stadium. Now that's a flex. Check out the full video above, and if you missed his episode of Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma, watch it here.

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Liam Payne Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex | Sneaker Shopping

Liam Payne goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City and talks about having Jordans growing up, wearing matching Yeezys with his son, and looking up to Pharrell.

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Liam Payne Reveals the One Direction Member Who Cries the Most

Crying is a thrilling and rewarding activity. I highly recommend it. To prove my point, the dude who put out what is arguably one of the best songs of 2017 is really into crying.

Liam Payne, joining Sean Evans on the latest episode of Hot Ones, was asked to divulge a few details about his years spent in the touring trenches with his fellow One Direction members. According to Payne, the One Directioner who physically cried the most during their years together was none other than “Sign of the Times” hitmaker and Dunkirk star Harry Styles.

Payne clarified that Styles' crying “many times” consisted of tears of happiness, though—in this particular crier's opinion—there's really no such thing as a bad kind of tear. Just cry.

Payne, whose new Quavo-featuring single “Strip That Down” is out now, also named the messiest One Directioner and the one who most enjoyed a cheeky beer. Watch the full Hot Ones episode here.

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Watch Liam Payne Take on the Hot Ones Challenge

One Direction member Liam Payne bravely wore a “cream-colored” sweatshirt to the Hot Ones challenge, tempting fate and the dry cleaner over a paddle of scorching poultry. But where does bravery end and bravado begin?

Find out as the pop superstar—whose debut solo single, “Strip That Down,” is out now—takes on some hot questions and even hotter wings, battling through the likes of Zombie Apocalypse and opening up about everything from dealing with parenting haters, to the 1D bandmate who cries the most.

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