Jordan Peele Is Thinking About a ‘Get Out’ Sequel

Jordan Peele told ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ that he is seriously considering making a sequel to ‘Get Out.’

There’s Now an Online Version of the Jordan Peele-Approved UCLA Class Inspired by ‘Get Out’

Jordan Peele himself made a surprise visit to the class at UCLA last year.

Jordan Peele Says He’s Done Acting and Wants to Focus on Directing

Jordan Peele said he directing is more fun.

The Best of Everything in 2017

For a number of reasons, 2017 was a trying year. From a total shift in the White House to the continued national anthem protests to thousands of women speaking out about the sexual misconduct and harassment they've faced for years, we'd totally get if you kept your head under a rock for the year. If you did that, though, you totally missed out on the best movies, songs, TV shows, and memes of the year.

From the rise of Cardi B and HBO's dominance on TV to Jordan Peele's frighteningly accurate social commentary helping make 2017 the biggest year for horror at the box office ever, 2017 featured loads of amazing content, most of which helped us make it through the depressing batch of headlines and breaking news reports. Here's your look at the best of, well, everything from 2017.

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