Trending Topics: DJ Carnage on Donald Glover, Young Thug, and Game of Thrones

DJ Carnage is a name equally respected in dance and hip-hop circles. He's an established name on the live festival circuit, even starting his own, RARE, in Orlando. That's where he met Young Thug, and the two linked up for an EP that's coming soon. Carnage's other upcoming collaborations are no less impressive—Lil YachtyMigos, and Meek Mill are among those who have recently blessed a Carnage beat, and the results are massive. 

Those tracks are on the way, but when DJ Carnage stopped by the offices, we wanted to talk about the here and now. For the latest episode of Trending Topics, we asked the artist about that Thug EP, the many talents of Donald Glover, and what it takes to enjoy a festival the right way. Watch Carnage's Trending Topics above, and check out last week's cut with Ryan Hemsworth below. 

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5 Things We Learned About SZA on ‘Everyday Struggle’

Ever since the singer linked up with the TDE crew, SZA has produced a steady stream dope music. She proved herself as a capable feature artist alongside the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock, but more importantly she shined as the lead artist on several projects, including 2014's eclectic, soulful EP, Z. Several solid years of momentum have us waiting impatiently on SZA's Ctrl, her debut studio album dropping on June 9.

The 26-year-old singer was kind enough to spend some time with the Everyday Struggle crew before Ctrl drops, and we learned a good deal about her during the free-flowing conversation. Here's what we took away from our interview with her, and you can watch the full episode above.

SZA is ready to come out of her shell

During the formative stage of her career, SZA self-admitted she was shy, which is not the most common trait in people who perform for a living. But after earning reps in the industry and coming into her own as an artist, it seems like the old, shy SZA is going to be a thing of the past.

“I was editing myself,” she said of her past reservations. “But now I've given up on that.”

SZA doesn't like to write for other artists

A lot of singers below the mega-star level make a ton of their money writing and producing for other artists. Get a songwriting credit on a hit song, and you're set to rake in the royalty checks for the foreseeable future.

But SZA admitted she's not totally comfortable writing music for anyone else, even if it's in her repertoire. “I don't like to,” she said. “I can't write someone else's truth. I've just started writing, I've only written for like Rihanna and Beyonce.”

SZA thinks the industry is too concerned with branding

Getting labeled a certain type of artist is increasingly useless in 2017, with hip-hop giants routinely crossing over into singing and R&B. SZA finds branding yourself in a particular way—as an artist or just in general—is way too big of a focus.

“We know a lot of Americans that are only brands. I only know what connects with people. I just have to be me,” she said. “Am I art? Am I branding myself? That's too much—I'd rather focus on the details.”

“Ctrl” is about the illusion of control

If you were wondering what the new album's focus would be, SZA elaborated on the title, telling Everyday Struggle what the meaning is behind the name.

“It's about analog and being at a time where we were brought information more slowly,” she said. “Control is a concept, you think about getting away from analog, control is an illusion, you try and force it.”

SZA believes artists have to focus on themselves

As she prepares to drop her debut album, SZA talked a lot about the creative process behind Ctrl. Though she claims you don't throw away all the musical inspiration that brought you here, she realized at a certain point an artist's work has to come predominantly from within.

“When you first make an album, you only have your favorite albums from your favorite artists,” she said. “And you don't come close to touching them. How do I satisfy myself sonically?”

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Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks Break Down DJ Khaled and Drake’s New Song “To the Max”

On today's Everyday Struggle, Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks, and Nadeska break down the new DJ Khaled and Drake single “To the Max” and decide whether the two connected for another hit. They also talk about the new Partynextdoor Colours 2 EP before going into the Bill Maher n-word controversy and if they were surprised Killer Mike defended the HBO host. Later, they discuss Kendrick Lamar buying a Toyota for his sister and rapper Wifisfuneral getting jumped after crowd surfing. They also get into the leaked Kanye West songs and try to figure out the direction his music is going in. In the quick hits, the gang talk Childish Gambino's potential retirement, Pusha T giving back, and Joyner Lucas dissing Logic. 

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Jessie Reyez on Music Industry Gatekeepers and the ‘Kiddo’ EP

Jessie Reyez is going to be a star. The singer and songwriter from Toronto killed it at our SXSW No Ceilings show, and in April she released her debut EP, Kiddo.

One of the most powerful songs on the EP is “Gatekeeper,” in which Jessie tells a true story about sexism and manipulation in the music industry. She released a music video, and an extended short film which shares what happened in painful detail. While Jessie was in New York, she broke down why it's so important to be vocal about problems like this and explained the message behind the Kiddo cover, too.

Watch the interview with Jessie above, and check out her brilliant “Shutter Island” live performance from Austin, TX, below.

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Young Thug Will Release a Singing Album Executive Produced by Drake

Did anyone see this coming? On Wednesday night, Young Thug returned to Twitter to announce he will drop a new album sometime this week. But it’s not just any project …

You read right. Thugger is blessing his fans with a singing album that appears to be titled E.B.B.T.G. (Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls).

There aren’t many details about the album; however, Thug did reveal Drake served as the executive producer. The two hit the road together earlier this year for the U.K. leg of Drizzy’s Boy Meets World tour. Thug also made an appearance on “Sacrifices” off of Drake’s More Life album.

 The news comes less than a week after Thug rolled out the visual for his new single “All the Time.” 

E.B.B.T.G. will mark Thug's first full-length release since 2016's Jeffery.

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POOLCLVB Receives Remix EP For ‘Waiting’

I’ve spoken highly of Australian house music producer POOLCLVB many times in the past and this time around I’m happy to share with you all his brand new remix EP for his single “Waiting.”

“Waiting” came out on the producer’s last EP You + Me which dropped earlier this year and now transitions into an EP of its own so to speak with two unique remixes. Walker & Royce add a futuristic quality to the tune, albeit in an 80s warehouse party kind of vibe, while Flash ’89 shows off a darker more mysterious tone to the single transforming it into the perfect addition to any late night driving playlists.

Stream “Waiting” plus the two remixes below!


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Murph & Petch – You Can Call Me Al ft. Livingstone

If you’re looking for a bit of sunshine on a cloudy day (quite literally), then look no further. The newest release on Vicious Recordings has got us feeling in a light and summery mood, and it’s thanks to producers Andy Murphy and Jolyon Petch.

Together they are Murph & Petch, and have just produced a single under the title ‘You Can Call Me Al,’ which takes Paul Simon’s original and re-imagines it into something breezy and tropical. With velvety smooth vocals added in from Livingstone, further well-placed instrumentation joins the mix, and this is blissed out deep house at its finest. Check out the M1 remix for some punchier vibes as well…

Grab the EP right here. 

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Source: Murph & Petch – You Can Call Me Al ft. Livingstone

Your EDM Premiere: RAL – Perspective [Lowtemp Music]

Gramatik’s Lowtemp label has a great track record of putting out some great music, and that trend continues with the latest EP from RAL.

Perspective is a mesmerizing, 6-track journey of strange beats, introspective melodies and wildly discordant synths that all culminate in an engrossing listening experience. From the low pitched vocal melodies of “Sphinx” to the soft piano notes of “Interrelated,” there’s a little something for every taste.

Listen to the Perspective EP below and purchase it here.

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Alexander Lewis Releases Trap Anthem “March”

From his work with KRANE, Y2K, and Dabow to remixes for Mr. Carmack, DJ and producer Alexander Lewis has been on a fast rise within the electronic music scene. Through the implementation of real instruments into his music, the eclectic producer has curated his own niche sound powered by the use of his hard-hitting horns and startling synths.

His latest single, “March,” out now on Trap Nation’s LA-based record label Lowly Palace, is no different. It’s exactly what we could have hoped for. “March” is Lewis’ first single off his upcoming EP, which is bound to shake up the trap scene. It’s a warlike anthem like none other, and it includes all of the stylistic hallmarks that we have come to know and love Alexander Lewis for: mystical vocal chops, eerie piano notes, powerful drums and of course his blaring horns to top off the track. A trap masterpiece would be an understatement, “March” makes for a tune that could literally be used rally up an armed militia if need be.

Stream “March” below and make sure to snag a free download here!

Follow Alexander Lewis:

SoundCloud / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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Bluegrass Meets EDM With Two Friend’s Latest Single, “Mona Lisa Eyes”

I can truly say I’ve never heard a song like this before. A huge reason I love supporting Matt and Eli, known collectively as the Two Friends, is because they are constantly creating refreshing, uplifting music. They’re testing new ideas, sounds, arrangements, that truly separate their music from the crowd.

Their newest single “Mona Lisa Eyes” is the final from their EP, ‘Out Of Love’, and brilliant at its core. It’s got a bluegrass feel, infusing a electrifying harmonica riff that sets the tone for this western/dance anthem. You can’t help but want to jump around and dance to “Mona Lisa Eyes” and if you find yourself in Miami this year, you can definitly expect to hear it at all the pool parties!

Listen to “Mona Lisa Eyes” below!

Purchase the ‘Out Of Love’ EP

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Source: Bluegrass Meets EDM With Two Friend’s Latest Single, “Mona Lisa Eyes”