Marlon Wayans on Lil Pump, Jay Z, and Why 2Pac Would Hate Today’s Rap

After 37 episodes, four background changes, and one cake to the face, Trending Topics is no more. But don't worry, a similar and better show is taking it's place. Say hello to Delete Your History.

Delete Your History is a show about one celebrity and the internet. We'll dig up their embarrassing old tweets, pictures that make us wonder, and videos that need some explaining.

Comedian, actor, and screenwriter Marlon Wayans has a long history in entertainment. He also has a long history with the internet. On the series premiere of Delete Your History, Marlon explains why 2Pac wouldn't like today's rap and how Lil Pump is showing early signs of “crackheadness,” but he can't deny the catchiness of “Gucci Gang.” 

Season 1 of Delete Your History will feature 12 episodes, and we've got a wild cast of guests coming up that includes plenty of new rappers, one of the internet's most polarizing antagonists, a celebrity with a sex tape, and the most family-friendly artist to ever collaborate with R. Kelly. It's going to get interesting. Check out the Marlon Wayans episode above, and get ready for a fun season. Thanks for watching.

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Listen to Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang” Remix f/ 21 Savage, Gucci Mane, French Montana, and More

The season 2 premiere of OVO Sound Radio got off to a solid start on Saturday evening. During host Oliver El-Khatib's regular set, listeners were treated to the premiere of Lil Pumpa��s star-packed a�?Gucci Ganga�? remix. And we mean packed.

The new version includes guest appearances by Gucci Mane, 21 Savage, French Montana, J Balvin, Bad Bunny, and Ozuna. Though ita��s an unexpected lineup, therea��s no doubt that the update will give the viral hit a second wind.

You can listen to a�?Gucci can i buy imitrex in mexico Ganga�? remix below.

The premiere arrives just a few days after Lil Pump secured a new deal with Warner Bros. Records. Earlier this month, rumors circulated that the 17-year-old rapper had inked an $8 million contract with the label. Lil Pump later went to social media to address the claims, insisting the deal was just for one release: “I don't know where the hell you heard all that other bullshit, but I got $8 million for one project, and that's it.”

Warner Bros. later confirmed that it had, in fact, entered a a�?successful partnershipa�? with Lil Pump.

a�?We are pleased that we can bring the next album release from Lil Pump to Warner Bros. Records,a�? Dooney Battle, the CEO of Lil Pump's management, said in a press release. a�?From the second I met Lil Pump, it was clear that he had star power and could lead the wave of rappers breaking on SoundCloud and YouTube.a�?

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Iced Out: Watch Lil Pump Go Jewelry Shopping in New York

Thanks to the success of his hit song, “Gucci Gang,” Lil Pump has spent the majority of 2017 touring all over the country. As a result, he’s raked in more money than the average 17-year-old can count and found creative ways to spend that money in the process.

One of the big-ticket items Pump purchased recently was an icy watch from Avianne & Co Jewelers in New York City. Complex was on hand when Pump stopped through the Avianne shop to check out a number of timepieces. He tried on a bunch of them, picked out the one he liked best, and then casually dropped a brick of cash on the counter to pay for it.

Pump’s race from internet love to real-world stardom has been intense this year, but he's clearly enjoying the fruits of his labor. Check out the video to see all the fun he had shopping for watches.

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People Are Sharing Their Perfect Song Moments to Play at Midnight on New Year’s to Start 2018 Off Right

With the New Year fast approaching, I think we’re all looking for a way to start 2018 on the right foot (or whatever foot we didn’t use for 2017). Whether you’re hosting a party or ringing in the New Year solo, a little bit of ambience never hurt anybody, and of course that includes music. So what track should you play to insure the best possible start to the year ahead? Take the pressure off your playlist because Twitter has some thoughts.

Users are weighing in with their go-to songs to play at as the clock strikes midnight, as well as the perfect time to press play for the perfect auditory countdown-experience. If you're feeling all kinds of feels this New Years Eve, there’s a couple Frank Ocean tracks as per one of his Twitter fan’s recommendation.

If you play “Skyline To” by Frank Ocean at 11:59:31 on December 31st, Frank will say “that’s a pretty fucking fast year flew by” just as 2017 ends.

— Blonded. (@blondedocean) December 15, 2017

If you start listening to “Nights” by Frank Ocean on December 31st at 11:56:30, the transition in the song will be perfectly synced with the switch from 2017 to 2018 at midnight. Which is a great way to end and start the year. 🤞🏾

— Blonded. (@blondedocean) December 15, 2017

If you have even more feels, there's literally ANYTHING by Coldplay.

Or maybe let your inner bad bitch reign in 2018 with a little RiRi?

if you play “james joint” by rihanna at exactly 11:58:48 on new years eve, the song will transition to “kiss it better” at exactly midnight. end this year right and start off your new year even better

— miss fortune, bounty hunter (@httbae) December 18, 2017

And because Twitter is Twitter, some users are of course using this moment to drop some serious shade.

if you play “look what you made me do” by taylor swift at exactly 11:59:07 on new years eve, you’re a loser cuz that song fucking sucks lmao

— kurtis conner (@kurtisconner) December 17, 2017

if you play Gucci Gang at 11:57:36 PM on New Years Eve it’s perfect because the song will end right before midnight in 2017 and we can leave it the fuck there because that’s where it belongs.

— Nocturnal Brownie™ 🦉 (@MoodySith) December 17, 2017


The fun doesn't stop at music, though. For those of you looking for a more visual experience, there’s content for that too.

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