Gucci Fanny Pack: Don’t Believe The Hype

Complex’s weekly series Don’t Believe the Hype takes a look at what’s hot and what’s just hot air. Sneakers, clothes, tech, food—nothing is safe. Maybe the weirdest fashion trend to hit right now is the popularity of the once-ridiculed fanny pack. What used to be only worn by suburban dads and tourists, is now rocked by ultra-hip celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Logic and Asap Rocky, just to name a few. So with Gucci’s version becoming one of the hottest sellers, Speedy puts it to the test with Complex staffers to see if the fanny pack craze can shoulder all the hype – or is just a waist of time.

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Guest Matt Barnes Pulls No Punches; Blake Ex Drama; Should Refs Get Ejected? | Out of Bounds

On today’s show, NBA bad boy Matt Barnes joins Gilbert Arenas and the #OutofBounds crew to discuss on- and off-court hoops action. Getting things started, Matt tells the back story of his infamous fake pass at Kobe’s face, which revealed Black Mamba to be as cold-blooded as they come. Next, the guys give their two cents on a lawsuit that Blake Griffin’s former fiancee filed on Valentine’s Day, dragging the five-time All-Star, who’s now dating model Kendall Jenner. The suit claims he’s a deadbeat dad who prioritizes Hollywood celebrity over family. Matt, who played with Blake, shares some observations and words of wisdom about bitter exes. In less ugly V-Day news, Giannis Antetokounmpo put his girlfriend on blast, showing off the sex toy she got him on IG live. The gang decides whether that was fair or foul, and Gil explains how he would make use of the thoughtful gift. Following the ejection of Isaiah Thomas and Rajon Rondo last night, for a skirmish reportedly fueled by shade Rondo threw at IT, the team says the real problem is the refs, and offers a suggestion for how the NBA should deal with bad, whistle-happy officials. Gil and Matt then put to rest the debate over whether or not Warriors coach Steve Kerr disrespected the Suns Monday by letting his players call their own plays. And finally, in “The Pull-Up,” the NBA vets advise the league on how it can fix the All-Star Game and the weekend generally. If the Association doesn’t finish with these great assists, it needs to be sent to the G League.

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Blake Griffin’s Ex Is Suing Him & Blames Kendall Jenner

Newly traded Detroit Piston player Blake Griffin is facing a palimony lawsuit. Griffin’s ex-fiancé Brynn Cameron filed court documents claiming that the NBA star financially abandoned her and their two children after he began seeing Kendall Jenner. 

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Blake Griffin’s Ex Is Suing Him for Palimony, Blames His Interest in Kendall Jenner

Brynn Cameron, the mother of Blake Griffin's kids, has filed a lawsuit against the Pistons star that claims he left her and their children for Kendall Jenner. According to TMZ, the lawsuit says Griffin stepped out on his fiancee after “cruelly embarrassing his family with his public fawning over Kendall Jenner.”

The former couple, who had dated on and off for eight years, have both a son and daughter together. They were also engaged (hence the fiancee line above) but that wedding was broken off this past summer after Griffin became taken with Jenner. According to Cameron, that break-up came a week before their wedding, and was the result of her refusing to sign a prenuptial agreement that she says she didn't sign because it violated a pact they made in 2013.

As TMZ notes, the lawsuit also invokes Griffin's recent trade to Detroit to talk about what it's like to have your trust violated (I think). “Griffin himself, however, knows very well what breaching promises is all about,” it says. “After all, Griffin had no problem trading Brynn Cameron, his former fiancee, and the mother of his two children, for reality television star Kendall Jenner.”

The lawsuit, which was filed on Wednesday, says that Griffin repeatedly told Cameron he'd support her while telling her to quit her jobs in sports marketing and interior design. The suit also includes a pair of love letters from Griffin that you can read here if you wish.

Finally, the litigation also talks about how Cameron helped counsel Griffin through a feud with ex-teammate Chris Paul as the two apparently battled for the Clippers' locker room. As it's written in the actual lawsuit “[Cameron] strengthened Griffin's bond with his teammates and allowed the organization to see a different side of his personality rather than the hard-partying man-child Griffin had been prior to their cohabitation.”

Cameron goes on to say that Griffin's decision to date Jenner left her and their kids in poor financial shape, saying, “While Griffin is continuing to earn millions from his NBA and endorsement deals, Cameron and their children are homeless and cash-strapped. In Griffin's absence, Cameron's brother has had to provide Cameron and the children with financial support.”

The legal proceeding doesn't ask for a specific amount, but TMZ says it's definitely seven-plus figures.

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JuJu Smith-Schuster Has Eyes on Kendall Jenner During Super Bowl

JuJu Smith-Schuster made his desire for Kendall Jenner known on Twitter.

Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid Accused of Swiping Cute Deer Pic Without Giving Credit

Neither Kendall Jenner or Bella Hadid took that cute photo of a deer in a bed of flowers.

Shock Blake Griffin Trade; Problematic Chief Wahoo; LaVar Shades Steve Kerr | Out of Bounds

Following yesterday’s shocking mega trade, in which the Clippers sent five-time All-Star Blake Griffin to the Pistons to start a rebuild, the #OutofBounds crew weighs in on what it means for both teams and the players involved. One thing’s sure: Blake better pack some winter coats, ’cause it’s so cold in the D. (And that’s before you wonder if his model girlfriend, Kendall Jenner, will stick with him in Michigan.) Next, Gil and the gang react to the Cleveland Indians’ announcement that the team will stop using its Chief Wahoo racist caricature logo in 2019. Gil feels some kind of way and has a hot take on where PC cultural policing may go next. With NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stating he wants to change the league’s confusing and universally-hated catch rule, the team just hopes he doesn’t drop the ball…. Finally, OOB decides whether it’s fair or foul for LaVar Ball to call the Warriors’ Steve Kerr the “Milli Vanilli of Coaching” when Mr. Big Baller has coached precisely one professional game…in an exhibition tournament…in Lithuania.

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Diddy Caught Cutting French Montana Out of Photo With Jay Z, Nas, and Kendrick Lamar

Noted king of the crops Diddy is back at it again. Following the Grammys, Diddy took to Twitter to post a picture of Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and Nas, but Twitter sleuths noticed something was up with the picture pretty quickly. Diddy posted the photo in question with the caption, “3 Kings! GREAT FRIENDS! Love you guys. #BlackGreatness,” but French Montana put up something a little different on his Instagram.

Twitter figured out that not only had Diddy done another one of his legendary crops, he also straight-up photoshopped French Montana out of the photo.



A post shared by French Montana (@frenchmontana) on Jan 29, 2018 at 7:03pm PST

Despite the two being friends, and Diddy not even appearing in the photo himself, Diddy posted the very clearly photoshopped image to his Twitter to the amusement of those who saw the original, unedited photo. Even better (or worse), the version Diddy posted cropped out Fabolous, too. This is definitely the most Diddy thing Diddy has done so far this year—a list that includes giving Ellen ping pong paddles with his face on them.

Previously, Diddy cropped Kylie and Kendall Jenner out of a photo much to the delight of everyone online. Diddy is close friends with the Kardashian klan, but as he's proven once again, nobody is safe when it comes to a good ol' Diddy crop. Now we've learned they're not even safe if they managed to make it into the center of the photo, either.

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