Tristan Thompson and David West Getting Incredibly Close During Altercation Sparks Memes

Tempers flared once again in the 2017 NBA Finals when David West and Tristan Thompson got in each other's face after the Golden State Warriors forward pushed away Kyrie Irving as the two were battling for possession of the ball. Play-by-play announcer Mike Breen stated that the Thompson and West were “nose-to-nose,” but it was more like “mouth-to-mouth” or “facial hair-to-facial hair.” 

The visual of Thompson and West being close to one another was eventually going to bring about its fair share of memes because, of course.    

There were people who felt like the Thompson and West altercation looked like something they had seen before. 

Others brought Thompson's girlfriend Khloe Kardashian into the conversation. 

Some were actually kinda jealous. 

And finally, we will just leave this one here. 

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Let’s All Acknowledge Game 1’s Real MVP: Rihanna

Let's get the obvious out of the way: there was a basketball game on Thursday night. It was Game 1 of the NBA finals. Some shots were taken, people ran up and down the court and stuff, and the Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers, 113-91.

But to many people who watched (and announced, and played in) the game, the real star wasn't LeBron or Steph Curry, but rather Rihanna. The pop star was in the audience for Game 1, and was not shy about letting it be known who she was rooting for—and against.

From courtside, she apparently heckled KD during a free throw.

And Durant definitely noticed.

He later denied that he was looking at her specifically, but come on.

Jeff Van Gundy, who was calling the game, acted exactly like any of us would, national TV audience or no, when RiRi walked by.

And then there was the bow. In one incredible sequence, Rihanna bows to LeBron, dabs, and then gives attitude to someone nearby who dared to try and get her to sit down.

As she left, the NBA's new favorite was escorted out by the NBA's new favorite commissioner.

And the best was still to come. Immediately post-game, a fan luxuriated in the Warriors' victory. Rihanna's LeBron-inspired response? “It doesn't matter, bitch. The King is still in the house.”

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Draymond Green Is Tired of Nicki Minaj Mentioning LeBron James in Her Songs

“They say numbers don't matter but when they discussin' the kings, they turn around and say Lebron ain't got six rings.” In that line from the song “No Frauds,” Nicki Minaj references how LeBron James can't be mentioned as one of the greatest to ever play the game when his three NBA titles don't stack up to someone like Michael Jordan, who has six championship rings to his name.  

On the latest episode of his Dray Day podcast, Draymond Green chimes in on the beef between Nicki and Remy Ma, but what really seems to grind the Golden State Warriors star forward's gears is how Nicki is constantly bringing up LeBron in her raps. “Is Nicki Minaj gonna mention 'Bron in every song?” Green asks. “Every song she's released since June 2016, there's something about LeBron in it. I mean, damn, like, LeBron is great, but Jesus Christ, at some point it just becomes…too repetitive. Jesus Christ, you can’t mention 'Bron in every song you do.”

A quick Google search will prove that Draymond may be on to something.

  • On “Don't Hurt Me,” Nicki raps, “Even if you was Curry, bitch, there's still a LeBron But let's face it, I'm Curry, with rings like LeBron, added my rings up, that's Mike Jordan.”
  • On “Do You Mind,” she mentions James's block on Andre Iguodala in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals: “Every baller tryna score, check them shot clocks, but I hit 'em with them 'Bron-Iguodala blocks.” 

This is not the first time Green has defended LeBron's honor. Just last month, the Warriors star took James's side in his dustup with Charles Barkley.

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Matt Barnes’ Assault Trial Was Delayed So He Can Possibly Play in the NBA Finals

Matt Barnes always seems to find himself at the center of controversy, and he's back at it again after being arraigned Friday for assault charges stemming from a December incident at a New York nightclub.

The New York Post shared crazy details from a New York courthouse on Friday afternoon, including Barnes' refusal to accept an additional civil suit he was served upon walking into the building. But the strangest part of the ordeal stems from an exchange between Barnes' attorney, Alex Spiro, and Judge Herbert Moses. In working to arrange a trial date, Spiro balked at the initial request for a mid-June trial:

Judge Herbert Moses asked Spiro if his client could return to court in mid-June. 

Spiro quipped that Barnes might be unavailable.

“I have reason to believe my client will be playing in the NBA Finals,” he said.

“Good luck,” the judge said before giving Barnes a June 27 return date.

The implication is clear: Barnes, who recently signed with the Golden State Warriors following an injury to star forward Kevin Durant, expects to play in the NBA Finals. This year's Finals begin on June 1 and have an end date no later than June 18, so writing off any date in June for a professional commitment can only have one series in mind.

What may be the bigger surprise is a judge humoring the request at all. While most people will draw comparisons to their normal job — an accountant who committed assault probably wouldn't get away with pushing their court date past tax season — not even NBA players are always afforded this privilege. After being charged with sexual assault in the summer of 2003, Kobe Bryant was forced to fly back and forth between Colorado and Los Angeles to attend mid-season hearings over the course of the next year.

Barnes getting leeway here in light of his violent history is a pretty shocking turn of events, but those extra couple weeks probably won't make a difference in determining his guilt. He'll have his day in court, even if it has to wait for the playoffs to end first. 

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