Jalen Rose Calls Paul Pierce ‘Petty’ Over Celtics Remarks, Pierce Fires Back With ’81’ Joke

The NBA is taking #PettyWarz to a whole new level in 2018.

First, a little in-game wrassling between the Rockets and Clippers spilled into a locker room confrontation that had Twitter aflame with things like secret tunnels, diversions, Austin Rivers being arrogant, and LAPD takeovers. The following night, Orlando guard Arron Afflalo threw a reckless haymaker at Minnesota's Nemanja Bjelica. Then, after Michael Carter-Williams and Tim Frazier became the NBA's eighth and ninth ejections over the past three days, Wizards coach Scott Brooks dialed it up yet another notch by inviting Dwight Howard back onto the court to shoot the technical free throws, only to see Howard make both, do the Sam Cassell big balls dance, and blow a kiss to the Washington coach.


But perhaps the juiciest story of all revolves around Paul Pierce and Isaiah Thomas. Most of you know the details by now: Celtics announce celebration for Thomas during Feb. 11 Cleveland-Boston matchup; Pierce gets angry, wants own night for his jersey retirement; former Celtics sit down beside campfire, gush about how amazing they were; media/Twitter (ahem, Shannon Sharpe) remind Pierce he's no Kobe; Thomas posts veiled “hating hours” Instagram message. It could be the plot for season 2 of Big Little Lies.

Yesterday on ESPN's NBA Countdown, Jalen Rose summed up the whole thing when he called Pierce “petty” to his face, and the resulting back and forth had Pierce looking like he was ready to risk his job. (Thomas, for his part, liked the clip on social media.)

I mean, is Jalen Rose not correct? The Celtics honoring Isaiah during the game does not take away from Pierce's moment afterward. The Celtics honoring Isaiah for not just his play on the court but for what he inspired in their fans and the Boston community does not take away from Pierce's moment afterward.

Of course, being that petty is the theme of the month, Pierce wouldn't let it go, coming back at Rose with yet another “81” joke. The former Toronto Raptors guard will probably never live these down, but at least he can take it and keep it moving.

And the critics say the NBA isn't entertaining anymore because the Cavs and Warriors always win. 

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LA Police Caught on Body Cam Planting Drugs in Black Suspect’s Wallet

During the pretrial hearing for 52-year-old Ronald Shields, who has been charged with a felony hit-and-run and possession of cocaine, Shield's attorney Steve Levine argued that the drugs were planted on his client at the time of the arrest. Even though the LAPD has been keeping body cam videos from these arrests away from the public eye, CBS2 News Investigative Reporter David Goldstein was able to obtain the footage of Shields' arrest which appears to show officers placing drugs in the suspect's wallet. 

The officers were possibly unaware that the body cam video also captures and saves footage 30 seconds prior to when the camera is activated. That is when the alleged planting of cocaine took place. 

One angle from the body cam shows LAPD officer Gaxiola picking up Shields' wallet off the ground and showing it to officer Samuel Lee while motioning to the suspect as if to say that the wallet belongs to him. After putting the wallet back down, a small bag with a white substance, which later tested positive for drugs, was picked up off the street and eventually placed in Shields' wallet. 

In a sworn testimony delivered by Lee prior to the hearing, he claims the drugs were found in Shields' left front pocket. However, Levine points to a specific moment where the cocaine was in Gaxiola's hand before it ended up in Shields' wallet. “There’s a little white square here in his hand,” he said. “I believe the video shows the drugs were in his right hand and transfers to his left hand.”

The LAPD have opened an internal investigation into the use of body cams by officers in the field.

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Harvey Weinstein Is Under Investigation by LAPD for Rape Allegation

Harvey Weinstein is now facing another investigation.

Playboi Carti Reportedly Avoids Charges After Domestic Battery Arrest

The alleged physical exchange between Playboi Carti and his girlfriend that took place at Los Angeles International Airport in July is unlikely to end with any official charges for the rapper.

Police records indicate the incident was sparked by a verbal altercation between Carti and his girlfriend. One witness agreed with Carti’s allegations of being slapped in the face, while a witness who alerted police said Carti’s girlfriend had red marks on her chest from Carti pulling her by the backpack straps. Despite the somewhat muddled reports of what exactly happened, the outcome will probably not include formal charges.

TMZ has learned the L.A. City Attorney will not file charges but instead hold an informal hearing with the rapper and his [girlfriend] to discuss how best to avoid what went down back in July at LAX,” TMZ reported.

The TMZ report aligns with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s official policy on how charges are determined and filed, which states that a deputy district attorney reviews cases brought to the District Attorney’s Office by local law enforcement agencies. In Carti’s case, that would likely be the LAPD or airport security. The report would then be “reviewed in light of current law and whether the case presented by the agency can be proven in court beyond a reasonable doubt.”

If TMZ’s speculation is correct, Carti may simply get a warning. It’s also possible both parties may be required to enter some type of counseling program on healthier ways to manage potential conflicts.

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Lil Kim Reportedly Being Investigated by LAPD After Masked Robbers Steal $20K From Rental Home

Rapper Lil Kim is reportedly a person of interest in an LAPD investigation after a house she was renting was robbed by a group of people in ski masks, according to TMZ

According to the report, Kim is being investigated because of a dispute she and her crew had with either the owner or property manager of a house she had rented for a BET weekend party. The rapper was allegedly not satisfied when she went to check out the house in advance of the party and demanded money back.

When the renter refused to return Kim's deposit on the property, the argument escalated to the point that cops had to be called. After the cops, Kim, and Kim's crew dispersed, a group of people showed up to the house with weapons around 4 a.m. local time, leaving the property with Kim's deposit check in addition to a sum of cash. All told, they reportedly left the rental home with about $20,000 worth of items.

On top of the theft, the unidentified crew who robbed the house slashed the tires of the victim and stole one of the hubcaps off their car.

It is unclear whether the ongoing investigation will impact Kim's scheduled performance at Sunday night's BET Awards, where she is supposed to participate in a tribute to Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy.

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Funk Flex Rants About 2Pac, Says He Shot Himself Like ‘Cheddar Bob’ at Quad Studios

Funkmaster Flex took to Instagram Live recently to discuss one of hip-hop’s most infamous moments: The night 2Pac was robbed and shot at NYC’s Quad Studios.

According to the Hot 97 DJ, not all of the late rapper’s gun wounds were caused by his enemies; the first was actually self-inflicted. Funk, who was reportedly in the building at the time of the shooting, claims Pac accidently shot himself when he attempted to pull out his gun during the ambush.

“You Pac fans always talking that talk,” Flex said in the broadcast. “Cheddar Bob. Came in there, popped himself in the leg. Popped himself first. That’s what happened.”

Funk continued: “He knew who approached him. He had a steel on him, because he knew he had a issue out there, and when get got there, they was just gonna take his jewelry. They didn’t even touch him. He panicked, pulled out the steel, shot himself.”

The shooting took place on Nov. 30, 1994, right after Pac arrived at Quad Studios to record a feature. The rapper was reportedly ambushed, beaten, robbed, and shot five times at the studio; however, it’s been widely speculated Pac unintentionally shot himself.

“In the haste of getting his gun out of his waistband, I believe he pulled the trigger,” said former LAPD investigator Greg Kading. “I think the wounds to his head were superficial lacerations from being pistol whipped. If [his three aggressors] went there to execute him, they could have certainly done that.”

In 2011, Dexter Isaac came forward admitting he was involved in the non-fatal 1994 shooting. He told authorities he was paid $2,500 by Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond to carry out the attack.

Funk’s broadcast arrived shortly after several Pac theories resurfaced. Just last month, Suge Knight made headlines after he accused his ex-wife of killing the rapper. A few weeks later, an interview with Pac’s former bodyguard made its way onto YouTube; the man, named Mob James, said he believes Pac was fatally shot by Crips member Orlando Anderson. The case is still unsolved. 

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Chief Keef Reportedly Arrested in Miami Beach


#ChiefKeef Detained and Taken into Custody after near Altercation while Driving his Car in Miami

A post shared by GLOGangNationz (@gloganghq) on Apr 8, 2017 at 4:30pm PDT

It appears Chief Keef’s legal troubles are following him into 2017, as the rapper has reportedly been arrested for the second time this year. Footage of Chief Keef being restrained by Florida Police surfaced Saturday night, with multiple sources reporting the Glo Gang leader was briefly detained.

“Police put handcuffs on the hip-hop star after Chief Keef's friend in the passenger seat, allegedly hopped out of the bright green vehicle and started talking to people in another car,” wrote Cheyenne Roundtree in a report for The Daily Mail. “Miami Beach officials saw the interaction and believed it was a drug transaction and detained five people for questioning. The rapper has not been officially booked or charged yet.”

The corresponding video seems to corroborate the report, and it also appears the 21-year-old was subsequently released on bond. He re-appears with police shortly after the initial incident. 


#ChiefKeef and #Tadoe have been Released

A post shared by GLOGangNationz (@gloganghq) on Apr 9, 2017 at 3:11am PDT



Welcome back #tadoe #chiefkeef

A post shared by GLOGangNationz (@gloganghq) on Apr 9, 2017 at 4:33am PDT

While both TMZ and The Daily Mail are reporting the arrest was in conjunction with a possible drug transaction, this has not been officially confirmed.

On Jan. 27, Chief Keef was arrested for his possible connection with a home invasion robbery his former producer, Ramsay Tha Great. According to the LAPD, Darron Rose was also arrested as a potential suspect in the January robbery. Chief Keef and Rose were respectively being held on $500,000 and $250,000 bail at the time.

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Wyclef Jean Handcuffed by L.A. Deputies After Being Mistaken for Robbery Suspect

Wyclef Jean was mistaken for an armed robbery suspect and handcuffed by Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies early Tuesday morning, TMZ reported. Wyclef and two passengers were first pulled over by deputies at approximately 1:30 a.m. in West Hollywood. According to TMZ's law enforcement sources, the vehicle “matched the description” of a car used in an armed robbery. Wyclef was also reportedly wearing a similar bandana, which Wyclef said was removed by authorities.

Wyclef shared videos of the incident on social media, saying he was “treated like a criminal” and handcuffed before being asked to identify himself:

Wyclef also detailed the incident on Twitter, adding that his attempts at identifying himself were ignored until “other police” arrived at the scene and pointed out they had the wrong person:

Though Wyclef repeatedly mentions “LAPD” in his account, TMZ reported Tuesday that LA County Sheriff's deputies were actually the ones cuffing him. The actual suspect was reportedly apprehended around the same time.

The LA County Sheriff's Department confirmed to Entertainment Tonight later Tuesday that Wyclef was “detained” for approximately 10 minutes before being released:

The LA County Sheriff's Department did not immediately respond to Complex's request for comment.

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Judge Issues Arrest Warrant for Azealia Banks in Boob-Biting Incident

An arrest warrant has been issued for the controversial rapper and alleged boob-biter Azealia Banks.

According to Pitchfork, the 25-year-old artist failed to appear in court Monday to face charges of misdemeanor assault, attempted assault, and disorderly conduct. The charges stem from a 2015 incident, in which Banks allegedly punched and bit the breast of a nightclub security guard after she was prohibited from entering a private party at NYC’s Up&Down.

Page Six reports Banks’ lawyer read a note written by the rapper in court Monday: “I can be back tomorrow if the court needs it.”

An entertainment attorney representing Banks has since released a statement explaining why his client was unable to make her scheduled court appearance. Apparently, Banks had confused the dates and was unable to appear because she was in Europe.

Azealia Banks mistakenly believed she had a court appearance on March 8 instead of March 6.

She was in France for Fashion week due to meetings and other social gatherings and was not able to arrange her flight in time to appear today. She apologizes and will apologize in person to the Court for missing her scheduled hearing. In addition, she attempted to appear via a New York Attorney and through a close family member. Ms. Banks will go to the department to remedy the situation as soon as possible. Again, she apologizes for the inconvenience that may have caused the Department.

Shortly before the altercation at Up&Down, Banks was caught on surveillance allegedly attacking another security guard at a nightclub in Los Angeles. The footage—obtained by TMZ—shows a bouncer attempting to remove Banks from the Break Room 86 venue, before a scuffle breaks out. Though the LAPD reportedly opened a criminal battery investigation, Banks ultimately dodged assault charges, as the L.A. City Attorney determined the footage failed to provide enough evidence. 

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