#LifeAtComplex: Celebrating ASAP Rocky’s Birthday With a Courvoisier-Inspired Cake

#LifeAtComplex is a daily vlog that offers an inside look at Complex. Watch as Tony Mui takes viewers behind-the-scenes in the office—you never know who or what will pop up.

On today's episode, Beija and Tony talk about the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas and the importance of stricter gun laws. Later, Courvoisier sends over a special cake to celebrate ASAP Rocky's birthday, and Tony shares an update on a few giveaways we have for the viewers. 

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The Two Friends ft. Jeff Sontag & I Am Lightyear Release ‘Brighter’

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The Two Friends is a duo consisted of Matt Halper and Eli Sones from Los Angeles. After going to High School together and having music as their common passion, they have emerged into one of the brightest and most promising up-and-coming acts in the world of progressive house music.
After the successful release of their first EP named “You (Me),” which was ranked #4 progressive House release on all of Beatport, they are back with their latest original, ‘Brighter,’ featuring Jeff Sontag, who worked on their past track, ‘Sedated,’ and I Am Lightyear, who provided the pipes for ‘Your Song.’

Brigther is an uplifting progressive masterpiece of a production, that will brighten even the darkest of your days. Also… they share all their music for FREE. Show these guys some love and download ‘Brigther’ for free below.