Conor McGregor Wants a Rematch With Floyd Mayweather

MMA fighter Conor McGregor hinted that though he might want a career in Irish politics, he definitely wants a rematch with his favorite arch-nemesis Floyd Mayweather after losing to him last year, according to TMZ. When McGregor was asked about a fight against fellow martial artist Khabib Nurmagomedov, he switched the conversation to Floyd saying he saying he “needs to fight again.”  The two have had a highly publicized feud even before finally getting in the ring last August. With Floyd hinting at an MMA debut, a rematch might be more than possible.

McGregor's political aspiration is still up in the air. Earlier this week, he posted a cryptic Instagram caption criticizing Ireland's government, pondering over his home state's budget, and implied he may have the solutions. When asked about his commitment to the idea of running for political office in Ireland by TMZ, he seemed to be in much more of a joking mood. “Maybe,” he said, “Who knows?! I know they're shakin' in their boots anyway!”

Conor's original post caption talked about financial awareness, before honing in on government spending. “I find that I am becoming more and more interested in where much of the money in my home state has gone and where it actually goes when it comes in,” it reads. “I see many things I do not like and I see many things that I feel can be easily amended under correct instruction. We shall see.”

McGregor straight-up said, “Fuck the Mayweathers,” in another post.


Fuck the Mayweathers.

A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on Jan 30, 2018 at 12:25pm PST


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Chris Brown Could Get Up to 6 Months in Jail for His Pet Capuchin

Chris Brown may be heading back to jail.

The 28-year-old R&B star posted an adorable video (below) last month of his daughter, Royalty, holding their pet baby monkey, Fiji. However, not everyone thought the scene was cute. Some of Breezy's followers voiced concern about dangers of the three-year-old being next to the exotic Capuchin monkey and called up the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to report the pop star.

While Brown isn't in trouble for bringing his daughter and the exotic animal together, the Fish and Wildlife team discovered that Brown didn't have the proper permits to house the Capuchin monkey. Because of this, he can face up to six months in jail.

TMZ reports that Brown immediately turned Fiji over to the authorities when they turned up at his house with a search warrant. Now, his case sits with L.A.'s City Attorney who will be seeing Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos, ASAP. Geragos also spoke with TMZ and criticized the city for “using taxpayer money on investigating monkey business.”

“As I leave my office in downtown L.A. and walk past people sleeping on the street on my way to defend people charged by the City Attorney with selling medical marijuana … now spending taxpayer money on investigating monkey business, this completes the circle on his absurdity,” he said.

The Capuchin monkey, which originates from Costa Rica's jungles, is one of the most popular animals in entertainment and is often seen in films like The Hangover 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean as well as on TV shows, like Ross' famous pet on Friends.

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Thirsty Drake Fan Reportedly Arrested After Spitting on Deputies at Rapper’s House

A woman who previously made headlines for illegally entering Drake's home and enjoying some Sprite was reportedly arrested Thursday morning. The 24-year-old individual returned to Drake's Hidden Hills estate and told security staff that she was “on the list,” TMZ reported Friday. When the list claims didn't go as she planned, the woman refused to vacate the premises.

Police sources told TMZ that the woman gifted three deputies with hurled saliva upon their arrival, resulting in the use of pepper spray. Ultimately, the woman was arrested on trespassing and assault on a police officer charges. According to the report, Drake wasn't on the property at the time of the incident.

Back in April, the same woman was busted by a member of Drake's team for a separate incident involving similarly illegal entry. She was discovered in one of the Hidden Hills home's bedrooms, wearing an article of clothing from Drake's wardrobe and claiming she had been given permission to enter the residence. According to TMZ's initial report, the woman was arrested and charged with felony burglary after confessing to snatching up some Sprite, Pepsi, and delicious Fiji water from the home stash. Drake later contacted the authorities and reportedly told them he wasn't interested in pursuing prosecution, instead asking that they give the woman a break.

Hidden Hills was previously hit with a highly publicized break-in back in May. Noted comedy actor Scott Disick's home was “burglarized and ransacked” while he was in Las Vegas for a birthday event, according to reports. A silent burglar alarm was triggered during the incident, but no leads were pinned down. The break-in is believed to have been an inside job.

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Thirsty Drake Fan Steals Soda From His House, Gets Felony Robbery Charges

If the last few days haven't proved it enough, here's today's fact: when your name is Aubrey Drake Graham, it's hard to find your way out of a current news cycle. He's still riding out the success of More Life, and was recently a part of Future's Coachella set, but trouble is still brewing. The Cavs aren't f*cking with Drake's Golden State references, Drake's camp is being racially profiled at a country club during Coachella's first weekend, and Jas Prince has lawyered up against Birdman to get those Drake profits. And now, some woman is drinking all of Drake's drinks.

TMZ reports that a currently-unidentified 24-year-old woman was hit with felony robbery charges for an incident at Drake's home on April 3. According to their sources, the woman was discovered by someone in Drake's crew around 10:30 p.m. that night wearing one of Drizzy's hoodies. No one seems to know how she even got into Drake's residence, but she told authorities that she was allowed in there.

Now here's where things get weird: while you can only imagine what kind of rich rapper sh*t is just casually laying around Drake's residence, homegirl is said to be the epitome of a thirsty fan. As in, the only things she took were Pepsi, Sprite, and some Fiji water. As TMZ states, it doesn't matter what you take; if you enter someone's spot illegally and take something, that's felony robbery.

We get the feeling that this story is far from over, but as of right now, this woman's thirst got her into a grip of trouble. All puns intended.

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