How to Make Spicy Korean Fried Chicken with Maangchi | Sean in the Wild

Hi everybody! On the season finale of Sean in the Wild, Sean Evans teams up with YouTube cooking legend Maangchi for a crash-course in one of the world’s most celebrated chicken dishes. That’s right, Sean and Maangchi are joining forces to batter, sauce, and double-fry their own batch of spicy Korean fried chicken. From Maangchi’s past life as an online gamer, to KFC’s humble beginnings in 1980s Korea, Sean and Maangchi bond over plates of gochujang-covered drums and flats. 

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KFC and Taco Bell Will Start Offering Home Deliveries Across the Country

In news that doesn’t suck: KFC and Taco Bell’s home delivery service will soon be available nationwide.

According to Business Insider, the chain’s parent company Yum Brands has inked a $200 million deal with Grubhub, which will serve as its official delivery partner for thousands of KFC and Taco Bell locations across the country. As of now, the chains are only offering delivery in select cities, including Indianapolis; Louisville, Kentucky; and Omaha, Nebraska.

Yum Brands announced the partnership Thursday in a press release, explaining how the new deal is expected to increase sales “through online ordering for pickup and delivery.”

“We are committed to making our iconic brands easier to access through online ordering for pickup and delivery, and aggressively pursuing delivery as a strategic global growth opportunity, with nearly half of our 45,000 restaurants already offering it today,” Yum Brands CEO Greg Creed said in the press release. “We’re pleased to secure this partnership with Grubhub in order to drive incremental, profitable growth for our U.S. franchisees over the long term. Our partnership and strategic investment in Grubhub demonstrate our laser-like focus on two of our growth drivers: Distinctive, Relevant & Easy Brands and Unmatched Franchise Operating Capability.”

TL;DR: You won't have to leave your house to get that bucket of chicken or Double Stacked Taco you’ll inevitably crave.

See, dreams really do come true. 

Business Insider reports the chains will begin rolling out the nationwide delivery service in the upcoming months. Stay tuned as more information becomes available. 

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This Guy Figured Out a Way to Use His Drone to Pick Up KFC and Deliver It to Himself


A true innovator in New Zealand had a dilemma recently. He wanted to eat KFC, but he wasn't at a KFC. So how would you, the reader, solve this age-old riddle? Use a car You'd probably just have to go hungry or convince somebody to go and pick something up for you.

However, not everybody has to starve, as our guy here proved. His name is Ollie Mason-Clarke, and he runs the website King of Cheat Meals (which kind of explains the KFC). In order to score a bag full of food for him and his friend, he made arrangements with a local KFC branch and then flew his drone across town to pay for a meal and pick it up in the drive-through lane. Unfortunately, the drone wasn't able to carry an entire bucket of chicken back. But he did end up with enough food for him and his friend, and he didn't even have to leave his table in the park to get it.

Now, for those of you out there who may be skeptical by all of the viral marketing stunts that companies have pulled off in the past, Mason-Clarke insists that wasn't the case here. His intention wasn't to score KFC free publicity by using his drone. Rather, this idea was just a “fun project” he thought up, and for his A-plus effort, we got a dope video that you can check out above.

Drones. What in the world are people going to think to do with them next?!

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