Watch LeBron James Spend His Father’s Day Weekend Dunking on His Son’s Friends

No matter what hobby you take up as a child, nearly every son grows up dreaming of surpassing their dad's skills one day. If you and your dad bond over sports, the day when his old-man strength isn't enough to win games of one-on-one is something you look forward to for years.

Unless your dad is LeBron James, in which case you're probably not beating him ever. Games of one-on-one are a little bit different when your pops has a claim as the G.O.A.T. basketball player, and you would be lucky if LeBron just decided to take it easy on you.

It doesn't appear as though he's wired that way. Over Father's Day Weekend, LeBron's son Bryce celebrated his 10th birthday, and his dad helped him do it in style. The James family commissioned several fields for Bryce and his friends to play on, and decked them all out in Nike gear for the occasion.

There was one hefty price to pay for these kids, however—they had to deal with LeBron dominating them in every sport they played. In a video he posted on his Instagram Sunday morning, LeBron showed off highlights of him dunking on kids, catching footballs in traffic, and pelting them all with water balloons.

This may be the most savage athletic beatdown an adult has ever laid on his son's friends. There is absolutely no mercy shown by LeBron here if you roll back the tape. Look at these poor kids as he elevates for a dunk and prepares to put them on a poster.

lebron james dunking on little kids
Image via Instagram/@KingJames

It doesn't get much better from there. He goes over the middle during a football game at the party, and not only does he appear to catch a touchdown pass, he has the audacity to spike the ball afterwards too. Good luck breaking up a pass with that height discrepancy!

lebron playing football against little kids
Image via Instagram/@KingJames

After some touching family moments, LeBron makes sure the video is punctuated with another highlight, and after a pass gets dumped to him in the paint, you already know what time it is.

lebron james dunking on children again
Image via Instagram/@KingJames

Don't bring that weak shit to LeBron's house, kids. It may have been a birthday party for Bryce, but LeBron made sure all Bryce's friends remember who the alpha dog is around here. 

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Is Migos Dropping ‘Culture II’ Soon?

January 27, 2017 brought the arrival of the Migos album Culture. Aided by a hit single in “Bad and Boujee” and a timely shout out from Donald Glover, the project gave the Atlanta trio their first No. 1 album with 131,000 equivalent album units sold during its first week of release. Now there are strong indicators Quavo, Takeoff and Offset are gearing up for a repeat.

An attendee captured footage from what appears to be Future’s Nobody’s Safe tour stop in Mountain View, California. During the set, Quavo could clearly be heard chanting, “Culture II dropping soon.”

Flyers advertising Culture II with a “coming soon” tag were also spotted outside of a venue hosting Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash event.

The choice to release another album would be a somewhat curious one, as Culture singles “Bad and Boujee,” “Slippery” and “T-Shirt” currently occupy spots on Billboard magazine’s “Hot 100” chart. Katy Perry’s “Bon Appetit,” Calvin Harris’ “Slide” and Lil Yachty’s “Peek A Boo” also feature Migos, while Quavo and Offset can be found as featured artists on singles ranging from Gucci Mane’s “Met Gala” to 2 Chainz’s “Good Drank.”

Culture II isn’t the only rumored, Migos-related project with a somewhat nebulous release date. Both Quavo and Travis Scott have been teasing a joint project, with Scott posting a brief tweet about the collaboration Friday.

It would appear fans may get some new Migos material soon, with the question being whether it will be from Takeoff, Quavo and Offset or in the form of Quavo linking up with Scott.

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Trending Topics: Ryan Hemsworth on Katy Perry, Travis Scott, and Male Rompers

We love Ryan Hemsworth. The Canadian producer and mastermind behind the Secret Songs label is always dropping new music, whether it's his own beats or production for vocalists, and his latest move was an exclusive packed mix for Episode 43 of OVO Sound Radio.

Ryan's gearing up for a big year, and he stopped by for another edition of Trending Topics, giving his take on Katy Perry, Travis Scott, the great male romper debate of 2017, Chris Cornell, and our previous guest, Rich Chigga. Watch Ryan Hemsworth's Trending Topics above.

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Kristaps Porziņģis Called Out for Trying to Shoot His Shot With Instagram Model Ines Nikić

Kristaps Porzingis is the latest person of interest to be publicly called out for attempted Instagram flirtations. On an Instagram post from lash artist and model Ines Nikić earlier this week, the New York Knicks star dropped some hearts:


Like, what even? #littleitaly

A post shared by Ines Nikić (@ines_nikic) on May 30, 2017 at 12:22pm PDT

Image via Instagram

Porzingis offered an emoji-assisted “oh shit my bad” when another Instagram user pointed out that Ines Nikić “is 1999.” The comment, however, had already been noticed:


@kporzee who?😜 Spavaš li mirno Porzingis Kristapsu?

A post shared by Ines Nikić (@ines_nikic) on May 31, 2017 at 4:49pm PDT

In a post showing someone who is presumably her boyfriend, Ines Nikić tagged Porzingis and inquired about the peacefulness of his sleep. The Instagram exchange was quickly turned into a joke on Twitter:

As Sports Illustrated noted in their thrilling report on an Instagram comment, this isn't the first time Porzingis has employed Instagram for his public flirtations. Back in February, he commented on a photo of model Abigail Ratchford and got a relatively immediate response. Porzingis again used his preferred emoji on the following photo, prompting a similarly emoji-centered response from Ratchford:


Spicy ; ) 🌶🌶🌶 image by SplashNews 📸

A post shared by A b i g a i l (@abigailratchford) on Feb 21, 2017 at 3:38pm PST

For more insight into Porzingis’ emoji habits, here's this:

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Post Malone Gets Into Verbal Feud With Starlito and Don Trip Over “White Iverson”



A post shared by Posty (@postmalone) on May 26, 2017 at 8:54am PDT

One need not look much further than Katy Perry’s recent SNL performance or Miley Cyrus’ recent about face regarding misogyny in hip-hop to see cultural appropriation is a sensitive topic. The subject came up again recently as Post Malone, Starlito and Don Trip got into a heated exchange on Twitter. The matter was sparked by a recent HipHopDX interview with Lito and Don Trip, as DX’s Editor-In-Chief, Trent Clark, asked Don Trip about any correlation between Trip’s “Allen Iverson” and Post Malone’s “White Iverson.” While Don Trip said he was unfamiliar with Posty’s single, Starlito had some sharp criticism. Video of the interview is posted below, and Lito’s remarks begin at the 45:50 mark.

“I thought it was a little bit exploitive,” Lito told DX. “On a lot of cultural levels. That’s what I thought and felt. I had an opinion about that record. I had just met the Sauce Twinz and they were the only people in the world that I had heard use [saucin’].” Lito also called it “bigotry-laden” and said his first impression of Post Malone’s track was “some blackface type shit.” 

Saturday, things escalated when Starlito re-tweeted a picture of Post Malone with the eponymous inspiration for his song’s title, former NBA MVP, Allen Iverson.

“Plot Twist: Bubba Chuck snuffed him & will be wired $3M Tuesday a.m. when banks re-open,” Starlito tweeted, while adding the hashtags #extortion #reappropriation.

What followed was an exchange with Lito doubling down on accusations Post Malone stole the “saucin’” phrase from Houston’s Sauce Twinz and Posty calling Starlito ignorant.

Both Post Malone and Starlito are slated for upcoming interviews with XXL, so the debate over the line of demarcation between paying homage to a culture versus appropriating one could turn into a teachable moment. As it stands now, there are merely accusations flying in both directions.

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Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks Break Down Drake and Tory Lanez Ending Their Feud

On today's Everyday Struggle, Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks, and Nadeska recap last night's Billboard Music Awards and Drake's big night. The squad also break down Drake and Tory Lanez ending their beef and what it might mean for both going forward. To stay on the topic of beef, the crew look at the Partynextdoor and Jeremih situation and how it got to where it is. Later, Budden and Akademiks react to the new T-Wayne project and debate about whether pop stars like Katy Perry are taking advantage of the Migos buzz. To wrap, the guys discuss Logic's huge second week sales drop and what Kanye West working with Pusha T on his next album really means. 


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Producer Mano Claims Katy Perry Called Him the N-Word Even Though He Told Her to Stop

Over the weekend, Katy Perry caught all kinds of heat for her tone deaf “joke” comparing her hair not being black anymore to Barack Obama no longer being in office. Shouts to the internet for going in on her, but it looks like that bullshit was the tip of the iceberg.

Chicago's Mano, who you may remember as being one of the producers on the Weeknd's “The Hills” and being Kanye West's former DJ, has been expounding on a story he started telling about Katy Perry back in 2013, where she called him and his squad “nigga”… while they were up in the club in Paris.

He also mentioned it again in 2015.

With the latest in Katy Perry fuckery hitting the newswire, Mano decided to tweet a pic with her.

Mano then took the time out to provide some more details on the situation, saying he was in the spot with the squad (which appears to have included Plain Pat and Virgil Abloh) and Katy Perry, who was dancing on his friend HXLT at a club “the day 4 ye fashion show.”

As Mano's story goes, Katy had no problem calling them “her niggas,” and she didn't understand why this was offensive after being told to stop “a few times.”

It sounds like Mano was catching flack for sharing the story, but he says he has “no personal vendetta” with Katy.

Being a black man living in America who has been called a nigger by some shitty people, as well as having the word “nigga” thrown around like it wasn't anything by white people, I get where Mano's coming from. That shit can be tough to deal with, especially if he felt that, because of the position he was in at the time, he couldn't check a superstar like Katy Perry.

One person we would like to hear from is Katy Perry, who hasn't spoken about that “joke” or Mano's comments about this incident in 2013. She has promoted her new single with Migos, her upcoming appearance at The Met today, and about kimonos.

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