Is This Proof Conor McGregor Will Make a WrestleMania Appearance?

Conor McGregor has plenty of free time on his hands right now. With no UFC bout on the docket and a rematch with Floyd Mayweather still just a pipe dream, he has been waiting in the wind for the right opportunity to come along. Could that opportunity present itself at WrestleMania in early April?

The idea of McGregor taking his talents to the WWE isn’t exactly new. People have been speculating about the possibility of McGregor making the jump to the WWE for years now, even though he hasn’t exactly shown a lot of love to pro wrestlers. Just last week, John Cena said McGregor would put him—and a bunch of other wrestlers—out of work if he ever decided to wrestle full time.



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But it sounds like McGregor might finally be ready to take the plunge into the world of pro wrestling—if you believe the latest betting odds. The online gambling website Oddschecker just announced that they’re giving McGregor 7/4 odds of appearing at WrestleMania 34. For those unfamiliar with betting odds, that isn’t exactly a slam dunk, but it is an indication that a WrestleMania appearance for McGregor is far from out of the question.

It would make all the sense in the world for McGregor to surprise everyone at WrestleMania. As we mentioned, he doesn’t have a whole lot else going on at the moment. Ronda Rousey will also be featured prominently at the event this year, which means a UFC takeover could be on deck.

But whether McGregor pops up or not, this latest rumor proves that the McGregor-to-the-WWE chatter is going to persist. And it’s starting to feel like it’s only a matter of time before he shows up at a WWE event.

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Source: Nickelodean Kids Choice Awards Expands Into EDM With First Ever ‘Favorite DJ/EDM Artist’ Award