Irv Gotti on 50 Cent: ‘No One Is Afraid of This Guy’

What's beef? Apparently, not a damn thing—at least not to Irv Gotti. During his Friday appearance on Everyday Struggle, Gotti took a moment to speak on the recent back-and-forth he's been locked in with old foe, 50 Cent.

As a guest on The Breakfast Club, 50 called Gotti's BET program Tales “not well executed” and suggested he would be cutting it, as he's come into a bit of power at the network and will be producing a new project called 50 Central. “I have full-on intentions of removing that,” 50 said. “There's some adjustments to be made.” 

At the 1:00:00 mark of Everyday Struggle, host DJ Akademiks brought this up to Gotti, saying, “It feels like 50 is always hating on anything you guys are doing.” 

“I hate it,” Irv replied. “But it's what he does. I truly would love to wake up one day and it's just none of that, and we just all could get money. He's getting money. He's having great success in the TV space. He's doing wonderful. But I'm doing pretty good, you know what I'm saying? I got my show, Tales; I'm potentially about to branch it out to other genres, potentially about to branch Tales out to other countries. The premise of what I created is so dope—it's funny because even he said it was dope. He said, 'Ahh, just poorly executed.' Or whatever like that—he had to throw a zing. But he gave it up and said the concept is dope.”

When asked if he thought 50 actually had the power to have the show removed, Gotti wasn't pressed whatsoever. “He can't get my show outta there,” he said. “BET and him made a campaign showing like, he's taking over, 50's taking over the network. It's a campaign they've created. He can't get my show cancelled. I'm here to tell y'all right now, he can't do that. He can try, but he can't do that. I'm strong up there, and I'm strong at Viacom. You may see Tales on MTV: Tales pop, Tales rock, Tales country on the CMT.”

Talk that cash money shit then, Irv. Before he wrapped up with Akademiks and Nadeska, Irv made it clear he's not intimidated by 50 in any way, shape, or form.

“I wanna make something clear to everyone who's watching: no one is afraid of this guy,” Gotti said. “He's like a bully. 50's this big bully. He can have the aura or whatever, but there's not one fearful bone in my fucking body—with not just him, but anybody in the world. So when it comes to me and him, please, if you're watching, don't think when he said 'Yeah, I'ma slap the shit outta Gotti.' I was like, 'Yeah this guy is crazy.' He's gonna slap the shit outta me? You had 20 years to slap the shit outta me, nigga. You the nigga that got slapped and touched.”

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