Fans Keep Reminding Rihanna That She Owes Joel Embiid a Date Now That He’s an All-Star

Philadelphia 76ers​ forward Joel Embiid has been trying to take Rihanna on a date since he entered the league back in 2014. After publicly announcing that he was moving on from a crush on Kim Kardashian to Rihanna, he first started tweeting at her in July 2014—half-jokingly asking the singer on dinner dates.

Rihanna quickly followed him back on Twitter and Embiid said she was considering his offer, but it never materialized into anything. A month later, Embiid shared a cryptic tweet saying that a “famous girl” turned him down and told him, “Come back when you're [an] All Star.”

TMZ later confirmed that the “famous girl” was in fact Rihanna. Embiid wasn't able to make good on his side of the bargain and become an All-Star after getting injured, however. That changed this week when Embiid was named a starter on the Eastern Conference's All-Star team.

Now, fans are flooding Rihanna with messages, making sure she follows through on her end of the deal. Right now, all of her recent posts on Instagram are full of “@joelembiid” tags and comments like, “He's an All-Star now give him a call.”

Joel did have some words about the whole situation, seemingly switching the tables and turning Rihanna down.

Rihanna has yet to publicly respond to any of this, but people on Twitter aren't having a hard time imagining what each of their thoughts are.

Over three years after first shooting his shot, it looks like this might finally work out in Embiid's favor.

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Kyle Kuzma Insults LaMelo Ball’s Teeth in Awkward Instagram Comeback

Throughout this NBA season, young Los Angeles Lakers stars Kyle Kuzma and Lonzo Ball have developed a pretty interesting rapport on social media with their ongoing Troll Wars. By the looks of it, the two have become pretty close friends since joining the team, and what do all good friends do best? Relentlessly roast the hell out of each other. Both have gotten some good digs in on each other, but now it looks like even Lonzo's younger brother LaMelo is getting involved in the back-and-forth. 

Ahead of a Jan. 17 contest against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Kuzma posted a photo of his pregame fit to his Instagram. 



A post shared by Kyle Kuzma (@kuzmakyle) on Jan 17, 2018 at 3:28pm PST

A quick look at the comments and you can see that LaMelo let his opinion be known that he wasn't too fond of the outfit Kuzma was flexing on social media by commenting, “He think he fly.” Rather than peacefully ignore the subtle jab, Kuzma decided the proper solution was to go right for LaMelo's jugular and clap back at his appearance as well. The high quality response read, “I'm so fly I could fly between that gap between yo teeth.”

No worries though. The 17-year old took the comment in stride. Apparently, he's even ready to fight another round after that haymaker. “Ima have to grill him,” LaMelo tweeted. 

This isn't the first time Kuzma has taken a shot at LaMelo. Before the 16-year old and his brother LiAngelo made the move from Chino Hills, California to Lithuania to play for Prienu Vytautas, LaMelo decided to post a goodbye on his IG. His caption read “Ima Miss The Hills,” and Kuzma was quick to assure LaMelo that “the hills ain't gone miss u.”

Kyle Kuzma, LaMelo Ball IG
Image via Imgur

This Troll Wars saga between the Ball family and Kuzma is starting to reach Bird-Magic levels of intensity, and we should all be appreciative of it. Most recently, Kuzma even came at Lonzo for rocking “toddler shoes.”

Despite the two young players clearly loving to come at each other's style whenever possible, the off-court chemistry is sure to eventually translate into some on-court success for years to come, much to the chagrin of Lakers fans everywhere. 

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Quavo Claims He Didn’t Actually Lose Any Money to Drake on Alabama/Georgia Bet

Alabama beat Georgia in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game on Monday night, and when they did, the Crimson Tide helped Drake earn a lot of cash, courtesy of Quavo. Drake took to Instagram to share a video of him talking to Quavo about a bet they had apparently made on the game.

“I need all my chips!” Drake yelled at Quavo. “Ay, I need all my chips. Quavo, I need my chips with the Huncho Jack dip, my boy! What’s up?”

But as it turns out, the “chips” Drake was referring to may have been, well, actual chips.

TMZ Sports caught up with Quavo on Wednesday to talk about taking an L to Drake. And while he admitted that it was a tough one to take, he also flashed a bunch of cash and claimed he didn’t really lose any money to his fellow rapper.

“It was a friendly bet, that’s all,” Quavo said, before responding to the money Drake showed off on IG. “He had some money in his hand? How much money did he have in his hand? [flashes money] But nah, it was a friendly bet, just a friendly bet. We bet on Huncho Jack chips with dip. Just Huncho Jack chips with dip. We got a sauce. He want to be the first one with it. No money.”

Based on the reaction Drake had to Alabama winning the game, we don’t know if we’re buying Quavo’s story here. It doesn’t seem like Drake would have been as worked up as he was if a “friendly bet” was the only thing he had on the line with Quavo. But regardless of whether Quavo is sending Drake real chips or the “chips” Drake was talking about in his Instagram Story, it appears as though Quavo will be just fine. Check out the clip above to hear him talk about the more heartbreaking aspect of the CFP final—the loss that his Bulldogs took in overtime.

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O.J. Simpson Shuts Down Conspiracy Theory About Him Being Khloé Kardashian’s Real Father

For years now, there have been rumors flying around about how Robert Kardashian was not Khloé Kardashian’s biological father. Instead, a conspiracy theory has suggested that O.J. Simpson, who was once a close family friend of the Kardashians, is actually Khloé’s dad.

It’s not really clear where the rumors first started, but they’ve picked up so much steam over the last couple years that Khloé herself was basically forced to address them head-on last summer after people bombarded her Instagram page with comments about O.J. She didn’t have a whole lot to say about people continuing to buy into and spread the rumors, but she said “people are assholes” in reference to all of the comments that suddenly popped up on her IG page after O.J. was granted parole in Nevada following a lengthy prison sentence.

O.J. himself has seemingly refused to shut the rumors down in the past. In fact, back in 2016, reports emerged about how O.J. was pushing for a paternity test to take place to see whether or not he was actually Khloé’s real dad. It led to further speculation surrounding the situation.

But on Sunday afternoon, the paparazzi caught up with O.J. as he watched the Bills playoff game in Las Vegas, and he appeared to deny the conspiracy theory about him being Khloé’s dad. While he didn’t necessarily come right out and say that, the paparazzo who spoke with O.J. started the short interview off by saying, “Are congratulations in order?” O.J. responded by saying, “For what?” And after the paparazzo pointed out that Khloé recently announced her pregnancy with Tristan Thompson, O.J. laughed before explaining that, while he’s happy for Khloé, he isn’t the one who deserves any congratulations.

“Well, for Bob, God bless his soul, yeah. But I don’t know for me. I don’t think for me. I didn’t have nothing to do with it,” O.J. said. “Khloé and the girls were all terrific girls when they were growing up. They were nice and terrific. I think today they’re still nice and terrific, except they’ve kind of added sex appeal to their résumé. I’m happy for them. Congratulations to her. But trust me, I didn’t have nothing to do with it. I would be proud if I had anything to do with it, but I don’t. God bless her.”

Does this completely shut down the O.J. and Khloé conspiracy theory? No, not really. But if you watch the clip, O.J. clearly understood what was being asked of him during the brief interview, and he didn’t play up the possibility of him having any biological connection to Khloé. O.J.’s daughter Sydney was also there during the interview, and she found the Khloé conspiracy theory to be downright laughable. You can go here to see the interview for yourself.

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Everyone Is Freaking Out Over Nicki Minaj’s Ménage à Trois-Inspired ‘Paper’ Mag Cover

Posing with two additional incarnations of yourself on magazine covers is officially the new wave. Tuesday, Paper unveiled their Ellen von Unwerth-shot new cover featuring Nicki Minaj. The “Minaj à Trois” cover also revives the publication's “Break the Internet” catchphrase, which magazine cover aficionados will remember from its inclusion on Kim Kardashian's own internet-smashing Paper cover back in 2014.


Wanna Minaj? @papermagazine 🧐👅 photos by @ellenvonunwerth #BreakTheInternet edition

A post shared by Barbie® (@nickiminaj) on

“We have never called an issue Break the Internet since we did it back in 2014 with Kim Kardashian,” Paper creative director Drew Elliott wrote when introducing their new cover. “It takes a certain type of talent, with an awesome fan base and the ability to put trust in PAPER to work our magic. I have always loved all of the looks that Nicki has done (and she has done them all). Her style (typically anchored by her off-the-charts hair choices) matches her musical talent perfectly. Break the Internet is all about the big idea, the word, the image. It came to me one day that 'Minaj à trois' had never been done. HOW?”

The full cover feature drops Wednesday. According to Paper, the feature includes even more internet-breaking Ellen von Unwerth shots. Until then, let's do that thing where we embed a bunch of tweets into an article and ask you to read them here instead of actually on Twitter.

The most notable response, arguably, is the trio of flame emoji Kardashian left on Minaj's Instagram post.

nicki kim
Image via Instagram

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Azealia Banks Comes to Nicki Minaj’s Defense Over Comments About Sexism in Rap

Roughly a month after she sent a message to Nicki Minaj apologizing for previously said (but unspecific) “catty shit,” Azealia Banks wrote a message of support for Minaj following an Instagram screenshot journalist and Rap Radar founder/CEO Elliott Wilson posted that was an implied endorsement of its contents. You be the judge:


A post shared by Elliott Wilson (@elliottwilson) on Oct 27, 2017 at 7:07am PDT

The tweet in question, as you can see, seemed to say that Minaj would win crowds back over once she stopped talking about her accomplishments (which may have to do with these recent tweets about the double-standards women face in hip-hop or her saying she's the most awarded female rapper in history). Banks, who took exception to that, posted some comments on the subject that were flagged by Complex writer Eric Diep (credit where credit's due, and all):

If you don't have eagle eyes, here's her response(s) to the screenshot:

An Azealia Banks Instagram response to a Nicki Minaj critique.
Image via Instagram

A fan also implored her to re-focus her energy on rap:

A fan tells Azealia Banks to focus on rapping.
Image via Instagram

To which she issued this response:

Azealia Banks responds to a fan who tells her to stop talking and rap.
Image via Instagram

It takes some serious digging, but sometimes you find some gems in the IG comments.

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Jeremy Lin Responds to Kenyon Martin Ripping Him for Wearing His Hair in Dreads

Earlier this week, Jeremy Lin debuted his latest hairstyle. The Nets point guard, who has experimented with a range of different hairstyles over the course of the last few years, showed off the dreads that he has now prior to a preseason game against the Knicks.

Lin also put together a lengthy post for The Players’ Tribune explaining why he decided to get dreads and, maybe more importantly, the thought process that went into it. He openly acknowledged the fact that he would probably be accused of cultural appropriation by some people, but he also said that he spent countless hours talking with teammates and carefully considering his decision before getting dreads, which many people seemed to appreciate.

Former NBA player Kenyon Martin must have missed the Players’ Tribune memo, though, because on Thursday, he jumped on Instagram and, in a series of since-deleted posts, he took a series of shots at Lin over his hair. He started by posting a photo of Lin along with the caption, “I have so many questions.”

But that was just the beginning. In two subsequent IG videos, he accused Lin of wanting to “be black” and said that he never would have approved Lin’s latest hairstyle if they had ever played together.

“Do I need to remind this damn boy that his last name Lin?” Martin asked in his first video. “Like, come on, let’s stop this. These people. There is no way possible he would’ve made it on one of our teams with that bullshit going on on his head. Come on. Somebody really needs to tell him like, 'Aight, we get it, we get it, you want to be black.' We get it, but the last name is Lin.”

In the second video, which Martin released after catching some backlash over his first clip, Martin said that Lin is free to wear whatever hairstyle he wants. But he also said that he’s free to disagree with his decision to wear it.

“See I ruffled a few of y’all feathers, so good,” Martin said. “Take y’all comments to the bank and see what they give y’all for ‘em. That’s what I think about them first and foremost. But that man grown. That man can rock whatever hairstyle he want to rock. That don’t mean I have to like it or agree with it. Second of all, I’m grown. I can say whatever I want to say about it. It ain’t about race. It ain’t about none of that. Grow up, people, it was a joke, but I don’t like it. I don’t agree with it, so it is what it is.”

Eventually, Lin found out about the clips that Martin put up on IG. And while he very easily could have just ignored them—as he wrote in his Players’ Tribune post, he was fully aware that not everyone was going to like his dreads—he didn’t do that. Instead, he responded to Martin through a comment on IG, and rather than clapping back at him like some other players might have done, Lin quite literally killed the former Nets player with kindness.

“Hey man. It’s all good you don’t have to like my hair and definitely entitled to your opinion,” Lin wrote. “Actually i legit grateful you sharin it tbh. At the end of the day i appreciate that i have dreads and you have Chinese tattoos bc I think its a sign of respect. And i think as minorities, the more we appreciate each others cultures, the more we influence mainstream society. Thanks for everything you did for the nets and hoops…had your poster up on my wall growin up.”

Lin was referencing several tattoos Martin has on his arm in his IG comment.

Lin also spoke with reporters after the Nets’ preseason game against the Heat on Thursday night and talked at length about what Martin said. He asked for fans not to turn this into a made-up beef between the two, and he also asked for fans to steer clear of leaving hateful comments on Martin’s IG page.

“I’d hope that a lot of Asian fans don’t go on his page and say racist things to him,” Lin said. “I think that’s not the right way to go about it, and I think in a lot of ways to pit us against each other like, 'I won versus Kenyon Martin winning,' I don’t think that’s the right way to go about it. It’s not really about winning or losing. The whole point is that we’re trying to be unified, so I feel like even sometimes when people come to me and say, 'Oh man, you embarrassed him,' it’s like, 'Dude, that’s not what this is about.' That’s not the whole point of this discussion is to pit it into two sides to see who wins. The whole point is that we all have to get on the same page. We need to have people stop going on his page and saying racist things. Like, that’s not OK….We just need to spend a little more time thinking about what we say, thinking about what it’s like to be somebody else. At the end of the day, he said what he said, but I’m not really offended. If that’s how he thinks, that’s how he thinks.”

Lin continued by once again calling for people to stop name-calling and instead focus on coming together to try and gain a better understanding of others.

“I heard people were saying the N-word on his page,” Lin said. “That’s not what I stand for and that’s not helping us move in the direction we want to move in. I think both sides need to come together. Then I think, as minorities if we are able to appreciate it—if Asians are able to be passionate about issues that aren’t just related to Asians, if African-Americans are able to be passionate about issues that aren’t just related to African-Americans—I think we'll see something big start to happen. I think we’ll be able to influence mainstream society and that’s the ultimate goal.”

Martin hasn’t spoken any further on his original comments. But at the end of the day, it seems like Lin’s latest hairstyle has generated the kind of discussion he hoped it would, and it also seems like he’s fully prepared to deal with whatever backlash comes his way in a peaceful manner. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out out yet, you can go back and read his Players’ Tribune piece about his dreads here.

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O.J. Simpson’s Release From Prison Might Be Delayed

O.J. Simpson has been waiting to get out of jail ever since he was granted parole back in July. But he might be forced to wait a little bit longer due to concerns over what could potentially happen when he leaves a Nevada prison facility at some point in the coming days.

Earlier this week, a report emerged indicating that Simpson was likely going to be released from prison shortly after Oct. 1, which is Sunday. Monday morning seemed like the logical time to release him. But according to a new TMZ report, officials with the Nevada Department of Corrections are now concerned about what might happen if they release Simpson at that time. There is expected to be a huge media swarm following Simpson as soon as he is released, and prison officials believe it could lead to Simpson being chased by the paparazzi.

“We don’t want another Princess Diana situation,” one official told TMZ, referencing the death of Princess Diana back in August 1997 which came about, in part, because of overzealous paparazzi who chased a vehicle she was driving in and caused a car accident.

There are paparazzi from all over the world expected to gather for Simpson’s release, and it very well could lead to a dangerous situation. TMZ is reporting that the notoriously aggressive European paparazzi, in particular, could present problems, and they are worried that innocent bystanders could end up getting hurt once everyone starts trying to take photos of Simpson and get a statement from him.

For now, the exact date and time of Simpson’s release are under tight lock and key. But it could end taking place a little later than expected.

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Here’s Your Chance to Cop Some of the Rarest Supreme in the World

As you may or may not know—depending on the date listed on your birth certificate—a company from Louisiana called BRENTS Sportswear used to handle all of the manufacturing needs for Supreme back in the '90s. The company earned the nickname “the godfather of streetwear manufacturing” by running point for Supreme and playing a part in their evolution over the years.

With that in mind, it should come as no surprise to hear that BRENTS has some items sitting in their archives that Supreme fans would be really interested in getting their hands on. And according to a couple posts put up on the official BRENTS Instagram page on Wednesday, the company is going to give them the chance to do it by releasing a 36-piece capsule featuring a bunch of one-off items that are sitting in its Supreme archive at the moment.


Vintage Classics @supremenewyork @brentssportswear . . . . . . . #supremeforsale #supreme #vintagesupreme #brents

A post shared by BRENTS™ (@brentssportswear) on Sep 12, 2017 at 6:07pm PDT


Vintage Chinos, painters, cargos, workpants, and more. 1990's Supreme one off's made by BRENTS®

A post shared by BRENTS™ (@brentssportswear) on Sep 12, 2017 at 6:13pm PDT

Details on the BRENTS sale are still few and far between, but as you can see in the photos above, it appears as though the capsule will include at least one hoodie as well as “vintage Chinos, painters, cargos, workpants, and more.”

It’s definitely not going to be easy to cop any of this stuff given how limited it is, but if you want to try your luck, the @supreme_leaks_news Instagram page is reporting that you can reach out to BRENTS directly to find out more about this one-of-a-kind collection and the sale that is going to be held. You can see how to go about doing that by checking out the caption in the IG post at the top. Stay tuned for further details.

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Is Olivia Munn Sending a Message to Aaron Rodgers/Packers Fans With This IG Post?

You be the judge: Is Olivia Munn sending a message to Aaron Rodgers/Packers fans with this IG post or nah?