Three People Are Fighting for Control of Charles Manson’s Corpse

Charles Manson—notorious cult leader whose followers became killers, former Beach Boys hanger-on, and soon-to-be subject of two different motion pictures—died last November at 83. But the Daily Beast reported on Thursday that his body has been the center of a contentious legal battle ever since—one that is finally nearing its conclusion.

The site reveals that while the legal fight plays out, Manson's body is sitting in a morgue in California under a fake name. Only two people, both coroner's office employees, know where it is. One of the people fighting for the right to give last rites is Jason Freeman, who claims to be Manson's grandson by the notorious criminal's first wife. Freeman made a Facebook Live video recently where he and his son, well, seemed pretty into the whole Manson thing.

“[They] displayed a creepy Manson puppet with a swastika tattoo painted on its forehead and a toy guitar in its hands,” reports the Beast. “They laughed about stuffing the doll with Manson’s ashes. 'We’re going to do things as a family with grandpa,' Freeman told his viewers. 'There’s nothing wrong with that. And if anybody says there is, no. Just lively entertainment. And finally I get to take him fishing. Finally.'”

The other two contenders are Michael Brunner, Manson's son by Mary Brunner, a former member of the Manson Family; and Michael Channels, who was Manson's friend and pen pal of three decades. Channels claims that his notorious friend wanted his ashes scattered in the desert. Channels was also, understandably, creeped out by Freeman's video.

“They have a puppet that looks like Charlie that they’re going to put his ashes in. What is it, do they want to make Chucky Part 4 and sell him off?” Channels asked the Daily Beast. “That’s what [Manson] didn’t want. That’s the only thing I’m trying to stop.”

Attorneys for all three men made their cases in court on Wednesday, and a decision is expected soon.

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Chelsea Handler, Lena Waithe, and Young M.A Come Together for Leading Ladies Panel | ComplexCon(versations)

Ever since Donald Trump won the 2016 election, there's been a very prominent, very vocal movement of women in America (and, honestly, across the globe) who've had enough and are fighting for equality. From #MeToo to #TimesUp, their impact has been felt in many avenues, and during the ComplexCon 2017, a special edition of ComplexCon(versations) took place featuring a number of leading ladies in a number of industries. 

Lead by comedian and TV host Chelsea Handler, the panel featured Beautycon founder Moj Mahdara, actor/producer/screenwriter Lena Waithe, hip-hop phenom Young M.A, actor Dascha Polanco, and models Indyamarie Jean and Iskra Lawrence. This group of powerful women discussed everything from the changes in society today to what it's like coming out as a gay woman.

Early on, while discussing Mahdara's upbringing and the struggles she went through regarding her family and her sexuality, Handler dropped some major facts about the world today: “I feel very hopeful, because with everything that’s going on, the world is getting browner and gayer, and nobody can do anything about it.”

Waithe, who became the first black woman to win an Emmy for her powerful coming-out tale “Thanksgiving” during season 2 of Netflix's Master of None, said that, initially, she didn't feel the need to share her story. She ultimately changed her mind, primarily because she realized it was “more layered than the gay thing. My mother was born in a segregated America, so there’s an element, particularly of a black mother wanting her black daughter to not make white people feel uncomfortable.”

“That’s where I think the race thing comes into play,” Waithe continued, “because the fear is not just ‘oh, how are going to be out in the world,’ but how are people going to react to you; you’re going to change the energy when you walk into a room, and that made her feel uncomfortable.” In the end, she did admit that she is “really happy we got to make that episode, and people got a chance to watch it, because it really is a process.”

Young M.A also touched on the issues she faces in the hip-hop industry as a lesbian, and how she will still be considered a “bitch” for even asking why, say, her green room requests aren't being met.

Towards the end, the #MeToo discussion hit, and Waithe kept it a buck. “Just because some of these tycoons have been taken down,” she says, “doesn’t mean that sexism won’t exist in our industry. When Trump goes away, racism is still going to be a part of our society; it’s built into the DNA.” Madhara agreed, explaining how “when you look at who controls the world, it’s really about a board room, it’s about a cap table, it’s about a structure that’s been designed for not us.” Waithe let it be known that, because of this ongoing structure, it's “about how we raise our sons, how we raise our daughters, it has to start there.” 

You can see the entire conversation above, and keep it locked to Complex as we'll be sharing more ComplexCon(versations) panels featuring the likes of André 3000, Virgil Abloh, and more.

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How Kanye West and Travis Scott’s Stages Come to Life

John McGuire was born and raised in Southern California, and spent his childhood orbiting the film industry. His family was involved in various areas of entertainment, and by the time he was a sophomore in college, McGuire was balancing his studies with tour schedules—he was the lighting designer for live shows by Mariah Carey and My Chemical Romance.

By the time he started TrasK House in 2016, McGuire had decades of experience and a distaste for conventional live shows. “You don't get to experience artist's the way you used to,” he said, “and all of a sudden, the live concert has become the epitome of an artist's representation.” With TrasK, McGuire began to experiment, most notably in his work on Kanye West's Saint Pablo tour. The floating stage was a sensation, and McGuire followed it up with Travis Scott's iconic Bird's Eye View tour, which featured the artist atop a massive mechanical bird, complete with a worm dangling from its mouth. 

“When you go back and look at any of our performances, there's always very primitive, primal, basic things that rein through all of them,” he continued. “When we built Saint Pablo… there was an energy to life at that time. We had the Par Can… a single incandescent light bulb. One light, goes on and off, and that's it. We took that, and went with modern engineering… and new weight ratings to make a whole new experience. A lot of times it's using the oldest technology we have with some spit of the new.” 

Watch our latest Music Life with John McGuire above, and find out if New Yorkers miss the old Kanye below. 

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Selena Gomez Talks About Her Struggles With Depression and Anxiety

Since the start of her career acting in Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place, Selena Gomez has experienced the blessings and curses that come with growing up in the public eye. She recently explained to Harper's Bazaar how she has come to terms with the obstacles in her life, as well as the aspects of her life that empower her.

The 25-year-old actress and pop star was pretty forthcoming when she spoke about the issues that have plagued her this past year. Gomez believes that 2018 is going to be a better year because she is going to focus on her own “health and well-being.” The young actress has gone through some emotionally exhausting times as of late, with her public battle with Lupus and the tabloids obsession with her love life, but she's being honest about things.

“I’ve had a lot of issues with depression and anxiety, and I’ve been very vocal about it, but it’s not something I feel I’ll ever overcome,” she explained. “I think it’s a battle I’m gonna have to face for the rest of my life, and I’m okay with that because I know that I’m choosing myself over anything else.” Gomez is convinced that by making sure her physical and mental health are her main priorities, “everything else will fall into place.”

Throughout the interview Gomez also spoke candidly about some of her female role models—which included Amal Clooney, Grace VanderWaal, and Meryl Streep— and realizes that she too is an important role model for girls who come from similar backgrounds to her own. She recalled an experience she had when she was still a teenager working on Wizards of Waverly Place, and explained that she now understands the significance of being able to represent a minority group in the entertainment industry. “And now more than ever, I’m proud of it,” Gomez said.

Head over to Harper's Bazaar to read the full article. 

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Pharrell and N*E*R*D Tapped to Headline 2018 NBA All-Star Game Halftime Show

The NBA All-Star Game boasts a strong entertainment lineup this year.

Chris Brown Could Get Up to 6 Months in Jail for His Pet Capuchin

Chris Brown may be heading back to jail.

The 28-year-old R&B star posted an adorable video (below) last month of his daughter, Royalty, holding their pet baby monkey, Fiji. However, not everyone thought the scene was cute. Some of Breezy's followers voiced concern about dangers of the three-year-old being next to the exotic Capuchin monkey and called up the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to report the pop star.

While Brown isn't in trouble for bringing his daughter and the exotic animal together, the Fish and Wildlife team discovered that Brown didn't have the proper permits to house the Capuchin monkey. Because of this, he can face up to six months in jail.

TMZ reports that Brown immediately turned Fiji over to the authorities when they turned up at his house with a search warrant. Now, his case sits with L.A.'s City Attorney who will be seeing Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos, ASAP. Geragos also spoke with TMZ and criticized the city for “using taxpayer money on investigating monkey business.”

“As I leave my office in downtown L.A. and walk past people sleeping on the street on my way to defend people charged by the City Attorney with selling medical marijuana … now spending taxpayer money on investigating monkey business, this completes the circle on his absurdity,” he said.

The Capuchin monkey, which originates from Costa Rica's jungles, is one of the most popular animals in entertainment and is often seen in films like The Hangover 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean as well as on TV shows, like Ross' famous pet on Friends.

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Steve Kerr Goes Off on LaVar Ball and Calls Him ‘the Kardashian of the NBA’

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has had about enough of LaVar Ball. Prior to the Warriors' game against the Denver Nuggets on Monday, Kerr went on a rant, blasting the media, specifically ESPN, for their coverage of LaVar and the entire Ball family. “Somewhere, I guess in Lithuania, LaVar Ball is laughing,” he said. “People are eating out of his hands for no apparent reason, other than that he's become the Kardashian of the NBA or something. That sells, and that's what is true in politics, entertainment and now in sports. It doesn't matter if there's any substance involved in an issue.” 

Kerr's problem with the Worldwide Leader in Sports in all of this is that, not too long, ESPN laid off a number of journalists who covered the NBA and provided substance by writing about the X's and O's of the game of basketball. However, all of that has gone out of the window, in favor of what Kerr refers to as “sensationalized news.” 

“You can see they’re not playing for Luke no more,” Ball said of Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton. “Luke doesn’t have control of the team no more. They don’t want to play for him.” LaVar's remarks must have struck a chord with Kerr since Walton served as an assistant coach under him for the Warriors from 2014 to 2016. 

It's the second time in as many days where an NBA head coach has criticized ESPN for giving LaVar a platform. On Sunday, Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle called the article where LaVar ripped Walton a “disgrace,” adding that ESPNshould back up the coaches.” 

Watch Kerr's rant regarding Ball, ESPN, and the media below. 

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